Charles Wayne Barnum
for my wife, Janet Ann Greer Barnum
Whom GOD With Infinite Wisdom Created As My Wife
In Memory of Opal Greer

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Carolyn Beal
Elma Hardin Cain
Betty Goodgame
Everett Greer
Helen Lee Greer
James Franklin Greer
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Jeanne Rogers
Johnson Stearns
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Poor Babes In The Woods

My dears, do you know
How a long time ago
There were three little babes
Who's names I don't know
Who were stolen away
On a fine summer's day
And were lost in the woods
As I've heard people say.

And when it was night,
So sad was their plight,
The sun went down and
The moon gave no light.
Oh they cried and they cried
And they gently sighed,
And the poor little babes
They laid down and died.

And when they were dead
The Robin so red,
Brought strawberry leaves
And over them spread.

And all the night long
They sang them this song:
Poor Babes In The Woods
Poor Babes in The Woods.

Forever remembered as sung by my mother,
Florice Mozelle Thompson Barnum,
as she rocked me in her arms
many years ago.

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The Beginning
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Charter One
The Beginning

I wrote this little book so Greer and Barnum children will have a good idea of their origin, and to know about their family. It's my hope our family branches will keep the family history alive by writing addendum for the benefit of those who follow.
Our story begins with the present. My name is Charles Wayne Barnum. Years ago, I married a lovely lady named Janet Ann Greer. How we came to know each other was the result of the complex histories of our ancestors merging together.
It appears on the surface people come together by chance. That may be true, but I believe a Higher Power determines where and what we are. Our beginning was in Scotland, for Janet, and England, for me, a long time ago.

This study consists of two parts. The first part is the hard copy you are now reading. The second part consists of computer data on 4,000 people related to the Barnum and Greer family. That computer data is on file in Salt Lake City in the Ancestral Files. The computer data can be accessed at most Family History Centers of The Mormon Church.
Because I'm not a professional writer, This book may contain errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and data. As in all genealogical work, personally verify all data before using.

What's in a name? Names have meaning. Some people derive status simply because of their famous name. Some go to the extreme and change their name because of the dishonor associated with it.
The Greers were not always known as Greers. There was a clan of people who lived in Scotland who went by the name of MacGregor. These MacGregors were highlanders who often had red hair, a trait many of our Greers have today. MacGregors can trace their clan back to the beginning of written history in Scotland. The years between 1603 and 1784 were a terrible time for the MacGregors. They were persecuted relentlessly by the authorities and by criminals. Many fled to escape, many more changed their name, denying the name MacGregor. Thousands were murdered in the name of the law.
The clan's problems began in 1589. The MacGregors were in a war with the hated Campbells of Glenorchy during the time King James of Scotland was trying to subdue the Highlands. One day, a band of MacGregors came upon the King's forester in Glenorchy. They beheaded him and took his head to their Chief in Balquhidder, Perthshire.
Enraged, the king issued orders of death by sword against the MacGregors. The Chief MacGregor was captured and hanged by the king's men. Chief Campbell took credit for killing his enemy MacGregor. The MacGregors were outcasts for almost two hundred years.
Former MacGregors journeyed to the United States under the name of Greer. Greer was derived from MacGregor. MacGregor was originally an honorable name of a powerful clan. The name means the son of Gregor, one who is a watchman.
Names were obtained from what a person did for a living or where he lived. A watchman could have been a person who watched over sheep or watched over farm produce or watched for invading armies. The clan of the watchmen was rebellious.
On February 7, 1603, Clan MacGregor, was informed Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss was in route with a force of extermination. Clan MacGregor turned to fight in a glen near Loch Lomond where he attacked and destroyed over three-hundred and forty of the Colquhouns. The scene of the ambush was named Glenfruin, Vale of Lamentation.
Thereafter, an ordinance of the Privy Council, dated April 3, 1603, and several following, ratified by Parliament in 1717, proclaimed the name MacGregor illegal. Any clansman using the name would be put to death.
Without their patronymics (the Gregor name with the prefix of Mac, meaning son of), the MacGregors assumed other surnames. Some took neighboring clan names, others took non-clan names. The MacGregors were nearly eradicated. They were hunted down with bloodhounds and murdered. During this time, it was legal to murder a MacGregor.
Other clans joined the blood feast. The Camerons gathered forces and struck Clan MacGregor at Brae Lochabar. The Earl of Argyle was ordered by the king to fall on the MacGregors with Fire and Sword. Fire and Sword gave the Earl the right to take MacGregor lands as his own if he killed the owners. With the whole of Scotland against the MacGregors, they still couldn't be exterminated.
The Earl of Argyle, who was a degenerate, plotted to entrap the chief of the clan, Alastair, by offering him a pardon and peace. Alastair believed the Earl's demonic plan and went into his custody accompanied by thirty loyal men from Clan MacGregor. Alastair and his unarmed men were overwhelmed by the Earl's army and were murdered.
The ban was rescinded in 1671, but the act against the MacGregors was reinstated in 1693. Many clansmen chose to fight this new persecution and declared their name was MacGregor.
When the ban on the name was lifted in 1784, 826 persons elected a chief and acknowledged the name MacGregor, a still powerful clan with numerous members.
Once again, MacGregors displayed their clan's badge, a Scotch Fir, and wore their tartan, squares of red and black, with squares of broken red and black. Their motto, proudly unveiled, S'rioghal mo dhream, Royal is my blood.
The most famous outlaw of the land was Rob Roy MacGregor who refused to give up his name. Scotland sent armies against him but never succeeded in catching him. He rode across the land, pursued all his life until his death in 1734 when he died of old age in bed.
Today, there's a monument to Rob Roy in Balquhidder Kirkyard which many visit each year, because Rob Roy was the Robin Hood of Scotland.
The Greers who moved to the United States found hardship. They came to a land with few possessions, little money, knowing no one, and without employment. Some moved westward to seek new opportunity and wealth.
One such family moved to Tennessee, possibly from Virginia, and begot a boy they named George W. Greer in 1828 or late 1827. George grew up in Tennessee on a farm. Before he was twenty-one, he took a wife named Mary Ann Adams in Warrensburg, Missouri.
In the year 1854, George joined a wagon train bound for California. Two of his younger brothers went with him and his family. The wagon train was led by Wagon master Bullard.
George reportedly died in 1858, possibly in a wagon accident near Santa Rosa, California at the age of thirty.6 George and Mary had four children: Elizabeth J. Greer, Green Berry Greer, Michael L. Greer, and William J. Greer.
Green Berry is a favorite name of mine. Had I named myself, it would be Green Berry. It's a clean, healthy, robust name. Green Berry was born in Warrensburg, Missouri on October 8, 1852, just six years before his father died. Being the oldest son, Green Berry became the man of the house at an early age. This prepared him and matured him to became successful in life. When Green Berry was twenty-one years old, he married a lady named Julia Ann Wheatley in the same town where he was born and raised.

Green Berry Farmer 1852 Warrensburg, Missouri
Farmer 1875 Rockwill, Missouri Rancher 1878 Mason, Texas
Farmer 1890 Rich Hill, Missouri
Rancher 1893 San Angelo, Texas
Merchant 1896 Pecos, Texas
Miner 1920 Parsons, New Mexico
Rancher 1923 Carrizozo, New Mexico
Lester 1896 Pecos, Texas
Miner 1920 Parsons, New Mexico
Rancher 1922 San Andres, New Mexico
Watchman 1940 Fort Stanton, Patrolman 1946 Calexico, Yuma, Calif
Retirement 1961 Nogal, New Mexico
Rancher 1896 Pecos, Texas
Rancher 1922 San Andres, New Mexico
Aero Space 1939 Las Angeles, California
Railroader 1940 Tularosa, New Mexico
Railroader 1943 Carrizozo, New Mexico
Equipment Op. 1954 Nogal, New Mexico
Lewis Student 1960 Carrizozo, New Mexico Air Cavalry 1966 Da Nang, Viet Nam
Truck Driver 1968 Carrizozo, New Mexico

Note: Dates are neither ending nor beginning dates,
but are representative dates of that era and place.
Geographical Progression of the American Barnums
Thomas To Russell Glen
Head Of Family Profession Year Location

Thomas Aristocrat 1625 Hollingbourne Hill, Kent, England
Immigrant 1638 Springfield, Massachusetts
Mayor 1660 Fairfield, Connecticut
Overseer of 1682 Norwalk, Connecticut
Youth Founder 1684 Danbury, Connecticut
Ebenezer 1690 Danbury, Connecticut

Jehiel 1757 Kent, Connecticut

Barnabas 1STLieutenant 1775 Dorset, Vermont
1778Block House Fort, Shelburn, Vermont

Elihu #1 Merchant 1792 Monkton, Vermont

Russell Ebenezer #1 1803 Clayton Co, Iowa

Elihu #2 Farmer 1827 Vermont
1860 Clayton Co., Iowa

Russell Ebenezer #2
Educator 1910 Glasco, Kansas

Fred Farmer 1913 Gray, Oklahoma
Minister 1921 Perryton, Texas
1929 Gray, Oklahoma
1932 Goodwell, Oklahoma

Barak Railroader 1935 Texhoma, Oklahoma
1939 Tucumcari, New Mexico
1944 El Paso,
1950 Carrizozo, N. Mex.

Charles Railroader 1967 Tucson, Arizona
1969 El Paso, Texas
1971 Truckee, California
1973 Saugus, California
1975 Pittsburg, California
1980 Mt. Shasta, Cal
1985 Tucson, Arizona
1992 Sparks, Nevada
Russell Entrepreneur 1993 Sparks, Nevada

Note: Years are neither ending dates nor beginning dates nor birth dates, but are representative dates.

Chapter Three
Part One: The Ancient Ones

THE CLAN MACGREGOR refused to die. After two-hundred years of persecution they are the most numerous family on earth. They wear varied cloaks, McAlpine, names from Clan MacGregor, Gregor, MacGregor, MacGhee, Magruder, MacQuarie, MacKinnen, MacNab, MacKay, McFin, Roho, Roro, Mhallich, Mallet, Ghrigor, Drummonds, Grierson, Grewar, Grier, Grere, Grear, and Greer.7
Clan MacGregor came from Gregor, the third son of King Alpin in the eighth century. Their home was the eastern border of Argyll and the western border of Perthshire, Scotland and included Glenerchy, Glenstrae, Glenlyon, and Glengyle.
MacGregor had taken Glenerchy from the Campbells by receiving a grant from Alexander II for capturing Argyll for the King. The clans surrounding the MacGregor's territory tried for centuries to take away their prized land holdings. Thus, the MacGregors came to be known throughout Scotland as The Clan of Warriors.
It all started when Achaius was the celebrated king of Scotland between the years 787 and 819. Achaius had a son named King Alpin. King Alpin died in 834 after he had three sons.
One son was named Kenneth MacAlpine of Kintyre. He became King of the Dalradian Scots of Argyll and also King of the Picts. His father was a Scot and his mother was a Pictish Princess. In Pictland, the Crown was inherited in the female line which made this family very powerful. Kenneth had two children, Constantine MacAlpine and Oath MacAlpine.
A second son of Achaius was named Donald MacAlpine. He ruled after his brother Kenneth's death. Donald died in 865.
A third son was named Prince Gregor MacAlpine. He didn't rule because his brother's sons, Oath and Constantine, held power. Prince Gregor MacAlpine died in 876. He had two sons, Dongallus and Gorbredius.
Dongallus married Spontana, sister of King Duncan in Ireland. They thus became the MacGregors(His father's name with the prefix of Mac meaning son of my father). Dongallus died in 900.
Gorbredius married and all of his descendants were called MacQuaries.
Gregor de Bhrattich, nephew of King Malcolm I, son of King Donald VI, married Dorviegilda. They had two sons. The first was John MacGregor(of the clan Gregor) and Malcolm of Deers(Keeper of the Royal Forest).
Sir John MacGregor, called Eion More MacGregor de British was killed in a fierce battle in 1004. Before his death, he had married Alpina, daughter of Angus or Aenas, who was the great grandson of Achaius, and brother to King Kenneth the Great. One child was born to them.
Gregor MacGregor, son of Alpina, fought under King Duncan I against the Normans and Danes. He married a daughter from the clan of Campbell of Lochow. He was a servant to King Malcolm II until his death about 1074.
Gregor MacGregor had a son named John Gregor who died in 1113.
John left a son named Malcom who married Marjory. Marjory was a blood relative to the King. Malcom died in 1164.
William, son of Malcom, married Marjory Lindsay, a relative of Henry, Prince of Scotland. Their son was named Gregor MacGregor.
Gregor MacGregor married Marion Gilchrist. Gregor died in 1200 leaving a son named Malcom MacGregor who married Mary Alpin. Their son named Gilbert MacGregor changed his last name to Grierson in 1410 when he took control over lands from a grant. Some of Gilbert's descendants dropped the affix "on" from Grierson becoming Grier. Variations in spelling produced the diverse versions, the primary name was Greer.
Not only is the Greer blood from Royal bearers, there is a beautiful history tracing King Alpin of Argylshire through 118 generations to Adam in a book called Across The Blue Ridge written by a talented Billie Reading Lewis.
Due to religious persecution in Scotland, many Greers moved to Ireland, especially the Province of Ulster. Between 1710 and 1760, large numbers of Scotch-Irish moved to the United States, mainly to Philadelphia. From Philadelphia some Greers moved south to Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Our forefathers were among them.
Part Two: The Path
Discouraged from looking at names, many George Greers, too old, too young, or in the wrong state, I paused. One source said our George was born about 1830. That seemed as reasonable to me as about 1828 like another source stated.
I placed a microfiche of Greer Family researchers in the viewer. The name Josephine Greer stood out. I wrote to her out of intuition. In three days the phone rang, "I have your George W. Greer." He was hidden among ancient archives.9 He's not on any microfilm, microfiche, or laser disc. He could have remained hidden for another hundred years without Jo.
George Leslie Wilson Greer was born 18 September 1830 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. Six months after his birth, his father died. He was the eleventh child of Joseph Greer and Mary Ann Harmony. George had a sister named Mary Ann, and later married a girl named Mary Ann.
His father, Joseph, first married a lady named Carter. She died in 1810. They had no children. In 1811, he married Mary Ann Harmony who gave him eleven children. Mary Ann was born in 1790 in Tennessee. Joseph was born in North Carolina in 1754.10 Thus, he was thirty-six years older than Mary Ann.
Joseph's father was Andrew Greer. His mother was Ruth Kincaid. At that time, the link through North Carolina of our Greer line was established as predicted in Chapter One and Two.
George was given four names, not unusual but not common. People with four names usually drop one in daily use. My father used B.G.B. although B.G.T.B. is correct. In Missouri, the record revealed George without any middle initial. In California, he used W as a middle initial. I'm not concerned about his failing to use four initials.
I'd be more concerned because he had two brothers each named Thomas, if I were looking for a Thomas. It was a Scottish practice to name sons and daughters after grandparents, or after uncles and aunts. It wasn't uncommon for children to have the same middle or even the same first name.
George had a child named William Joseph Greer. He was named after his grandfather. His middle name was discovered from the writing on the back of an old photograph. In genealogical work, always use the full name of a person for the sake of future researchers.
George's family varied widely by age. By the time George was seventeen, his father was long dead, his brothers and sisters were adults and since departed the household, and his mother was fifty seven years old, an age more befitting a grandmother.
George was twenty-nine years younger than his oldest brother. George left home never to see his family again for he would be struck down by a tragic accident.
Joseph married late in life to Mary Ann. He was fifty-nine. He was a virile gentleman for Mary Ann to have conceived when he was seventy-six years of age. Joseph lived just long enough to give us George, because our present time demands a George in our past.

William Cain married Harriet Olivia Babers from whom
Johnnie Benton Cain married Madalena Ward.
George Douglas Cain married Sarah Etta Ashcraft.
Arthur Cain married Fern Estep.

Kimmie Cain married Will Cole from whom
Clyde Cole married Ola Burris with issue
Anna Marie Cole
Tig Cole

Mattie Ann Cain married Frank Mason from whom
Harvey Mason
Estella Lewis Mason

Alice Terra Cain married Bud Rhone. They had two sons.
Louis Douglas Cain, Jr. married Lola B. Greer from whom
Lewis Douglas Cain #3 married Helen Ray and married Alice Taylor.

Leonard B. Cain married Elma Lois Hardin from whom
Clara Lou Cain married Dennis Rhea Howe. Issue
Travis Lynn Howe married Kristi Paxton. Issue
Hadley Rhea Howe
Rheanel Howe married Kevin Breshears.

Leona Nel Cain married Mark Nixon, with issue,
and married Kenneth W. Tidmore.
Mikael Wyn Nixon
Niki Lynn Nixon

Bonnie Louise Cain married W. A. Davis from whom
Douglas Charles Davis married Barbara Peters. Issue:
Mistri Lea Davis married Scott Edward Sharp.
Cresta Lea Davis

Bonnie Lea Davis married Jack Wesley Bruton.
Beau Davis Bruton
Tessa Lee Bruton
Broc Davis Bruton
Bret Davis Bruton

Bennie Lester Cain married Jane Fulcher from whom
Steve Cain married #1 Jean Osark.
Cody Doug Cain
married #2 Leta Arlene Bradley.
Stevye Lee Cain

Judy Ann Cain married Phillip Wallin. Issue
Amanda Lynn Wallin
Wendle Cheree Wallin

Cindy Lou Cain married Dudley Goetz from whom
Charlcee Goetz
Katie Jane Goetz
Greer Goetz
Gina Lou Goetz

Betty Elizabeth Cain married Sam Pruitt from whom
Luther Pruitt
Clarence Pruitt married Nettie.
Lewis Pruitt

Walter Lucas Cain married #1 Susie Babers #2 Margaret.
Reverend Jack Cain

The Royal blood of King Alpin flows through the Cain family. They also descend from Adam through 145 generations. Cains carried Faith in Jesus Christ throughout all generations.
Continuing with Green Berry Greer's family, Lola's twin,
Lester Greer married Bertha Bragg in 1920 from whom
William Randall Greer married Opal Carter in 1939 from whom
Lewis Cornell Greer married Beverely Witham
and Ginnett Clydia Stewart from whom
Lewis Cornell Greer, Jr. by Beverly
Tammy Lynett Greer by Clydia

William Randall Greer, Jr. married Mary Carol Lynch from whom
Melissa Greer
Keith Greer married Trish Ann Inez Smith.

Janet Ann Greer married C. W. Barnum in 1967 from whom came
Lisa Ann Barnum
Russell Glen Barnum
Denise Yvonne Barnum

Everett Lee Greer married Linda Joy Porter in 1971 from whom came
Everett Greer
Amanda Greer
Opal Greer

After I completed this book, I received a box of pictures from my beloved sister-in-law, Linda Greer from the Bonito Country. One particular picture caught my eye. It was the brother of Green Berry, son of George W. Greer, William J. Greer. The picture was old and crumbling so I handled it carefully.
When I turned the picture over, I couldn't believe my eyes. Inscribed thereon was "William Joseph Greer." It was a welcome confirmation linking George to Joseph's family.
It was a Scottish tradition to name children after their grandparents. The Greers being Scottish, the tradition was widely followed. I found another link of George to Joseph at that rewarding moment. A thoughtful person wrote William's full name on the back of that picture many years ago. Accurately document family data so future relatives can reflect and enjoy their ancestor's history.

Why was I suddenly given so much? I was deserving of nothing due to my own intrinsic value as a person. I knew immediately it was preordained by the Will Of God.
That ends my little story about our families. I wish it were factual, but it's not. I've made mistakes I can't find. The biggest mistake I made was to accept undocumented information on an old scrap of paper concerning George W. Greer. This led me to inaccurate conclusions, and I directed my search in the wrong direction.
George was born in Tennessee, but not in 1830. To be specific, Joseph Greer of Tennessee was not George W. Greer's father. This painful revelation comes now, because I've stuck to my method of writing this book as I did my research. Perhaps my miscalculation and misinterpretation of data will serve as a lesson to others.
The correct genealogical history of George W. Greer is as follows:
A.D. 1627
James Greer and wife Ann Taylor from whom came
A.D. 1688
John Greer married Sarah Day Greer from whom
William Greer married Mary Ann Fitch
James Greer married Elizabeth Wright
Moses Greer married Mary Baily
John Greer, Jr. married Sara Elliott
Aquilla Greer married Elizabeth Low Smith
Benjamin Greer married Rachael Lowe
Joseph Greer married Anne Lowe
Sarah Ann Greer married John Starkey
A.D. 1727
Benjamin Greer and wife Rachael Lowe from whom
James Greer married Elizabeth Frazire
Mary Greer married Griffith
George Greer married Willmeth Kirby
Tiny Greer
Rachael Greer married Elijah Lumsden
Martin Greer married Mary Wright
A.D. 1766
Martin Greer and wife Mary Wright Greer from whom
Nancy Greer married John May
Joseph Greer married Polly Mitchell
Benjamin Greer married Peggy Donnelley
Mary Polly Greer married Samuel Vaughn
Elizabeth P. Greer married George H. Edney
Greenbury Greer married Charlotte DeMoss
James Wright Greer married Michael Eliz. Brown
William Henry Greer married Ann Jones
A.D. 1804
James Wright Greer married Michael E. Brown from whom
George W. Greer, born September 1827 in Tennessee, married Mary Ann Adams.
Ephriam Greer died while an infant on 1 Jan. 1829.
Green Berry Greer was born in Tennessee in 1830.
Elizabeth J. Greer died while an infant on 1 Feb. 1833.
Benjamin Greer was born in 1835 in Missouri.
Joseph Greer was born in 1838 in Missouri.
Thomas Brown Greer, born 4 December 1839 in Missouri, married Mahala Elizabeth Denton.
John J. Greer, born 1842, in Missouri.
James Woodall Greer, Jr., born 1846, in Missouri married Mary A. Shannon.16

Green Berry, Benjamin, Joseph, and John died in the Civil War fighting Federal forces. The descendants of George W. Greer were recorded in other parts of this book.
James Wright Greer married Michael Elizabeth Brown with issue
James Woodall Greer married Mary A. Shannon from whom
Benjamin Finis Greer married Lulah B. Smith from whom James Richard Greer married Ruth Ann Baker
Richard Baker Greer married #1 Sadie Lee Prideaux
#2 Bennadine Mae Grodon
Anita Louise Greer married Larry K. Phillips
John Phillips married Brenda Shipp
Bradley Phillips
Kerin Phillips
Brenton Phillips
Sheri Phillips married Jason Watson
Johnna Phillips Watson
Will Watson
Steve Phillips married April Ann Jones
Samantha Rae Phillips
Richard Steward Greer married #1 Bobbi Huff & #2 Olympia Pilafidis.
Richard Shannon Greer
Keven Paul Greer
Alexander Greer
James Robert Greer married Helen Virginia Stilt.
Linda Carol Greer m. Hansying Rudiger Betz
Christopher Betz
David Benjamin Greer m. Essie Marie Davis.
Catherine Greer
Robin June Ann Greer
Johnathon Greer

Pansy Greer married James W. Bassett with issue
Clarence William Bassett married Katherine Myers.
James David Bassett
Mary Katherine Bassett married William Benge.
James David Benge
Robert Leet Bassett married Cecily Allmon.
Betty Ruth Bassett m. Donald E.Osborn, Jr.
Michael Wayne Osborn
John William Bassett married Rhonda Roots.
Amy Michael Bassett
Ann Elizabeth Bassett

James Wilbur Bassett m. Mary Christine McIntosh
James Wilbur Bassett
Jane Elizabeth Bassett m. Charles Jenkins.
Jacqueline Rose Jenkins
Mary Christine Jenkins
James Edward Jenkens
Martha Lucinda Bassett married Lee Tackett.
Jennifer Tackett
John McIntosh Bassett
Peter Bassett
Paul Douglas Bassett

William Clyde Bassett married Betty Robisher.
Sara Bassett
Nancy Bassett
Walter Hugh Greer married #1 Alice Leora
#2 Estelle Ewing
Eileen Lenora Greer married Walter E. Scott.
Eric Jay Scott married Patricia Becker.
Logan Pierce Scott
Sally Eileen Scott married Alan Zagurski.
Michael George Zagurski
Sarah Lynn Zagurski

Gladys Guineva Greer married Forest F. Heinritz.
Keith Lee Heinritz married Karen Marie Mannisi.

Gladys Guinevera Greer married Eugene Harding.
Florence Harding

Frederick Marion Greer married Mary Elizabeth Kincaid.
Charles Franklin Greer married #1 Arvola London
#2 Mary E. Bland
Beverly Ann Greer married Melvin Ray Atkison.
James Ray Atkinson
Carl Dewayne Atkinson
Brian Allen Atkinson
Connie Jean Greer married Wayne Laverne Ford.
Tonya Denise Ford
Tresa Michelle Ford
Nola Jean Ford
Charles Allen Greer married Diane Hill.
Kerri Dawn Greer
Charles Wayne Greer

Martha Lucille Greer married #1 John N. Inman
#2 Masao Hatayama
#3 Samuel K. Peneku
Sharon Sue Inman
Michael Masao Hatayama
Cathy Himako Hatayama

Glen Allen Greer married Gladys Julia Fitzpatrick.
Gladys Julia Greer m. Ralph Lester Wiser.
Wendy Marie Wiser
Michael Glen Wiser
Gay Ellen Greer married David Thomas Taylor.
David Thomas Taylor
Daniel Lloyd Taylor

Frederick Marion Greer, Jr. 
Mary Jane Greer married Guy Thomas Wilcox.
Paul Allen Wilcox
Bobby Joe Wilcox
Amy Jean Wilcox
Darrell Lloyd Wilcox
Suzanne Wilcox
Sharon Wilcox

Thomas B. Greer married #1 Lucille Harper
#2 J. E. Stanton
Ann Greer married #1 David Tarver
#2 Ed Mangelsen
Lydia Ann Tarver married Michael Milligan.
David Russell Tarver
Carrie Tarver

Jan Greer married #1 Connley Cantrell
#2 Clyde Binkley
Cynthia Lynn Cantrell
Leslie Binkley

Thomas William Greer married #1 Lesa Chitsey
#2 Loy Beth Simmons
Thomas Jay Stanton Greer

Clyde Lee Greer married Margaret Boger.
Michael Lee Greer married Martha Warner.
Michael Lee Greer, Jr.
Mark Lance Greer

Benjamin Finis Greer had the following brothers and sisters.
Ida Lee Greer married Robert B. Worsham.
Walter A. Greer
Clara May Bell Greer

Edna E. Chad Greer married Edward E. Barham.
Gordon Barham
William Kenneth Barham

Mary Leona Greer married #1 A. C. Baird
#2 Joe MacClellan/MacClennan
Sammy Baird

Florence Jimme Greer married #1 McGuire
#2 Joseph London
William J. London

Thomas Brown Greer was the son of James Wright Greer and Michael Elizabeth Brown. He was the uncle to Benjamin Finis Greer.
Thomas Brown Greer married Mahala E. Denton with issue.
Florence Azales Greer married James William Grant.
Magnolia May Greer
George Green Greer married Georgia Carson.
Effie Green Greer married Lemuel Kenneth Henderson.
Nora Greer
John Thomas Greer married Ora Mount.
Ina Clyde Greer married William Cohea.
Callie Greer

William Greer
Joseph Greer
Missouri Greer
Abram Greer
William, Joseph, Missouri, and Abram were children of mystery. It deserves noting that Thomas Brown Greer and Mahala raised four Greer children, born in Tennessee and Arkansas, who were not their own. I could not determine the parents of these orphans. Their names were William, Joseph, Missouri (female), and Abram.

In 1830, George W. Greer's family, James W. and Michael Elizabeth Brown Greer, moved to Lafayette County, Missouri from Williamson County, Tennessee. George, the oldest son, went to work for William Adams, a farmer, near Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri in 1848. William had a young daughter, aged 16. George was 21. A nudge from nature brought George and Mary Ann together.
In 1854, gold fever struck George and his two oldest brothers. So, they went to California. George had money to pay his way. Two of his brothers were mule skinners (teamsters) for the Wagon Train Master named Bullock. Bullock owned three wagons loaded with supplies for a General Store he planned to open in California. His wagons were pulled by three teams consisting of six mules each. George traveled in a wagon of the Prairie Schooner class which was pulled by three yokes of oxen. It carried six hundred pounds of supplies, including his young family. Food supplies were salt pork, hard tack, sugar, rice, beans, flour, coffee, sweet potatoes, grease, and salt.

Their route was over the Oregon-California trail, first to Ft. Kearney, Nebraska. Then, they journeyed to Wyoming, crossing the Continental Divide at South Pass. After reaching the Snake River, the wagon train headed southwest across Nevada on their way to Sacramento where the train broke-up with each wagon going it's own way. They averaged just fifteen miles per day and arrived in California as winter began.
Mary Ann nursed her family most of the way, since they suffered from sour stomachs, sore throats, and diarrhea. Fresh meat consisted of rabbits, and the rabbits often carried diseases during the summer which affected humans. Mary Ann's primary medical treatment was giving weak, salty tea made from leaves and roots found along the trail.
The first record of George in California was found in a large 1855 Sonoma County book discovered recently in the basement of the Santa Rosa Public Library in Santa Rosa. The book recorded the Sheriff's Tax List in the amount of $12.53 paid by George W. Greer.
According to the California Sonoma Democrat and other Sonoma County records, George died in the evening of June 29, 1858. He may be buried in the Sonoma cemetery called Mountain Cemetery. No hint of any misdeed was associated with his death. During that time in Sonoma, there were many deaths from tuberculosis and influenza. George probably died from one of those common diseases.
Mary Ann lingered in Sonoma a few months. In the Sonoma Democrat on November 18th and December 2nd, 1858 a notice appeared in the delinquent tax notice of The Sonoma Township:
"Greer, George, tax 2 dols, 84 cts. assessed on personal property valued 80 dollars, militia 25 cts."
Without George, little Mary Ann couldn't pay the taxes, so she sold her property, packed what two trunks could hold and boarded "The Steamer Petaluma" at Lakeville, and sailed across San Pablo Bay to San Francisco. At San Francisco, she boarded "The Sonora," a steamship of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. The Sonora took her to Panama. There, she boarded the Panama Railroad Company's passenger train which took her to Aspinwall on the Atlantic Ocean.

Her final voyage was on a ship of the U. S. Mail Steamship Company named The Philadelphia which took her to New Orleans. She journeyed to St. Louis, Missouri on the cloudy waters of the Mississippi River on the paddle wheel steamship named Natchez.
She traveled overland to her family's home in Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri. When she reached the safety of home, she fell to the earth upon her knees and thanked our Holy Father for delivering her safely from the hostile lands from whence she had came.
Green Berry and Benjamin, George's brothers, accompanied Mary Ann to Schell City, Vernon County, Missouri. A Greer, born in Missouri, remained in California and worked for a farmer named Sam Potter. His name was Charles E. Greer. He worked and lived on a farm in the Bodega Township. Bodega is twenty miles west of Sonoma where George was buried. His relationship to George, if any, is not known.
Mary settled down in Johnson County, Missouri, where she lived before she went to California. Her father's name was William; her mother was named Martha; her sisters and brothers were Abraham, Rachael, Eliza I., Lucretia, Abram, Henderson, and John M. Adams.
She had a neighbor named William Starkey whose wife had died after delivering a child named Rhoda Jane Starkey. Mary Ann was hired to care for the infant Rhoda. Mary Ann cared for Rhoda and her own four children and was the midwife in the area.
William Starkey and Mary Ann Greer were married. Each fulfilled the needs of the other. Mary needed a provider and William needed a wife. Mary was a capable mother to the children of both families.
During the Civil War, Mary Ann assumed the responsibilities for her family. Although a small lady, Mary Ann operated the farm while her husband, William Starkey, served as a general in the Confederate army.
Mary purchased a conch shell in Aspinwall, Panama in route home from California. She used the shell all the days of her life as a horn to call her family to dinner. She kept the shell as a reminder of her affection for her late husband, George W. Greer. After she died of Spanish Influenza, the shell was placed in her grave.
It's curious Mary Ann was buried in Knowles, Oklahoma in 1918. That's in the panhandle a short distance from where grandfather Fred Barnum was buried. They rest together in death, yet, they lived generations apart in life.
Neither one could know their descendants would wed in a far away place a long time away. Someone was stirring the family stew in a mystical kettle.
Mary Ann's children by George married into the Butler, Armstrong, and Wheatley families. Ida Armstrong, sister to Annie A., Lula A., Minnie A., and Ellen A. Armstrong, married William Joseph Greer. A Missouri man named Jefferson Davis Pepper married Ellen A. Armstrong. Elizabeth Jane Greer married William Greenleaf Wheatley on 8 January 1871. Michael L. Greer married J. C. Butler. Green Berry Greer married Julia Ann Wheatley.
These partners remained married for life except for little Michael Lucretia Greer Butler who had dedicated her life to her family and Jesus Christ. On 2 November 1889, she gave birth to a daughter who didn't survive. Her husband later married Katherine Elizabeth Eckenberger.
The children of Machael Lucretia Greer Butler were:
James Wright Butler married Mary Graham Campbell. He was named after his grandfather, James Wright Greer. Their issue
Myra Merle Butler
David Campbell Butler
John Greer Butler married Laura Suggs.
Myrtle Mary Butler married Peder Evan Schow.
Daughter Butler died 2 November 1889, Mason, Texas.
The family of Elizabeth Jane Greer follows.
Elizabeth Jane Greer Born: 28 April 1850, Warrensburg, MO.
Married: 8 Jan 1871 to William Wheatley in Warrensburg, MO.
His Father: William G. Wheatley
His Mother: Elizabeth A. Shumate
Carlos E. Wheatley b 15 April 1874 Rich Hill. Bates, MO
Goldie E. Miller b 21 June 1880 Archie, Cass, MO Her Father: Edison B. Miller
Her Mother: Margaret Anne Hampton
Lillian Wheatley Born: 25 Aug 1872
Around 1882, after the above mentioned families were woven together through marriage, something mysterious occurred. They all moved to Texas. It may never be known how many relatives tagged along with these patriarch families.
It's unclear why these families moved together at the same time. One fact of interest was that Jesse James was killed in 1882. Family legend placed the Starkey and Greer clans close to the James family of Missouri.
When Lola Bonnie Greer, daughter of Green Berry Greer, was interviewed in 1980, shortly before her death, she was asked what connection her Greer family had with the Jesse James family while the Greers lived in Missouri. At that point she refused to answer any further questions.
There was a definite family connection among the Adams, Starkey, Wheatley, Greer, and James families of Missouri.
The Greers married into the Wheatley's and Adams's families.
The Starkeys married an Adams and raised Greers.
The Adams family married Greers, Starkeys, Wheatleys and James families.
Mary Ann Adams's mother was Martha James, born in the Jesse James territory of Missouri and was probably his cousin. No genealogical work has been undertaken for the James family which could clarify the relationship they had with our families.
All of these families lived in the neighboring county of Johnson next to the James's home in Clay County. It's claimed Frank and Jesse found a safe haven on the Starkey farm due to their family association. Green Berry certainly knew Jesse James.
Between 1875 and 1880, William Starkey moved his family to Bates County, Missouri. A daughter died in infancy who was named Mora. Green Berry Greer and Julia Wheatley had a child named Arthur who also died. These children were buried in a common grave with a common Headstone. That act depicts the closeness between these families.
The Armstrongs settled in Edwards County, Texas. William Greer claimed The Green Lake area. Green Berry moved to neighboring Mason County. The Peppers bought land in Edwards County. The Corns and Cains lived in Kerr County. Other related family lines also came from Texas, our Zumwalt, Skinner, Goats, and Bragg families. Even our Barnum relatives came to New Mexico through Texas at El Paso.
Incidently, the Cain family lived in Mason. The Cain, Corn, and Greer families moved to the Bonito country in a few years. The Butlers were in Mason County from 1876 until 1879 when they moved to Austin. The Bragg family moved from Texas to Bonito, New Mexico about 1887.
In 1890, a Mrs. Effie Greer moved from Mena, Arkansas to Edwards County to teach school for the Green Greer children. Effie was William Greer's cousin. She married Lemuel Kenneth Henderson, a Texas Ranger, in February 1893. The marriage reportedly occurred in Greersburg, Arkansas.
An extensive search of townships failed to reveal a place called Greersburg. The Post Office never had a record. They may have married in tiny Mena, Arkansas which was Effie's place of berth. Mena is southwest of Greers Ferry Lake.
Effie was a fighter. On the afternoon of November 2, 1910, a Mexican saddle tramp attacked her with rape and robbery on his mind. Her husband was away on Ranger business. Effie fought off the attacker but was murdered in the struggle. When the local ranchers finished with the vagrant, little remained to bury.
Effie's mother was Mahala Elizabeth Denton Greer; her father was Thomas Brown Greer; her sisters were Florence Azales, Nora, Calle, and Ina Clyde Greer; her brothers were John Thomas and George Green Greer. George Green Greer was named for his deceased uncle, George William Greer and his living uncle, Green Berry Greer.
James W. Greer, Jr. had a son named Benjamin Finis Greer born 30 July 1867 who was named after his Uncle Benjamin who died in the Civil War. Ben(Finis) wrote a brief family history for his children. He told of great great great grandfather George W. Greer's trip to California. This was the evidence sought for so many years to properly place our family in it's proper order.
Ben revealed that his grandfather owned slaves. His grandfather fought against Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. He spoke of Greersburg, Arkansas which his father founded but no longer existed(Near Evansville, Arkansas).
Greersburg was in Arkansas west of Fayetteville, the home of several Greer families from the 1800's to the present. He revealed his grandfather was scalped and killed by renegade Pin Indians(Heathen Cherokee raiders) and white-trash bush-wackers (about 1863). Ben reported four out of five of his uncles who were in the Civil War were killed while serving in the Confederate Army. These were the brothers of our beloved George.
Ben's father joined the Confederate Army when he was sixteen. He fought for General Stand Watie in several battles against the Federal troops and never lost a fight.
Ben proclaimed his line of Greers came from Tennessee, that great state and nursery for many Greer families. His family later moved to Missouri, then Arkansas. Ben wrote that his family descended from a Scottish ancestor. His name was James Greer.
James was born the son of Sir James around 1627 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. He came to America on the sailing ship Batchelor in 1674. He married Ann Taylor in 1675. He settled on the Gunpowder River in Baltimore County, Maryland.
Ben validated the chain of his ancestry. His testimony put our family line into perspective. Benjamin Greer and grandfather Fred Barnum deserve our love. They invested the effort to record their family histories for future generations.
Caution is prudent when assessing the testimony given from memory. Mr. Barnum and Mr. Greer recounted family history to the best of their knowledge; however, our memory often fails us.
Using Uncle Benjamin's history as a starting point, we can explore the route of his and our ancestors. Early Middle Tennessee Marriages by Bryon & Barbara Sistler, recorded that James W. Greer and Michael E. Brown were married on 26 July 1826.
People that young normally didn't take a difficult trip across dangerous territory from Tennessee to Missouri. After their marriage, they had to work many months to save enough money to buy a wagon and a team.
They actually moved to Missouri after 1830 and before 1831. This is easily determined by reading the 1850 Missouri census which gives the place of birth and age for their children.
A date of birth obtained from a census is accurate to within about six months, because all of us are two different ages during any particular year unless we're born on January First. Knowing this, a year of birth can be determined for James W. Greer in 1805, and for Michael in 1807 by examining the 1850 Missouri census.
Shown below are two census results for our James W. Greer. Slight Variation of census data ten years apart is common.
1850 Census, Lafayette Co., Missouri, 3 Sept. 1850.
Name Age Born Date (calculated) Occupation
James W. Greer 45 TN 1805 Farmer
Michel (spelling) 43 TN 1807 wife
George 23 TN 1827 Gold Hunter
Green Berry 20 TN 1830 Gold Hunter
Benjamin 15 MO 1835
Joseph 12 MO 1838
Thomas 10 MO 1840
John J. 8 MO 1842
James 3 MO 1847

1860 Census, Washington Co., Arkansas, 9 Aug 1860, Evansville.
Benjamin Greer 28 MO 1832 Farmer
James Greer 56 TN 1804 Farmer
Mahel (Michael) 54 TN 1806 Wife
Joseph 22 MO 1838
John 18 MO 1842
James 13 MO 1847

Thomas Greer 20 MO 1840 Merchant
Mahala 18 TN 1842 Wife
William 18 TN 1842 Student
Joseph 14 TN 1846
Missouri (Female) 12 TN 1848
Abram 6 AK 1854
In 1850 George and Green Berry were labeled gold miners in Missouri. James and Michael had no daughters who survived.
Ben's history was a document to treasure. We must be aware that we can't rely totally on histories written for us. Personal investigation is also required.
Something unusual occurred in the 1850 census of Missouri that gives the month and year of George's birth date. He was counted in the September 3, census in Lafayette County and again in neighboring Johnson County on August 23. Johnson County Census was as follows:
Names AGE Birthplace
William Adams 44 NC From Family # 58.
Martha " 36 TN
Abraham " 13 TN
Rachael " 11 MO
Eliza I " 09 MO
Lucretia " 07 MO
Abram " 05 MO
Henderson " 03 MO
John M " 10/12 MO
George W Greer 22 TN
Mary A " 17 MO
Elizabeth J" 1/2 MO
There are a number of secrets buried in the above census for those who care to dig them out. The one I discovered was George was 22 years old on August 23, 1850. He was 23 years old in the September 3, 1850. Since he was captured in two different counts on different dates in different counties by a fluke, we can conclude his birth day was after August 23 and before September 3, 1827. We know his date of birth within eight days.
Ben was correct about the wagon train story. This letter recently received from The State Historical Society of Missouri:
Mr. Barnum;
I reviewed the index to the Liberty Tribune Newspaper, 1846 to 1869, and found one definite reference to your Mr. Bullock (Ben's Bullard). He led wagon trains from Missouri to California. An article mentioned that one Bullard, Hook & Company wagon train while in route to California was robbed by Indians. There were severe losses.
I may be able to locate the exact wagon train of your ancestors from passenger lists printed in newspapers. Please let me know if you desire additional research.
Signed: Marie Concannon

After studying surnames in the Ancestral Files at the FHC in Reno, I concluded Bullard was not a likely surname for George's Wagon Master.18 Bullock was a Wagon Master. Bullard, Hook & Company was a business venture corporation. The files at the Reno FHC came through again. I pray God Forever protects The Mormon Church and It's Family History Centers.
Jefferson Pepper, of Missouri, was a Greer family friend. He tenaciously sought to develop a superior breed of Angora or Mohair goats. He registered the first Angora goat named Nanny. His grandson still raises Pepper's superior goat breed in Texas.
William Greer procured a number of Pepper's goats and began his own empire. The Greer ranch is operated today by descendants of William who are James Leo, Sr., James Leo, Jr., and James Leo III. The greatest production of Mohair in the world today is in Texas.
Green Berry took Pepper's goats to New Mexico. Angora goats can survive cold weather in dry climates. That's the reason Green Berry obtained a government lease in the hot arid San Andres Mountains. His goats flourished on Sheep Mountain until the government took his land.

Green Berry Greer, son of George, descendant of King Alpin, had a cruel destiny compared to his brother William. Green Berry lost his lands, mines, tree farms, orchards, goats and cattle. He lost his sons, he lost his daughters. His surviving descendants inherited nothing and became scattered across the United States. Their family ties were broken. Their family identity was lost. Today, Green Berry's descendants know little about their relatives outside their immediate family circle.
Our Greers, descendants of George, guardians of Royal Blood, whose forefather was Adam, have the curse of MacGregor upon them.
Those who carry the surname GREER of Green Berry's family are declining in number. This line may extinguish itself. The bright flame of Green Berry Greer will burn no more.
Few of Green Berry's descendants realize a person named George W. Greer was their forefather. A Greer relative moved to Santa Rosa, California and died there never knowing a relative of Royal Blood was buried nearby, our beloved George W. Greer. Indeed, the existence of a Greer named George wasn't known at all.
William's line has not expanded significantly. His descendants maintain the empire William created with hard work.
Linger. George wasn't a descendant of Joseph, so how can our Greer family be of Royal Blood? It's made Royal by the following documented descent:

A.D. 800
King Alpin, Descendant of Adam from whom came
A.D. 825
Prince Gregor
A.D. 900
Dongallus married Spontana from
A.D. 940
Constantine married Malvina then
A.D. 961
Gregor married Dorvigelda
A.D. 1004
John married Alpina
A.D. 1025
Gregor, Laird of Glenurchy married Campbell
A.D. 1113
Sir John MacGregor
A.D. 1164
Malcoim married Marjory
A.D. 1184
William, Laird of MacGregor married Lindsay
A.D. 1200
Gregor, Laird of MacGregor married Marion Gilchrist
A.D. 1314
Malcolm, Laird of MacGregor married Mary McAlpin
A.D. 1400
Vedast married Isabel Dalyrimple
A.D. 1420
Roger Grierson of Lag married Lady Isabel Kirkpatrick
A.D. 1410
Roger Grierson married Janet Douglas
A.D. 1500
Sir John Grierson of Lag married Egidia Kennedy
A.D. 1525
Roger Grierson of Lag married Helena Douglas
A.D. 1570
Sir William Grierson of Dumfriesshire married Nicola Maxwell
A.D. 1600
Sir James Grier married Mary Brown
A.D. 1627
James Greer married Ann Taylor
A.D. 1688
John Greer married Sarah Day
A.D. 1727
Benjamin Greer married Rachel Lowe
A.D. 1766
Martin Greer married Mary Wright
A.D. 1804
James Wright Greer married Michael Elizabeth Brown
A.D. 1828
George W Greer married Mary Ann Adams
A.D. 1852
Green Berry Greer, of Royal Blood, descendant of Adam, married Julia Ann Wheatley.
S'rioghal mo dhream

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Lamoyne Peters
Landon Carter
Larry Gabrial Montano
Larry James
Larry James Andress
Larry James Greer
Larry K. Phillips
Larry W. Lynch
Larry Willis Rogers
Laura Frances
Laura Suggs
Lee M. Rogers
Lee Marshal Rogers
Lee Tackett
Lemuel Kenneth Henderson
Len Stocky
Leona Nel Cain
Leonard Cain
Leonard Franklin Rogers
Lesa Chitsey
Leslie Binkley
Lester Greer
Lester Coleman Rogers
Lester Greer
Leta Arlene Bradley
Lewis C. Greer
Lewis Cain
Lewis Cornell Greer
Lewis Cornell Greer, Jr.
Lewis Douglas Cain 
Lewis Douglas Cain, Sr.
Lewis Pruitt
Lewis Randall Greer
Lianne Marie Kolbush
Lillian Wheatley
Linda Carol Greer
Linda J. Porter
Linda Joy Porter
Linda Leann Greer
Lisa Ann Barnum
Lisa Ann Barnum
Lloyd Zumwalt
Logan Pierce Scott
Lola Greer
Louisa A. Greer
Louisiana Watt
Loy Beth Simmons
Lucille Harper
Lucinda D. Wiley
Lula Nell Rogers
Lute Arthur Skinner
Luther Pruitt
Lydia Ann Tarver
Lynda Jean Skinner
Mable Wheatley
Madalena Ward
Madero's army
Madiline Mayard Greer
Maek Nixon,
Maggie Mae Corn
Maggie May Corn
Magnolia May Greer
Mahala E. Denton
Malcom Watt
Mamie Laura Greer
Mamie Lee Greer
Margaret Anne Hampton
Margaret Boger
Margaret Ruth Greer
Marge Gladys Miller
Marion Ethel Skinner
Marjory Greer
Mark Lance Greer
Married Jennie Bennitt
Martha Ellen O'Rourke
Martha Lucille Greer
Martha Lucinda Bassett
Martha Smith
Martha Warner
Mary Greer
Mary H. Edmiston
Mary Hughes
Mary Hurd
Mary Jane Greer 
Mary K. Kinnic
Mary Katherine Bassett
Mary Leona Greer
Mary Lou
Mary Polly Greer
Mary Rebecca Greer
Mary Rhea Buckingham
Mary Roberts Rheinhart
Mary Vance
Mary Vance Greer
Masao Hatayama
Mattie Ann Cain
Mary A. Shannon
Mary Ann Adams
Mary Ann Eliza Greer
Mary Ann Harmon
Mary C Clements
Mary C. Lynch
Mary Carol Lynch
Mary Christine Jenkins
Mary Christine McIntosh
Mary Dicky
Mary E. Bland
Mary Elise Greer
Mary Elizabeth Kincaid
Melisa Greer
Melissa Greer
Melvin Ray Atkison
Michael Dicky
Michael George Zagurski
Michael Glen Wiser
Michael L. Greer
Michael Lee Greer
Michael Lee Greer, Jr.
Michael Lucretia Greer
Michael Lucretia Greer
Michael Masao Hatayama
Michael Milligan
Michael Scott Hill
Michael Wayne Osborn
Mikael Wyn Nixon
Mike Farrell
Minerva H. Greer
Miss. Hicks
Missouri Greer
Mistri Lea Davis
Mogollon Mountains
Mohair goats
Mollie Greer
Mollie D. Goats
Mr. Kennedy
Mr. McKee
Mr. Wilson
Murry Zumwalt
Myra Merle Butler
Myrtle Mary Butler
Nancy Bassett
Nancy Mooring
Nathan Evans
Nellie Greer
Nellie May Greer
Niki Lynn Nixon
Ninnie Barnum
Nogal Canyon
Nola Jean Ford
Nora Greer 
Ola Burris
Opal Carter
Opal Elizabeth Greer
Opal Jones
Ora Mount
Ormand Dean Bush
Oseph Greer
P. T. Barnum
Pamela Garner
Pansy Greer
Patricia Ann Flurry
Patricia Boswell
Patricia Jane Greer.
Patricia Ruth Pearson
Paul Allen Wilcox
Paul Douglas Bassett
Pauline Skinner
Pearl R. Long
Pearl Raymond Long
Pearl Richard Long
Peder Evan Schow
Perry Zumwalt
Peter Bassett
Peter Cameron Watt
Phillip Wallin
Philo Barnum
Pinkey Bourne
Polly Fairchilds
Polly Vance Greer
R. Frank Evans
Ralph Dale Hill
Ralph Gordon Greer
Ralph Lester Wiser
Randall Greer
Randall Marshal Rogers
Randy Duane Rogers
Raul Parker Carl Parker
Ray Hubbard
Rebecca Ann Hill
Rebecca Cobb Greer
Reuben Thomas Greer, M.D.
Reverend Jack Cain
Rheanel Howe
Rhonda Roots
Richard Barnum
Richard Baker Greer
Richard Shannon Greer
Richard Steward Greer
Rob Roy MacGregor
Robert B. Worsham
Robert Baily
Robert Carroll Skinner
Robert Conda Skinner
Robert Greer
Robert Leet Bassett
Robert Skinner
Robey Zumwalt
Robin June Ann Greer
Roger Andress
Ronald Ray Rogers
Rose Ann Palmer
Roy Lee Wrigh
Roy Skinner
Russell Barnum
Russell Ebenezer Barnum
Russell G. Barnum
Russell Glen Barnum
Russell Glen Barnum
Rusty Zumwalt
Ruth Greer
Ruth Kincaid
Ruth Swank
Ryan Garrett Bishop
Sadie Lee Prideaux
Sally Eileen Scott
Sam Cain
Sam Pruitt
Sam W. Carmack
Samantha Phillips
Sammie Cain
Sammy Baird
Samuel K. Peneku
Samuel Kerr
San Andres
Sandra Martin
Sara Bassett
Sarah Beardsley
Sarah Eliza Jones
Sarah Ellen Greer
Sarah Lynn Zagurski
Sarah Thompson Hurd
Scott Edward Sharp
Sean Forrest Greer
Shariah Marie Hill
Sharon Farrell
Sharon L. Pennington
Sharon Sue Inman
Sharon Wilcox
Sheri Phillips
Sheriff Stephens
Shermana Zumwalt
Shirley Ann Reece
Shirley Pasnaut
Sir Humphrey Colquhoun
Sir Walter Barham
Sophia Wilson Greer
Stacie Greer
Stephanie Greer
Steve Cain
Steve Phillips
Stevye Lee Cain
Susan Skinner
Susie Babers
Suzanne Wilcox

Tamar Barnum
Tammy L. Greer
Tammy Lynett Greer
Ted Zumwalt
Tessa Lee Bruton
Theresa Bullock
Thom Farrell
Thomas A. Bragg
Thomas B. Greer
Thomas Bragg
Thomas Brown Greer
Thomas Greer
Thomas Greer, Jr.
Thomas Jay Stanton Greer
Thomas Jefferson Greer
Thomas Jr. Barnum
Thomas Vance Greer
Thomas William Greer
Tig Cole
Tillis Langley
Tina Frances Blankenship
Tom Humble
Tony Don Echer
Tonya Denise Ford
Travis Lynn Howe
Tresa Michelle Ford
Trish Ann Inez Smith
Ula Bly Greer
Ula Bly Greer
Ula Bly Rogers
Vance Greer
Velma Burkham
Vendora Ann
Verdie Humble Cain
Verna Skinner
Vernon Mildred Greer
Virginia A. Jarus
Virginia Puckett
Vivian Lola Greer
Von Cain
W. A. Davis
W. L. Moore
W.Randall Greer
Walter A. Greer
Walter E. Scott
Walter Hugh Greer
Walter J. Leffler
Walter Lucas Cain
Wanda Rae Ford
Wayne Laverne Ford
Wayne Zumwalt
Wendle Cheree Wallin
Wendy Marie Wiser
White Mountains
Will Cole
Will Phillips
William A. Allen
William Adams
William B. Smith
William Benge
William Cain
William Clyde Bassett
William Cohea
William Earl Miller
William Greer
William Greer
William J. Greer
William J. London
William Joseph Greer
William Kennedy Greer
William Kenneth Barham
William Petty
William R. Jr. Greer
William Randall Greer
William Randall Greer
William Randall Greer Jr.