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John Henry Snell

John Henry SNELL. John Henry SNELL was born 30 January 1864 in Wilcox County, Alabama. He moved with his parents and siblings, William, Joseph, David, Edward, Annie and Mary to Falls County, Texas. He married in Falls County to Benola Kirk also from Wilcox County, Alabama. John's brothers and sisters remained in Texas.
After a short while in Cottle County, Texas, John his wife and family traveled in a covered wagon pulled by mules named Bill and Maude to Lincoln County in 1908. At that time seven of their ten children had been born in Texas. They homesteaded land on the Mesa above Nogal. A photo of John and children, Bernard and Alice, with the mules pulling a plow in the field is dated 1911. John raised and sold cattle and farmed. Benola raised chickens and milk cows.
She sold eggs and milk.
They took a photo of the chicken house which a tornado demolished. Benola died at the homeplace in 1937. Alice Beneter Snell married Albert May. Walter 'Buddy' Snell and Alice Beneter Snell remained in the area, while the other children moved away to other counties and states, they took a nice family photo before Benola died, and the children moved away from home. Tommie to WWI then Texas, Bernard to WY, Ernest to WWII then CO. while Olive lived in Roswell and Lizzie Mae in northern New Mexico.
My mother Annie Kirk Snell married Gean Dickey of Amarillo. The land John Snell homesteaded was sold to his son Buddy, upon John's death on 30 May 1948 in Texas at the home of his daughter Bernice. John and Benola Kirk Snell and many of the family members are buried in Angus Cemetery.
Submitted by Louise Wiles