John Rutledge Williams
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John Rutledge Williams, born 13 July, 1851 Marshall County, Alabama; died 15 Nov 1933 in Torrance County. John R. Williams brought his family  from Texas to Torrance County in 1906. In this family were his wife, Newton Carol (Callie) Laughlin,  a step son, Durey Allen (Dude) Boyd, two sons and a daughter, Lester, Bertha and Jason Williams. When the homestead act was set in motion, both Dude and Lester were old enough to file on their own land. John also filed on a claim.  Dude never married. He died and was buried in Mountainair in 1932. Lester married Willie Wright from Texas. They raised five children, Bertha, Oletha, Lester Leon, John Jason, and Emma Lou, five miles north and a mile and a half east of Mountainair.
Bertha married John W. Jackson, from Texas. They raised two daughters, Thama and Ercelle, in Mountainair. John and Bertha had a business in Mountainair, Jackson Supply Company, along with holdings of farm land in the area. Jason served in World War I. He did not live in Torrance County after the war except briefly.
The WILLIAMS family was prosperous, but they saw some bad years as well as the very good years. Torrance County was home to all the family, and descendants still live here today. Submitted by Emma Lou Williams McMath.