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Vuelva a Rastros Hispanos

Fourth Wave of Colonization, 1694
Submitted by Gloria Cordova

The People of the Camino Real: A Genealogical Appendix
Hispano New Mexican families identified according to the time of their
arrival in New Mexico.
Source: Preston, Christine & Douglas and Esquibel, Jose Antonio, The Royal
Road: El Camino Real from Mexico City to Santa Fe (1998). Albuquerque, NM:
University of New Mexico Press.

Fourth Wave of Colonization, 1694 (excerpted from pp. 151-153)

The Viceroy of Nueva Espana, don Gaspar de la Cerde, Conde de Galve, initiated additional colonist recruitment for New Mexico to support the accomplishment of Governor don Diego de Vargas. The Spanish Crown would provide and transport families who enlisted to settle in New Mexico. Theses families would receive honors and privilege of colonizers granted land in the king’s name. The viceroy designated Cpt. Cristobal de Velasco and fray Francisco Farfan as official recruiters to lead the colonizing expedition to New Mexico. The stipulation was that only Espanoles, people of Spanish background, legitimately married and of good character, would be allowed to enlist. Many were tradesmen who were attracted by the chance to obtain honors, privileges, and favors of Spanish nobility. 

By early September 1693, 66 families and one single man (232 individuals) left Mexico City in mid-September for a three-month journey north to New Mexico on the Camino Real to Santa Fe. Four families left the expedition, and three single Frenchmen joined the colonists. The group reached El Paso del Norte in April 1694. This was the largest group of people (124 adults and 93 children) to travel the full Camino Real. Members of these new families intermarried with descendants of the first and second waves of New Mexico colonization and added their family names to pass down the generations.

ARAGON (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

ARCHIBEQUE (Bayonne, France)

ATIENZA/ATENCIO (Puebla de los Angeles, Nueva Espana)

BUSTOS/Paz Bustillos (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

CARDENAS (Puebla de los Angeles, Nueva Espana)

CASADOS (Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain)

CASTELLANOS (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

CORTES del Castillo (Puebla de los Angeles, Nueva Espana)

GARCIA Jurado (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

GURULE (La Rochelle, France)

JARAMILLO Negrete (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

JIRON de Tejeda /GIRON (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

MASCARENAS (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

MOLINA Mosquero Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

MOYA (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

ORTIZ Ladron de Guevara (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

QUINTANA (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

RODRIGUEZ (Santa Maria la Real de Nieva, Castilla-Leon, Spain)

SALAS (Puebla de los Angeles, Nueva Espana)

SENA (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

SILVA (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

de VALDES, Ruiz (Oviedo, Asturias, Spain)


Vega y COCA (Mexico City, Nueva Espana)