Family History of Jose Nazario
Milton Montoya
Maria Mercedes Archuleta
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My grandfather was Jose Nazario Montoya, born in Cherryvale (Cherry Vale) New Mexico located in San Miquel County on August 23, 1909. His parents were Milton Montoya and Maria Mercedes Archuleta.  I know of three siblings, they are Seferino Montoya, Quiteria Montoya, and Leopoldo Montoya.

My grandmother was Maria--Mary, Carmen Maestas born on April 10, 1920 in Golondrians New Mexico. Not sure of the county. It's either San Miguel or Mora County. Per parents were Facundo Maestas and Fannie Warder. My grandmother had one brother named Gilbert. Facundo Maestas's (born: November 2, 1865 in Tipptonville NM, died: May 26, 1960 in Denver Colorado) parents were Jesus Maestas and Eutalia Garcia. Fannie Warder's (born: October 23, 1893, died: January 25, 1961) parents were John Baptist Warder and Andrea Aregello. John and Andrea were married in Mora County. Andrea's father was Hilario Arguello and lived in La Creva.  Godparents of Andrea were Jose Mascarenas and Maria Manuela Sanchez.
Submitted by Roman A. Gerlock