Family Group Sheet for Francisco Antonio SILVA  WIFE:  Juana Lorenza ROMERO
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HUSBAND: Francisco Antonio SILVA
Birth: about 1783, Sabinal, NM
Marriage: about 1820, Tomé, NM or Belen, NM
other marriages: María Encarnation TORRES, 28 Dec 1811, Tomé
Death:  burial on 27 Feb 1849, Socorro, NM
Father:  José Manuel SILVA
Mother: María Leonarda SALAZAR

WIFE:  Juana Lorenza ROMERO
Birth:  about 1799, NM
Death: between 13 Sept 1857 and 1860
Father: Lorenzo ROMERO
Mother: María Geronima CHÁVEZ

1:  Manuel, sex: M
Birth: about 1820, Sabinal, NM
Married: María Quiteria ROMERO, 18 Aug 1851
Death: after 1860, Polvadera, NM

2: María Magdalena, sex: F
Birth: 21 Jun 1823, Sabinal, NM

3: José de la Resurrection, sex: M
Birth:  7 Apr 1825, Sabinal or Belen

4: María Polonia, sex: F
Birth: 9 Feb 1827, Sabinal, NM
married: José Antonio CHÁVEZ, Dec 1843, Socorro, NM

5: María Josefa, sex: F
Birth: 13 May 1829, Sabinal, NM
Married:  Alejo JIRON, 22 Feb 1851, Socorro, NM

6: Juana Cecilia, sex: F
Birth:  28 Jan 1831, Sabinal, NM
Married:  José Francisco CHÁVEZ, about 1852, Socorro, NM
Death: before 11 Jun 1900, Polvadera, NM

1. Baptisms: Tomé - Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción. Vol I: 22 March 1793 - 8 May 1853
2. NM Marriages Churches of Immaculate Conception of Tomé and Our Lady of Belen
3. Baptisms Church of Our Lady of Belen, 1810-1851, NMGS/
3. Sp. and Mex. Census 1750-1830: Plaza de los Trujillos
4. New Mexico Roots Ltd.: 1841. DM 1851 (no. 64, no. 76). Aug 18. Manuel Silva son of Francisco Silva and Juana Romero and  María Quiteria Romero (30), widow in the first marriage of Julio Montoya; witnesses Manuel Trujillo (60), Dolores Gallegos (36), Manuel Olguin.
5. U.S. census records for New Mexico: 1850-1880.
1. The marriage record and the Roots, Ltd record for María Josefa Silva and Alejo Jiron is incorrect.  The bride is listed as María Cecilia instead of María Josefa.  In the 1860 census of Polvadera María Josefa and her husband Alejo are living next door to her sister, Juana Cecilia, and her husband, Francisco Chávez. Their parents never had a child named María Cecilia.
2. Juana Lorenza Romero She was the godmother for her grandchild, María Gregoria Chavez, on 13 Sept 1857 but was not listed for the 1860 census.