New Mexico Ghost Towns
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Eaglehill Roosevelt C. W. Barnum
Earlham Dona Ana C. W. Barnum
East Valley View Roosevelt C. W. Barnum
Eiland Roosevelt C. W. Barnum
Elkins Chavez C. W. Barnum
Elkins Colfax C. W. Barnum
Elva Chaves C. W. Barnum
El Moro Cibola C. W. Barnum
Emery Bernalillo C. W. Barnum
Emzy Roosevelt C. W. Barnum
Encinoso Lincoln C. W. Barnum
England Colfax C. W. Barnum
Engle Sierra C. W. Barnum
Elizabethtown Colfax C. W. Barnum
Estey City Lincoln C. W. Barnum

Eagle Hill: Eagle Hill is a ghost town in Roosevelt County, NM eight miles northwest of Milnesand. It had a post office form 1914 to 1918. It was named for the hill on the DZ ranch which had hundreds of nesting eagles years ago. Submit photos here.

Earlham: Earlham is a ghost town in Dona Ana County. It was originally named Herron after the Civil War. Most of the citizens were African American and Hispanic, many of whom were former military personnel. The name was changed to Earlham after Quakers arrived, (from Earlham in Indiana).  The post office later changed the name to Center Valley. The Railroad established a stop there and changed the name to Vado. It became New Mexico's primary African community for many years. This area is now mostly farm land in the town of South Valley.  Photo #1. Submit photos here.

East Valley View: This ghost town is located in Roosevelt County near Portales. This settlement never had a post office. It was an name to describe a general area. It is now over built by the city of Portales. Submit photos here.

Eiland: This little collection of buildings was called Eiland and had a post office 1909 to 1918. It was located five miles southwest of Arch in the south west part of the county. It no longer exists.
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Elkins: Elkins is in Chaves County thirty-seven miles northeast of Roswell. It had a post office from 1907 to 1943. Probably named for Stephens B. Elkins, politician. All that remains is a school building.
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Elkins: This old town is in Colfax County near the Vermejo River. It had a post office  from 1876 to 1900. Probably named for Stephens B. Elkins, politician. Submit photos here.

Elva: This town is in Chaves County east of the Pecos River. It had a post office from 1916 until 1916. Submit photos here.

El Moro: This settlement is in Cibola County east of El Morro National Monument. It had a post office from 1927 until 1963. Submit photos here.

Elizabethtown: This town is located in Colfax County in the Moreno Valley. It had a post office  from 1868 until 1931. Originally it was a mining town. It has since blown away. Submit photos here.

Emery:  The exact location of this old settlement is not know, but it was in the north part of Bernalillo County. It did have a post office from 1891 until 1892. Submit photos here.

Emzy: This settlement  is in Roosevelt County twenty-five miles southeast of Portales near the Texas state line. It had a post office from 1907 until 1917. Submit photos here.

Encinoso: A small house exists here today. Encinoso Cemetery, a.k.a. Dave Hill Cemetery is located here. This area had a post office from 1915 until 1920. Submit photos here.

England: This old town in Colfax County had a post office in 1881. Nothing remains today.  Submit photos here.

Engle: This Railroad town is in Sierra County eleven miles east of Elephant Butte. It had a post office from 1881 until 1956. It was named after a RR construction engineer and later the vice-president of the RR.  Due to its isolation, it has dried up. Submit photos here.

Estey City: This area has a colorful history. Estey City sprang up in 1900 because of mining. It had a post office until 1910. It is thirty seven miles southwest of Carrizozo and a few miles west of Oscuro which is also a ghost town. Estey City was important because was the at the spot where the Mal Pais lava flow is at its narrowest. Early travelers used this passage to get to Socorro. It was also a favorite hide out for the Greer Gang and various outlaws including William Nelson "Bill" Mitchell, alias Baldy Russell, John King and John Davis. This area is now within the White Sands Missile Range and is as dead as its old outlaws. Greer Gang leaders, photo below. Submit photos here.

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William Randall Greer left - John Franklin Greer, El Paso, Texas ca.1910
Leaders the Greer Gang, Lincoln County, Dona Ana County, El Paso Texas, 
Sierra County, Luna County and Mexico


John Franklin Greer and wife Maggie May Corn
Bonito Canyon, Lincoln County, NM ca. 1905

Greer hide-out on San Andres Ranch
White Sands Missile Range, Dona Ana County NM (recent photo)

William Randall Greer, a.k.a. Fred Lindsay, center, Camp Kearney, Ca., 1918
Taken shortly before his death-bed confession on 16 November 1918

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