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New Mexico Ghost Towns
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Town County Submitter
Abo Torrance C. W. Barnum
Abreu Colfax C. W. Barnum
Acme Chaves C. W. Barnum
Acoma Cibola C. W. Barnum
Acomita Cibola C. W. Barnum
Adelina Valencia C. W. Barnum
Adams Diggings Catron C. W. Barnum
Adberg Quay C. W. Barnum
Adobe Roosevelt C. W. Barnum
Adobe Socorro C. W. Barnum

Abo: Torrance County; Abo is a State Monument. This is an Indian Ghost Town or Village. The citizens were over a thousand Pito Indians. It dates at lest to 1500. The Spanish built a church here. The walls still stand. It had a post office from 1910 until 1911. Submit photo here.
Abreu: Colfax County; This site is on the Rayado River. It is twenty-three miles west of Springer. It was named for Jesus Abreu. No post office was established. Submit photo here.

Acme: Chaves County; This old settlement is seventeen miles northeast of Roswell. It was named for the Acme Gypsum Cement Company. It had a post office from 1906 until 1946. The old Frazier Schoolhouse is a couple thousand feet north of the ghost town. Submit photo here.

Acoma: Cibola County;  This settlement has existed since at least 1500. It is thirteen miles south of Casa Blanca. It sits atop a high mesa overlooking a beautiful expanse below. Submit photo here.

Acomita: Cibola County;  Submit photo here.

Adelina: Valencia County;  Submit photo here.

Adams Diggings: Catron County;  Submit photo here.

Adberg: Catron County;  Submit photo here.

Adobe: Roosevelt County;  Submit photo here.

Adobe: Socorro County;  Submit photo here.