Monument Cemetery Update
By Kim Barghouti and Children
and submitted by David L. Minton
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Monument Cemetery has several unmarked and stone-marked graves.
A few burials recorded herein were submitted by private parties.
Anderson         Elizabeth                   Feb 28, 1861-Dec 6, 1932               In the Dickison family area
Bates            Bobbie S.                   1931-2003
Bates            Margaret Jeanette Hunt      1936
Bentley          Elea Agnes                  1883-1968
Bentley          Ella James Bentley          1883-1968                              Temporary marker
Blodgett         A.J.                        Jan. 8, 1852-May 17, 1908              He died as he lived trusting in God 
                                                                                    In my Father's house are many rooms
Blodgett         M.L                         Aug 22,1847-Nov 1,1908                 He died as he lived trusting in God
                                                                                    In my Father's house are many rooms
Boyles           Cornelius A.                1843-1919
Byrd             Charles H. Jr.              April 16, 1963-April 26, 1981          Our only son, Chucky
Campbell         John W.                     6/19/1845-8/15/1920
Castleberry      James                       Nov 12, 1846-Aug 13, 1915              Grand dad
Clinton          M.                          1916-1933
Cooper           Elmyra                      June 30, 1899-March 1,1918             Old stone broken but lying nearby
Cooper           James Wesley                1858-1941
Cooper           Luther                      1891-1976                              WWI
Cooper           Mrs. Ola                    1868-1940
Cooper           Oval                        Nov 9, 1903-April 6, 1965              NM Pvt Co. C. 340 Fld Arty BN WWII
Dickison         Ada Pearl Beam              1945-2004
Dickison         Guinn J.                    Feb 9, 1909-June 24, 1997
Dickison         Harriet Eva                 1885-1968
Dickison         J. Frank                    1883-1947
Dickison         James Frank Jr.             1/20/1905-1/1905
Dickison         James Frank Sr.             1883-1947
Dickison         Maggie Dillie               2/16/1907-1/10/1914
Dickison         Occo Sarah                  August 29, 1992-August 22,1994         God picked a special rose bud.
                                                                                      Love Mother
Dickison         Verdie Gladys               2/14/1908-5/20/1908
Dickison         Verdie Gladys               2/4/1904-5/10/1905
Dickison         Wiley Pierce                June 6, 1913(8)-February 21, 1994
Dickison Jr.     James Frank                 1/20/1905-1/21/1905
Evans            Clinton M.                  1916-1933                              Buried near Evans family members but no
                                                                                    surname given on headstone
Evans            James L. Jimmy              Oct 29, 1923-June 23,1985              Hard Working Man
Evans            Louis C.                    1849-1932
Evans            Louis S.                    1888-1933                              Beloved Dad
Evans            Willie Mae                  1894-1985                              Precious Mother
Frost            Jerrie Jarnagin             July 21,1809-Dec 1,1942
Frost            Lillie Mae                  Aug 13,1898-July 18,1960
Gaither          Henry                       1859-1933
Gaither          James W.                    1833-1906
Gaither          Margaret                    1839-1912
Gilmore          Michael                     May 18, 1851-July 3,1909               As thy days so shall thy strength be.
Gilmore          Wilmeth                     No Dates
Griffin          William C.                  1844-1909                              Confederate Veteran
Harold           Martin Henry                1908-1988
Hollis           Frank E.                    1925-1998
Hughes           Lucy Jane                   1843-1918
Hunt             Helen                       1914-2005
Joseph           A.                          1864-1938
Leeson           David Cole                  1994-1994
Leeson           David Leeson                1994-1994
Luther           Cooper                      1891–1976                              PFC US Army World War I
M.A.L.R.                                     No Dates                               Footstone reading Headstone is broken
Martin           Henry Harold                1908-1988
Moreland         Emma                        1875-1960                              Double marker
Moreland         James G.                    1865-1933
Nash             James S.                    1838-1910                              Confederate Veteran
Neatherlin       Joseph Addison              Jan 26, 1831-Apr. 1,1922               Pvt 28 Texas Dismtd Cav. CSA
Neatherlin       Joseph Edison               1831-1922                              Confederate Veteran
Neatherlin       Marion Guinn                December 30, 1854-June 9,1928          In Memory of
Neatherlin       Mathew Pierce               2/6/1893-7/25/1950
Neatherlin       Tee Mathew Pierce           Feb 6, 1893-July 25,1950
Newsom           James P.                    11/15/1845-5/20/1926
Peters           Stella Roberts              May 14, 1905-Nov 23,1991               Mother
Petty            John Samuel                 9/22/1947                              Loving husband, father, son & brother
Petty            Mary Gay                    Aug 1, 1951-Nov 10, 1992               Loving wife, mother, daughter 
                                                                                    and sister  Double marker
Petty            May Gay                     8/1/1951-11/10/1992
Roberts          Alva Pearl                  1916-1946
Roberts          Elizabeth Jane Roberts      24-Jan-39                              Double marker
Roberts          Essie C.                    1907–1978                              Mother
Roberts          James Dean                  Feb 19, 1907-March 3,1964              New Mexico AMMI USNR World War II
Roberts          John C.                     1937-2000
Roberts          Lyle F.                     Sept 14, 1944-Aug 11,1963
Roberts          Nathan C.                   1868–1942                              Father
Roberts          Nathan T.                   1929-2004                              Veteran
Roberts          Nathan T.                   1903–1988                              Pioneer Cowboy
Roberts          Pearl Stark                 1877-1965
Roberts          Vernon Clifford             1897–1977                              Cpl US Army World War I
Roberts          Vernon Ennis                1931-2003                              Veteran
Robertson        J.T.                        No Dates                               No dates, br. nr the Dickison family
Smith            Jim D.                      Nov. 7, 1932                           Married Jan 21, 1951 Mom
Smith            Leola M.                    5/5/1933-7/29/1995
Smith            Leola M. Lee                May 5, 1933-July 29, 1995              Double marker
Solomon          Dorothy E.                  February 27, 1915-August 16, 1978      We miss you “Mom”
Tatum            Alvada                      No Dates                               Temporary marker no dates
Thomas           Jane Louise                 Aug 25, 1945-Aug 18,1998               Immaculate wife and mother double marker
Thomas           Otis Leo                    10/21/1941
Thurman          Thomas E.                   Feb 10, 1886-Jan 16, 1918              Gone but not forgotten
Walker           William Tommy               March 4, 1939-Aug 5,1941
West             Ida Lydia                   1877–1965                              Double marker
West             Joseph A.                   1864-1938
Wilmeth          William A.                  Nov. 8, 1853-Jan 21,1910               In memory of my father