Plainview Community Cemetery
Submitted by Belva Wiggins Whitfield January 2004
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Plainview Community Cemetery is located six miles from the Lovington Resthaven Cemetery on the Tatum Highway (State Rd. 206), turn east and travel one mile and then one-half mile north. The list was compiled by Belle Elizabeth Jackson Reed and husband Jimmy Ray Reed, and Ruth Dennis Brown and husband Weldon Brown - Charter members of the Lea County Genealogical Society of Lovington, NM. 
Lea Co. NM - Old Plainview Community Cemetery

Submitted by Belva Wiggins Whitfield [email protected]

A. H. Blit No dates

Alvis E. Cox Oct. 13, 1889 May 27, 1908
  (Son of E. D. and Anna V. Cox)

Elizabeth Rebekah Stewart Bramlett July 6, 1840 May 25/June 7, 1918

Harriett Elizabeth Bates Aug 1830 Aug 30, 1918
  (Mother of Jim Bigham, blacksmith.
  Her first husband was William Nix Bigham)

Cordelia (Cordie) Green Cooper No Dates
  (Wife of Ola Cooper, son of Jacob Aaron Cooper)

Helen Smith Newman No Dates

Cyntha Adam Hyder Wiggins Feb. 18, 1833 Jan. 4, 1924
  (Mother of Alfred Taylor Wiggins and Almeda Lauraine Wiggins Clayton)

Almeda Lauraine Wiggins Clayton April 9, 1869 Aug. 23, 1927
  (Daughter of Cyntha Hyder Wiggins, sister of Alfred Taylor Wiggins and wife of Jesse Philander Clayton.)

Jim Stefmire No Dates
  (Young man, son of Enoch J. and Amelia Stefmire.)

There are many unmarked graves, possibly 20 to 40.

At this point all of the grave stones have been removed and the fence was changed so that the cemetery is now open to cattle and trespassers. There are still some rocks that look as though they may have covered graves and some sunken areas which indicate graves. ©2005