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Gravel Pit Cemetery
Archeological Survey of Gravel Quarry Near Mt. Calvary Cemetery
By Ralph L. Hayes

Bernalillo County, VOL. XXVI, No. 3, September 1987, page 72; Project is based on the cemetery surveys published in the New Mexico Genealogist, The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. P.O. Box 8283; Albuquerque, NM 87198 8283. The magazine's volume, date, and and page number is displayed under the cemetery's name. Our appreciation to the New Mexico Genealogical Society and the survey compliers. This material may not be reproduced or copied from this website nor be used for commercial purposes, resale, redistribution, or used for profit. The copyright remains with the New Mexico Genealogical Society. Some formatting and editing were made to the original presentation to fit this web site format. Some cemetery surveys were continued on subsequent magazine issues. This website presentation may not be copied in any manner for any reason. This presentation is for the personal use of individual researchers. Retyped from original by C. W. Barnum 2002 . In September 1985 the Wylie Corporation asked the Office of Contract Archeology, University of New Mexico, to conduct a cultural resources inventory for a proposed gravel quarry. The query is on land owned by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe adjacent to Mount Calvary Cemetery in the Martinez town area of Albuquerque. At least 600 grave locations were noted in the course of the survey and approximately 200D burials occurred in the unfenced area east of and adjacent to the formal Pit. Calvary Cemetery. Information concerning 12 individuals buried in the area was collected from the few marked graves: Transcriber:  C. W. Barnum


Santiago GARCIA ~

Juan LUCERO 1904-1915

Lorenzo TRUJILLO ~

Edward U. HENRY 1912-1940

Daniel MORALES, Jr. 1931-1953

Tomacita MORA 4-1-24 / 8-4-42


Prudencie M. da MORALES 1911-1934

Manuel LUCERO 5-25-20 / 1937

M.L. ~


The results of the survey indicate that there is evidence of both prehistoric and historical cultural remains. Modern society prevails, however, and old burial sites go under the plow. In 1984 workers at Albuquerque's Technical Vocational Institute unearthed three human remains. After further investigation 30 additional burial pits were found. Historical document research confirmed that the burials were very likely a part of an one-acre pauper cemetery. A total of 28 human remains were removed and reburied at Fairview Cemetery. The building was completed as scheduled. Also in 1985 workers at nearby St. Joseph's Hospital also found remains in a renovation project there. Historical documents place the date of this cemetery at 1875-1893. All of the burials were mature individuals, mostly in their 30's.