Congregation Albert Cemetery
Compiled by Janet Wasson 16 Aug 2008
Photos by David Habbenr
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In 1892, the Albuquerque B'nai B'rith lodge incorporated the Jewish Cemetery Association and acquired two acres of land in what is now the Fairview Cemetery. In 1902, Congregation Albert acquired that land which has been the Congregation Albert Cemetery for more than one hundred years. The "old" section of the cemetery, 1.5 of the 2 acres, has many upright tombstones typical of Victorian times, as well as ground level markers in line with current practice. Our cemetery is a memorial for much of the Albuquerque Jewish community, and is a fount of information for historical and genealogical buffs."


Benjamin Joseph & Caroline 1844/1888 - 1847/1914
Benjamin Joseph   
Bibo Nathan 1844 - 1927
Grunsfeld Albert 1836 - 1893
Grunsfeld Albert closeup
Loewenstein Charlotta d-1903
Loewenstein Leo d-1918
Loewenstein Morris d-1919
Myer Berhard & Pauline 1845/1908 - 1852/1041
Rosenwald David Milton 1892 - 1918
Rosenwald Elise & Aron
Rosenwald Helena/Eduard/Regina d-1932/1903/1926
Weiner P. 1866 - 1895