Books written before 1910 concerning 
New Mexico History and Genealogy
Format by C. W. Barnum
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Books written before 1910 concerning 
New Mexico History and Genealogy
Publication No.15
In the Library of the Society
January, 1910; Santa Fe, N.M.
The New Mexican Printing Company 1910
Compiled by 
Karen Lemmell and Christina Aljinovich 


A 1--General
A 201--New Mexico
A 501--The West


A 1--BALCH The French in America during the War of Independence of the United States, 1777-83, By Thomas Balch Two Volumes: 8vo. Philadelphia, 1891

A 2--FARRAND The legislation of Congress for the Government of the Organized Territories of the United States By Max Farrand, 8vo. Newark, 1896

A 3--HELPS The Spanish Conquest in America, and its relation to the history of slavery and to the Government of Colonies. By Arthur Helps Four Volumes: 12mo. New York, 1856-7-8

A 4--LAND CLAIMS Reports of Senate Committee on Private Land Claims, 1827 to 1876. (Senate Mis. Doc 81, 45th Congress, 3rd Session) 8vo. Washington, 1879

A 5--LAND CLAIMS Reports of House Committee on Private Land Claims, 1826-1854, (Senate Mis. Doc 81, 45th Congress, 3rd Session, part 2) 8vo. Washington, 1879

A 6--NILES History of South America and Mexico with historical view of Texas, By John M. Niles, Two volumes in one; 12mo. Hartford, 1837

A 7--PARKMAN History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac and the War of North American Tribes against the English Colonies after the Conquest of Canada. Illustrated. By Francis Parkman. 12mo. New York, 1899

A 8--PARKMAN Pioneers of France in the New World, By Francis Parkman. 12mo. Boston, 1907

A 9--PITTMAN The present state of the European Governments on the Mississippi, 1770. By Capt. Philip Pittman. Reprint by Frank H. Holder. 8vo. Cleveland, 1906

A 10--RAY The Repeal of the Missouri Compromise. By P. Orman Ray. 8vo. Cleveland, 1906


A 201--BANCROFT History of Arizona and New Mexico, 1530-1888. (Vol.17 of Bancroft’s Works) By H.H. Bancroft 8vo. San Francisco, 1889

A 202--BLUE BOOK The New Mexico Blue Book of 1882. By W.G. Ritch, Sec. Of Territory. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1882

A 203--BLUE BOOK N.M. Legislative Manual, 1905. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1905

A 204--Same, 1907

A 205--Same, 1909

A 206--CHAMPNEY Great Grandmother’s Girls in New Mexico, 1670-1680. Illustrated. By Elizabeth W. Champney. 8vo. Boston, 1888

A 207--CONNELLY Doniphan’s Expedition and the Conquest of New Mexico and California. Portraits, maps and illustrations. Includes a reprint of the work of Col. John T. Hughes. 8vo. Topeka, 1907

A 208--CONSTITUTION New Mexico Constitution of 1889. 1-The Act providing for the Constitutional Convention, passed February 28, 1889. 2-The Constitution adopted by the Constitutional Convention, held at Santa Fe, Sept. 3rd to 21st, 1889. 3-La Constitucion del Estado de Nuevo Mexico, y un manifiesto al Pueblo, por una comision de la convencion. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1890 (Constitution of 1850 will be found among Books in Spanish)

A 209--COOKE The Conquest of New Mexico and California, By P. St. G** Cooke. 12mo. New York, 1878

A 210--CUTTS The Conquest of California and New Mexico. By James Madison Cutts. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1848.

A 211--DAVIS The Spaniards in New Mexico. By W. W. H. Davis. 8 vo. Doylestown, 1888.

A 225--PRINCE Historical Sketches of New Mexico from the Earliest Records to the American Occupation. By L. Bradford Prince. 12mo. Kansas City and New York, 1883.

A 226--PRINCE Statehood for New Mexico. By L. Bradford Prince. 1- Letter to New York Tribune, Jan 10, 1889. 2-"No Excuse for Further Delay," Letter from Governor Prince to the Senate Committee on Territories, June 25, 1892. 3-Statehood for New Mexico. Address at Trans-Mississippi Congress, July 19, 1901. 4-New Mexico’s Claims. Letter to New York Tribune, Jan. 6, 1903.

A 227--PRINCE The Agricultural College Case. A specimen of administration in New Mexico. By L. Bradford Prince. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1903.

A 228--SALPOINTE Soldiers of the Cross. Notes on the Ecclesiastical History of New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Illustrated. By Archbishop J.B. Salpointe. 8vo. Banning, Cal. 1898

A 229--STORMS The Story of New Mexico Truthfully Told. By Walter W. Storms. 12 mo. Terre Haute, 1897

A 230--TAYLOR, PRESIDENT Message to Congress on the subject of California and New Mexico, with reports from the heads of the various departments of the national government relating to the subject. Official reports. Letters, instructions, and other documents connected with the government and administration of the public affairs of the newly acquired territory. Among many others of equal importance may be mentioned: Journal of the Convention of New Mexico. September, 1819; Extracts from regulations for the government of the province of California, by Don Felipe de Neve, governor, 1779; Regulations for the government of the Missions and the Indians at various early dates; Proclamations, decrees and documents concerning acquirements of lands and titles thereto: Reports concerning the Indians, including the Comanches, Apaches, Navahoes, etc. (H.R. Ex. Doc. 17, 31st Congress, 1st Session.) 8vo. Washington, 1850.

A 231--TWITCHELL The History of the Military Occupation of the Territory of New Mexico from 1846 to 1851, together with Biographical Sketches of Men Prominent in the Conduct of the Government During that Period, with portraits and illustrations. By Ralph Emerson Twitchell. 8vo. Denver, 1909.

A 232--WEIGHTMAN Speech in House of Representatives, March 15, 1852, in reply to Mr. Phelps of Missouri, vindicating Gov. Calhoun and the character of the people. By Richard H. Weightman. 8vo. Washington, 1852.

A 232--WHITFORD Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War. The New Mexico Campaign, in 1862. By William Clarke Whitford, D.D. 8vo. Denver, 1906.


A 501--ARMStrONG The early Empire Builders of the Great West. By Moses K. Armstong. 8vo. St. Paul, 1901

A 502--BANCROFT History of Utah, 1540-1887. By H.H. Bancroft. 8vo. San Francisco, 1891

A 503--BLACKMAR Spanish Colonization in the Southwest. By Frank W. Blackmar. 8vo. 1890

A 504--BLACKMAR Spanish Instituions of the Southwest. By Frank W. Blackmar. 8vo. Baltimore, 1891.

A 505--BREWERTON Wars of the Western Border. By Douglas Brewerton. 12mo. New York, 1859.

A 506--BROWNE Report of the Debates in the Convention of California on the Formation of the State Constitution in September and October, 1849. By J. Ross Browne. 8vo. Washington, 1850.

A 507--CHITTENDEN The American Fur Trade of the Far West. A History of the Pioneer Trading Posts and Early Fur Companies of the Missouri Valley and the Rocky Mountains, and of the Overland Commerce with Santa Fe. By Hiram Martin Chittenden. Three volumes: 8vo. New York, 1902.

A 508--COOK Hands Up or Thirty-Five Years of Detective Life in the Mountains and on the Plains. Reminiscences of Gen. D. J. Cook. 8vo. Denver, 1897.

A 509--HALL History of the State of Colorado, embracing accounts of the Pre-Historic Races and Their Remains, Early Spanish, French and American Explorations, lives of primitive Trappers, Hunters and Traders. Illustrated with portraits and views. By Frank Hall. Four volumes; 4vo. Chicago, 1889.

A 510--HAYES New Colorado and the Santa Fe Trail. By A.A. Hayes. 8vo. London, 1881.

A 511--MARCY Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border. By Col. R.B. Marcy, U.S.A. 8vo. New York, 1866.

A 512--MILLS Forty Years at El Paso, 1858-1898. By W.W. Mills. 12mo. El Paso, 1901.

A 513--NORMAN A Popular History of California. By Lucy Norman. 16mo. San Francisco, 1863.

A 514--NORTON Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion. By Gen. Richard H. Orton. 8vo. Sacramento, 1890.

A 515--PARKMAN The California and Oregon Trail, being sketches of Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life. By Francis Parkman, Jr. 12mo. New York, n.d.

A 516--PERKINS Annals of the West, embracing a concise account of principal events which have occurred in the western states and territories. By James H. Perkins. 8vo. Cincinnati, 1846.

A 517--POSTON Apache-Land. (A poetical narrative.) By Charles D. Poston. 12mo. San Francisco, 1878.

A 518--BEAVIS Muniments of Title of the Barony of Arizona. By Peralta Beavis. 8vo. Denver, 1892.

A 519--STEELE Old California Days. By James Steele. 12mo. Chicago, 1889.

A 520--SUES Grigsby’s Cowboys. Third U.S. Volunteer Calvary. Spanish-American War. By Otto L. Sues. 8vo. Salem, South Dakota, 1900.



B 1--BILLY THE KID The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid. By Pat F. Garrett. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1882.

B 2--CARSON Kit Carson. By John S.C. Abbott. 12mo. New York, 1873.

B 3--CARSON The Life of Kit Carson. By Charles Burdett. 12mo. Philadelphia, n.d.

B 4--CARSON The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson. By De Witt C. Peters, M.D. 8vo. New York, 1855.

B 5--GERONIMO Geronimo’s Story of His Life; an autobiography of the famous Apache chief taken down and edited. By S. M. Barret. 12mo. New York, 1906.

B 6--KENDRICK Col. Henry L. Kendrick, U.S. Army. Address by Marvin R. Vincent, D.D. Obituary by Prof. Samuel E. Tillman, U.S.M.A. 12mo. New York, 1892.

B 7--TAYLOR The Life of Major General Zachary Taylor. By John Frost. 12mo. New York, 1847.


C 1--General
C 201--New Mexico
C 501--The West, Etc.


C 1--HAKLUYT The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and Discoveries of the English Nation, made by Sea or Over-Land to the Remote and Farthest Distance Quarters of the Earth, at any time within the Compass Hawkins’ Voyage to the West Indies, also the Voyages of Linschoten, Frobisher, Drake-John Oxnam, of Plymouth, to the West Indies, Capt. Somers, Raleigh and Acosta’s Voyages to Guiana-Voyages made to Canada, Labrador, Newfoundland, Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, California, Brazil, etc. By Richard Hakluyt. Reprint of the London Edition of 1599. 16 volumes; 8vo. Edinburg, 1884.

C 2--HARRIS A complete collection of Voyages and Travels, consisting of above six hundred of the most authentic writers, with charts, maps and illustrations. By John Harris. Two volumes; folio. London, 1748. This contains among many others, extracts and translations from the following: Hakluyt, Alamandini, Carreri, etc., (Italian); Trevenot, Renaudot, Labat, etc., (French); DeBrie, Gryneus, Malfeus, etc., (Latin); Herrera, Oviedo, Corual, etc., (Spanish); Voyages for East India Company (Dutch)

C 3—PURCHAS Purchas His Pilgrimes, or Hakluytus Posthumus; containing a History of the world, in Sea Voyages and Land Travels, by Englishmen and others, by Samuel Purchas. Complete in 20 volumes octavo, with maps and illustrations. Reprint from the original of 1625, Volume 10 contains an exhaustive index to the entire work. Early voyages and discoveries in North, Central and South America; the West Indies, Philippines, etc. "Further Discoveries in Florida"; "Divers Expeditions from Mexico, and other parts of New Spain and New Biscay, especially to the more northern parts of American, by Divers Spaniards in a hundred years space"; "A Brief Narration of the Destruction of the Indies by the Spaniards," by Las Casas. "Voyages and Plantations of the French in Northern America, both in Florida and Canada"; " The Voyage of Monsieur de Monts into New France"; "The First Plantation of the New English Colonies in Virginia"; "Master Bartholomew Gosnold’s Letter to His Father Touching His First Voyage to Virginia, 1602"; "Notes of the Same Voyage Written by James Rosier to Sir Walter Raleigh"; "Discoveries, Acts and Occurents in Virginia and Summer Islands, since the year 1605 till 1654, (including large folding reproduction of Captain John Smith, His Map of Virginia)" etc., etc. Twenty volumes; 8vo. Glasgow, 1905.

C 4—CASWELL The City of the Mormons, of three days at Nauvoo in 1842. By Rev. Henry Caswell. 12mo. London, 1843.

C 5—KIPPIS Capt. Cook’s Three Voyages Around the World. By A. Kippis. Two vlumes in one; 12mo. Philadelphia, 1890.

C 6—KENNEDY Early Days of Mormonism. Palmyra, Kirtland and Nauvoo. By J.H. Kennedy. 12mo. New York, 1888

C 7—RODENBOUGH From Everglade to Canyon with 2nd Dragoons, from 1836 to 1875; including personal recollections of prominent officers of the U.S. Army. T.F. Rodenbough. 8vo. New York, 1875


C 201—ABERT Report of Lieut. J.W. Abert on his examination of New Mexico in the years 1846-1847. Maps and Plates. 8vo. Washington, 1848.

C 202—BARTLETT Personal Narrative of Explorations and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora and Chihuahua, connected with the United States and Mexican boundary commission, during the years 1850-1-2-3. Map and illustrations. By John R. Bartlett. Two volumes; 8vo. New York, 1854.

C 203—BREVOORT New Mexico, Her Natural Resources and Attractions. By Elisa Brevoort. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1874.

C 204—CHAPIN The Land of the Cliff Dwellers. By Frederick H. Chapin. 12mo. Boston, 1892.

C 205—CHASE The Editor’s Run in New Mexico and Colorado. By C.M. Chase. 8vo. Lyndon, Vermont, 1882

C 206—CORBYN La Gran Quivira; a musical mystery. By Clara A.B. Corbyn. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1904.

C 207—DAVIS El Gringo, or New Mexico and Her People. By W. W. II. Davis. 12mo. New York, 1857.

C 208—EMORY Notes of a Military Reconnaissance from Fort Leavenworth in Missouri to San Diego in California, including parts of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila Rivers, made in 1846-7; with plans of the military actions at St. Pasqual, San Gabriel and Los Angeles. A botanical appendix by Professor Torrey, many plates and folding maps. By Lt. Col. W. II. Emory. 8vo. Washington, 1848.

C 209—EMORY, COOKE AND JOHNSTON Emory’s Reconnaissance's: Abert’s Report; Cooke’s March from Santa Fe to San Diego; Capt. A.R. Johnston’s Journal. (Ex. Doc. No. 41, 30th Congress, 1st Session) 8vo. Washington, 1848.

C 210—FROST, WALTER, ETC. New Mexico Bulletins. Santa Fe, San Juan, San Miguel and Bernalillo Counties. By Max Frost, P.A.F. Walter, G. Pendleton, W.C. Barnes. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1906.

C 211—GOAD Explorations in New Mexico under Lieutenant Wheeler. By T.W. Goad. 12mo. 1878.

C 212—GRAHAM Report of Lieut. Col. J.D. Graham on the Mexican Boundary. (Senate Doc. 121, 32nd Congress, 1sr Session) 8vo. Washington, 1852.

C 213—GREGG Commerce of the Prairies, or the Journal of a Santa Fe Trader, during eight expeditions across the Great Western Prairies and a residence of nearly nine years in Northern New Mexico, Maps and Plates. By Josiah Gregg. Two volumes; 12mo. Philadelphia, 1849.

C 214—INMAN The Old Santa Fe Trail, the Story of a Great Highway. By Col. Henry Inman. 8vo. New York, 1898.

C 215—JOHNSON Reconnaissance's of routes from San Antonio to El Paso. By Col. J.E. Johnston, Lieut. W.F. Smith, Lieut. F.T. Bryan, Lieut. N.H. Nichols, Capt. S.G. French. Also: Report of Capt. R. B. Marcy’s route from Fort Smith to Santa Fe. Lieut. J.H. Simpson’s Report of expedition into the Navajo country. (Ex. Doc. 64, 31st Congress, 1st Session) 8vo. Washington, 1850.

C 216—JOHNSON The Geology of the Cerrillos Hills, New Mexico. By Douglas Wilson Johnson. 8vo. 1903.

C 217—JONES New Mexico, Mines and Minerals. By Fayette A. Jones. 8vo. Santa Fe, 1905.

C 218—JONES Epitome of the Economic Geology of New Mexico. By Fayette A. Jones. 12mo. Albuquerque, N.M., 1908.

C 219—LUMMIS The Land of Poco Tiempo. Illustrated. By Charles F. Lummis. 8vo. New York, 1893.

C 220—MELINE Two Thousand Miles on Horseback; Santa Fe, and Back. A summer tour through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico in the year 1866. By James F. Meline. 12mo. New York, 1867.

C 221—MOOREHEAD A Narrative of Explorations in New Mexico, Arizona, Indiana, etc. By Warren K. Moorehead. 8vo. Andover, 1906.

C 222—NICHOLL Observations of a Ranch Woman. By Edith M. Nicholl. (Mrs. Bowyer) 12mo. Cincinnati, 1901.

C 223—PIKE, ALBERT Prose, Sketches and Poems, written in the Western Country. By Albert Pike. 12mo. Boston, Mass., 1832.

C 224—PIKE, Z.M. An account of expeditions to the sources of the Mississippi and through the Western parts of Louisiana to the sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte and Pierre Jaun Rivers, during 1805, 1806, and 1807; and a tour through the interior parts of New Spain. With portrait. By Maj. Z.M. Pike. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1810.

C 225—PIKE—COUES The expeditions of Zebulon M. Pike to Headwaters of the Mississippi River, through Louisiana Territory, and in New Spain during the years 1805-6-7. New edition reprinted in full form the original of 1810, with copious critical commentary, memoir of Pike, new map and other illustrations and complete index. Edited by Elliott Coues. Three volumes; 8vo. New York, 1895.

C 226—PIKE Exploratory Travels through the Western Territories of North America; comprising a voyage from St. Louis on the Mississippi to the source of the river, and a journey through the interior of Louisiana and the Northwestern province of New Spain performed in the years 1805, 1806, 1807, by order of the government of the United States. From the London edition of 1811. Maps. By Zebulon M. Pike. 4to. Denver, 1880.

C 227—PULLEN New Mexico, Its Geography, Scenes and People. By Clarence Pullen. 8vo.

C 228—RITCH Aztlan; History, Resources and Attraction of New Mexico. By W.G. Ritch. 12mo. Boston, 1885.

C 229—RUFFNER Report on lines of communication between Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

C 230—SIMPSON By E.H. Ruffner. 8vo. Washington, 1876. Coronado’s March in search of the seven cities of Cibola. By Gen. J.H. Simpson, U.S. Army. 8vo. Washington, n.d.

C 231—WALLACE The Land of the Pueblos. By Susan F. Wallace. 12mo. New York, 1888. See also: A233, McParlin’s Notes on Climate.


C 501—ANDERSON The Silver Country, or the Great Southwest; review of the mineral and Other Wealth, the attractions and material development of the former kingdom of New Spain, comprising Mexico and the Mexican Cessions to the United States, 1848-53, folding map. By Alex. D. Anderson. 8vo. New York, 1877. 

C 502—AUDUBON Western Journal, 1849-1850. Being the MSS, record of a trip from New York to Texas, and an overland journey through Mexico and Arizona to the gold fields of California, with biographical memoir by his daughter, Maria R. Audubon. With folded map, portrait and original drawings. By John W. Audubon. Edited by F.H. Hodder. 8v0. Cleveland, 1906.

C 503—BELL New Tracks in North America; a journal of travel and adventure whilst engaged in the survey for a southern railroad to the Pacific Ocean during 1867-8. Map and colored plates. By William A. Bell. 8v0. London, 1870.

C 504—BLACKMORE Colorado, its resources, parks and prospects as a new field for immigration, etc. With an account of the Trenchara and Costilla Estates in the San Luis Park. By William Blackmore. 4to. London, 1869.

C 505—BOWLES Our New West. Records of Travel Between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean including a full description of the Pacific Railroad. Map and illustrations. By Samuel Bowles. 8vo. Hartford, 1869.

C 506—BROWER Quivira. Explorations in the Basin of the Mississippi. Maps and Plates. (No. 138 of Autograph Copies.) By J.V. Brower. 4to. St. Paul, 1898.

C 507—BROWNE Adventures in the Apache Country. A tour through Arizona and Sonora, with notes on the silver regions of Nevada. By J. Ross Browne. 12mo. New York, 1874.

C 508—BRYANT Rocky Mountain Adventures. By Edwin Bryant. 12mo. New York.

C 509—CABEZA DE VACA The narrative of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. Translated by Buckingham Smith. Folio. Washington, 1851. Author’s presentation copy; No.50. Cabeza de Vaca, His Relation. See C-522.

C 510—CARVALHO Incidents of Travel in the Far West with Col. Fremont’s last expedition. By S.N. Carvalho. 12m0. New York, 1857. Castaneda—Coronado’s Expedition. See C-522.

C 511—DOMENECH Missionary adventures in Texas and Mexico; a personal narrative of six years sojourn in those regions. Map. By Abbe Domenech. 8vo. London, 1858.

C 512—DOMENECH Seven year’s residence in the great deserts of North America. Folding colored map and numerous fine colored plates. By Abbe E. Domenech. Two volumes; 8vo. London, 1860.

C 512—EMORY Report on the United States and Mexican boundary survey. By William H. Emory, U.S. Army. Two volumes; 4to. Washington, 1857.

C 513—EDWORDS Camp Fires of a Naturalist. By Clarence E. Edwords. 12mo. New York, 1893.

C 514—FOSSETT Colorado, its Gold and Silver Mines, farms and stock ranges, and health and pleasure resorts. Folding maps, plates and other illustrations. By Frank Fossett. 12mo. New York, 1880

C 515—FOWLER The Journal of Jacob Fowler, 1812-1822. Narrating an adventure from Arkansas through the Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico, to the sources of the Rio Grande del Norte. Edited with notes, by Elliott Coues. Two volumes; 8vo. New York, 1898.

C 516—FRANCE Mountain Trails and Parks in Colorado. By L.B. France. 12mo. Denver, 1888.

C 517—FREMONT Geographical Memoir upon Upper California in illustration of his map of Oregon and California. Addressed to the Senate of U.S. in 1848. By John Charles Fremont. Compiled by William McCarty. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1848.

C 518—FREMONT Report of exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842 and to Oregon and North California in the years 1843-4. By Brevet Capt. J.C. Fremont. 8vo. Washington, 1845.

C 519—FREMONT Oregon and California. Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California. By Col. J.C. Fremont. 12mo. Buffalo, 1851.

C 510—GARCES—COUES On the trail of a Spanish Pioneer. The diary and itinerary of Francisco Garces (missionary priest) in his travels through Sonora, Arizona and California, 1775-6. Maps, views and facsimiles. Edited with copious critical notes by Elliott Coues. Two volumes; 8vo. New York, 1900.

C 521—GASS Gass Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. By Sergeant Patrick Gass. Reprint by Frank H. Hodder, from edition of 1811. 8vo. Chicago, 1901.

C 522—HODGE—LEWIS Spanish Explorers in the Southern United States, 1528-1543. With maps. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, edited by Frederick W. Hodge. Expedition of Hernando de Soto, edited by

Theodore H. Lewis. Expedition of Coronado by Castaneda, edited by F.W. Hodge. 8vo. New York, 1907.

C 523—INGERSOLL The Crest of the Continent. A summer’s ramble in the Rocky Mountains and beyond. By Ernest Ingersoll. 12mo. Chicago, 1889.

C 524—IVES Report on the Colorado River of the West, explored in 1857 and 1858. Maps and plates. By Joseph C. Ives. 4to. Washington, 1861. 

C 525—LEWIS & CLARK History of the Expeditions under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark to the sources of the Missouri, thence across the Rocky Mountains and down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean, 1805-5-6. A complete reprint of the Biddle Edition of 1814, to which all the members of the Expedition contributed; with an account of the Louisiana Purchase. With illustrations and maps. By Prof. McMaster. Three volumes; 12mo. London, 1905.

LEWIS, T.H. De Soto’s Expedition. See C-522.

C 526—MARCY The Prairie Traveler. By Capt. R.B. Marcy, U.S. Army. 16mo.

C 527—MARCY Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana in the year 1852. By Capt. Randolph B. Marcy. Two volumes; Vol. 2 being of maps; 8vo. Washington, 1854.

C 528—MARCY Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border. By Col. R.B. Marcy. 8vo. New York, 1866.

C 529—MINDELEFF Aboriginal Remains in the Verde Valley Arizona. By Cosmos Mindeleff. 4to. Washington, 1896.

C 530—MOLLHAUSEN Diary of a Journey from the Mississippi to the Coasts of the Pacific with a U.S. Government Expedition. Introduction by von Humboldt. Translated by Mrs. Percy Simmett. Folding map and colored illustrations. By Baldwin Mollhausen. Two volumes; 8vo. London, 1858.

C 531—NUTTALL Journey of Travels into the Arkansas Territory during the year 1819. By Thomas Nuttall. Edited with notes, introduction, index by Reuben Gold Thwaites. 8v0. (Vol. 13-Early Western Travels) Cleveland, 1905.

C 532—PATTIE The personal narrative of James O. Pattie of Kentucky, during an expedition from St. Louis through the vast region between the plains and the Pacific Ocean and then back through the City of Mexico to Vera Cruz. Edited by Timothy Flint, 1833. Edited with notes by Reuben Gold Thwaites. Letters from the West, by George W. Ogden. Sketch of a Journey Through the Western States in 1827, by W. Bullock. Commerce of the Prairies, by Josiah Gregg. 8vo. Cleveland, 1905. (Vol. 18, Early Western Travels) Two volumes; 8vo. Cleveland, 1905. (Vols. 19 and 20 of Early Western Travels)

C 533—PRUDDEN On the Great American Plateau. Wanderings among Canyons and Buttes in the Land of the Cliff Dwellers. By T. Mitchell Prudden. 12mo. New York and London, 1906.

C 534—RAE Westward by Rail. The New Route to the East. By W.F. Rae. 12mo. London, 1870.

C 535—RUSLINO Across America or the great West and the Pacific Coast. By James F. Rusling. 12mo. New York, 1874.

C 536—SCHWATKA Report of a Military Reconnaissance in Alaska, made in 1883. (Senate Doc. No. 2, 48th Congress, 2nd Session) By Frederick Schwatka, U.S. Army. 8vo. Washington, 1885.

C 537—SIMPSON Report of Explorations Across Great Basin of Utah, in 1859. For a Direct Wagon Route, From Camp Floyd to Genoa in Carson Valley. Contains extracts from Father Escalante’s Journey from Santa Fe to Utah Lake and back by way of the Moqui country, Zuni and Acoma, in 1776-7. Map and plates. By Captain J.H. Simpson. 4to. Washington, 1876.

C 538—SITGREAVES Report of an expedition down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers. By Capt. L. Sitgreaves. (Senate Doc. No. 59, 32nd Congress, 2nd Session) 8vo. Washington, 1853.

C 539—STANSBURY An expedition to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, with an authentic account of the Mormon Settlement; also a reconnoisance of a new route through the Rocky Mountains. Plates and Maps. By Howard Stansbury. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1852.

C 540—SWEET AND KNOX On a Mexican Mustang Through Texas. From the Gulf to the Rio Grande. Illustrated. By Alexander E. Sweet and J. Armory Knox. 8vo. London, 1905.

C 541—SYMONS Report of an Examination of the Upper Columbia River, Sept. and Oct. 1881. (Senate Doc. 186, 47th Congress, 1st Session) By Lieut. Thomas W. Symons. 4to. Washington, 1882.

C 542—VAN trAMP Prairie and Rocky Mountain Adventures; or Life in the West. By John C. Van Tramp. 8vo. Columbus, 1867.


D 1--General
D 501--The Mexican War


D 1—BANCROFT History of Mexico by H. H. Bancroft. Six volumes; 8vo. San Francisco, 1888

D 2—BISHOP Mexico, California, and Arizona. A new and revised edition of Old Mexico and Her Lost Provinces by William Henry Bishop. 12mo. New York and London, 1900

D 3--BRINE Travels Among American Indians; Their Ancient Earthworks and Temples, including a Journey into Mexico and Guatemala by Vice-Admiral Lindsay Brine. 8vo. London, 1894

D 4—BULLOCK Six Months Residence and Travel in Mexico by W. Bullock. 12mo. London, 1824

D 5--CHARNAY The Ancient Cities of the New World; being voyages and explorations in Mexico and Central America 1857-1882 by Desire Charnay. 8vo. New York, 1887

D 6—CHEVALIER Mexico: Ancient and Modern by Michel Chevalier. Two volumes; 8vo. London, 1844.

D 7--DIAZ The Memoirs of the Conquistador Bernal Diaz del Castillo, written by himself, containing a true and full account of the discovery and conquest of Mexico and New Spain. Translated from the original Spanish. By John Ingram Lockhart. Two Volumes; 8vo. London, 1844.

D 8--GILLIAM Travels over the table lands and cordilleras of Mexico, during 1843 and 1844, including a description of California. The principal cities and mining districts of that Republic and biographies of Iturbide and Santa Anna. Portraits, maps and views. By Albert M. Gilliam. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1846.

D 9--LAtrOBE The Rambler in Mexico by C.J. Latrobe. 12mo. London, 1836.

D 10—LUMHOLTZ Unknown Mexico. A Record of Five Years’ Exploration Among the Tribes of the Western Sierra Madre; in the Tierra Caliente of Tepic and Jalisco, and among the Tarascos of Michoacan. Portrait, folding maps, 16 colored plates. By Carl Lumholtz. Two volumes; 8vo. London, 1903.

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E 201--Pueblos, Moquis, Etc.
E 501--Tribes Other Than Pueblos, Etc.

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See also D 3 Brine’s American Indians


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See also: A 7 Parkman’s Conspiracy of Pontiac.


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F 501--Bureau of Ethnology Annual Reports
F 601--Bulletins, Etc.


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F 526--Twenty-sixth Annual Report, 1904-05


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