Big Dry Creek Cemetery
Catron County, New Mexico
Highway 180, Near Grant County
Nancy E. Brown, Photographer, researcher, genealogist
Arlena Boggs, Photographer, researcher, genealogist
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Big Dry Creek Cemetery, Catron County, New Mexico Big Dry Creek Cemetery lies on the east side of Highway 180 between Mile Marker 60 and Big Dry Creek near Grant County line. It is on the top of a little Hill overlooking a ranch across the highway, to the southwest.
The grave of John A. Graves is enclosed in a wrought iron fence. It was told to me that Mr. Graves and his son were traveling by car over the old road between Big and Little Dry Creeks, when they had a wreck and Mr. Graves was killed. He was taken to this cemetery for burial. I don’t know what happened to the son.
Chas. Snow had gone down in to the Pot Holes on the Frisco River and was killed and scalped by some Indians. His gravestone is a native stone and sits out alone. Commodore F. Elliot was a partner on the S I Ranch. He died of natural causes. His gravestone is a large flat sandstone rock which sets in under a juniper tree.
The first time I saw this grave, the rock was standing upright. Recently I stopped there and saw where someone has dug into the grave and found the body, pulling out pieces of shoe leather and other telltale material. The large headstone had fallen over. It is a shame that a person cannot Rest In Peace when they are dead. Shame on you, you know who you are! The information on this cemetery was given to me by Minnie Bell Hudson, who was raised on a ranch in this area.
John A; d. Jun 14, 1897; aged 35 yrs 8 mo; killed in car wreck. A loving husband A father dear A faithful friend Lies buried here.
Snow, Chas: d. Dec 13, 1895; Killed and scalped by Indians.
Elliot, Commodore F; d. Aug 13, 1894; aged 40 years; Died of natural causes


Commodore F. Elliot

John A. Graves

Chas. Snow