Catron County, New Mexico Nov. 17, 2007
By Nancy E. Brown, Catron County Genealogist, and Arlena Boggs
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1. Gutierrez; Jose Mauricio; Feb 25, 1955; Aug 15, 1984    Photo
This grave is on private property in Aragon, NM

2. Graham; William James; Mar 17, 1846; Oct 20, 1897   Photo #2
This grave is on private property on the Double Heart Ranch, about mile East of the Apache Creek Store. This man was very abusive to his wife, beating her unmercifully especially when drunk. His young son and a cousin decided to kill him when they found he threatened to kill the whole family. They shot him 37 times with a 22 single shot rifle, killing him. The son could not stand to see his mother abused any longer. Mrs. Graham and others of the family are buried in the Apache Creek Cemetery.