Mangus Catholic Church Cemetery
Located on County Road 214, Community of Mangus, Catron County, New Mexico
GPS Lat. 34,15821.  Lon. 108.31936

By Nancy E. Brown, Photographer, researcher, genealogist
Arlena Boggs, Photographer, researcher, genealogist
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Another person is said to be buried here, but has no legible headstone. 
The name is:  Leyba; Selma; b. Aug 22, 1920; d. Jul 12, 2000

Mangus Catholic Cemetery Plots
Baca, Dorothy Ann; b. Oct 26, 1972; d. Oct 26, 1972; Infant daughter of Narcisio and Bonnie Baca.
Baca, Eliseo; b. Nov 6, 1906; d. 2002; He was postmaster at Mangus postoffice from 1930 to 1933.  Margaret Leyba Baca was his wife.
Baca, Margaret Leyba; b. Jan 25, 1913; d. Nov 3, 1984.  She was postmistress from 1940 to 1943.  She and her husband raised five children.
Castillo, E.B; b. Unknown; d. 1941
Castillo, Frank A; b. May 12, 1902; d. Nov 11, 1977; Born and died in Socorro, NM
Castillo, Leborio; b. 1865; d. 1949
Leyba, Merenciana Cordova; b. Jan 22, 1885; d. Mar 3, 1968.  She was married to Procopio Leyba.
Leyba, Procopio; b. 1871; d. Nov 1953
Leyba, Selma; b. Feb 22, 1949; d. Sept 10, 1952; No headstone was found in Cemetery.
McCrary, Adelita Baca; b. Aug 22, 1920; d. Jul 12, 2000.
Unknown Occupant
Unknown Occupant x
Unknown, No dates or names (Cross)
Unknown, No names or dates
Unknown Occupant xx
Unknown, Unreadable (Stone with writing)