WS Ranch Cemetery
Alma, WS Ranch, Catron County, New Mexico
By Nancy E. Brown, Catron County Genealogist, and Arlena Boggs
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This cemetery is located a short distance west of Highway 180 one mile north of Alma, New Mexico (milepost 44), about a one fourth mile west on the dirt ranch road. The cemetery lies on a very steep little hill to the left of the ranch road, about 50 yards to the south (left). It's fenced and has a metal gate. The graves are on a VERY STEEP hill, so be very careful or you could take a tumble.
The only tombstone on the right side of cemetery has two names on the front side and two names on the backside. There are four men buried here in a common grave. An army surgeon by the name of Dr. Maddox was also killed and was buried in a single grave up the hill above the common grave. This grave is no longer there and it was thought that family members had the remains exhumed and sent back to his home.

Lyon, Edward W Clownholme, Derbyshire, England; Killed by Apaches. May 30, 1885. Aged 25 years.
Hutton, Frank E Illinois, Wagr 8 Cavalry
McMillan, Harry E Michigan, PVT 8 Cavalry (front side of stone)
Collins, Daniel Massachusetts, BS 8 Cavalry
Gibson, George PENN; PVT 8 Cavalry. December 19, 1885. Killed by Apaches (back of stone)
Moore, Charley Aged about 60 years. Murdered at Lovney. Oct 30, 1884
Flanagan, Lake Aged 44 years. Murdered at Mogollon. Nov. 9, 1899