Frazier Cemetery
By Mrs. John T. Curtis 1970
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NMG, Vol. IX, No. 3, Sep 1970, page 29; Project is based on the cemetery surveys published in the New Mexico Genealogist, The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. P.O. Box 8283; Albuquerque, NM 87198-8283. The magazine's volume, date, and and page number is displayed under the cemetery's name. Our appreciation to the New Mexico Genealogical Society and the survey compliers. This material may not be reproduced or copied from this website nor be used for commercial purposes, resale, re-distribution, or used for profit. The copyright remains with the New Mexico Genealogical Society. Re-typed from original by C. W. Barnum 2002. The Frazier Cemetery is located adjacent to the Frazier Schoolhouse, on the east side of Pecos River, on the north side of U.S. Highway 70.
Credit source: Compiler Mrs. John T. Curtis

1st row East, from North to South 

Unmarked grave

Jim Watson buried Jan 15, 1950 

Unmarked grave

Next row to the west
2 unmarked graves

Next row to West, from North to South
4 unmarked graves

Ottis Shield March 29, 1937; Sept 12, 1937

Alma B, Shields Dec 6, 1907; --

Otis Leo Shields June 26, 1886; Feb 25, 1951 Double marker

Virginia Lee Howard Sept 29, 1931 , Jan 27, 1369

Pauline Elizabeth Lyon Feb 2, 1940; Feb 10, 1940

C. B. Griffin Feb 1876; Apr 3, 1955

Unmarked, grave 

Next row to West, from North to South
Donald Earl Hite Apr 25, 1949

Jeese D. Hite Feb 1, 1941

Florence F. Bivins 1858 1937

Mrs. Bessie Hite

Thomas L. Hite 1888 1942

Nona Ruth Carr March 16, 1937; May 3, 1938

2 unmarked graves
3 unmarked graves 

Next row West
A very small unmarked grave, 18 ft. South and 1 space to the west of Nona Ruth Carr.