Colfax County Pioneer Society Members

Organized at Raton, on the 20th of March, 1900. According to its constitution those eligible to membership are persons who came to New Mexico prior to December 29, 1884, or those persons who were born in Colfax County prior to that date. The membership rolls contain the names of the following persons, in most instances the place from which they came and the date of their location in the county being given:

Name, Where from, Date

F. M. Darling, from Coshocton, Ohio, May 1, 1879
Maud L. Darling. Coshocton, Ohio, September 6, 1879
Edith Day Darling, Coshocton, Ohio, September 6, 1879
W. H. Jack, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, October, 1879
William C. Wrigley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June, 1882
Dr. James J. Shuler, Grove Hill, Virginia. March 16, 1881
Chester D. Stevens, Ogdensburg, New York, May 5, 1882
Mrs. C. D. Stevens, Ogdensburg, New York. May 5, 1882
Wade H. Brackett, Riceville, Tennessee, November, 1876
Dorothy Wheeler Brackett, Riceville, Tennessee, May, 1883
Joseph P. Brackett, Riceville, Tennessee, November, 1876
N. K. Oldham, Holt County, Missouri, February, 1875
Mrs. Ada Stevens Oldham, May, 1884
William A. Chapman, Maiden, Massachusetts, November 1, 1883
James K. Hunt, June 24, 1874 Albert S. Stevens, May 6, 1880
Mrs. Mary McColloch Young, Cooper County, Missouri, August 25, 1875
Miss Bice Young, Cooper County, Missouri, August 25, 1875
Thomas W. Young, Cooper County, Missouri, August 25, 1875
Daniel Troy, Macomb, Illinois, October, 1874
Mrs. Fayette Gillespie. Macomb, Illinois, October, 1870
Mrs. Flora K. Troy, Clinton, Iowa, September, 1876
Oscar Troy, California, November, 1875
Mrs. Louise Troy, Clinton, Iowa, September, 1876
William F. Degner, Mecklenburg, Germany, March, 1881
Mrs. William F. Degner, Springfield, Illinois, April, 1885
W. F. Ruffner, Hannibal, Missouri, August 29, 1883
Robert Love, London, Ontario, Canada, January 17, 1884
T. F. McAuliffe, June 22, 1879 A. V. McAuliffe, October, 1872
D. B. Parker, November, 1870 Jerome Troy. October 20, 1875
Mrs. Grace Troy, Los Angeles, California, July 29, 1879
J. L. Smyth. August 27, 1875: Alfred Jelfs, Marshalltown, Iowa, October 1, 1880
Alice Jelfs, Marshalltown, Iowa, October 1, 1880
John Jelfs, Marshalltown. Iowa. July 5, 1880
Mrs. B. Schwachheim, Iowa, December, 1881
T. F. Schwachheim, Fort Madison, Iowa, November 5, 1880
Miss Sadie Johnson, born in Johnson's Park, New Mexico, January 4, 1884
G. E. Lyon, April 6, 1877
Mrs. F. C. Nash, Winchester, Kentucky, June 8, 1881
Marion Littrell, November 19, 1873
Robert Campbell, June 26, 1882
I. M. Heck. May 27, 1870
A. K. Letton, July 15, 1862
O. A. Larrazola, November. 1872
W. B. Bunker, August, 1886
W. E. Gortner, July 31, 1886
William J. Mills, July, 1879
Charles Springer, Iowa, October, 1878
S. E. Booth, Connecticut, May, 1884
Albert G. Shaw and wife Tony Meloche, France. August 15, 1858
Mrs. Mary E. Meloche, February 20. 1870
M. A. McMartin. December 2, 1859
Mrs. M. A. McMartin. 1879
Alonzo Service John E. McKown, Virginia, 1860
Mrs. John F. McKown. 1880
John B. Dawson, first came in 1853, settled permanently in 1867
Mrs. L. A. Dawson, 1870
A. G Dawson, 1867
Mrs. T. B. Dawson, 1873 their family all natives of Colfax County
S. M Dawson, born 1870
B. A. Dawson, born 1872
M. M. Dawson, born 1874
Ecwina Dawson, born 1880
Laura Dawson, born 1882

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume I, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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