Field Cemetery Tombstones
Filed, Curry County, New Mexico
by Kurt Krieger, June 5, 2006
Cemetery Index
This is a valuable addition for New Mexico researchers. This cemetery is north of Field. See the web site, "By The Drop" for specific instruction and details.  Thank you Kurt Krieger for your wonderful presentation. Our appreciation goes to the volunteers of "By The Drop" genealogical web site for the additional data and photographs. You may view tombstone photos for this cemetery on this website .
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Surname     Given Name          Birth Date     Death Date     ID
Adams                           Unknown        Unknown        I45  
Amos        Alice May           07 Sep 1873    05-May-1939    I26  
Beck                            Unknown        Unknown        I40  
Bowman      Lula Mae            06 Jul 1887    29-Mar-1927    I43  
Burchett    Catherine Eleanor   16-Aug-1923    16-Aug-1923    I23  
Burge       Baker Kelley        7-Jun-1910     30-Jul-1934    I27  
Burge       Stanley E.          1927           1977           I24  
Burge       William F.          19 Dec 1857    26-Feb-1924    I25  
Callaway                        Unknown        Unknown        I33  
Callaway    Emma J.             1862           1946           I9   
Callaway    George W.           1856           1948           I10  
Chapman     Ellen               Unknown        Unknown        I36  
Chapman     Jane                1 Apr 1851     24-Jan-1917    I31  
Chapman     Velma Leula         1918           1922           I30  
Darwin      Chester             01-Dec-1881    19-Jul-1936    I4   
Darwin      Laura L.            21 Sep 1862    16-Jun-1941    I5   
Darwin      T. A.               29 Dec 1850    8-Mar-1925     I6   
Davis       Clarence L.         22 Jan 1895    7-Mar-1920     I16  
Davis       Erma Fay            13-Dec-1900    12-Oct-1929    I21  
Davis       Harriet Adeline     19 Apr 1848    25-Aug-1927    I18  
Davis       Harvy A.            17 Dec 1888    30-Sep-1915    I15  
Davis       Honley Dwight       26-Jun-03      3-Aug-1969     I22  
Davis       Infant              Unknown        Unknown        I32  
Davis       Nancy E.            12 Oct 1877    15-Apr-1908    I19  
Davis       Robert H.           24 Mar 1876    14-Nov-1955    I20  
Fiscus      Infant              Unknown        Unknown        I1   
Gonser      Infant Son          6-Jun-1932     6-Jun-1932     I17  
Gray                            Unknown        Unknown        I44  
Kizer       Ellen               22 Nov 1832    4-Jul-1910     I28  
Laney       Eliza Ann           01 Aug 1851    27-Dec-1931    I42  
Laney       Ira T.              18 Dec 1875    4-Aug-1932     I2   
Laney       Robert S.           04 Mar 1848    16-Mar-1913    I41  
Massingill  Infant              Unknown        Unknown        I37  
Melton      Billie A.           1900                          I14  
Melton      Margaret C.         1905           1991           I13  
Miller      Infant              Unknown        Unknown        I35  
Paddick     Margaret            1853           1943           I3   
Raney       Mary F.             31 Oct 1874    12-Jun-1940    I39  
Raney       Thomas R.           26 May 1871    13-May-1944    I38  
Ritter      Infant              Unknown        Unknown        I34  
Smith       Josephine           12 Feb 1880    21-Apr-1947    I7   
Smith       Mack B.             1884           1948           I8   
Ward        Rosalie             04 Jan 1844    30-May-1919    I11  
Ward        T.A.                03 Aug 1833    10-Dec-1917    I12  
Watson      Mary E.             10 Apr 1840    3-Jul-1909     I29