Fort Sumner Cemetery Photos
Fort Sumner, New Mexico
Photos by Darlene Tracy
Cemetery Index
Billy The Kid
Birdie D. Smith
Birdie R. Riley
David L. Thomas
George R. Dickens
Ida May Durham Howell
Howell Plot
Jim Howell
Jim V. Howell
Elsie Howell
Ollie B. Smith
Millard L. Thomas
Ollie B. Smith
George R. Dickens
Otis Savage
Sallie Howell
Janie Savage
Susie F. Branch
Thomas Riley

Howell Plot:
Jim Howell b. 15 Feb 1889 d.22 July 1954, Lot 41 Grave No. C, Section F.
Jim Howell's wife, Sallie Riley Howell, b. 13 Sept 1900 d.7 Dec 1963
Son of Jim and Sallie Riley Howell: 
Jim Vance Howell b. 15 May 1921 d. 10 Oct 1991
his wife: Ida May Durham Howell b. 27 Jan 1916 d. 4 Apr 1979N
Not in the Howell plot but not far from the plot:
Jim's twin brother:
Joseph "Joe" Howell, 15 Feb 1889 d. 02 September 1957
his wife: Mittie Elsie Milstead Howell b. 07 August 1894 d. November 1981
Not far behind the Howell plot are the graves of:
Millard Lawson Thomas b. 03 September 1887 d. 06 January 1971
His wife: Susie Francis Branch b. 03 March 1894 d. 30 October 1978
In the Dickens Plot:
George Robert "Bobby" Dickens b. 01 July 1947 d. 08 July 1965
Donald Lawson Thomas b. 05 August 1954 d. 19 June 1967
Othar Lee Thomas, the son of Millard and Susie Thomas above is also buried here.
Near the front of the cemetery is:
Byrdy P. Riley b. 17 May 1893 d. 08 August 1931
Birdie Dee Smith b. 03 June 1913 d. 08 July 1987
Otis Monroe Savage b. 28 November 1879 d. 1967
His wife: Sarah Jane Riley Savage b. 04 October 1878 d. 1960
their son: Dan Owen Savage is also now buried there, he died in 2002  
His wife: Claudia is also buried there, she died this year
Thomas "Tom" Riley b. 13 October 1853 d. 30 August 1932
Mannie E. Smith b. 26 April 1915 d. 01 June 1944
Ollie B. Smith b. 26 May 1905 d. 15 March 1950

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