Gerhardt Cemetery
Knoll Ranch, Quay County, New Mexico
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This cemetery was recorded in the book, Cemeteries of De Baca County, New Mexico, Compiled by Susanne Bailey Eldridge, July 2001, Ervin Publishing Company; The list below has added information from records. This cemetery is about five miles east of old Jones in the upper SE corner of De Baca County about fifteen to eighteen miles NE of Fort Sumner on private property. According to maps, this cemetery is in Quay County near the county line. This cemetery had two private submitters. That information was consolidated. Research by C. W. Barnum

Gerhardt Cemetery  Last Name     First Name          Date              Date
                   Gerhardt      Sophie Duelm        1845              Oct. 01, 1921
                   Reed          Lee Gerhardt        1905              1966
                   Reed          Lorin               1860              1933
                   Reed          Mina G.             1871              Jan. 24, 1933
                   Reed          W. Lois             Dec. 20, 1900     Jan. 15, 1903 
Other Gerhardt deaths from NMDI:
                   Gerhardt            Nettie    B       05 18 18    De Baca 
                   Gerhardt            Paulina   L       11 08 24    De Baca 
                   Gerhardt            Sophie            10 01 21    De Baca