Alexander W. Le Beau, pre-statehood Soldier
By L. Le Beau
Killed in Good Site, Luna County, New Mexico
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Alexander W. Le Beau was born in 1815 in Jefferson, Missouri, United States. He died 5 Sep 1880 in Luna, New Mexico, United States.

BIRTH: US Army certificate of disability for discharge in possession of Lawrence O. La Beau.
MARRIAGE: Delayed Marriage ceremony, San Albino Church, La Mesilla, NM , micro- film 0016829, book 2, roll 50, page 76.
DEATH: The Herald and Southwest, newspaper, Silver City, Grant, New Mexico, 11 Sep 1880. "The coach had been taken in, fifteen miles east of For Cummings, and the driver Alec Le Beau with two passengers, Emory S. Madden, and Isaac Roberts of New York, had been killed. The mail was cut open and scattered over the ground, and the animals driven off." The paper was printed on Saturday and the killing took place the previous Sunday or 5 Sept. 1880, Good Sight, Luna, New Mexico.
NAME: Marriage certificate Alexander Lebeau, Army record Alexander W. La Bieau,
US Census of 1880, 2 & 3 of June, lists Alexander La Bau, age 66, stage driver, born MO, both parents TN.
OCCUPATION: Soldier, Brick Moulder, Cook, Stage Driver
INFORMATION: Enlistment U. S. Army, Alexander La Beau, , born St Louis, Missouri, occuption cook, age 44, brown eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 5 feet 4 inches high, 29 Jul 1872, 15th Infantry, Fort Stanton, New Mexico.
INFORMATION: Labean, Alex PVT 15th INF Co. F, 29 Apr 1874 Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate. Fort Seldon Troop List Final Report, 929.3789 FOR, page 4.

DEATH: The Mesilla News, Vol. 7 Mesilla New Mexico No. 45, October 2, 1880
Ira M. Bond Publisher, More Troops Needed, .About 330 Massacred to date. -----
Sept. 6, 4 p.m. west bound hack jumped by Victorios savages about 14 miles east of Fort Cummings, where gen. Buell with 16 companies of troops had been preparing for 10 weeks for a campaign, and only half a mile from a camp of engineers of New Mexico & Southern Pacific R. R. guarded by a company of infantry.
Passengers Emery S. Madden, son of Capt. E. Madden 6th. Cav. 19 years old, going to spend vacation with his parents at Fort Bowie A. T., and Isaac Roberts, resident of Greenville Washington co. N. Y. where he left his wife and children, to go to Silver City, and Alex. La Beau driver, a soldier of 2 wars and 15 years service, with a wife and family in Mesilla, were all killed, the savages shooting from both sides of the road as the bullet holes in the hack we examined shows. The savages cut the traces, took the 2 mules, scattered the U.S. mail, cut off the canvas from the hack, and went south towards their camp.
A person at the surveyors camp saw it, told the others, they did not believe him,. He went out and found the body of La Beau, returned to camp, reported, a courier was sent to Buell who received the news at 9 p.m. we heard it a Mesilla at 9.15 p.m. Gen Buell at 11 p.m. started Capt. Parker 4th cav. And co. to surveyors camp, who took the trail early next morning following to within 2 miles of Indian camp and Providncia lake 15 miles south of stage road, was ambushed, had 1 soldier killed, 2 wounded and 2 Indians scouts killed, other Indian scouts retreated to rear and refused to fight. Parker retreated; sent couriers to engineers camp, (horses of those shot coming in ahead on a run;) thence to Buell reaching him about 12.15 p.m. who at once started gen. Dudley out with part of 9th. Cav. following himself at 2.30 p.m. with remaining cavalry, infantry in wagons, artillery and telegraph operator who connected with the wire at the engineers camp on stage road.
Parker continued to retreat the best he could, pressed by the savages till latter saw Dudley coming over a high mountain where the savages retired to their camp.

NAME: Marriage certificate Alexander Lebeau, Army record Alexander W. LaBieau, US Census of 1880, 2 & 3 of June, lists Alexander La Bau, age 66, stage driver, born MO, both parents TN.
INFORMATION:1867 male residents of El Paso Co. registration 19 Aug 1867 to 26 Nov 1869 Fort Quitman, TX, LeBeun, Alexander W. 1 yr in TX born Missouri.