Cox Ranch Cemetery
San Augustine Ranch Cemetery
By Marcena Thompson 2005
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San Augustine Ranch, now known as the Cox Ranch, is located thirteen miles east of the community of Organ, Dona Ana County. This historically prominent ranch was the site of a military outpost during the Mescalero Apache Indian wars and was the site of the surrender of the garrison of Fort Fillmore to Texas troops under Colonel John R. Baylor in 1861. There are five burials one-half mile west of the ranch house; four near the corrals; and two one-half mile southeast of the house, all unmarked, as reported by Lee Myers. 

Cox Ranch Burials
Submitted by Alice Lee Cox (Mrs. Hal Cox)  

A single grave with marker in the corral at the Cox Ranch, located in the Organ Mountains.
Bertha Wales Davies 
Beloved Daughter of Benjamin & Julia Davies 
Born Oct. 1876 Died July 19, 1880 
Bitten by rattlesnake
Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

North of the grove of trees in front of the ranch house on the Cox Ranch are two graves. One of the graves is marked. The Epitaph reads: 
W. M. Page Beloved son of R. G. & Sarah W. Page
Born in Green Co., VA. in the year 1848; Died May 27, 1888

The second grave, one of six or seven scattered in the area, is marked only by wooden stub.

Hal Cox Ranch On the North side of Highway 70, across from the White Sands Missile Range in the Hazardous Test Area, is a single gravestone with the following inscription: 
1892 Capt. W. W. Brazel; Sarah J. Brazel; Jesse M. Brazel 

According to Jim Cox of Cox Ranch, adjacent of WSMR, Jesse Brazel who allegedly shot Sheriff Pat Garrett. Sarah is the wife of Capt. W. W. Brazel 

Transcribed by Marcena Thompson