Deaths From Riot
Dona Ana County, New Mexico
Inmates killed 2 February 1980
The Old Penitentiary
Extracted from Las Cruces Sun-News,
a Gannett Co., Inc. newspaper
C. W. Barnum 2005
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Name                               age   From               Charge                                             Cause of Death / violation
Archie Manuel Martinez             25    Chimayo            Parole violation                                   Trauma to head
Richard Fierro                     26    Carlsbad           Forgery                                            Stab wounds / Possession of narcotics
Paulina Paul                       36    Alamogordo         Armed robbery                                      Stab wounds
Kelly E. Johnson                   26    Albuquerque        Forgery                                            Body burned
Thomas O’Meara                     25    Albuquerque        Armed robbery                                      Body burned
Lawrence C. Cardon                 24    Las Cruces         Auto theft                                         Stab wounds
Juan Martin Sanchez                22    Texas              Aggravated battery                                 Head trauma
Michael Lawrence Briones           22    Albuquerque        Rape                                               Rod through head post-mortem
Larry Wayne Smith                  31    Kirtland           Armed robbery                                      Brain injuries
Ramon Madrid                       40    Las Cruces         Burglary                                           Burned
Herman Dean Russell                26    Fruitland          Rape                                               Smoke inhalation, burned
Robert F. Quintela                 29    Carlsbad           Burglary                                           Blunt trauma to head
Frank Ortega                       20    Las Vegas          Second-degree murder                               Stab wounds
Filiberto Ortega                   25    Las Vegas          Burglary                                           Body burned
Leo J. Tenorio                     22    Albuquerque        Contributing to delinquency of a minor             Stab wound to heart
Thomas Charles Tenorio             29    Albuquerque        Robbery                                            Stab wounds
Donald James Gossens Jr.           23    Farmington         Narcotics                                          Head injuries
James Foley                        19    Albuquerque        First-degree murder                                Brain injuries.
Steve Lucero                       25    Farmington         Aggravated battery                                 Head wounds
Joseph Anthony Mirabal             24    Alamogordo         Assault and battery                                Blunt trauma to head
Nick Coca                          30    Arroyo Seco        Kidnapping                                         Smoke inhalation.
Frankie Joseph Sedillo             31    Santa Fe           Burglary                                           Smoke inhalation.
Russell M. Werner                  22    Albuquerque        Armed robbery                                      Carbon monoxide poisoning
Benjamin G. Moreno                 20    Carlsbad           First-degree murder                                Blunt trauma to head
Gilbert O. Moreno                  25    Carlsbad           Armed robbery                                      Brain injuries
Robert Lee Rivera                  28    Alamogordo         Burglary                                           Stab wound to heart
Danny Waller                       26    Lubbock            Texas                                              Stab wounds / Credit card fraud
Valentin Elias Jaramillo           35    Albuquerque        Narcotics                                          Hanged
Vincent E. Romero                  34    Albuquerque        Armed robbery                                      Stabbed-thrown over railing
Phillip C. Hernandez               30    Clovis             Breaking and entering                              Stab wounds / blunt trauma to head
James Delbert Perrin               34    Chaparral          Murder                                             Burned stabbed beaten
Mauricio Urioste                   28    Santa Fe           Shoplifting                                        Blunt trauma to head
Joe A. Madrid                      38    Albuquerque        Narcotics                                          Blunt trauma to head