Story Cemetery, Anthony
Anthony, Dona Ana County, New Mexico
Compiled by Marcena Thompson 2005
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St. Anthony Catholic Church had the records for this cemetery but a fire destroyed them. Directions: Get off I-10 going south, at exit 162 to Anthony. About 1/2 mile to your left is 4th St., turn left. Its just before the stop sign by the dairy. Drive about 1 mile, you pass the Anthony Community Cemetery, drive slow and keep your eyes open. Story Cemetery is cut in half, on the left side is a chain link fence, on your right its a rock wall. There are many grave there with no marking only piles of rocks. This cemetery dates to the 1800's.

Story Cemetery View
Front gates of Story Cemetery in Anthony Dona Ana Co

Amis Georgie Joyce             NS                1927
Bailey Lucy Potter             24 Jan 1848       10-Feb-08
Candelaria Estrada Hidalgo     48 yrs            29-Apr-10
Coe Albert William             NS                2-May-38
Duran Finado Severiano         7-Jan-14
Duran Severiano                NS                1959
Geck Beatriz                   12 Jan 1858       8-Aug-24
Geck W C P                     11 Jul 1855       2-May-20
Halbrooks Corp William H       Co E 25 ILL Inf
Hewett Helen Viola             10-May-16         16-Feb-17
Holguin Icas B                 65 yrs            2-Apr-16
Holguin Nestora
Huff Frankie May               1890              1912
Mahill John                    14 Feb 1835       28-Jan-24
Mahill Saran Matilda           28 Nov 1843       15-Dec-26
Medina Anselmo M               21-Apr-25         11-Jun-25
Medina Antonio M               27-Sep-17         18-Jun-25
Mendoza L V                    1900-1918         1918
Mendoza Ma V                   1880              1918
Moreno Juanita                 NS                1923
Ochoa Jesus                    55 yrs            5-Jul-13
Pena Ignacio                   1890
Pena Refugio M                 NS                1920
Priest Coysl Eli D             Co C1 Cal Cav
Provencio Ernesto              NS                25-Jun-30
Provencio Quieina De           76 yrs            15 Jun 1825
Seiler George                  1912              Son
Seiler John A                  1875              Father
Seiler Lillian                 1916              Daughter
Seiler Matilda                 1877              Mother
Seiler Pheobe                  1901              Daughter
Story Charles N                20 Oct 1870       20-Nov-06
Story Jack                     1931              1938
Story James A                  1902              1931
Telles Lorenzo                 NS                2-Nov-18
Thayne Venone                  24-Dec-16         19-Feb-17
Torres Felijsa                 1867              1912
Valdez Santos E                85 yrs            25-Mar-25
Valenzuela Antonio             57 yrs            17-May-23
Vasquez Eusebia T              1881              1918 
Unknown Margarita
Unknown #2