Deaths compiled from selected Church Records
Grant and Luna County, New Mexico
Format By C. W. Barnum
Transcribed by Christine Baldanado 2003
Great job Christine !
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Exhibit # 1 (
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Death Register of Santa Rita Church: Santa Rita, Grant County, New Mexico

From 30-Dec-1925 to 21-Aug-1956. Exhibit # 2 (Click here)
Deaths found in the Santa Rita Baptism Register: Santa Rita, Grant County New Mexico

From 6-Feb-1917 to 14-Jul-1953. Exhibit # 3 (See below)
Death Register of Holy Family Church: Deming, Luna County, New Mexico

From 21-Feb-1914 to 18-May-1956. Numbers which follow the names or data are footnotes. Exhibit # 1
Death Register of Santa Rita Church
in Santa Rita New Mexico
Transcribed by Christine Baldanado 2005
Death Register of Santa Rita Church
in Santa Rita New Mexico
Transcribed by Christine Baldanado 2005
Exhibit #3
Name                 State of Life  Age         Residence           Cause of Death      Date of Death       Cemetery
Fidel Gutierrez1                     22        Columbus, NM           Dec. 1948                           Columbus, NM
Frefugio Estrello       Married      45     Victoria, Luna Co.      Typhoid Fever         21-Feb-14          Deming
Rafacla Gutierrez2      Married      33          Deming                 Parto.            6-Mar-15           Deming
Dolores Valenruela3     Married      55          Deming              Consumption          29-Jul-15          Deming
Nicanor Burule          Married                  Deming                                   12-Feb-16          Deming
Heumenegelde Pruto      Married                  Deming                Old Age            21-May-16          Deming
Francisco Alvarez        Single      22           Mexcio                 Hung             9-Jun-16           Deming
Juan Sanchez             Single      16           Mexcio                 Hung             9-Jun-16           Deming
Eusbio Renteria4         Single      24        Morelia Est               Hung             30-Jun-16          Deming
Juan Castillo5           Single               Cadereita Est              Hung             30-Jun-16          Deming
Jaurino Garcia6          Single                 Oajaca Est               Hung             30-Jun-16          Deming
Jose Rangel7             Single             Viudas del Refugio           Hung             30-Jun-16          Deming
Henry Guast             Married                  Deming                  Shot             30-Jun-16          Deming
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Juana Rubio             Married      22          Deming                                   19-Aug-16          Deming
Bersabe Maynes           Single      25          Deming                 Cancer            19-Sep-16          Deming
Enedina Pallan           Single      30          Deming                 Cancer            22-Nov-16          Deming
Margarite A Bell        Married      26          Deming              Consumption          22-Nov-16          Deming
Harlan John Slavey       Single      29         Myndus, NM           Consumption          15-Dec-16          Deming
Felicilas Marquez        Widow       72          Deming                                   6-Jan-17           Deming
Julia Morales           Married      95          Deming                Old Age            7-May-17           Deming
Manuela Chavez           Widow       80          Deming                Old Age            25-May-17          Deming
Felipa de Rodriguez8     Widow       85          Deming                Old Age            30-Jun-17          Deming
Alfonso Banegas9         Single      28          Deming              Consumption          3-May-17           Deming
Jacob Weber             Married      67          Deming                 Heart             28-Jul-17          Deming
Anna Miller             Married      57          Deming                 Cancer            1-Aug-17           Deming
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Harry Archuleta         Married      24          Deming              Electrocuted                            Deming
Mike Cherney10             ?         28         Camp Cody           Typhoid Fever         15-Nov-17          Deming
Jose Lopez11            Married      40          Deming                                                      Deming
Pablo Gonzalez12        Married      23          Deming                 Parto.            8-Apr-18           Deming
Isabel Amador13                      78         Ordrendene                                7-Jun-18           Deming
Katherine Shearer       Married                  Deming              Consumption          27-Sep-18          Deming
Carmey Barela            Single      23       Las Cruces, NM            Heart             1-Oct-18           Deming
Urbano Subilla          Married      39       El Paso, Texas          Pneumonia           1-Jan-19           Deming
Cesaria Castillo14      Married      56          Deming                 Heart          Nov 14-15, 1918       Deming
Rosa Almeras                      4months        Deming                 Fever             16-Jun-20          Deming
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Matilde Ocgnior15       Married      50          Deming               Flebistis           30-Jul-20          Deming
Andrea Oumendariz16     Married      22          Deming                   TB              12-Aug-20          Deming
Lorenora Valencia17      Single      32          Deming             Appendicition         18-Aug-20          Deming
Maria Hernanderz18      Married      60          Deming             Heart Trouble         15-Aug-20          Deming
Pedro Oysodaca19        Married      24          Deming                   TB                                 Deming
Castulo Garcia           Single      36          Deming                   TB              17-Sep-20          Deming
Francisco Flores         Single      40          Deming                   TB              30-Sep-20          Deming
Francisca Gongalez20     Single      22      Deming (Ranch)               TB                                 Deming
James Carroll            Single      50           Deming              Enteritis
Carmen M. Ostos         Married      26       Calexico, Cal         Died in train         12-Dec-20          Deming
Maria Ochoa               Baby     1month         Deming                 None             3-Apr-21           Deming
Federico Friebze        Married      65           Deming              Pneumonia           5-Jun-21           Deming
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Jose Bovilla              Baby    6months         Deming                Anemia
Pio Roman               Married      69           Deming             Broken Back                              Yes
Cruz Almendz             Single      15           Deming           Gall. Consumfet.       9-Aug-21             no
Lorenza Orbiz           Married      20           Deming                Anemia                                 no
Fernando Cashanedo      Married      75           Deming               Old Age                                 no
Jose Diebz              Married      60           Deming                Croup                                  no
Thomas Mahier           Married      40         Sprelding               Cons.
Eugenia Madrid          Married      40           Deming              Henmarago             1922
Lorizo Valencia         Married      24           Deming                  TB                1922
Jose Griego             Married      27           Deming                  TB                1922
Mrs. Nevadez21          Married      23           Deming              Childbirth            1922
Mrs. Mendoza            Married      30           Deming                  TB                1922
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Pedro Carbanedo         Married      70           Deming               Old Age
Indian Baby                         1day          Deming                Anemia
Visan Nevadez                     3months         Deming                Anemia
Juana Munoz              Widow       70           Deming               Old Age
Nexamuceus Apodaca      Married      75           Deming                Cancer
Maria Torres             Widow       65           Deming               Diabatia
Guadalupe Torres        Married      75           Deming               Old Age
Mrs Tabussia Almeraz    Married      35           Deming              Childbirth
Margarita Espinaza        Baby     1year          Deming                Anemia
Dolores Romero          Married      20           Deming                  TB
Alberto Reade           Married      45           Deming               Accident
Dolores Trejillo        Married      40           Deming                  TB
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Jose Auraya             Married      60           Deming             Sudden Death
Eugenisa Madrid         Married      40           Deming                Anemia
Angela Verdingo          Widow       70           Deming               Old Age
Alberto Schultz         Married      65           Deming                Cancer
William Lausto          Married      50           Deming              Operation
Victor Garcia            Single      21           Deming               Accident
Mrs Franco Barrios      Married      27           Deming              Childbirth
Apolonia Mier           Married      60           Deming              Operation
Harry Coleman           Married      40           Deming                  TB
Drary Frolich           Married      60           Deming              Gastrilis            Oct-23
Apolonia Mier           Married      55           Deming                Cancer
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Francisco Barrios       Married      72           Deming               Old Age                               Deming
Paula Mendez             Single      29           Deming               Murdered                              Deming
Guadalupe Mendoza       Married      60           Deming              Infumasion          29-Jul-23          Deming
Francisco Chavez          Baby    9months
Refugio Rubio            Widow       70           Deming              Old Age-TB           Nov-23            Deming
Andres Almeraz           Single      21           Deming                  TB               Nov-23            Deming
Ciriaco Mendez           Single      22           Deming                  TB                                 Deming
Victor Garcia            Single      21           Deming               Accident                              Deming
Anastasira Rurrila        Baby    3months         Deming                                   Oct-23            Deming
Ygriacia Porras          Single      10           Deming               Dyhteria                              Deming
Pedro Porras              Baby       1            Deming               Dyhteria                              Deming
Candelaria Salais       Married      60           Deming              Aneumouia            Nov-23            Deming
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Maurce Ponce             Widow       69           Deming               Old Age                               Deming
Simon Gamboa             Infant    5days          Deming                                                     Deming
Jose Torres             Married      80           Deming               Old Age                               Deming
James Lopez              Single      20     Palm Beach, Flor.             TB                                 Deming
Domingo Ruiz             Widow       65          Mimbres               Old Age                              Mimbres
Andrea Carreon B.       Married      21        Columbus, NM           Childbirth                             Deming
Andrea Benavides          Baby      1day                              Childbirth                             Deming
Andres Salas             Single      75           Deming               Old Age                               Deming
Miguel Rodriguez         Single      18           Deming            Grain Disease                            Deming
Isabel Villegas         Married      45           Deming             Confinement                             Deming
Miller                            18months        Deming                                                     Deming
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Mabias Valenguela        Widow       70           Deming               Old Age                               Union
Domingo                 Married      70           Deming               Old Age                               Union
Ramon Lopez                       5months         Deming             Colera Inf.                             Union
Ignacis Henrera                    1year          Deming              Gastrilis                              Union
Mrs Hugh Collins22      Married      36           Deming            Tumor on Brain        14-Nov-24          Union
Ambrosia Cardona23      Married      88           Deming               Old Age            1-Dec-24           Union
Marciala Corral24       Married      46           Deming            Heart Trouble         21-Jan-25          Union
Guadalupe de Avieta     Married                   Hurley                  TB              8-Mar-25           Union
Luisa Ramos25           Married      24            Gage                                   9-Mar-25           Union
Rosa Feliz Cristo26     Married      37           Deming              Childbirth          12-Mar-25          Union
Massimo Ordonez         Married      50           Deming            Heart Trouble         24-Jan-25          Union
Pabla Aldaba 27         Married      21           Deming               Mastoid            23-Oct-25          Union
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Ciriaco Mesa            Married      60           Deming            Heart Trouble         19-Jun-25          Union
Manuela Acosta28        Married      49           Deming              Childbirth          30-Jul-25          Union
Camuta Garcia29         Married      32           Tyrone           Nernome Trouble        12-Aug-25          Union
Margarita Hernandez30                             Deming              Childbirth          13-Aug-25          Union
Alberto Rodela           Infant   6months         Deming           Stomach Trouble        14-Aug-25          Union
Ramon Pedraza            Infant    1month         Deming                                  21-Aug-25          Union
Henry Lasdos            Rancher      70           Deming                Cancer            9-Sep-25           Union
Angel William            Child     7years         Deming            Killed by Auto        19-Sep-25          Union
Margarita Pacheco        Child    10months        Deming           Stomach Trouble        12-Oct-25          Union
C. P. Dasen31                        32           Deming               Accident            Oct-25            Union
Teodora Liyan de 32                  27           Deming                  TB              30-Oct-25          Union
Eualbia Maria 33                     23           Deming               Pelagra            14-Nov-25          Union
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Navarete                Married      38           Deming                  TB              24-Dec-25          Union
Charles Kiecler34       Married      30           Deming                  TB              20-Jan-26
Preciliano Teller        Infant   6months         Deming                                                     Union
Maximiliano Palominus    Widow       75           Deming               Old Age            1-Apr-26           Union
Genoveva Carrasco        Infant                   Deming                                  12-Apr-26          Union
Daniel Fletcher35       Married      47           Deming            Killed by Auto        18-Apr-26
Thomas Jos. Eby36         Boy     11years        Mimbres             Appendicitis         16-May-26          Union
Ireneo Pacheco          Married      30           Deming             Heart Attach         21-May-26          Union
Tomas Agiulera37         Single      20         Santa Rita                TB              24-May-26          Union
Victor Turieta          Married      64           Deming            Tumor on Brain                           Union
Manuela Cabrera          Infant   6months         Deming                                                     Union
Cleto Jimenez38         Married      50           Deming                 Fall             6-Aug-26           Union
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Juan Caballero          Married      64        Columbus, NM             Cancer            14-Aug-26          Union
Soledad Vega             Child     9years         Deming              Operation           27-Aug-26          Union
Carmen Santiago          Infant                   Deming                                  28-Aug-26          Union
James Harvey 39         Married      62           Deming                                  2-Sep-26           Union
Josefina Contreras       Single      18           Deming              Pneumonia           27-Sep-26          Union
Juana Herrera           Married      30           Deming                  TB              3-Nov-26           Union
Amado Casillas          Married      32           Deming              Pneumonia           14-Nov-26          Union
John Noonan40           Married      64           Deming                                  19-Nov-26
Maximino Flores         Married      60        Palonas, Mex           Pneumonia           4-Jan-27           Union
Antonio Montans          Single      18           Deming          Concusion Ofrungs       22-Jan-27          Union
Luisa Chavez            Married      50           Rincon                                  25-Jan-27          Union
Rafael Aranda                        22           Deming                  TB              12-Feb-27          Union
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Fresquz de Leyva          Baby                    Deming
Petra Anaya              Widow       90           Deming              Pneumonia           17-Apr-27          Union
Dolores Delgado41       Married      27           Deming              Paralysis           18-Apr-27          Union
Consuelo Marrufo42        Baby     4years         Deming               Cereforo           18-Apr-27          Union
Maria Sovida Torres43     Baby    1 1/2yea        Deming                                  25-Apr-27          Union
Tiburcia Delgado          Girl       20           Deming                Heart             28-Apr-27          Union
Maiana Caballero44      Married      79           Deming              Pneumonia           2-May-27           Union
Sadie Godchaur45         Widow       50           Deming              3 Strokes           2-May-27           Union
Mrs Clara Hall46        Married      27           Deming                  TB              9-May-27
David Baron               Boy        13        Tres Hermana                               27-May-27          Union
Elisa Marrufo47           Girl     3years     El Paso, Texas                              14-Jul-27          Union
Luis Lechuga            Old Man      77           Deming                                  1-Aug-27           Union
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Cruz chavez48             Boy        7            Deming            Heart Trouble         10-Aug-27          Union
Andrea Torres          Old Woman                  Deming              Paralysis           10-Aug-27          Union
Julian Granado          Old Man      77           Deming                Heart             14-Aug-27          Union
Silverio Pena           Married      60           Deming               Accident           24-Aug-27          Union
Francisco Estrada       Married                   Deming                                  4-Sep-27           Union
Feluisea M. Garcia      Married                   Deming                                  11-Sep-27          Union
Paublo Moran            Married      40           Deming                                  16-Sep-27          Union
Elvira Aquier             Baby     1year          Deming                                  22-Sep-27          Union
Anne Eliz. McHugh49      Widow       74           Deming                                  3-Oct-27           Union
Francisca Maese          Infant     1day          Deming                                  19-Oct-27          Union
Guadalupe Maynes50      Married      32           Deming                                  23-Oct-27          Union
Clara F. de Torres      Married      45         Sprelding                                 24-Oct-27          Union
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Paula Ugueta                         30           Deming                Anemia            4-Nov-27           Union
Leonirez Salaiz         Married      65           Deming                  TB              11-Dec-27          Union
Juan Aguilera             Baby    1 1/2yea        Deming                                  19-Dec-27          Union
Mrs Paul Neach51        Married      53           Deming           Nervous Trouble        19-Dec-27          Union
Mrs Geo. McCuthy52      Married      52           Deming            Tumor on Brain        28-Dec-27          Union
Timotes Ramos            Child     5year          Deming              Pneumonia           2-Jan-28           Union
Helena Ramos            Married      37           Deming                  TB              18-Jan-28          Union
Roman Montoya53          Single      21           Deming               Accident          Dec 20, 1927      Santa Fe,
Jose Paulo Regalado       Baby     3weeks         Deming                                  18-Feb-28          Deming
Jose Cristo54           Married      38           Deming               Raptine            18-Feb-28          Deming
Wm Roy Drew             Married      25           Deming                                 Fbe18, 1928         Deming
Quirino Almeraz         Married      66           Deming               Empyema            3-Mar-28           Deming
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Carmen C de 55          Married      41           Deming            Heart Trouble         9-Mar-28           Deming
Zenobis Tarrango        Married      76           Deming                                  21-Mar-28          Deming
Mariana Martinez          Baby     1year          Deming                                  5-Apr-28           Deming
Rosa Barrin de56        Married      70           Deming                                  10-May-28          Deming
Jos Porter Allbee       Married      82           Deming                                  17-May-28          Deming
Mrs Margaret Cassman    Married      54           Deming                                  1-Jun-28           Deming
Anastacia Chavez57      Married      70           Deming                                  15-Jun-28          Deming
Pablo Chavez58           Single      36       El Paso, Texas                              27-Jun-28          Deming
Adolfo Turrieta          Infant   7months         Deming                                  14-Jul-28          Deming
Julia Almazan            Single      16           Deming                                  17-Jul-28          Deming
Aurora Torres           Married      24           Deming              Found Dead          17-Jul-28          Deming
Adolfo Mendoza           Single      22           Deming                Indent            23-Jul-28          Deming
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Tomas Harrison           Infant   6months         Deming                                  30-Jul-28          Union
Martin Aceves           Married      87           Deming            Died Suddenly         30-Jul-28          Union
Jose Espelin59          Married      68           Hatch               Operation           13-Aug-28          Union
Mariano Rodriguez60     Married      61           Deming              Pneumonia           24-Aug-28          Union
Ramon Escoveda            Baby    3 1/2yea        Deming                                  12-Aug-28          Union
Otilia Ortez              Baby                    Deming                                  8-Sep-28           Union
Cecilia Rodriguez         Baby    10months        Deming                                  14-Sep-28          Union
Rufina Pacheco61         Child       10           Deming               Typhorid           19-Oct-28          Union
Manuel Fermandez         Infant    2days          Deming                                  4-Nov-28           Union
Juana Torres            Married      55         Santa Rita                                6-Nov-28           Union
Hilario Perez                        50           Deming           Killed by train        30-Nov-28          Union
Erminia Apodaca          Child       14           Deming                  TB              29-Dec-28          Union
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Dolores Molinar         Married      42          Columbus             Influenza           2-Jan-29           Union
Celso Giron              Widow       76           Deming              Influenza           3-Jan-29           Union
Juana de Salazar         Widow       65           Deming              Influenza           3-Jan-29           Union
Hugh McClelland62       Married      33          New York                                 1-Feb-29
Maria Arofagita63        Child     4years         Deming              Corndi---                              Union
Basilia Gonzalez         Child     3years         Deming              Tos Ferina          6-Feb-29           Union
Gonzalez                 Child     1year          Deming              Tos Ferina          9-Feb-29           Union
Jesus Fermandez64       Married      58           Deming            Auto Accident         13-Feb-29          Union
Jose J. Obregon          Child    5months         Deming           Spiloiey Spell.        16-Feb-29          Union
Jesusita Lujan           Child     1y 4m          Deming                                  19-Feb-29          Union
An Madrid                Child     1year          Deming                                  3-Mar-29           Union
Anastacia Montanes65     Child     1year          Deming           Fiebu Intestinal       6-Mar-29
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L.L. Demaust            Married      57         Welsh, La                 TB              1-Apr-29         Welsh, La
Nicolas Hernandez        Child     2years         Deming              Pneumonia           10-Apr-29          Union
Jose Hernandez66         Child     6years         Deming              Pneumonia           18-Apr-29          Union
Alicia Escalante67       Infant    2days          Deming           Imperfect Birth        20-Apr-29          Union
Valentin Apodaca         Single      45           Deming                  TB              27-Apr-29          Union
John Jos Gamba68                     38        Globe, Ariz                TB              4-May-29           Union
Rosario Burrola          Widow       67           Deming               Apoflepy           16-May-29          Union
Alicia Pisarro           Child    2 1/2yea        Deming            Whooping Cough        1-Jun-29           Union
Julian Vega             Married      54           Deming             Lung Trouble         12-Jun-29          Union
Mrs Janecha             Married      39           Deming            Heart Trouble         14-Jun-29          Union
victor Ortiz             Single                   Deming                                  26-Jun-29          Union
Maria Sanchez            Child     3y 5m          Deming              Tos Ferina          25-Jul-29          Union
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Hilario Palos            Child     1year          Deming              Pneumonia           16-Aug-29          Union
Pablo Sillas            Married      36          Faywoods                                 3-Sep-29           Union
Maria Zuinga             Child    7months         Deming                                  14-Sep-29          Union
Angelita Saiz            Child    5months         Deming                                   26-Sep            Union
Enrigue Fritz            Child    14months        Deming                                  13-Oct-29          Union
Eugenia Lucero          Married      60           Deming                Heart          Oct 11/12, 1929       Union
Ventura Gonzalez69      Married      40           Deming         Hemmorlage of Brain      7-Nov-29           Union
Maria Rodriguez70       Married      42           Deming              Childbirth          13-Nov-29          Union
Rafujio Lunade 71       Married      74           Deming              Pneumonia           26-Nov-29          Union
Guadalupe Salais         Single      24           Deming                                  14-Dec-29          Union
Evetimio Extrada        Widower      54           Deming                                  20-Dec-29          Union
Victor Garcia72          Infant    2hours         Deming                                  23-Dec-29          Union
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David Obregon73          Child     4years         Deming               Measles            24-Jan-30          Union
Barbara Alvarado74       Viuda       80           Deming              Paralysis           5-Feb-30           Union
Simona Portillo75       Married      41           Deming                  TB              8-Feb-30           Union
Maria Calderon          Married      40          Columbus               Liver             27-Feb-30          Union
James Patrick Atkins     Infant    6hours         Deming           Premature Birth       Feb ?, 1930         Union
Isabel Soriano de76      Widow       98           Deming              Influenza           12-Mar-30          Union
Ascencion Mayner77      Married      21          Columbus             Childbirth          26-Mar-30          Union
Gilberto Pisarro         Child     1year          Deming                                Mrch 29, 1930        Union
Salvador Espana78       Married      34          Central                  TB              8-May-30           Union
Daniel Dominguez79       Child     3days          Deming                                  16-May-30          Union
Nieves Usueta80          Child    10months        Deming                                  17-May-30          Union
Manuel Usueta81          Child     3weeks         Deming                                  15-May-30          Union
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Arnulfo Maynes82          Boy        15      Puerta de Palone        Hemmorelage          30-May-30          Union
Barraquiel Ordonez      Married      72           Deming                  TB              10-Jun-30          Union
Jose Padro Azuier        Child     1year          Deming                                  1-Jul-30           Union
Trinidad Giron          Married      60           Deming                Heart             9-Jul-30           Union
Mrs Soledad Peterson    Married      78           Deming           Caner of Throat    July 13-15, 1930       Union
Josefa Irene Narvaiz     Infant   2months         Deming                                  31-Aug-30          Union
Apolonia Trujillo                   90+7          Deming                               Sept 2-3, 1930        Union
Ana Marg. Linely         Infant   2months         Deming                               Sept 6-7, 1930        Union
Jesus Luna              Married      60           Deming                               Oct 13-14, 1930       Union
Mrs Theresa Ehrman      Married      64           Deming                               Oct 21-23, 1930       Union
Mrs Ramona Jaramillo      Widow      56           Deming              Paralysis         Nov 7-9, 1930        Union
Jesus Calderon83         Child     3years         Deming               Measles            22-Nov-30          Union
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Ludwig Veselka          Married      24           Deming                  TB           Nov 19-21, 1930       Union
Emeterio Almeraz        Married      68           Deming              Pneumonia        Nov 20-21, 1930       Union
Adan Aveyta             Married      62           Deming              Discentary        Dec 3-4, 1930        Union
Isabel Lucero/Lujan84    Infant    5weeks         Deming                                  11-Dec-30          Union
Onesimo Chavez           Infant    6weeks         Deming                               Dec 14-15, 1930       Union
Foster Atkins85         Married      20           Deming                 Shot          Dec 12-14, 1930       Union
Corina Apodaca Talin    Married      27           Deming            Cancer of Womb     Dec 14-15, 1930       Union
Manuela86                Widow       62           Deming              Pneumonia           1-Jan-31           Union
Raul Penaflor            Infant    1month         Deming                                  1-Jan-31           Union
Eugenio Delgado          Infant    1year          Deming                                  2-Jan-31           Union
Maria Rodriguez          Child     5year          Deming                               Jan 9-11, 1931        Union
Manuel Uzueta            Infant   2months         Deming                                  16-Jan-31          Union
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Juan Trujillo            Child    4months         Deming              Pneumonia        Jan 18-19, 1931       Union
Geregoria Martinez       Widow       64           Deming              Pneumonia         Feb 4-5, 1931        Union
Merced Rangel de87       Widow       58           Deming                                Feb 5-6, 1931        Union
Paula Rodarte88          Widow       63           Deming            Heart Trouble      Feb 14-15, 1931       Union
Cesarea Zapado 89        Widow       64           Deming           Stomach Trouble     Feb 19-20, 1931       Union
Tomas Numez              Child     6years     Safford, Ariz                            Feb 20-21, 1931       Union
Alfredo Lucero           Child     2years         Deming                               Feb 23-24, 1931       Union
Miguel Hernandez        Married      46           Deming          Alcohol Poisoning    March 1-2, 1931       Union
Matin Agiular90         Married      46           Deming            Heart Trouble     March 14-15, 1931      Union
Ramona Francisca91       Infant    2weeks         Deming                                  14-Apr-31          Union
Ramon Ramos              Infant    7weeks         Deming                              April 24-25, 1931      Union
Jose Marcelo rodriguez   Infant   31/2mont        Deming                              April 24-25, 1931      Union
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Antonio Rodriguez        Infant   31/2mont        Deming                                May 2-3, 1931        Union
Jose Rascon92            Child     8years         Deming              Operation        May 21-22, 1931       Union
Hipolita Avalos          Widow       80           Deming               Old Age         May 20-21, 1931       Union
Miguel Ochoa 93         Married      68           Deming            Kidney Disease    June 10-11, 1931       Union
Margarita Oroz-o         Child     2years         Deming                               June11-12, 1931       Union
Socorro Aguilera         Infant    3days          Deming                              June 23-24, 1931       Union
Guadalupe Diaz de94     Married      35           Deming              Childbirth      June 24-25, 1931       Union
Pablo Martinez95        Married      31           Deming                              June 27-28, 1931       Union
Paulita Castillo         Infant     1day          Deming                                  29-Jun-31          Union
Marcos Acosta96         Married      28           Deming            Died Suddenly         1-Jul-31           Union
Marie Lucus              Child     9years         Deming               Accident        July 7-8, 1931        Union
Cecilio Caballero       Married      78           Deming            Kidney & Liver    July 13-14, 1931       Union
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Guadalupe Moreno         Infant   3months         Deming                                  31-Aug-31          Union
Luis Portillo            Single      19           Deming                  TB              31-Aug-31          Union
Esperanza Villa Senor    Child       12           Deming               Typhord            21-Sep-31          Union
Consuelo Holguin         Child     1year          Deming                                  1-Oct-31           Union
Ramona Belon                         95           Deming                                  29-Nov-31          Union
Flounce E. Morse                                  Deming                                  12-Dec-31          Union
Feliciano Corera                     53           Deming                                  2-Dec-31           Union
Indra Herrera97                      69           Deming                                Dce 22, 1931         Union
Elauteris Lucero          Aged       61           Deming                                  9-Jan-32           Union
Ponposo Chavez98         Infant   7months         Deming              Pneumonia           17-Feb-32          Union
Sabina Chavez            Widow       74           Deming                                  20-Feb-32          Union
Rojugio Calderon99      Married      52           Deming              Bronchitis          23-Feb-32          Union
End Page 27
Racida Garcia de100       Aged       80           Deming               Gaugrene            Mar-32            Union
Maria Cano              Married                   Deming                                                     Union
Anacleta Calderon101     Child       14           Deming              Erouchitis          8-Apr-32           Union
Mercedes Arriaga        Married      64            Gage                  Dep.                                Union
Maria Francisca Giron    Child       10           Deming            Nacio Erferima        19-May-32          Union
Mrs. J F Daily          Married      40           Deming               Typhord            14-May-32          Union
Pablo Calderon            Aged       73           Deming                Vegez                                Union
Martin Aguilera          Child     8years      Silver City           Apendecitis                             Union
Amelia Sainz             Child    7months         Deming                Heart             3-Jul-32           Union
Agustin Leyva            Child    11months        Deming                Fever             25-Jul-32          Union
Miguel Villegas          Child     1month         Deming              Puluiouia           3-Aug-32           Union
Socarro Achner           Child     15days         Deming            Nacio Erferima        11-Sep-32          Union
End Page 28
Florencio Glores        Married      64           Deming            Heart Trouble         23-Sep-32          Union
Redoefo Contreras        Child     22days         Deming              Dierrhaea           2-Oct-32           Union
Gascual Zinon           Married      74           Deming           Gastro Enteritis       24-Oct-32          Union
Cruz Polanco            Married      58           Deming               Tumor              24-Oct-32          Union
Juana S. de Jiron       Married      20           Deming                  TB                                 Union
Betty Gane Rasberry      Child     7weeks         Deming              Pneumonia                              Union
Sista Tafoilla de102    Married      48           Deming                Cancer            23-Feb-33          Union
Paz Serna                Single      21           Deming               Suicide            6-Mar-33           Union
Celia R. Valverde                    14           Deming              Puluronsin          7-Mar-33           Union
Bonijacia Padilla       Married      80           Deming               Old age            29-Mar-33          Union
Donasicino Padilla       Single      33           Deming              Oesadumbre          30-Mar-33          Union
Mariana Padilla          Single      22           Deming              Oesadumbre          30-Mar-33          Union
End Page 29
Berta Padilla            Single      45           Deming            Blood in Brain        1-Apr-33           Union
Anite Prieto             Casada      22           Deming             Consumption          10-Jun-33          Union
Lorenzo Estrada          Single      23           Deming               Accident           30-Jun-33          Union
Mrs Mand McFace103      Married      63           Deming                Cancer            29-Jun-33          Union
Felipa Duran             Casada      41           Deming             Heart Attack         15-Jul-33          Union
Feliz Maines             Casada      68          Columbus             Bronchitis          2-Aug-33           Union
Noiseo Calderon          Child       12           Deming               Appendix           17-Aug-33          Union
Frank G Kretek          Married      48           Deming              Meningitis          14-Aug-33          Union
Soledad Ganaldon        Married                   Deming                Fever             16-Sep-33          Union
Pedro Jerion             Child     1year          Deming              Puemonia            17-Sep-33          Union
Feliciano Villareal                  16           Deming          Killed Accidently       27-Sep-33          Union
End Page 30
Lucis Paacheco          Married      84           Deming                V--jez            17-Oct-33          Union
Frutoso Rascon          Married      53           Deming            Tumor on Brain        29-Nov-33          Union
Conrado Ordonez          Child    5months         Deming          Took Sick Suddenly      9-Dec-33           Union
Mc Carty                Married      50        Fort Bayard           Eubercalior          4-Jan-34           Union
Mrs Romula Wascher      Married      49           Deming                Cancer            6-Feb-34           Union
Pedro de Santiago       Married      44           Deming            Heart Trouble         24-Mar-34          Union
Urbano Pena              Infant    4days          Deming              Calentura           7-Apr-34           Union
Esteban Lucero          Married      48           Deming                  TB              13-Apr-34          Union
Ricardo Trujillo         Infant   21/2mont        Deming              Pneumonia           18-Apr-34          Union
Eulalio Rmero            Infant    2years         Deming              Diptherea           19-Apr-34          Union
Julia Delpha104         Married      74           Deming            Heart Trouble         17-May-34          Union
George B. McCarthy      Married      60                                 Cancer            22-Jun-34          Union
End Page 31
Evangelia Sambrano105    Single      15           Eden.                                   10-Jul-34          Deming
Juan Giron              Married      45           Deming                                  15-Jul-34          Deming
Maria Stella Alvarez      Baby    4months      Albuquerque                                8-Aug-34           Deming
Roseuela Estrada         Single      33          Columbus                                                    Deming
Franicses Reyes         Married      38           Deming                Asthma            26-Aug-34          Deming
Herunnia Dymek           Widow       72           Deming               Old Age            13-Oct-34          Deming
Ramona Macias            Single      14           Deming                  TB                                 Deming
Maliskal Eponouseua106  Married      42         Old Lyson               Heart                                Deming
Lumalt Tiburcia         Married      44           Deming                Tumor             4-Nov-34           Deming
Hunusigan Rossalix       Widow       80           Deming               Old Age            3-Nov-34           Deming
Flores Victor            Single      25           Deming              Pneumonia           25-Nov-34          Deming
Franey Wm Francis       Widower      76           Deming            Heart Trouble                            Deming
End Page 32
Chans Pena Jr.            Baby    5months         Deming            Aculr Sepintry         Jan-35            Deming
Cresceucia Romero       Married      74           Deming              Paralysis           13-Feb-35          Deming
Wm James Clery          Married      77           Deming              Operation           31-May-36          Deming
Mrs Sarah Ann 107        Widow       83    Western Springs, Ill                           5-Jun-36           Deming
Maria Elena Holguin                2years         Deming                                  9-Jun-36           Deming
Canelarca Estrada 108    Widow       44           Deming             Myocardites          17-Jun-36          Deming
Adalina Harcia            Baby    2months         Deming            Whooping Cough         Jun-36            Deming
Pablo Armandarez        Married                   Deming            Auto Accident         21-Jun-36          Deming
Demetrio Ponce109         Baby    6months         Deming           Stomach Trouble        21-Jun-36          Deming
Delphina regais          Single      26           Deming                  ?               26-Jun-36          Deming
Helberto Hulgauin         Baby    10months        Deming               Gastoids           12-Jul-36          Deming
Ramona Uzeta              Baby    21/2mont        Deming            Whooping Cough        18-Jul-36          Deming
End Page 33
Martin Berka110         Widower      77           Deming                                  1-Aug-36           Deming
Mrs E. J. Baglor111      Widow       47           Deming                                  6-Jan-37           Deming
Selrio Nuti             Married      48    Died at Warras,Ariz                            23-Jan-38          Deming
Ernest Kurtz112          Child     7years         Deming              Pneumonia           27-Apr-38          Deming
Claynce Atwood113       Married      32           Deming           Labac Pneumonia        27-Apr-37         New York
Robert Joseph 114       Married      43           Deming            Gunshot Wound         4-May-37           Texas
Julia Ana Fisher115     Married      76           Deming                                  28-Jul-37          Deming
Emil Furch              Married      52           Deming                                  18-Feb-38          Deming
Mellens Kathleen116     Married      27      Vancouver,Canada       Auto Accident         8-Aug-38          Mt. View
Ayapita Vasquez          Child       10           Deming            Kindey Trouble        1-Aug-38         Lordsburg
Candaloria Acosta       Married      26           Deming                  TB              1-Aug-38           Deming
Louis Baptista           Single      29           Deming            Auto Accident         31-Aug-38          Deming
End Page 34
Robert Morales            Baby    6months         Deming            Whooping Cough        11-Aug-38          Deming
Eugene Edward117         Child     6years         Deming            Auto Accident         1-Dec-38           Deming
Anthony Leonard118      Widower      78           Deming               Old Age            24-Jan-39          Deming
Frank Novak                          55           Deming                                  6-Mar-39           Deming
Elizabeth Jane119                 4months         Deming                Cholic            18-Apr-39          Deming
Monica Barrio                     5months         Deming                                  9-Oct-39           Deming
Bracon                               92           Deming                                  30-Dec-39         El Paso
Franicsica Arenibra                  70           Deming                                  16-Jan-40          Deming
George W Chester        Widower      80           Deming                                  19-Jun-40          Deming
Helen Dudley            Married      50           Deming                                  25-Jan-41          Deming
Joseph Jenecka          Widower      57           Deming                                  28-Feb-41          Deming
John Pienzak            Widower      53           Deming                                  19-Mar-41          Deming
End Page 35
Mary Shultz120           Widow       72           Deming                                  12-Aug-41          Deming
Mary E. Caruay121       Married      57           Deming                                  15-Sep-41          Deming
Pat. Keappock122        Married      83           Deming                                  22-Oct-41          Deming
Frank Herval123         Married      65           Deming                                  24-Jul-42          Deming
Mrs. J. A. Mahoney124                80           Deming                                  31-Dec-42          Deming
Mr J. A. Mahoney125     Married      88           Deming                                  6-Jul-43           Deming
Lt Horace Thurber       Married                   Deming                                                   Cleveland
Denis Eugene 126         Infant    1year          Deming                                Dec 19, 194.         Deming
George Dashtler         Married      55           Deming                                  27-Feb-44        Cleveland
Robertson B Smith127    Widower              Holy Cross Sau.                              11-May-44     Holy Cross Sau.
Edward Carvey128        Widower      71           Deming                                  1-Oct-44           Deming
End Page 36
John Kovar              Married      63           Deming                  TB              29-Mar-46         Mt. View
Stephan Hana            Widower      80           Deming                                                     Texas
William Stead                        30       Oklahoma City     Died in Oklahoma City                       Mt. View
Joseph Chester          Married      54         Yuma, Ariz           Died in Yuma                           Mt. View
Mary McDerwott          Married      84           Deming                                  21-Mar-47          Deming
John Herval              Infant    1year      Douglas, Ariz           Pneumonia           25-Mar-47          Deming
Grover Voiers           Married      62           Deming                Heart             23-May-47          Deming
William Wallace         Married      75           Deming                Cancer                               Deming
Clarence McDermott                   68          Faywood                Cancer         S.W.Hosp.Ularo.       Deming
Mrs Wm. Wallace                      81           Deming                                                     Deming
A. J. Ehrmann                        82           Deming                Cancer                               Deming
End Page 37
Miss Rosie Grmela        Single      42           Deming                Heart             24-Jan-50          Deming
Mr.Robillard            Married                   Deming             Consumption          5-Aug-50       Houston, Texas
Mr. Chas J. Kelly       Married      76           Deming             Myocardites          11-Sep-50         Mt. View
Mr. Steven Pinzah       Married      59      Ft. Worth, Texas             TB                                Mt. View
Mrs. Vesta O'Sullivan   Married      64    Santa Moniea, Calif    Acute Mys-Carditin        1951            Mt. View
Mary Denning             Infant    1hour          Deming               Unknown                              Mt. View
Josephine Moran         Married      74           Deming            Heart Disease                           Mt. View
Daniel O'Sullivan       Married      75          New York              Unknown                              Mt. View
Joseph F Murphy          Single      66           Deming            Natural Causes                          Mt. View
Michael Wisinka          Single      88           Deming            Natural Causes                          Mt. View
Lola Tinney             Married      48           Deming            Multif.Mycona           1952            Mt. View
Michael Moran            Single      75           Deming          Cerebral Hemorage         1952            Mt. View
End Page 38
Alexandes Morrison      Married      22           Deming          Cerebral Contusion                        Mt. View
John W Meloven          Married      68           Deming                  TB                                Mt. View
Nellie McCleery          Single      78           Deming          Cornonary Occision                        Mt. View
Mose Clary               Single      79           Deming                                                    Mt. View
Pater C Bouer           Married      69           Deming                                                    Mt. View
Joseph V Mazac           Single      15           Deming            Auto Accident           1954            Mt. View
Ruth McGovern           Married                Tucson, Ariz            Old Age                              Mt. View
The following are Death Records not entered by Father Patrick R. Sullivan ---- Entered by Rev. Henry J. Saxon
Nieliolces A Gutierrez  Married                  Columbus                                 3-Apr-54
Galdiek. Kelly                                    Deming                                  9-Apr-54
End Page 39
Raymundo C. Nunez                                  Torl                                   19-May-54         Mt. View
Serafina Gomez                                    Deming                                  13-Jun-54         Mt. View
Edw. F. Moran           Married                   Deming                                  14-Sep-54         Mt. View
Librado Rodriguez                               Las Cruses                                28-Sep-54         Mt. View
Mario Trigueras                               Basin, Wyoming                              14-Nov-54         Mt. View
Father William 129       Priest               El Paso, Texas                              20-Sep-54         Mt. View
John Jankowski                                    Deming                                  26-Sep-54         Mt. View
Jeancita Macias                                   Deming                                  3-Jan-55          Mt. View
Jos. O. Mazac Sr.       Married                   Deming                                   26-Feb           Mt. View
Mildred Pressas         Married                   Deming                                  29-Nov-55         Mt. View
Eladio Reyes                                     Columbus                                 28-Dec-55         Columbus
Jose Alfredo 130          Baby     6days          Deming                                  8-Feb-56           Deming
End Page 40
Max Hittscher            Single                   Deming               Old Age            10-Feb-56        Hillsboro
Edmond Fisher           Married      63           Deming             Heart Attack         28-Mar-56         Mt. View
Theodole Jos. Zachlda   Married      47       Madres, Oregon           Unknown            4-Apr-56          Mt. View
Anna Randle              Single                 Transient            Heart Attack         18-May-56         Mt. View
1. Parents - Juana Liman and Mevlso Gutierrez
2. Residence - Deming, NM and Galana, Chihuahua, Mexico
3. Residence - Deming,NM and Santa Rosalia, Chihuahua, Mexico
4. Residence - Morchia, Est. de Michoacan
5. Residence - Cadereita Est de Gueretaro
6. Residence - Oajaca Est. de Oajaca
7. Residence - Vindas del Refugio Est de Aguar calientes
8. Buried - July 1, 1917
9. residence - Netiila de Cuerinago Guanajuah
10. From Chicago - 1717 SE Magan St.
11. Born in Las Cruces, NM
12. Full Name - Pabla Gonzalez de Sillas
13. Born in Gacalecas
14. Full Name - Cesaria Castillo de Alvarez
15. Residence - Deming - S. P. Section
16. Residence - Deming - 2d St, M.
17. Residence - Deming - S. P. Section
18. Died Suddenly
19. Residence - Ruby St.
20. Remark - Could not call up priest for last rites
21. Full Name - Mrs Crescencio Nevadez
22. Married with 2 Children
23. Married with 3 Children
24. Married to Sotero Corrol
25. Married to Jose Trejo
26. Married to Jose Cristo
27. Married 1922 to Zenas Janie, 1 Child
28. Married to Monado Pedraza - 7 Children
29. Wife of Francisco Carbajal - 3 Children - Aug 12 of Maria Rodarte
30. Full Name - Margarita Hernandez de Pucheco
31. Carpenter Builder - Accident at Ogle Const. Co.
32. Full Name - Teodora Liyan de Macias
33. Full Name -  Euaebia maria Montes de Corral
34. Body shipped to Corydon Jet. Ind.
35. Body shipped to Clarry, Ill
36. Was baptised on death bed
37. Parents are Pilar Aguila and Susana Aguila in Ascenein, Mexico
38. Fall in mines causing Pneumonia
39. Injured spine in fall
40. Married - 4 Children - Shot and Killed on duty as night watchmen - Body shipped to Denner, Col
41. Full Name - Dolores Pelgadode Reyes - Born July 8, 1899
42. Born July 19, 1922 - Ceraforo Spinal Meningetis - Parent Ranaligo Marrugo
43. Born Aug 25, 1925
44. Stroke and Paralysis
45. Full Name - (Sarah) Sadie Godshaun - Eder. Magrrez and Sara Robinson - Sister is Agnes Dorneifo, Sedan, Kansas
46. Parents are Pliislo Girimshi - Body was sent to St Louis
47. Born Dec 25, 1924 - parents are Susano Marroifo and Maria Chavez
48. Born April 2, 1920 - Parents are Gregorio Chiluz and Anastasia Delgado
49. Born Dec 23, 1853
50. Full Name - Guadalupe Maynes de Maese
51. Julia Eliz Mayock
52. Alida Louise Wike - Born Jan 20, 1876 - Tumor on brain and Nervous Trouble
53. Accident Roadhouse
54. Rapture and Pulumonia
55. Full Name - Carmen C de Nasguez - Heart Trouble and Pneumonia
56. Full Name - Rosa Barrins de Padilla
57. Full Name -  Anastacia Chavez (Rotha)
58. Arrived from El Paso
59. Operation for rimptend afecdic
60. Pneumonia and Heart Trouble
61. Typhorid and Pneumonia
62. Mrs. Mary McClelland - 430 W 40th New York City - Shipped to New York
63. Full Name - Maria Arofagita Guttierez
64. Jesus Fernandez "Sine"
65. Eoraschio Montans and Maria Adldardo - Florencio Montano - Guadalupe Alderetes
66. Brother of Caborda
67. Francis Epalen
68. Buried May 9, 1929
69. Ventura Gonzalez de Tapia
70. Maria rodriguez de hernandez - Childbirth and Pneumonia
71. Rafujio Lunade Pacheco
72. Live 2 hours after birth - Son of Ramon Gracia
73. Measles and Pneumonia
74. Son. Lino chavez, Santiago Chavez, leonaldo Reyes, Caldegunda Viudy
75. Died suddenly from Hemerage
76. Full Name - Isabel Soriano de Reza
77. Full Name - Ascencion Meynes de Payan
78.            of Julia Olgien
79. Child of Modesto Dominguez
80. Daughter of Petea Pachers
81. Child of Elizis Venta
82. Hemorrliage and Anemia
83. Measles or Scrlet Fever
84. Age - 5 weeks and 2 days
85. Shot - self-inflicted
86. mother of Mrs. Cummingham
87. Full Name - Merced Rangel de Morales
88. Heart Trouble and Paralysis
89. Full Name - Cesarea Zapavda de Fernandez
90. Heart Trouble and Alcoholism
91. Full Name - Ramona Francisca Torres
92. Operation foe appendicitis
93. Kidney or Liver Disease
94. Full Name - Guadalupe Diaz de Morlno
95. Residence - Manganese - Deming
96. Died suddenly from drink of liquor
97. Full Name - Indra Herrera-Ihanariez
98. Age - 7 weeks and 10 days
99. Bronchitis (Pulmorna)
100. Full Name - Racida Garcia de Barrio
101. Age - 1 year and 8 months
102. Full Name - Sista Tafoilla de Rodriguez
103. Full Name - Mrs Mand McFace Haley
140. Full Name - Julia Delpha Broduist Chester
105. Age - 15 years 8 months
106. Dropay and Heart
107. Full Name - Mrs Sarah Ann Shaven
108. Full Name - Candelaria Estrada Webb - Myocarditis, Thyoid toxconis, chrone appendixitis
109. Age - 6 months and 20 days
110. Age - 77 Years, 8 months and 8 days
111. Died at Warren, Ariz
112. Age - 7 years, 6 months and 6 days
113. Age - 32 years, 8 months and 20 days
114. Age - 43 years, 1 month and 20 days
115. Full Name - Julia Ana Fisher Medley - Age - 76 years, 11 months and 13 days
116. Full Name - Millcente Kathleen O'Sullivson Lemur
117. Full Name - Eugene Edward Kremetbauer
118. Full Name - Anthony Leonard Haley
119. Full Name - Elizabeth Jane Fench
120. Buried - August 14, 1941
121. Buried - Sept. 17, 1941
122. Buried - Oct. 24, 1941
123. Buried - July 27, 1942
124. Buried - Jan 2, 1943
125. Buried - July 8, 1943
126. Age - 1 year and 5 months - Buried - Dec. 21, 1943
127. Buried - May 12, 1944
128. Buried - Oct. 3, 1945
129. Full Name - Father William Guinevan
130. Full Name - Jose Alfredo Montoya