Faywood Cemetery Photos
Grant County, New Mexico
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Original Faywood Cemetery
One of two markers with names that remain, the only one that is readable.

Trinidad Andasola 
August 1896-February 1904
by Janet Wasson grfay1
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Juan Chacon 
Nov.8,1919-Feb.2,1985 grfay2
by Janet Wasson
Played male lead in the film "Salt of the Earth", which depicted the zinc miner's strike
 in Grant County in the early 50's. The film, blacklisted in the 50's & 60's, was recently
designated "one of the 100 most important films ever made" by the Library of Congress.
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William John Allison 
July 1,1897-April 18,1920
by Janet Wasson grfay3
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Clara D. Baca grfay4
August 9,1936-Nov. 9,1937
Daughter of Eduardo & Elena Baca
by Janet Wasson
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Luis Dominguez Baca grfay5
Dec.6,1926-July 9,1969
by Janet Wasson
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Adolfo Barragon grfay6
by Janet Wasson
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Isaac L. Carbajal garfay7
by Janet Wasson
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Anastacio Z. Duran grfay8
Died- Aug.29,1923
by Janet Wasson
 grfay9.jpg (89268 bytes)
Mary Genevieve McSherry grfay9
born and died Jan.3,1928
by Janet Wasson
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Patronella Maude McSherry grfay10
Nov. 29,1928-Dec.6,1928
by Janet Wasson
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David Serrano Rojo grafay11
by Janet Wasson
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Francisco Baca Soliz grfay12
by Janet Wasson
 grfay13.jpg (35183 bytes)
Porfiria Trujillo grfay13
May 29,1869-June 23,1937
by Janet Wasson