Georgetown, New Mexico History and Cemetery
Compiled by Dorothy M. Wokee
of Hanover New Mexico
Format by C. W. Barnum
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Georgetown Cemetery

Alphabetical List of Interments
Analysis & Cemetery Sources
Brief History of Georgetown
Publications with References to Georgetown


The total number of burials in the Georgetown Cemetery according to this list is 114. Of these, 18 are designated by name or initials only and 4 are reserved sites for people still living. There are thirty-eight unmarked sites, as shown on Map by a broken circle, they are not included in this count since they are most likely graves for persons listed here but not identified by plot numbers or names.

The remaining 92 for which some information is known, if only name and Date of Death, are categorized as follows:

Number buried per year of death

One each in 1868, 75, 76, 78, 83, 86, 87, 88, 89, 91, 1900, 12, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25, 33, 34, 36, 39, 45, 46, 61, 62, 77, 79, 94, 95, 97, 98
Total 32

Two each in 1881, 90, 98, 1911, 14, 16, 18, 22, 27, 28, 29, 32, 40, 42, 43, 48 Total 32

Four each in 1877 Total 4

Five each in 1880 and 1915 Total 10

Six each in 1879 Total 6

Eight each in 1882 Total 8

None in 1869-74, 84, 85, 92-97, 99 1901 to 1910, 10, 13, 24, 26, 30, 31, 35, 37, 38, 41, 44, 47, 49-60, 63-76, 78, 80-93, 96, 99

Age at death


Unassigned Plot Numbers Unmarked Sites
Section A none 4
Section B B3, B4, 5
Section C C12, C17, C18 17
Section D D9 12



I. Dorothy Wokee for this list:
My playground as a child was Holy Redeemer Cemetery in Baltimore, Md. While the steep hills were perfect for sledding in the snow, so were the loose tombstones tempting for bored city kids. Perhaps it is instant Karma that has caused me to now live next to the Georgetown Cemetery, on land purchased in 1979 site unseen. Certainly a sense of justice, if not penance, for the folly and delinquency of childhood has caused my resolve to protect this cemetery from further destruction.

Another attempt at assuaging my guilt has been to compile this list of persons buried, or said to be buried, in the Georgetown Cemetery. While walking through the yard over the years, I made a list of the tombstone names, dates and inscriptions. Learning that local interest was great, I then sought other sources in order to compile a comprehensive record. This is the result of that effort. I would also like to mention that I have included any names which were reported to be buried in Georgetown, although I have been told by some that there may be another location which was considered an extension of the Georgetown Cemetery; specifically, a graveyard located just West of the Georgetown Masonic Lodge in Mimbres. However, a brief survey of that privately owned cemetery, owner-Tony Grijalva, Mimbres, did not reveal any names listed here for Georgetown. As I uncover more information, I will periodically update these lists and the map.

The following are some of the resources I used as well as some which did not add to my data, but were consulted:
II. JSL - Judge Sholl List "Grant County Death Records" 1867-1987 compiled by Carl W. Sholl. Three volumes of computer printouts are located in the Treasure Room at the Silver City Public Library.

These codes show source of record:

? NM St death records ** used by compiler and cemetery records
* voter purge records 
# Family records
 $ Misc records
@ mine records 
@-z mine records/Empire Zinc
O B - obituaries(1873-1882)
ML-Miner's Life
GCH-Grant County Herald
NS-The New Southwest
Other codes:
b-born date
d-died date
lv-residence at time of death
( )-inscription on headstone

Data Sources in order of Priority used:

1. NM death records 1907-22,1927,1937-8
2. Voter Purge Records 1976-1984
3. Mortuary Records 1902-1987
4. Mine Records, sometimes showed buried dates instead of died dates
5. Cemetery headstones
6. Family records
7. Previously compiled records:

III. SJP - Sister Jean Potter, List is located at Georgetown Masonic Lodge, Mimbres

The following is excerpted from the narrative written by Sister Jean Potter:

The recording was first done by the Beehives and Deacons of the Silver City First Ward, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was started in May of 1974. Brother and Sister Henry Potter were specialists. Checking was later done by Sister Potter and Sister June dark, verifying some information with Mr. John Fleming, Probate Judge and historian, and also Mr. Cecilio Torres--whose wife was a Nicolai, a relative of many of those interred herein. I also verified much information by contacting other relatives, as noted in the appendix.

This cemetery showed many signs of much vandalism by the number of headstones that were smashed, the iron fences pulled out from around grave sites, and signs of gun shots. Also, animals probably helped in this destruction before the cemetery was fenced by the Georgetown Masonic Lodge, whose members are now trying to care for this cemetery. There were many unmarked graves of which I have included a few that I was unable to locate any information by finding relatives. Most of the unmarked graves were in the North one-half of the cemetery.

Many headstones were also hard to read, but I have included those parts that are quite legible for each name found.....The final compiling and copying was done by Sister Jean A. Potter, Mrs. Henry Potter, and completed this 9th day of February, 1980. I am now living in Kirtland, NM (Box 1374) for the record.

IV. The Georgetown Cemetery listed by Randy and Linda Isbell

V. Headstones in Georgetown Cemetery:
A two page list of headstones, transcribed 5/1978, with no source cited. I found the list in a folder at the Silver City Public Library.

VI. Other Contacts:

Gene Staley, Secretary, Georgetown Masonic Lodge, Mimbres
Ena Osborn (Mattocks), Mimbres Store
Tony Grijalva, Mimbres
Terry Humble, Silver City
Silver City Public Library
Grant County Clerk

Consolidated List of Grave Sites
and others reported to be buried at cemetery
as of 8/11/00, Prepared by Dorothy Wokee

J. A., (C13) (SJP)

Acosta, Jose(D12) 1851-1914; 63 yrs

Alien, William W. (DOS) 05/02/1818-08/09/1883; 70 yrs, 3 mos, 1da "is gone a light from our household a voice we loved is stilled a place is vacant in our hearts that never can be filled"

Alvarado, Pedro C.(D11)05/13/1883-06/19/1918; 35yrs,1mo,6da "Su esposa Ie dedica este recuerdo Gregoria & Alvarado"

Anthony, Josephine Mary 03/27/1911-10/12/1922; 11yrs, 6mos, 15da (JSL) "Pb.Membres River, f. (William Anthny, b.Geotwn,NM) m. Josephine Sefruad?

Armifo, Jose -Sept 1879(JSL) OB-GCH, Jose Ma & Family?

Arroyos, Mrs. Juan -Sept 1879(JSL) OB-GCH

Backus, Felipe 1865-2/1877; 12 yrs JSL) OB-GCH

Barillo, (Stillborn boy) 06/12/1922-06/12/1922 (JSL) b. Gtwn.NM, f. Narcisco m. Rabola Romero, b. NM

Bennett, Alexander W. 12/26/1889-03/14/1920; 30 yrs, 2 mos, 18da

(JSL) b. Gtwn.NM f. (R.,b.PA); m. Minnie Prevson, b. Tx., w. Nellie R. (List shows G'town Cem, but City "SantaRita")

Bennett, Alice (C04) 08/29/1876-04/16/1880;3yrs,7mos,16 da "These lovely birds. So young and fair, Called hence by early doom. Just came to show. How sweet such flowers in paradise could bloom"

Bennett, Harriet (C05) 04/06/1879-04/16/1880; 11 mos,6da same obelisk as Maudy and Alice; inscription above on 4th side of obelisk

Bennett, Ida May (C02) 03/09/1881-03/18/1882;11 mos, 6 da "Our Darling" (same yard as Maudy, Alice and Harriet, but separate stone)

Bennett, Maudy (C03) 04/23/1878-05/10/1878; 17 da same obelisk as Harriet and Alice; inscription on 4th side of obelisk

Bennett, Minnie Pretzer. (C22) 09/16/1856-70/15/1946; 90 yrs Located at different site from other Bennetts; just NW of Hightower; SW of Mattocks Bloodgood, little girl-(SJP)cto' of Eunice & Clyde Bloodgood; buried near her grandmother Alice Gumm, adoptive mth of Eunice Bloodgood; information from Agnes Menard, niece-in-law to Alice Gumm

Cameron, Emma (B07) 12/11/1871 -11/07/1887;15yrs, 10 mos, 27da "Sacred to the memory of; Beloved Wife of A.S. Cameron"

Carson, Mabel G(B06)01/26/1873-04/16/1889;16yrs,2mos,21da "In Memory of (JSL) 03/21/1 873

Caseldine, Harry C. 1882-05/25/1911; 29 yrs (JSL) Pb.Ky, was physician and surgeon; died of TB. (List shows 2 listings, both G'twn Cem; one with "City"-Silver City; the other "City" is Kentucky

Castillo, (018) -1868 (JSL)"&"

Castillo, Alfredo (D15) 1920-1940; 20 yrs (JSL) & "age 28 years"

Castillo, Bonifacio (D14) 06/13/1869-07/05/1939; 70yrs,1 mo,22da New stone says: 1868-1939 (JSL) 5/14/1869

Castillo, Esiquio(D13) 1888-8/27/1927; 39 yrs Pick,shovel and key carved into headstone (JSL) 1st listing 1839-8/20 or 25/1927; (JSL) 2nd listing Costillo.Eignio? 1849-8/28/1927 ? b.Mex., Single

Castillo, Juana (D17) 6/24/1875-6/25/1948; 73 yrs, 1 da (JSL) Juanita Torres 6/24/1874.

Castillo, Luis A. (D16) 1873-7?/25/1961 (JSL) Castillo, Louis or Lois (D16)

Clark, James A. (B08) 10/11/1886-11/10/1888; 2yrs,1mo "Son ofW.E. & K.A. Clark"

Cooper, D.C. -05/28/1877 (JSL) OB-GCH?

Cordova, Francisca R.(B13) 1876-1912; 36yrs B12,13,14are listed together ona single stone (JSL) (C17) Francisco R.

Cordova, Manuel (B11) single oblong limestone; (JSL) E.M., April-DeLaFallecio-Dad,

Cordova, Manuel H.(B14) 1888-1936:48 yrs B12,13,14 are listed together on a single stone

Cordova, Margarita (B12)2/26/1905-9/75/1943;37yrs,8mos,19da B12,13,14 are listed together on asingle stone (JSL) (C18)

Crittendon, James E. (B02) 1897-1915; 18 yrs

Crittendon, James H. (B01) 1869-1915; 46yrs

Cronin, Thomas -07/30/1880


Dempster, -12/31/1881

(JSL) OB-NS died in Gtwn, NM

Dominguez, Francisco (DOS) 09/16/1868-07/11/1917; 48yrs, 3 mos, Ida "Que En Paz Descanse" C. E. (D22)(SJP) (JSL) "&" (Uk)

Eddleman, Edward V.(A02) 1923-1928; 5 yrs

Eddleman, Linda Marie (A01 b) 08/23/1962-08/24/1962; 1 da "Beloved Daughter of the Bill Eddlemans Gone to be an Angel"

Eddleman, Mary (A04) 7/22/1896-3/24/1979; 83 yrs, 2 mos, 2 da Nee Mitchell

Eddleman, Mosby E.(A03) 1895-1943; 48 yrs "Father"

Eddleman, Robert Morris. (A01) 01/17/1929-03/09/1948; 19 yrs, 1 mo, 22 da

Eddleman,William R (A01 a)12/24/1934-05/04/1994; 59yrs,4mos,10da "My beloved husband; Loving Father & Grandpa; A cherished friend; We Will Love You Forever"

Eidson, John A. (A15) 06/11/1875-08/31/1900; 25yrs,4mos,10da "Son of JW and TE Eidson"

Encinias, Luis D. (C07) 1803-02/05/1923; 120 yrs (SJP) Luis Encinas is the father of Maria Montoya-reported by Cecilio Torres of Bayard, NM-a relative. Grave is located in yard with Montoya's; "se fue pero no olivadado"

Flores, -09/20/1879 (JSL) OB-GCH, one of two men

Fowler, David Ray (A19)06/21/1965-09/06/1995;30yrs,2mo,16da "Loving Son"

Fowler, Vernon Ray (A20) 08/16/1939- "Daddy"

A.G. (C14) (SJP)

Galindo, -06/1879 (JSL) OB-GCH

Glascow, Sam -07/08/1882 (JSL) OB-NS (JSL) Judge Sholl List of Grant Co. Death Records 1867-1987 (list is located in Silver City Public Library/Treasure Room)

Gomez, Eulogia R (D07) 1856-03/19/1915; 58yrs "Que En Paz Descanse" (JSL) EulogiaD^ & "ue fallecio Marzio 10 de 1915, 58anos"

Greer, G. W. -11/1875 JSL) OB-GCH

Gumm, Alice (C19) -10/20/1940 (JSL) (SJP) This info. was given by Mrs. Maude Bagwell of Silver City, who stated that Mrs. Gumm Died two days before her mother, verified by John Menard of Hurley, NM-a nephew of Mrs. Gumm

Hagan, John A -09/19/1879 (JSL) OB-GCH Harvey, William -04/03/1882 (JSL) OB-NS

Heuchling, Otto (A 14) 03/16/1856-03/12/1932; 75 yrs, 11 mos, 24da (JSL) (SJP) This info came from Mrs. Hedgewick Berger of Silver City, NM-also verified from Masonic records in possession of Mason Mattocks of Mimbres, NM. Stone says only "Grandpa Otto"

Hightower, Rebecca (C20) 1824-1914; 90 yrs

Horciertas, Mrs. L. 1889-06/28/1911 ; 22 yrs (JSL) Died at Santa Rita

Howe, Fred -09/03/1882 (JSL) OB-NS

Kennedy, (child) 1880-07/1882; 2 yrs (JSL) OB-NS, f. was a Judge

Kennedy, Rena Bagess -06/23/1882 (JSL) OB-NS

Kester, Silvester J. 1852-02/10/1877; 25 yrs (JSL) OB-GCH

Knight, Ed (A07a) (JSL)"&" (SJP) According to Mrs. Gary Dodson Knight, wife (of Ed) (A07b) (JSL)"<S" (SJP) According to Mrs. Gary Dodson

Knuckey, Myrtle Emma (C11) 04/13/1898-10/5/1898 (88?), 5mos, 22da (SJP) (JSL) &GE5mos,2Ada

Lacy, Jacob M. (A08a) 1825-1891:66 yrs grave site of Jacob M. Lacy; according to his g.grandson Lester Lacy

Lae, Jose (C10)(JSL) Lea. (SJP) Ano 11 /78/88"; Headstone hard to read

LaFrenz, Marie Voile (A13) 07/30/1865-08/24/1945; 80 yrs, 24 da "Mother"

LaFrenz, Robert Ludwig (A12) 17/07/1860-03/76/1934; 73yrs, 4 mos, 15 da "Father"

Lucas, Albert (Baby) -07/23/1881 (JSL) OB-NS, /. Jason A. Lucas

Luce, J.D. LaLuz  (D10) 1871-09/76/1918; 42 yrs "Aqui Vacan Restos;Sus Padre Le dedican este Recuerdo R.I.P."

M. (D5) (SJP)

A. M. (04)(SJP) (JSL) "&" Uk

M. M. (D6) (SJP)

Madrid, Feliciano 06/10/1932-08/15/1932; 2 mos, 5 da (JSL)

Mattocks, James M. (D21) 02/14/1858-04/15/1933; 75yrs, 2mos, 1da

(JSL) (SJP) Mrs. Maude Bagwell stated that Lilly Moore Mattocks and James M. Mattocks were her parents and she gave me the information. James & Lilly were grandparents of Mason & Ena Mattocks (from Ena Osbom/Mattocks, Mimbres, NM)

Mattocks, Lilly Moore (020) 08/10/1868-10/22/1942; 74 yrs, 2 mo, 12da

(JSL) (SJP) Mrs. Maude Bagwell stated that Lilly Moore Mattocks and James M. Mattocks were her parents and she gave me the information. James & Lilly were grandparents of Mason and Ena Mattocks (from Ena Osborn/Mattocks, Mimbres, NM)

Mattocks, Mason Ralph (018)08/28/1922-03/27/1977; 54 yrs, 7 mos, 5da "Tech 5 U.S. Army wwn" Brother of Ena Osborn/Mattocks,Mimbres,NM

Mattocks, Ralph (D19) 1888-1942; 54 yrs Father of Mason and Ena Mattocks(from Ena Osborn/Mattocks,Mimbres,NM)

Mitchell, John V. (A05) 1849-1925; 76 yrs (SJP) John V. and Martha Mitchell-parents of Mary Eddleman, wife of Mosby E. Eddleman-lnfo from Mary Eddleman of Bayard.

Mitchell, Martha (A06) 1865-1919; 54 yrs (SJP) John V. and Martha Mitchell-parents of Mary Eddleman, wife of Mosby E. Eddleman-lnfo from Mary Eddleman of Bayard.

Montoya, Bersabe (C06)06/28/1901-12/18/19l6;14yrs,5mo,4da "HijalegitimaDonaciano [yjMariaE Montoya; Sehaidoperonoolvidado" (JSL) -03/1 8/1915

Montoya, Estaquio E. (COS) 09/12/1895-10/16/1916; 21 yrs, 1 mo,4da

"HijodeDonaciano [y] Maria Montoya; sehaidoperono olvidado"

Montoya, Lequira 1807-04/01/1927 (JSL) ?"*age 120 yr*", b. NM. h (Thomas) List shows G'twn Cem, City Mimbres

Montoya, Seberito (C09)11/16/1907-12/17/1916;9yrs,1mo,1da "Hijo de Donaciano [y] Maria Montoya"

More, Charles 1807-10/1876; 69 yrs (JSL) OB-QCH

Nicolai, Carlos (D01) 07/1834-09/26/1882; 48yrs,2mo

Olguin, Rafaria 1856-08/18/1921; 65 yrs (JSL) ?b. Mex, f. (7-Valenzuela. b. Mex), m. (Conception Celaya, b. Mex)., w. Syenino

Poe, Allan (JSL)& (SJP)

Poe, Jim (JSL)& (SJP)

Poe, Rose (JSL)&

Powers, John -02/24/1880 (JSL) OB-GCH

Putney, (A09) (SJP)

Putney, Mrs. (A08) (JSL)& (SJP)graves of Mrs. Putney and her stillborn daughters. This info from Mrs. Car/Dodson (her sister) of Hurley, NM.

Putney (A09a and b) (JSL)& (Daughter) {SJP)graves of Mrs. Putney and her stillborn daughters. This info from Mrs. Cary Dodson (her sister) of Hurley, NM.

Raffarty, -03/1877 (JSL) OB-QCH

Romero, Maria Madrid 05/1891 -11/24/1928; 37 yrs, 6 mos (JSL)

Roundtree, Francis M. (815)07/27/1920- 'Papa'

Roundtree, Kitty Mae(Bl6)06/24/1920-01/24/1998;77yrs,7mos G.G.

Ryan, Michael 1853-5/10/1879 (JSL) OB-GCH

Sible, G. B. (C21) -1886 (JSL) Sibole; Shoemaker (SJP) Mrs. Maude Bagwell stated that Mr. Sibole was her father's partner.

Smith, Bertha (805) 09/03/1882-10/1882; Imo "Born ofG.O. & E.B. Smith"

Smith, Harold M. (A16) 10/31/1914-

Smith, Jewell A. (Al7)07/04/1915-02/27/1997;81yrs,7mos,13da

Smith, Shirley Ann (A18) 03/10/1945- "Mama"

Spiller, Annie (B10)07/1882-10/31/1890;8yrs,3mo (SJP) "Children of Mr. & Mrs. John Spiller"

Spiller, Freddie (B09) 10/1886-05/19/1890;3yrs,7mo (SJP) "Children of Mr. & Mrs. John Spiller"

Storz, John Martin. (AH) 10/24/1842-03/22/1929; 86yrs,4mo,26da "Father"

Storz, Sophie (A10)02/28/1871-08/03/1898;27yrs,5mos,3da "Mother Sacred to the memory of

Suvia, Petronilia (C16) 1864-06/18/1929; 65 yrs stone badly broken (JSL) & "MurioDia 18 de 1929, Junion a la eda 65 anos"

Thompson, Moreno de,Dona Casimira (D02) 1844-12/12/1880;36yrs (JSL) & "Murio el dia 12 decbre de 1880 36 anos de edad"

Trugio, Tiodoso (C15) long, narrow limestone w/ cross and name only

Venavides, Roberto (C01)04/20/1903-12/22/1915;12yrs,8mos,2da "Hijo de U. [y] de P.S. de Venavides/se ha ido pero no olivadado"

Georgetown New Mexico
From Boomtown to Ghost Town in 30 Years

Dorothy M. Wokee

Grant County was not overlooked in the westward movement that took place between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of World War I. In his book, Ghost Towns of New Mexico. Michael Jenkinson says that during the emigration a number of people came into southwestern New Mexico "They were ...drawn by publicity of promoters; mesmerized by brochures such as the one which portrayed paddle-wheelers heaped high with cotton plying the Mimbres River. Few found the land as easy as they expected. It was a country of contrasts, stony deserts and high humped ranges....The Mimbres, they discovered, was a shallow, placid stream that most of the year would not support a good-sized raft".

Nestled in one of these humped ranges was the mining camp of Georgetown which did the most to earn for Grant County the tide of the "Treasure Vault of New Mexico". This contribution was largely unrecognized since Silver City was credited for much of the bullion shipped from Georgetown. Most of the silver chloride ore was relatively close to the ground and could be reached by a network of extensive underground tunnels. The deepest shaft, the Naiad Queen was only 600 feet deep.

Although silver was discovered in the Georgetown area in 1866, the town was not developed until 1872. That year marked the arrival of John and George Magruder from Georgetown, DC, who had tried their hand at ranching and as merchants before being struck by the prospecting fever. George was "killed at Mimbres Reduction Works" according to his obituary in the Grant County Herald, on April 5, 1877, and although buried in Mimbres, NM, no cemetery was named. John named the town in honor of both his birthplace and his brother.

Taking a wagon trail East from Fort Bayard through a range of unsurpassed beauty, the traveler would reach Georgetown gulch at the base of the Parapet Mountain. After having seen the raw diggings of other camps, newcomers were surprised at the advancing development in this mining camp. By 1875 the camp was thriving. While pleasant, progressive surroundings and the promise of comparatively rapid financial gain enticed many people, others came for security from Indian raids which were disrupting nearby camps. Miners from the Hillsboro placer mines escaped across the Black Range to Georgetown where the citizens supplied Fort Craig and their own Ojo Calieme outpost with provisions in exchange for protection. In 1880 Georgetown had a population of 54 people; in 1883, 800; by 1888 it was a community with 1,200 residents.

Stereotypical images of a haphazardly constructed mining camp never applied to Georgetown. Careful planning organized the town in the shape of a "V" around a spring which provided a water source for the entire community. At the north end was the "better residential district" along with the church and school; the commercial area was located in the center; and at the south end were the miners quarters, the town jail, the cemetery and the homes of shady and questionable characters. All of the structures were made of adobe and many were two stories; some had fronts of wood construction.

Stability and industry are further demonstrated by the number and variety of business and social ventures: 2 sawmills, and a lumber yard; a boot and shoemaker; town carpenter; blacksmith; wagonmaker; town physician; hospital; drugstore; bakery; meat market; four or five dry goods stores; 2 restaurants; brewery; billiard parlor; 20 saloons; hotel and skating rink. The townspeople also organized entertainment such as horse racing, picnics, basket suppers, socials, literary clubs and dramatic societies. For those who wanted to visit elsewhere, there was each day a stage line to and from Silver City and for those who preferred to ride alone a livery service was available. In 1891,

there was even passenger train service provided by the Arizona-New Mexico Railroad to Georgetown. News from the outside was delivered through the newsstand and the postmaster. In the summer of 1881 the town started its own newspaper, the Silver Times  (later the name was changed to Georgetown Courier). Education was not neglected as Georgetown was credited for erecting the first free public school building in the Territory; before long the town had both an upper and lower grade school.

Of course, this was a mining town and, therefore, in need of some lively nighttime diversion. This, it provided in ample supply. After a hard days labor a man was hard pressed to find a seat in one of the camps many saloons each of which had two or more gambling tables which operated around the clock. Chairs at the game tables were never empty and fortunes won from the earth were lost in a single turn of a card.

Would any tale of a Grant County town during this era be complete without mention of Billy the Kid? Tentative agreement exists that Bill's step-father, William Antrim, ran a restaurant in Georgetown and the boy played in the dusty streets of the camp as a child. Some accounts suggest that the Kid later returned to the town where he was fortified with food and clothing by Mrs. Magruder, wife of the founder, and found safety at times by hiding in the town's cemetery.

Despite the occasional concession to its Wild West setting and season, Georgetown was reputed for its uniqueness among mining towns as being peaceful and agreeable. An old-timer wrote the following to the Las Vegas Eureka in November 1879:

I crossed over to Georgetown, a nice, snug and stirring town of honest, hardy miners, which pleased me so much that had not my companion told me it was time to depart, I believe I would still be examining the rock and expiating upon ores that Comstock and Leadville could not hold a candle to.... It is one of the most harmonious towns I have dropped into; no false show or aristocratic aping meets the eye; all seem bent and employed in their work, not envying, but elated at the good luck of this and that other person.

For the better part of three decades Georgetown prospered as a community, but by 1903 the population had dwindled to a mere one hundred. With a population high of 1200 during this period, slightly over 3% (39) were buried in the town's cemetery. Thirty-six percent of these were 16 years of age or under when they died; and 41% for whom age at time of death is unknown.

Historians attribute the decline of Georgetown to one, or a combination of three factors:
1) An illness. Sometimes referred to as smallpox, sometimes diphtheria. Today's descendants of townspeople say that whatever the illness was, it was spread by use of personal ladles to dip milk from a common vat.

2) A fire. Even today many local people believe a voracious fire caused the end of Georgetown. However, Edward Rosenfeld in his New Mexico Magazine article "The Silver Boom at Georgetown" provides an eyewitness account of the limitations of the fire. He watched the onset of the fire burn the company store and spread to the "Chinese restaurant and the butcher shop" before it was "finally checked". Those wooden storefronts were backed by adobe walls which, no doubt, retarded the spread.

3) Economics. In 1893 Congress passed a law which demonetized silver causing silver values to drop below a dollar an ounce. This is the most repeated and most likely cause of the town's demise. Whatever may have caused the extinction of Georgetown a century ago is of little concern to the lone resident today (this author) who is included to agree with F. Stanley when he said that the real secrets of places like Georgetown "...Are her beautiful hills, scenic mountains...arroyos, brilliant sun, a sky that matches Mary's mantle, vigorous winters, (and) a silence that even grasshoppers respect."

Today, foundations are barely visible throughout the town site. Many ranch houses and barns in the Mimbres valley are constructed with adobe bricks from Georgetown. Silver prices still inhibit mining activity. During the summer months tourists dot the hills with their metal detectors looking for tokens from the stage line, leaving with a handful of square nails, blissfully unaware that the stage used wooden tokens.

In the fall of some years local residents converge upon the site to harvest the area's bounty again; this time it was Pinon nuts. Interestingly, the favorite and most productive spot for this harvest is around the cemetery. It is almost as if the former residents assist nature in the production of the crop in order to occasionally witness the kind of activity that once was representative of their town.

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Georgetown Cemetery Data Base
By Plot Number

Plot Name DOB DOD Age at Death Source
A01 Eddleman, Robert Morris 1929/01/17 1948/03/09 19yr,1mo,22da .
A01a Eddleman, William R. 1934/12/24 1994/05/04 59yr,4mo,10da .
A01b Eddleman, Linda Marie 1962/08/23 1962/08/24 Ida .
A02 Eddleman, Edward V. 1923 1928 5 yrs .
A03 Eddleman, Mosby E. 1895 1943 48 yrs .
A04 Eddleman, Mary 1896/01/22 1979/03/24 83yr,2mo,2da .
A05 Mitchell, John V. 1849 1925 76 yrs .
A06 Mitchell, Martha 1865 1919 54 yrs .
A07a Knight, Ed       JSL/SJP
A07b Knight, wife (of Ed)       JSL/SJP
A08 Putney, Mrs       JSL
A08a Lacy, Jacob M 1825 1891 66 yrs  
A09 Putney       JSL/SJP
A09ab Putney, daughters       JSL/SJP
A10 Storz, Sophie 1871/02/28 1898/08/08 27yr,5mo,3da .
A11 Storz, John M. 1842/10/24 1929/03/22 86yr,4mo,26da .
A12 LaFrenz, Robert Ludwig 1860/11/01 1934/03/16 73yr,4mo,5da .
A13 LaFrenz, Marie 1865/07/30 1945/08/24 80yr,24da .
A14 Heuchling, Otto 1856/03/16 1932/03/12 75yr,11mo,24da .
A15 Eidson, John A 1875/06/11 1900/08/31 25yr,2mo,20da .
A16 Smith, Harold M. 1914/10/31     .
A17 Smith, Jewell A. 1915/07/04 1997702/27 81yr,7mo,23da .
A18 Smith, Shirley Ann 1944/03/10     .
A19 Fowler, David Ray 1965/06/21 1995/09/06 30yr,2mo,16da .
A20 Fowler, Vemon Ray 1939/08/16     .
B01 Crittendon, James H. 1869 1915 46 yrs .
B02 Crittendon, James E. 1897 1915 18 yrs .
BO3 . . . . .
B04 . . . . .
B05 Smith, Bertha 1882/09/03 1882/10 1 mo .
B06 Carson, Mabel G. 1873/01/26 1889/04/16 16yr,2mo,21da .
B07 Cameron, Emma 1871/12/11 1887/11/07 15yr,10mo,27da .
BOS Clark, James A. 1886/10/11 1888/11/10 2yr,1mo .
B09 Spiller, Freddie 1886/10 1890/05/19 3yr,7mo .
B10 Spiller, Annie 1882/07 1890/10/31 8yrs, 3mos .
B11 Cordova, Manuel       .
B12 Cordova, Margarita 1905/12/26 1943/09/15 37yr,8mo,19da .
B13 Cordova, Francisca R. 1876 1912 36 yrs .
B14 Cordova, Manuel H. 1888 1936 48 yrs .
B15 Roundtree, Francis 1920/07/27     .
B16 Roundtree, Kitty Mae 1920/06/24 1998/01/24 77yrs, 7mos .
C01 Venavides, Roberto 1903/04/20 1915/12/22 12yr,8mo,2da .
C02 Bennett, Ida May 1881/03/09 1882/03/18 11mo,9da .
COS Bennett, Maudy 1878/04/23 1878/05/10 17 days .
C04 Bennett, Alice 1876/08/29 1880/04/16 3yr,7mo,16da .
C05 Bennett, Harriet 1879/04/06 1880/04/16 11mo,6da .
C06 Montoya, Bersabe 1901/06/28 1915/12/18 14yr,5,mo,20da .
C07 Encinias, Luis 1803 1923/02/05 120 yrs .
C08 Montoya, Estaquio E. 1895/09/12 1916/10/16 21yr,1mo,4da .
C09 Montoya, Seberito 1907/11/16 1916/12/17 9yr,1mo,1da .
C10 Lae, Jose       JSL/SJP
C11 Knuckey, Emma Myrtle 1898/04/13 1898/10/05 5mo, 22da JSL/SJP
C12 . . . . .
C13 J.A.       SJP
C14 A.G.       SJP
C15 Trugio, Tiodoso       .
C16 Suvia, Petronilia 1864 1929/06/18 65 yrs .
C17 . . . . .
C18 . . . . .
C19 Gumm, Alice   1940/10/20   JSL/SJP
C20 Hightower, Rebecca 1824 1914 90 yrs  
C21 Sible, G. B.   1886   .
C22 Bennett, Minnie Pretzer 1856/09/16 1946/10/15 90 yrs .
D01 Nicolai, Carlos 1834/07 1882/9/26 48yrs, 2mos. .
D02 Thompson,Dona Casimira Moreno de 1844 1880/12/12 36 yrs .
D03 Alien, William W. 1818/05/02 1883/08/09 70yr,3mo,1da .
D04 A.M.       JSL
DOS M.       SJP
D06 M.M.       SJP
D07 Gomez, Eulogia R 1856 1915/03/19 58 yrs .
D08 Dominguez, Francisco 1868/09/16 1917/01/11 48yr,3mo,25da .
D09 . . . . .
D10 LuceJ.D.LaLuz 1871 1918/09/16 42 yrs .
D11 Alvarado, Pedro C. 1883/05/13 1918/06/19 35yr,1mo,6da .
D12 Acosta, Jose 1851 1914 63 yrs .
D13 Castillo, Esiquio 1888 1927/8/27 39 yrs .
D14 Castillo, Bonifacio 1869/06/13 1939/07/05 70yr,1mo,22da .
D15 Castillo, Altredo 1920 1940 20 yrs .
D16 Castillo, Luis A. 1873 1961/11/25 88 yrs .
D17 Castillo, Juana 1875/06/24 1948/06/25 73yrs,lda .
D18 Mattocks, Mason R. 1922/08/22 1977/03/27 54yr,7mo,5da .
D18? Castillo,   1868   JSL
D19 Mattocks, Ralph 1888 1942 54 yrs .
D20 Mattocks, Lilly 1868/08/10 1942/10/22 74yr,2mo,12da JSL/SJP
D21 Mattocks, James M. 1858/02/14 1933/04/15 75yr,2mo,2da JSL/SJP
D22 C. E.       JSL
. Anthony, Josephine Mary 1911/03/27 1922/10/12 11yr,6mos,15da JSL
. Armijo, Jose   1879/09   JSL
. Arroyos, Mrs. Juan   1879/09   JSL
. Backus, Pelipe 1865 1877/02 12 yrs JSL
. Barillo, Stillborn boy 1922/06/12 1922/06/12   Oda.JSL
. Bennett, Alexander. W. 1889/12/26 1920/03/14 30yr,2mo,18da JSL
. Bloodgood, little girl       SJP
. Caseldine, Harry C. 1882 1911/05/11 29 yrs JSL
. Cooper, D.C.   1877/05/28   JSL
. Cronin, Thomas   1880/07/30   JSL
. Dempster,   1881/12/31   JSL
. Flores,   1879/09/20   JSL
. Galindo,   1879/06   JSL
. Glascow, Sam   1882/07/08   JSL
. Greer, G. W.   1875/11   JSL
. Hagan, John A.   1879/09/19   JSL
. Harvey, William   1882/04/03   JSL
. Horciertas, Mrs. L. 1889 1911/06/28 22yrs JSL
. Howe, Fred   1882/09/03   JSL
. Kennedy, child 1880 1882/07 2yrs JSL
. Kennedy, RenaBagess   1882/06/23   JSL
. Kester, Silvester J. 1852 1877/02/10 25yrs JSL
. Lucas, Albert (Baby)   1881/07/23   JSL
. Madrid, Peliciano 1932/06/10 1932/08/15 2mos, 5da JSL
. Montoya, Lequira 1807 1927/04/01 120yrs JSL
. More, Charles 1807 1876/10 69 yrs JSL
. Olguin, Rafaria 1856 1921/08/18 65 yrs JSL
. Poe, Allan       JSL/SJP
. Poe, Jim       JSL/SJP
. Poe, Rose       JSL
. Powers, John   1880/02/24   .
. Lafferty, J. S. 1877/03     JSL
. Romero, Maria Madrid 1891/05 1928/11/24 37yrs,6mos JSL
. Ryan, Michael 1853 1879/05/10 26Yrs JSL

Added by Randy Sweeten:
Sammie E Sweeten born 5-11-39 died  8-11-03