Hachita Catholic Cemetery
Hachita, Grant County, New Mexico
by (Private Party)
Authorized by C. W. Barnum October 30, 2006
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This cemetery was discovered by our volunteer while photographing Hachita. He saw what looked like a white cross in the distance. A ranch road lead him to the little cemetery. This cemetery appears to have a large number of children's graves. It is a couple miles south of the town. About 60 unknown burials are in this cemetery. A small shelter stands on this land. 
Hachita, sometimes incorrectly spelled Hatchita, was actually two towns. In 1875 a mining town of Hachita showed up in the Hatchet Mountains, hence Hachita in Spanish. In 1900 the EPSW RR was built nearby. Hachita picked up and moved about 10 miles to be near the RR watering station. The little town has hung on. The residents are friendly and colorful.
The records do not specify which cemetery the deceased were buried, only stating Hachita. Some of the burials listed in our Hachita Public Cemetery may actually be in the Catholic Cemetery. Our compiler also told that a few burials took place at Old Hachita ten miles away on private property. He was unable to confirm this.
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Saint Catherine of Siena in Hachita

Translation of stones by Kathe Determan:
Hijos normally means son. Children would be ninos, but some call their children hijos.
Hijos also means natives .
The natives and those who knew them will recall them.
The children and those who knew them will remember them.
Recuerdan means memory rembrance recall.
Descansen in Pas means  Resting in Peace.
Manuela Palomarez: She was 4 years old. Above her name was La Nina, or little girl.

Margarita Garcia - confused on this one as there is a stone for a Margarita Garcia - may be a relative.
Zaro Garcia? If I guessed it would be Lazaro Garcia.
Guadalupe Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Maya- ? letter missing but I would guess Maya or maybe Mara, Santiago Garcia, Domitila Garcia, Chago Garcia, Scolastica Aguayo, Ricardo Garcia, Kathern Garcia
Translation by Louanna Gortarez: Your children and friends remember you ;
Margarita Garcia, Lazaro Guadalupe Manuel, Maria Santiago Chago, Escolastaca Aguayo,
Ricardo and Kathern Garcia, rest in peace.

Translation by Paula Trijullo: You are remembered by your children and family.
This followed by their first names. Ending in Rest in Peace

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Hachita    Catholic     Cemetery
Last Name         First          Data         Data
Alecia? (Alexia?) Elphonso?      1928?        1928?
       or Alezia?
Aron              Julia D A      1927         1928
Cajeda            Francisco E S  10/10/1927   6/13/1928
Garcia#2         Lazaro G       10/19/1929   9/10/2003
Garcia            Ramon G        n/n          10/3/1933
Garcia            Margarita R    32 anos      2/28/1942
For the world you have died but in the heart of 
your brothers and children you will live always

Palamarez?        n/n            n/n          n/n
Palomarez         Bento Sr       7/11/1923    2/21/1999
Palomarez         Ignacio        n/n          n/n
Palomarez         Manuela E      4 years      n/n
Perez             Mary Lou V     37years      10/2/1928
Stephenson        Alicta         1/27/1928    7/9/1928
Valles            Lusila         21/26/1933   12/18/1935
Valles            Oris?          1928         1929
Valles            Ramon          4? May 1927  30 May 1928 
Unknown  Unknown
Additional possible burials (many children):
Arrieta Mersedes 24-Sep-1926 23-Jun-1930
Burrela Antonio 1891 12-Aug-1930
Casarez Manuela, 17-Feb-1931 26 Mar 1931
Choveria Roberto, 4-Dec-1929 18 Aug 1930
Echeribel Josephina, 19-Mar-1929 6 Oct 1929 
Echinet Elena n/n 9-Jan-1925 8-Sep-1925 csx
Escagada? Francisco, x-Dec-1927 18 Jun 1928
Escamillo Maria Tomesa 21-Dec-1927 31 Jul 1929
Eschmilla Harmando 9-Mar-1925 20 May 1926
Espino Gldefonsa 11-Jan-1960 30 Jun 1930
Espino Roque 92y11m n/n 4-Aug-1952
Falamanlez? Concepcion, 8-Dec-1935 20 Dec 1935
Falamantes Larenzo 13-Feb-1933 1 Jun 1934
Herrera Juan n/n 1859 21 Sep 1932 1859
Maize Carlos Marcado 8 Jan 1921 
Maize Carlos Mercade  4-Nov-1886 9 Jan 1921 
Maunquez Esperanzo 14-Feb-1925 17 Sep 1925 
Mendoza Grie- 1918 3 Jan 1932
Moralez Apolorea? Garcia 9-Feb-1906 22 Oct 1932
Ortiz Gabino, 1 Nov 1926 
Ortiz Keynaldo?, 29-Mar-1929 8 Apr 1930
Ozeta Librada, 31-Dec-1928 1 Sep 1929 31 Dec 1928
Padgett Virgil Nelson 26-Mar-1896 11 Dec 1947
Palomares Angel, 4-Apr-1930 23 Jan 1931
Polomarez Dolores Baby n/n 17-Feb-1928 26-Jan-1929 csx
Palomares Evangelina 5m  not stated
Palomares Manuela 6-Mar-1930 20 May 1934
Parra Romana 11 Jun 1883 
Perez Becieto? Gilberto 2-Oct-1928 28 Jul 1930
Perez Juan Hernandez, 11-Jan-1938 1 Sep 1938
Perez, Baby 18-Nov-1930 18 Nov 1930 
Polomarez Dolores, 17-Feb-1928 26 Jan 1929
Quinones Jesus 6-Jan-1891 3 Oct 1928
Romas Areserian?, 16-May-1927 5 Apr 1928
Valias? Cruz 3-May-1927 6 May 1928
Valles Benito 21-Mar-1897 1 Jan 1928
Valles Lucila 26-Nov-1933 25 Feb 1935
Vallio Donciaua? M 1865 6 Nov 1937 1865
Vandoran Jack x-Feb-1917 Feb 1917
Vasquez Esiquell? 1864 6 Sep 1929 1864
Vidlos? Pamon 4-May-1927 30 May 1928