Old Hurley Cemetery of Grant County
Contributed by Janet Wasson
10 April 2003
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Background: The records show three cemetery locations in the town of Hurley. They are: Old Hurley, New Hurley and Hurley. Several cemeteries in Grant Count were moved due to open-pit mining activities. Thus, an individual may correctly have been shown to be buried in more than one cemetery.
This cemetery covers a large area, completely enclosed by chain link fence, immediately south of Hurley. Some of the graves are within a few feet of the nearest homes. There is trash laying about the neglected property. The city does not claim ownership of this cemetery. At least 50 unmarked graves can be seen. Some of those have wooden crosses, or the remains of wooden crosses, or large stones placed at the head of some of  the graves. Five plots are enclosed with Victorian type fencing, only two graves in these 5 plots are marked. One plot has pipe fencing, one grave within it is marked. One iron fenced grave is marked. One grave has an elaborate concrete slab over it, and a large sandstone / concrete headstone with a cross on top. The only readable thing on this headstone is the year 1923 on the back of the headstone. The cemetery is in poorly drained land which has caused damage to the general cemetery area.


The marked graves are as follows: 

Ada Wheatly 1866-1916
J.C. Stovall no dates
Mrs. John Hunter died Dec. 2?, 1915 Mother
Alice Dillon 1879-1916 Charles, Arthur, Tommy, Frank, John Our Loved One
James Arthur Barrett 1911-1914
Margaret R. Criswell 187?-1915
Patrick Minnehan March 17,1837-November 15,1913 -this has a beautiful iron angel, about 2ft.long, lying flat on the grave. At Rest
Nora Booth 1915? age 4 months -this stone was deliberately knocked over and smashed into about 9 pieces. It was hand inscribed. Records show Nora Booth born Dec 1912; died 4/10/1913

The Records show these additional burials.
Name                  First Mid            Born                  Date of Death      Notes
Barrett               James Arthur*         not given             not given
Booth                 Nora*                 1912 December         April 10 1913
Cardoza               S S                   not given             not given
Coffee                Infant                Jan 30,1921           Jan 30 1921        child of Fred & Kate
Criswell              Margaret*             1871                  1915
Crockett              Lester                1881                  Dec 28 1918
Darter                Lillie                1915                  Jan 14 1916
Dillon                Alice*                1879                  1916               Born in Scotland
Estrada               Angela                1913 May              Jan 15 1915
Garcia                A                     1884                  July 24 1913
Garcia                Concepcion            1918 April            Oct 24 1918        Child of Odleon
Gonsales              Dora                  1914                  June 17 1915
Gonzales              W                     1863                  July 11 1913
Guess                 Ethel                 1895                  Dec 27 1915        Born in Texas
Harrel                Infant                Jan 3 1918            Jan 3 1918         Child of William H
Hunter                Mrs John*             not given             Dec 27 1915
Masias                Francisco             1914 November         July 16 1915
Minnehan              Patrick*              Mar 17,1837           Nov 15 1913
Proctor               Hannah M              not given             Dec x 1917
Quintero              Guadalupe             Dec 13 1920           Dec 24 1920        Child of Jorje & Angela
Robinson              Edgar                 1896                  June 15 1914
Sayre                 Job                   1890                  June 15 1915       Born in Oklahoma
Soto                  Carlos                Aug 26 1916           Aug 26 1916
Stafford              Gertrude E            not given             Jan 22 1917
Trabucco              Maggie                1891                  Nov 9 1918
Stovall               J C*                  not given             not given
Wheatley              Ada*                  1866                  1916
Wills                 Clara                 not given             Nov 15 1917        Wife of J M Wills
.                      * = marked grave