Perrault Family Cemetery
Grant County, New Mexico
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Compiled by Janet Wasson, Reporter At Large, April 2003

The Perrault Family Cemetery is located about 1 mile south of San Juan/Sherman in Grant County on the ranch homesteaded by George O. Perrault.
George O. Perrault was born in Quebec, Canada and came to the US sometime prior to enlisting in the 1st California Cavalry in Los Angeles on January 18,1864. He arrived in the New Mexico Territory with his regiment on May 4th of that year. Perrault and his regiment were stationed in La Mesilla, sent from California to fight Indians, and to find and deal with any remaining Confederate soldiers that were remained in the Territory.
Because the Civil War had ended, the unit was disbanded in 1866. It was common practice to disburse a military units in places where the government wished to encourage settlement. Perrault first settled Pinos Altos, where he organized a group of settlers to "colonize" the Mimbres Valley. George and 18 others began Mimbres Colony in December of 1869 on the San Lorenzo Flats.
In May of 1870 Perrault established his ranch about five miles south of Mimbres Colony. In March of 1871 he moved his family to the ranch where he had built a large, two story adobe home. The home, complete with walled courtyard, was a gathering place for many years for parties and festivals, the high walls of the courtyard providing protection for the guests. Confrontations with Apaches and settlers continued throughout the late 1880's, therefore, Perrault posted ranch hands to keep guard against Indian attacks. One family story passed down, tells of a time in 1888 when an Indian came through the kitchen window when Adelaida Perrault was cleaning beans. She yelled for George, who then came from another room, and assured her that this Indian was friendly, which he proved, by helping to clean the rest of the beans!
George's first wife was Guadalupe Garcia, who died in childbirth in 1877. His second wife was Adelaida Alert, whom he married in Hillsboro in 1879. Adelaida was the daughter of Joseph Alert, another well-to-do business man in Hillsboro. George owned a store in Hillsboro at that time Throughout his time in Grant and Sierra Counties, George was among the most respected men. He was the first postmaster of Sherman in 1894, and he was the road supervisor in 1885, and he served on the school commission, and on the election board, and he had one of the finest fruit orchards in the West. His obituary memorializes him as  "one of New Mexico's best citizens, having the respect, confidence and esteem of every resident who knew him."

Last name                 First Mid               Date of Birth   Date of Death                Notes
Dickson                   Alice Lorraine          Dec-9-1932      Aug-7-2000
Dickson                   Emma P                  Jul-28-1906     Oct-3-1915
Perrault                  Adela A                 Jun-25-1863     Jan-17-1911     Wife of G.O.-b. Sonora, Mexico
Perrault                  Alfred Oliver           Aug-3-1882      Feb-13-1926
Perrault                  Alfred Oliver           Oct-27-1911     Jun-21-1986
Perrault                  Benjamin G              Mar-5-1925      Oct-24-1996     Sgt.US Marine Corps WWII
Perrault                  Edward Albert           Sept-7-1884     Feb-20-1926
Perrault                  Elmer Allen             May-23-1939     Mar-25-2003
Perrault                  Eva Alice               Jan-15-1920     Aug-15-1924
Perrault                  George Oliver           /1838           /1898           Sgt Co M 1st California Cavalry
Perrault                  Henry H                 /1914           /1943
Perrault                  Henry William           Jan-24-1904     Jun-4-1912
Perrault                  Joseph                  Nov-19-1919     Nov-19-1919
Perrault                  Margaret                Feb-12-1902     July-20-1994
unmarked                  unknown                  ns              ns             two unmarked