Santa Rita Cemetery #4
Grant County, New Mexico
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This document was donated 3 April 2002 by Terry Humble ©2002.
We are very happy to share this this valuable information.
Format by C. W. Barnum.

Santa Rita Cemetery #4 is located in Grant County, near Santa Rita, NM, about three fourths of a mile to the north of Cemetery #3 which has been previously mentioned. It is open to the public and can be reached by traveling north off of State Highway 152 on to County Road 73, also called Georgetown Road, and traveling four tenths of a mile. The cemetery is on the west side of the graveled road at 32 degrees, 48 minutes, 50 seconds North Latitude and 108 degrees, 3 minutes, 26 seconds West Longitude.
The information about the burials in Cemetery #4 was derived from old Chino Copper Company engineer notebooks and personal research. Some on site ground verification has been done and a project is planned for the near future to map the entire cemetery.
This cemetery, similar to Cemetery #3, is separated in two sections by an arroyo that runs through its middle from west to east. All of the information which was found and consulted concerning this cemetery, including a plot map, shows burials marked "American" to the south of the arroyo and plots on the north side marked "Mexican". Blocks on the north side of the arroyo number from 1 to 133 and there are 90 Blocks in the southern portion. Eight burial spaces (Lots) are normally allotted in each Block although there are two Blocks in this cemetery with ten and twelve spaces respectively.
Burials in this cemetery began in August, 1916 when it was determined that space in Cemetery #3 would soon fill up. Santa Rita Cemetery #4 was closed for burials about 1960 unless a Lot or Block had previously been reserved. Records were inaccurate or missing to the point that when a new grave was dug, bones of an earlier burial, previously unknown or unrecorded, would often be encountered. The cemetery has been used up to the present time with an interment made as late as August 1998.
The following is an alphabetical listing of the known burials since 1916. The original spelling of names has been maintained which is some cases is noticeably wrong. Notes from the engineer booklets have been included and also when additional information is known. The date is that of the burial which is almost always one day after the death, with exceptions noted. The last name of the next of kin is not given if it is the same at that of the deceased.


Last name           Firt Mid              Age              Date     Plot    Notes
Acosta              Crecencia              87           1-May-18   B10 L3   House #735
Acosta              Julia                 43da         11-Aug-29   B12 L5   F. Acosta, father
Acosta              Manuela               9mo          25-Feb-18   B12 L6   Domingo, father
Acosta              Maria                  28           6-Dec-17   B20 L3   Ramon Turrey husband
Acosta              Ramon                  4           14-Mar-19   B22 L7   Ginara, mother
Aguilar             Plasido              3m14d         14-Nov-22   B50 L1   Pedro, father
Aguilar             Ramon                 23d          29-Aug-28  B127 L10  Antonio, father
Aguilar             Maria                  28           8-May-17   B23 L6   .
Albert              baby boy               .           10-Nov-26   B23 L2   Sam, father Stillborn
Alberts             Margaret               3           30-Jan-24   B23 L6   Sam, father 3y7m27d
Aldaco              baby boy              1day          1-Jul-18   B8 L6    Fidencio, father House #833
Aldaco              baby boy               .           28-Jul-25   B55 L8   Preciano, father Stillborn
Alday               Adelia                2mo          10-May-22   B47 L5   Juan, father
Allen               Sam                    86          28-Feb-29   B39 L6   .
Alonio              Jose                   32           5-May-17   B23 L5   .
Alvarado            Maria                 5mo          24-Jul-19   B34 L7   Vicente, father
Ambriz              Maria Luisa           10mo         23-Sep-33   B42 L2   .
Ambriz              Maria Reyes           1y6m         10-Jul-25   B55 L2   Abundio, father
Ambriz              Michaela              1y4m            Dec-32   B42 L3   Abundio, father
Ambriz              Pedro                4m12d          5-Mar-23   B51 L3   Abundio, father
Anderson            Clarence A.            52                 .    B40 L2   .
Anderson            William                18                 .    B40 L1   Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Apodaca             Andres                2hr          13-Nov-23   B52 L3   Felipe, father
Apodaca             Juanita              5m24d          4-Aug-20   B24 L2   Jose, father
Arellano            Amorita                1           15-Feb-26   B49 L4   Pablo, father
Arellano            Camila                2mo                 .    B4 L2    Miguel Trujillo, father
Arellano            Gregorio              8mo          19-Apr-23   B59 L5   Pablo, father
Arellano            Inez                   .                  .      .      In charge of Bustillos b. B127 L7
Arellano            Mariana                57           4-Apr-50   B50 L9   Pablo, husband
Arellano            Pedro                  40           7-Apr-50  B50 L10   .
Arenas              baby boy               .           20-Jun-20   B35 L3   Ernesto, father Stillborn
Arencio             Tore                  1day         15-Jun-17   B14 L5   Lorenzo, father
Arias               Fidel                  35           5-Apr-24   B53 L1   Silso, father
Arias               Maria Elvira           2                1918   B5 L5    Fidel, father
Arzaga              Patricia               4d          15-Jun-17   B16 L1   Manuel, father
Austin              Mrs. Bernice           65          28-Feb-39   B13 L1   Cerebral Hemorrhage
Avarez              Francisco              24           7-Feb-26   B48 L5   Burned in house fire
Ayala               Ygnacio               2m9d         25-Jul-25   B55 L6   Julio, father
Azala               Pedro                 5mo          19-Aug-28   B62 L6   Jose, father
Bachus              John                   .                  .      .      Half brother of Wm Huffman in B34 L5
Baker               baby                   .            3-Dec-18   B10 L2   Mrs. Jasper Baker, mother
Baker               Mrs. Jasper            20          24-Dec-18   B10 L2   .
Ball                baby girl             1day         14-Mar-25   B27 L4   Date is that of death
Ball                Mrs. C. F.             .                  .    B27 L3   .
Baldonado           Charles                3            5-Nov-18   B18 L7   Died 5Nov Maria, mother
Baldonado           Juan                  5day         11-Jul-23   B58 L4   Vitoriano, father
Balmer              Gerald Vernon          .            7-Jul-43   B49 L3   .
Barajas             Elias                 4mo           1-Aug-27   B111L8   Elias, father 
Bararza             Lorenza               6mo          13-May-26   B49 L1   Ines, father
Barba               Alfonso               10mo         27-Sep-23   B45 L6   Juan, father
Barber              baby                               24-Nov-23   B2 L6    H. C. father Born dead
Barela              baby girl             26d          15-Apr-17   B23 L2   Torivio, father
Barela              Elogia                 70          11-Jun-17   B26 L2   .
Barela              Ester                 8mo          11-Jun-23   B58 L1   Estevan, father
Barela              Julio O.               59          19-Sep-19   B29 L8   Teresa G. wife
Bargas              Ametaria               72          26-Dec-16   B2 L7    .
Barraza             Romulo                 .                  .      .      Friend of Benigno Ituarte in B62 L3
Barta               Joseph                 46          22-Jun-22   B26 L6   Railroad brakeman, died an accident
Basquez             Andres                 35          22-Apr-17   B9 L4
Basquez             Ysabel                 52          30-May-18   B8 L8    Jesus Guterrez, next of kin
Basteas             boy                   4mo          11-Aug-17   B16 L2   Miguel, father Died 11Aug
Banuelas            Timotello              .                  .      .      Husband of Juana Tapia in B30 L4
Banuelas            Timotello              46          14-Oct-19   B22 L1   County burial Died 12Oct
Bautiste            baby                  8mo           6-Oct-17   B4 L5    Marajildo, father
Bautiste            Marajildo              39          10-Sep-17   B4 L6    .
Baxter              Joe M.                 62           6-Feb-52    B47     L3 Natural death
Baxter              Rita F.                .           14-Feb-47   B47 L2   Coronary
Bedore              J. M.                  38          12-Sep-18   B15 L3   Next of kin was his wife, shot by Bailey
Belford             Walter                 67          16-Dec-43   B17 L5   Drill foreman Died of Chronic Myocarditi
Bellamy             Clarence Oscar         2           29-Jul-23   B15 L4   2y 1mo Boyd father
Benavides           Rodolfo               2mo           4-Aug-27  B111 L7   Guadalupe Torres, mother
Bencomo             Patrocina              7            4-Mar-02   B40 L6   Matias, father Born in Pinos Altos
Bernal              Tarsila1y              5m           8-Jul-18   B20 L2   Higinio, father
Bethancourt         Gordon                1day                .    B22 L4   Bones moved from Santa Rita Cem#2
Bethancourt         Mrs. W. J.              .                 .      .      Daughter of F. D. Perrenot in B22 L3
Bienemonte          Penta                 7mo                      B14 L2   Pedro, father
Bienegas            Pantationa             .                  .      .      Wife of Juan Padilla in B45 L7
Blair               Inez Diaz              42           7-Feb-34   B39 L2   .
Blair               James K.               .                  .      .      Buried to the left of his wife Inez
Blanchard           Frank                12hrs          4-Oct-24   B26 L4   F. S. Blanchard, father
Blanchard           Ora N.               2mo2d         14-Oct-22   B26 L7   F. S. Blanchard, father
Bock                J. baby                .           14-Jun-19   B45 L4   J. H. Bock, father
Boyd                Jessy Jr.              .           17-Dec-40   B4 L7    Stillborn
Breno               Carmen                 28          24-Jan-24   B61 L3   .
Brieno              Guillermo              54          20-Apr-22   B36 L4   Rafael,son, hdstone loc. Block 2
Brooks              Robert                1yr          14-May-26   B22 L2   Angus Gruwell foster father
Brown               Mrs. Mary              .                  .    B19 L8   .
Bruchu              John                   73          27-Jun-25   B1 L4    Next kin Charles bro in Placerville CA
Bueno               Tomas                 2m8d         28-Aug-24   B56 L5   Jesus, father
Burke               Edmundo Jorge          4d          26-Nov-27   B114L8   Jorge, father
Bustillos           Conception           1m24d          5-Feb-28   B127L7   Inez Arellano in charge of burial
Cadena              Alfonzo              8m15d          6-Jul-20   B35 L8   Jose, father
Cadena              Maria                 5mo          29-Mar-17   B11 L4   Jose, father
Cadena              Nicholasa              28          31-Mar-17   B26 L5   .
Cadena              Rita                  4mo          14-Jan-24   B61 L4   Manuel, father
Cadena              Ynacia               1y4mo         19-Aug-22   B50 L3   Jose, father
Carter              Ann                   11mo         10-Aug-24   B12 L7   Ned, father
Caldera             Ramon                  .           21Jul26     B44 L6   .
Camarena            Epidfo                7mo        18d 4Jul20    B13 L5   Bartolo, father Cholera
Camarena            Ysidra              half hr        15-May-23   B59 L1   Bartolo, father
Candelaria          Maria                1.5mo          2-May-23   B59 L2   Alfredo Ronquillo, father
Candelaria          Telesforo              65           6-Nov-23   B53 L4   Dolores C. Quesada, wife
Cano                Madalina              7mo          24-Jan-17   B17 L8   Maredonio, father 4child bur this lot
Cantano             Marcelon               .                  .      .      Son of Guadalupe Redivasquez in B37 L7
Carranza            Candelaria             31           8-Feb-27   B43 L7   Matilde, husband
Carranza            Fernando              11mo          4-Aug-25   B54 L2   Matilde, father
Casies              Victorio               .                  .      .      Wife of Jenaro Espinosa in B30 L3
Casillas            Josefa                 45          14-Jan-19   B28 L7   Pedro Villalobos, son
Castaneda           Ester                 9mo           8-Jul-19   B29 L2   Juan, father
Castaneda           Guadalupe             5mo          21-Jul-27   B112L8   Juan father Also listed in Block120
Castillo            Manuel               6y1mo          7-Sep-23   B57 L6   Luz, father
Castillo            Pablo                 7mo          22-Jul-20   B35 L2   Inacio, father
Castillo            Rebecca               5mo          12-Jan-17    B63     Buried NW of B63, in the roadway
Castro              Pedro                8m14d          2-Aug-20   B24 L5   Juan, father
Catamo              Casmira                59          29-Jun-18   B21 L3   Henry, son House 311
Centino             Marcelino              .                  .      .      Father of Catalina Rincon in B22 L8
Chacon              Antonio               1mo           7-Jan-26   B36 L7   Abraham, father
Chapana             Carlos                 21          19-Jun-18   B16 L3   Madena Navarraz, cousin
Chavez              baby                   .           20-Jul-18   B21 L5   Flores, father, from San Jose
Chavez              girl                   .           17-Dec-25   B36 L8   Angel, father Stillborn
Chavez              Mariana                78          14-Oct-23   B52 L1   Aurelia Preciado, sister
Chavez              Rita                  3mo          23-Apr-23   B59 L2   .
Chavez              Socorro                7           23-Sep-23   B57 L2   Porfiro, father Diphtheria
Chavez              baby girl              .           30-Sep-26   B49 L6   Ismael, father Stillborn
Coffey              Cecil                  .                  .    B49 L?   Father of a premature female
Colvin              baby girl             l7d           7-Jul-17   B9 L6    Pablo, father
Compa               baby boy                           26-Jun-20   B25 L7   E.,father Stillborn
Contreras           Antonio                23          14-Aug-18   B16 L6   Sionor, wife
Contreras           Francisco             2y3m          4-Feb-21   B35 L6   Pablo, father
Contreras           Jose                 10m6d          7-Feb-21   B39 L7   Francisco, father Pneumonia
Cordova             twin girls            01d          19-Feb-21   B38 L1   Francisco, father
Corilla             C.                    1y6m         30-Sep-18   B21 L1   C., father
Cornejo             baby girl              .            l7Jan17    B2 L5    Magalino, father Stillborn
Cotton              Patricia Guy         2m28d         10-Jun-41   B4 L3    James, father
Craft               J. E.                  42           7-Nov-18   B2 L1    Joe Gumm, Benson, AZ, bro in law
Corral              Josefina              2mo           6-Aug-30   B60L6    Manuel, father
Corral              Lusila               3m1d          26-Aug-21   B46L3    Manuel, father
David               Levina Ruth           15mo         15-Nov-25   B21 L1   Hays David, father
De la Torre         Jarmelita            4mo15d         6-Apr-23   B59 L6   Daniel, father
Delgado             Alfredo               6mo           1-Jul-17   B9 L5    Abraham Flores, father
Delgado             baby                   .           26-Dec-16   B2 L1    Jose, father Born dead
Delgado             Eudolia              1.5mo          9-Mar-20   B13 L8   Juan, father
Delgado             Guadalupe              85           4-Apr-18   B27 L4   Donaciano Tafolla, son
Delgado             Hysinte Rodriquez      40          11-Jul-18   B29 L6   Ricardo E., husband
Delgado             Luisa                  1           25-Jan-19   B3 L1    Guadalupe, father Died 1/25
Delgado             Nicolas                .           23-Oct-25   B41 L1   Killed on job accident
Delgado             R. Y.                  .                  .      .      Father of Daniel Rodriquez in B46 L7
Delgado             Socora                2mo           6-Jul-18   B10 L1   Eslado, father. House #735
Delgado             Tranquelino            54          27-Apr-18   B10 L1   Epefania Oruta, wife. H735 Both above
DeLuna              Juaquin               8mo          10-Oct-27   B127L3   Juaquin, father
Diaz                baby girl             4mo          29-Apr-18   B20 L5   Jose, father.
Diaz                Jesus Jr.             3y7m         26-May-18   B20 L6   Jesus, father. House #295
Diaz                Venita                19mo         21-Dec-18   B6 L2    Daniel, father
Diaz                Silverio               18                 .   B43 L1,2  Company man, #404 remains removed Cem.
Dixon               baby                   .           11-Jun-26   B22 L8   Stillborn. Richard, father
Dixon               Gilbert               7mo          22-Oct-30   B27 L7   Richard, father
Donez               Ramona               1m11d         25-Aug-24   B56 L6   Cristobal, father
Driscoll            baby                   .           19-Aug-22   B25 L2   Born dead, Charles E. father
Droste              Lewis                1yr8mo        26-Apr-24   B11 L3   Louis A. father
Duke                Susan Catherine        82          31-Mar-23   B25 L5   George F. son
Dull                Barbara Jane           .           16-Apr-36   B24 L1   Frank A. father
Dull                Mary Virginia         10mo         10-Sep-24   B25 L6   Frank A. father
Duran               Antonia                2           22-Sep-19   B34 L2   Heriberto, father
Duran               Melquides Lucero       53          10-May-22   B47 L1   Tiburcio, husband
Duran               Tiburcio               88           4-Oct-23   B57 L3   .
Echart              baby                  4mo           3-Aug-18   B34 L4   .
Edwards             E. S.                  56          23-Dec-18   B10 L5   Died/buried same day B10 L6,7,8 
Escobar             baby boy               .           31-Aug-26   B37 L2   Manuel, father. Stillborn
Escobar             baby girl              .            4-Jan-26   B60 L8   Pedro, father. Stillborn
Escobar             Sofia                  4            5-Feb-17   B17 L7   Smallpox. B. same grave Maciel boy
Escobar             Ramon                  7           25-Jan-20   B40 L5   Alejandro, father. death brain tumor
Esparza             Niedas                3mo          24-Feb-17   B11 L7   Sirilio Tapia, father
Esparza             Cruz                 1y4mo         24-Sep-20   B35 L1   Felipe, father
Espinosa            Jenaro                 35          30-Mar-19   B30 L3   Victoria Casias, wife
Estes               L. B.                 62           23Mar18    B35 L4    P. Wilson son-in-law
Estrada             Lionardo              3hr           7Nov20     B24 L7   Pedro, father
Estrada             Soloman                27          24Sep30     B3 L7    Palina, mother
Estrada             Victoriana            9mo           8-Jul-19   B31 L6   Pedro, father
Farmer              Margaret               42           7-Aug-17   B10 L1   Wiley, father
Feltham             Ernest Walter Jr.     1mo          29-Jul-26   B22 L6   Father has same name
Feltham             Ethel G.               .           24-Jun-30   B38 L8   .
Fierro              Benjamin              3mo           9-Aug-17   B24 L8   Ed, father
Flores              baby girl              .            9-Oct-17   B12 L7   Ablejio, father. Stillborn
Flores              Livrada               2mo           8-Apr-18   B30 L8   Dolores, father
Flores              Nicholasa              28          26-Aug-17   B12 L3   E. Nevares, husband
Flores              Serila de              75           4-Apr-24   B62 L8   Geronimo, husband
Forsyth             Donald                 17                 .    B8 L1    Lobar pneumonia
Fuentes             Rumaldo                5            9-Apr-24   B63 L1   Jose, father
Gallardo            Jesus                 7mo          25-Aug-27   B111L6   Eligio, father same as Block 119
Gallardo            Jose H.                28           6-Feb-20   B35 L4   Filomina, mother. He a plumber. D of TB
Gameros             Genaro                5hr          19-Sep-23   B57 L7   Estevan, father
Garcia              Amado                   .          27-Jul-25   B55 L7   Dom, father
Garcia              Arturo                 19          28-Oct-22   B51L6    Ysibel, mother
Garcia              baby boy              2mo          30-Nov-17   B17 L3   Severo, father
Garcia              baby boy              3da          31-May-18   B25 L8   Concepcion, father
Garcia              baby                  3da          17-Nov-21   B47 L2   Francisca, mother
Garcia              baby                   .            9-Jan-26   B44 L4   Stillborn
Garcia              Belen                 6mo           7-Jul-19   B31 L2   Pedro, father
Garcia              Concho                2y2m          6-Jul-18   B17 L3   Severo, father
Garcia              Daniel D.             9mo          27-Jun-23   B58 L5   Daniel, father
Garcia              Daniel M.            1m15d          8-Dec-23   B62 L4   Daniel, father, Hanover
Garcia              Donaciano              .                  .      .      Grfthr of Florencio Juarez in B32 L1
Garcia              Donaciano             5da          10-Dec-25   B43 L8   Donaciano,father
Garcia              Esperansa             3da          22-Apr-20   B32 L4   Carmen, father
Garcia              Estanislada            .                  .      .      Sis.of Rafael Herrera in B27 L8
Garcia              Felipe                5mo          13-Oct-17   B12 L2   Lasadio, father
Garcia              France                11mo         30-Aug-19   B34 L1   Seturino B. father
Garcia              Juan                   .                  .      .      Hus. of Sara Guerra in B21 L8
Garcia              Juan                   20          12-Nov-18   B15 L2   Eloisa, mom. County burial
Garcia              Lupe                  5mo                 .    B21 L8   Juan, father
Garcia              Monica                1mo          10-Jun-21   B46 L4   Tranquilino, father
Garcia              Narcisco C.            58          14-Nov-26   B60 L3   Ricardo, son
Garcia              Richard               1y4m          4-Oct-30   B3 L6    Richard, father
Garcia              Sara                  22d          18-Jun-20   B13 L6   Concepcion, father
Garcia              Selso                 35           29-Nov-18   B6 L1    Geronima Mesa, mother
Garcia              Silbestre             2mo          11-Mar-19   B22 L3   Severo, father
Garcia              Teodoro               3hr           7-Feb-19   B6 L4    Carmen, father
Garcia              Tomas                  10           8-Jan-19   B19 L7   .
Geils               Adolf Mathias        73y10mo        8-Oct-21   B23 L5   Merchant and tailor
Gilbert             Mrs. Francis           19          12-Nov-18   B15 L8   County burial
Gomez               Antonio               1mo          21-Oct-27   B39 L3   Felix, father
Gomez               Bantio                 3           12-Dec-17   B8 L2    Muriel, father. House 540
Gomez               Cristina              4y5m         10-Feb-20  B31 L5    Arcadia R., mother
Gomez               Matias                11mo         24-Jan-31   B60 L2   .
Gomez               Rosaman                54          27-Oct-30   B60 L5   Buculio, father
Gomez               Mrs. Telesforo         32           7-Oct-17   B12 L8   Telesforo, father
Gonzales            Anestio               15m          18-Jun-17   B9 L2    Bernardino, father
Gonzales            Anita                10m17d        17-Jun-20   B40 L8   Refugio, father. Diarrhea
Gonzales            Crispin              8m17d         17-Jul-27   B112L2   Herminio, father. same as Block120Lot 2
Gonzales            Estanislado            40          19-Mar-23   B59 L8   Hanover. Died pneumonia
Gonzales            Felipe                 20           9Oct25     B42 L4   Refugio, father
Gonzales            Jesus                5m14d         22Jan21     B39 L3   Refugio, father
Gonzales            Jose                   .                  .      .      Hus. of Ebidar Trujillo B14 L4
Gonzales            Josefa                12d          21-Feb-19  B22 L4    Tomas, father
Gonzales            Juan                  4da          30-Nov-18   B18 L8   Hermino, father
Gonzales            Juan                 2m5d          22-Aug-25  B56 L8    Rosalio, father
Gonzales            Mercides               3d          27-Sep-17   B16 L7   Herminio, father. House 531
Gonzales            Otila                 1y6m          7-Feb-26   B54 L7   Clemento, father
Gonzales            Paulina                22           4-Jun-19   B31 L7   Abram, father
Gonzales            Tiodoro               7mo           6-Sep-22   B50 L2   Martin, father
Gonzales            Ysabel C.              28          16-Jan-24   B61 L7   Avelino, husband
Greear              girl                   .           18-Jun-21   B26 L2   Mack C. father. B dead, infant twin
Greear              infant                4da          24-Jan-21   B26 L3   Date is that of death. twin
Griear              Nannie                 87                 .    B5 L4    .
Griffen             Leon E.                30          10-Jul-38   B38 L4   Coronary thrombosis
Gruwell             Angus                  .                  .    B22 L2   Foster father of R. Brooks
Guerra              Francisco              2            4-Mar-18   B8 L4    Cruz, father
Guerra              Avelia                7mo           7-Jun-27   B41 L4   Pedro, father
Guerra              Sara                   .           28-Mar-18   B21 L8   Juan Garcia, husband
Guertie             Altagracia             .                  .      .      Mother of Pedro Vasquez in B33 L5
Guireca             Maria Blaza           43            4-Apr-23   B59 L7   Grabiel Untiveroz, husband
Gumm                Joe                    .                  .      .      Bro in law to J.E. Craft B2 L1
Gusman              Trojina               3mo           2-Jul-17   B24 L4   C., father
Gustamantes         Teresa                 37          18-Aug-19   B34 L5   Rafael Larizava, husband
Gutierrez           Agustin                23           2-Jan-19   B19 L3   County burial
Gutierrez           Domingo                22          15-Aug-27   B111L4   Jorge, bro in Block 119 Lot 4.
Gutierrez           Guadalupe             10d          16-Nov-17   B10 L6   Jose, father, house 755
Gutierrez           Guadalupe             7mo          13-Apr-19   B30 L1   Jose, father, Hanover
Gutierrez           Jesus                  .                  .      .      Father of Ysabel Basquez Blk 8, Lot 8
Gutierrez           Jesus J.               23           1-Jun-24   B53 L6   Killed on the job
Gutierrez           Jose David            14d           9-Mar-17   B11 L8   Apolomio, father
Gutierrez           Jose Jesus            6mo          29-Oct-17   B4 L4    Mauricu, father, house 541
Gutierrez           Mary Dalia           2m12d          7-Nov-28  B126 L3   Jose, father
Haegen              Robert Lloyd          3.5           7-Mar-27   B36 L7   Lloyd, father
Hammond             Reford Eugene          25          11-Jun-42   B6 L5    Died from sinus infection. His son Gene
Hardin              James Frank            .           28-Dec-50   B46 L7   .
Hardin              Zeb C.                 75           1-Mar-46   B46 L6   Car. Cematosis
Harias              baby girl             1da          30-Nov-20   B25 L5   Fidel, father, house 738
Harwood             Dorothy Virginia       8                  .    B36 L8   J. I. father
Hedtrick            Lee                    .           29-Jun-28   B20 L5   .
Henry               Evaline               11mo         12-Mar-18   B16 L5   Rufas, father
Heredia             Salvador              10mo          8-Feb-20   B32 L6   Nicolas, father
Herera              Rafael                 42          26-Apr-19   B27 L8   Estanislada Garcia, sister
Herera              Simonita              12d          24-Nov-18   B7 L3    Filberto, father
Hernandez           Adolfo                 18          19-Sep-23   B59 L4   Francisco, father
Hernandez           Maria                  .                  .      .      Wf of Jesus H. MartinezBlock 28Lot 2
Hernandez           Vetorio                20           4-Nov-18   B18 L4   Aniseta, father
Herrera             Ausensio               24          22-Aug-17   B17 L1   CCC employee
Herrera             Harmalina              11           2-Mar-27   B43 L5   Filiberto, father
Herrera             Pepa                   40          26-Dec-16   B2 L6    .
Hickman             Charles P.             62          10-Dec-27   B29 L2   .
Hickman             Mary Elizabeth         68           4-Jun-46   B29 L3   .
Hill                Rufina C.              52           4-Feb-24   B53 L2   Jose, Husband
Hinojos             Ricardo                55          10-Oct-23   B40 L1   Luis, father, Lived in Hanover
Hinsley             Alexander B.           45          23-Jan-49   B24 L7   .
Hinsley             Annie                 11mo         19-Mar-23   B24 L8   Joe, father.
Hinsley             John                   48          20-Sep-20   B24 L5   Raymond, father. D. pneumonia.
Hinsley             Mrs. Siserata          68           4-Jul-22   B24 L6   Died 1 Jul, Joe, husband
Holguin             Enrequeta de           32          25-Nov-18   B15 L3   Sirapio H., husband
Holguin             Eustacio               14          24-May-18   B15 L4   S. H., brother
Holman              Mrs. Margaret          75          12-Mar-52   B3 L8    B3 L6 reserved for Holman family
Holman              Thomas                 67          13-Jan-20   B3 L5    William, son. 67y8m24d. D. cirrhosis
Holman              William                73          30-Mar-46   B3 L7    Cerebral hemorrhage
Huerta              Altagracia             52           8-Jul-27   B112L3   Salvador Vasquez, son listed Blk120 Lot3
Huerta              Claro                  40          19-Nov-27   B118L4   Philipe, brother
Huerta              Elisa                7m26d         23-Aug-24   B56 L7   Felipe, father
Huerta              Ester                 2da          12-Jan-34   B42 L7   .
Huerta              Lionardo             4m13d          3-Oct-20   B38 L8   Jose D., father, malnutrition
Huerta              Ramon                 23mo          7-Nov-22   B51 L1   Felipe, father, diphtheria
Huffman             William               27           13-Dec-25   B35 L5   John Bachus, half bro ag 37 burial loc.
Hughes              baby                  1day         23-Aug-02  5 B25 L3  B. H., father
Islas               Eloy                   .                  .    B48 L4   .
Islas               Mariano                75           2-Dec-32   B48 L9   Well known miner
Iturte              Benigno              38y27d        10-Mar-25   B62 L3   Romulo Barraza, friend
Jaques              Felicano               45          20-Jun-19   B31 L8   Ysidra de, wife
Jimenez             baby girl                          27-Mar-24   B63 L8   Pasqual, father. Stillborn
Johnson             Harry Clyde           1yr.          7-Aug-26   B23 L8   .
Johnson             Martilla              56           10-May-27   B24 L3   Georgetown school district
Jones               baby                                6-Jun-26   B22 L1   Milo, father. Stillborn
Jones               Mrs. Clarence          38          20-Oct-40   B50 L3   Coronary thrombosis
Jones               Richard Allen          .           20-Jun-39   B4 L6    Taft, father. Stillborn
Juarez              Florencio              73           2-Apr-20   B32 L1   Donaciano Garcia, grandson
Juarez              Guadalupe             26d           2-Apr-23   B51 L8   Livoro, father
Juarez              Jose                  4mo          24-Jun-22   B36 L3   B., father. Died 6/24
Juarez              Manuela                43          17-Dec-19   B33 L4   .
Jusman              E--?--                 26          17-Aug-21   B46 L1   Guzman?
Justaita            baby                  1mo          14-Mar-20   B23 L3   J. J., father.
Kelly               William                .                  .    B27 L5   Note says: "old man"
Kellum              Mrs. E. B.            45            3-May-22   B11 L2   Harold L. Wirtz, son-in-law.
Kennedy             George W.              91          22-Sep-43   B45 L3   Mrs. Besssie Smith, dau.
Kennedy             Mrs. G. W.             .           12-Aug-16   B45 L2   Remains from Cemetery #3,Aug.10 1919
Kirker              Ernestina             16d          13-Apr-20   B32 L2   Juan, father. Pneumonia
Kirker              Maria                 2hr               1918   B5 L6    Juan, father.
Kirkpatrick         Bessie                 23           4-May-19   B15 L7   W. J. Williams, stepfather
Lacy                John Martin            68          19-Feb-21   B23 L1   67y8m17d. Shoemaker
Lara                Juana                  1            8-Feb-26   B62 L1   Miguel, father
Larizava            Manuel                2mo          15-Aug-19   B34 L6   Rafael, father
Larizava            Rafael                 .                  .      .      Hus. of Teresa Gustamante Blk34 Lot5
Lasarin             Victoriana             55          10-Jan-19   B28 L3   Guadalupe Torres, mother
Lechuga             Juana                  30           5-Jun-19   B15 L7   Eriverto Duran, husband
Legia               Ventura                35          22-Jan-22   B26 L3   Died January 14, 1922
Lee                 Julius N. Jr.         9mo          19-Jul-26   B22 L7   Father has same name
Lett                Billy Clyde            11          25-Sep-46   B3 L4    Spinal meningitis
Llamas              Octaviano              .                  .      .      Cousin to Isabel Perez Blk118 Lot7
Long                Raymond                24           1-Nov-19   B9 L2    Steam pumpman, caughtin flywheel
Loma                Consuelo               1                1917   B1 L1    Augustin, father
Lopez               Elena                 14mo         29-Jun-18   B21 L4   Jack, father, house #311
Lopez               Jesus                 1y4m              1918   B5 L3    Macario, father
Lopez               Jesus                3m23d         27-Jul-20   B42 L8   Trenida, father
Lopez               Jesus                  .           31-Dec-23   B63 L5   Francisco, father, born dead
Lopez               Juana de la Cruz       ..          11-Jan-31   B101L5   .
Lopez               Maria de Jesus        4mo          19-Apr-20   B32 L3   Jesus, father. Died from TB
Lopez               Pabla                  .           27-Jan-34   B42 L6   Francino, father. Stillborn
Lopez               Solida                1y6m          2-Sep-20   B24 L6   Jose, father
Lottritz            John Martin            72                 .    B37 L4   Chronic myocarditis
Lucero              Elvisa                1m4d          4-Jan-21   B1 L8    S., father. Suffocation
Lucero              Guillermo              15          18-Oct-21   B47 L6   Miguel, father
Lucero              Manuel                 .           26-Jan-18   B2 L3    Zacarias, father
Lucero              Mario Leon            19d          22-Sep-25   B43 L4
Lucero              Severa                 4            8-Mar-21   B37 L3   Zacarias, father, pneumonia.
Lucero              Zacarias               48           3-Mar-21   B37 L4   Louis, brother
Lucero              ?                      .                  .    B48 L3   .
Luera               Serapia de 58          .            7-Apr-21   B46 L6   Miguel, husband
Lueranos            Blaz                 4y11m         29-Dec-20   B39 L1   Felix, father, cerebral tumor
Lujan               Santiago              3mo           5-Nov-19   B33 L3   Severo, father. Hanover, NM
Luna                baby boy              5mo           3-May-17   B26 L1   Antonio, father
Luna                Colonia                60           3-Jan-18   B20 L1   Florencio Soto, husband
Luna                Josefia                18          15-Jan-17   B2 L4    Died from small pox
Macias              A. boy                11mo          1-Mar-17   B1 L2    Jose, father
Maciel              boy                    9             B17 L7      .      Domingo, father. Small pox. Same grave
Maciel              Ramon                9m23d         16-Sep-20   B24 L3   Domingo, father
Madero              Andres                 36          11-Dec-25   B52 L5   Frank, brother
Madero              Virginia Isabel       17d          21-Dec-19   B33 L8   Frank, father. Died 12/21 malnutrition
Madero              Listo                  80           8-Jan-23   B51 L7   Wife, next of kin. Apoplexy
Madrid              Juano                  80          17-May-24   B53 L7   Florentina Varela, daughter
Madrid              Manuela               2mo          19-Apr-28   B104L7   Died 4/19. Alejandro, father
Madrid              Nasaria Rios           78          13-Oct-25   B44 L3   Martinado, son
Madrid              Pedro                 18mo         25-Sep-17   B10 L7   Romaldo, father, house 1251
Malla               Maria Concepcion      38d          13-Jan-19   B3 L3    Gregorio, father
Maloney             Mrs.                   .           28-Feb-17   B12 L4   Small pox case
Marcial             Moises                 40           8-Jan-19   B28 L6   .
Marin               Genaro                 35          18-Sep-22   B50 L5   .
Marques             Socorra               8mo          20-Feb-26   B48 L6   Eduardo, father
Marques             Andreas               25d          23-Dec-20   B38 L2   Pedro, father. Died 12/20/20
Marrujo             Augustin               2            1-Mar-24   B61 L7   Augustin, father
Marrujo             Oscar                 3m9d          3-Nov-24   B56 L1   Paulino, father
Marrujo             Pablino                32           2-Mar-26   B62 L2   Dolores, wife
Marrujo             Paulino                .                  .      .      Step brother of I. Portillo Blk62 Lot5.
Marrujo             Tomas                 7m8d          9-Apr-24   B61 L2   Alberto, father
Martin              Mrs. Wade              44          31-May-40   B17 L2   Husband, Wade
Martinez            baby boy              1mo                 .    B63 L7   Jesus M., father, house 70
Martinez            child                  .            5-Jul-28   B31 L4   Antonio, father
Martinez            Jesus H.               26          24-May-19   B28 L2   Maria Hernandez, wife. powderman
Martinez            Julia                 3mo          10-Jun-20   B32 L8   Guadalupe, father. Diarrhea
Martinez            Luz                   8mo          21-Sep-19   B19 L6   Guadalupe, father
Martinez            Ramon                  84                      B44 L5   Refugio M. de, wife
Martinez            Ramona                1m2d         21-Nov-20   B38 L3   Lorenzo, father. Diarrhea. 2mo 3ds
Martinez            Salvador               45           4-May-18   B18 L5   Dolores, wife
Masias              Justian                .                  .      .      Hus of Venita Ramirez Blk30 Lot5
Mayes               Stonewall Jackson      .            2-Oct-38   B5 L2    .
Mayes               Winnie Elizabeth       18           8-Apr-25   B5 L1    Father, Stone Mayes
McAuliffe           baby                  13mo         17-Feb-26   B23 L4   John, father
McAuliff            twins                3days          7-Jan-26   B26 L3   John, father
McDonald            Bruce Neil           2days          7-Feb-42   B4 L2    .
McMathews                                  .           13-Jul-21   B14 L8   .
McNeally            W. J.                  42          25-Mar-17   B2 L5    Bartender, d. pneumonia, 25Mar
McWilliams          Dan                    70          13-Jul-21   B11 L3   Found dead at Bayard Station;Williams, D
Mechaco             baby girl              .           24-Jan-17   B17 L8   Marcelino, father, smallpox. Same grave
Medina              baby boy              11d          17-Feb-17   B9 L8    Felix, father, liver disease
Medina              Felix                  .                  .      .      Son of Elena Ponze in B 6 L 7
Medina              Felix                  50          20-Jul-25   B55 L4   Sabia Gonzales M., wife
Medina              Francisca             2mo               1918   B10 L5   Felix, father
Median              Juan                   24          12-Oct-23   B57 L4   Died in auto accident
Medina              Paula                 5mo          26-Jun-20   B23 L8   Felix, father
Medina              Ventura                48          10-Jul-18   B18 L1   .
Mejia               Tomas P.              9mo          16-Sep-23   B57 L1   Jose P., father. Diarrhea
Mencada             Jesus                 11mo          6-Jul-27   B112L5   Juan, father. Also b. in Blk120 Lot5
Mendoza             Maria                10m25d        10-Sep-21   B47 L7   Jose, father, pneumonia
Mendoza             Carmen               2.5mo         28-Jan-26   B48L 7   Jose, father
Mendoza             Elene                 5mo          15-Dec-30   B18 L9   Daniel, father
Mendoza             Salvador              m3d           1-Aug-24   B56 L4   Jose, father
Meras               Ysabe                 1y6m         26-Nov-18   B7 L6
Ramon               Mesa                   1            2-Sep-27   B117L3   Seledonia Peralta, mother. listed b.Blk1
Mesa                Geronima               .                  .      .      Mother of Selso Garcia in B6 L1
Mills               John R.                58          10-Sep-19   B2 L8    Blacksmith
Mims                Harold Arthur         hrs                 .    B12 L3   .
Miraz               Manue                  53          13-Jan-19   B27 L2   Ramon, son
Mitchell            Mary                  7mo           4-Dec-17   B28 L4   Died 4Dec. R. B. father
Mitchell            Buelah Pearl           39          12-Nov-34   B13 L3   Embolism
Mitchell            Garland C.             .            9-Mar-39   B13 L2   Gunshot wound
Mitchell            Joseph Clarence        .           31-Aug-58   B13L4    Coronary of lungs
Montes              Antonio                48          15-Jan-17   B11 L5   .
Montgomery          James Daniel           44          15-Jun-35   B46 L1   .
Montoya             Erminia                10           6-Nov-23   B52 L2   Francisco, father, heart disease.
Montoya             Ramon                 2mo                 .    B127L5   Felix, father
Morales             Jesus                 14mo         19-Nov-20   B38 L6   Jose, father, whooping cough
Moreno              baby boy               .            9-Jun-19   B15 L5   Calletano, father. Born dead
Morgan              Johnny                1y8m         28-Jun-20   B25 L8   W. A. father. Diarrhea
Moulton             Ed                     85          31-Dec-30   B39 L5   Age is approximate
Munjares            Anita                  75          17-Aug-22   B50 L4   .
Munjares            Jose                   23           1-Sep-25   B54 L8   Manuel, brother
Munjares            Manuela               7mo          15-Jan-21   B39 L4   Estanislado, father
Munjares            Ventura                33           8-Jun-22   B50 L8   Miner, died with T.B
Muños               Angel                  3           23-Dec-18   B19 L5   .
Muños               Felipe                 .                  .      .      Husband of Guadalupe Solorzo Blk39 Lot6
Muños               Melia Nestor?          9            8-Mar-21   B37 L8   Santiago, brother
Muñoz               Francisco              26          29-Nov-18   B7 L7    Masimanio, father,
Muñoz               Margarita             8mo          13-Jul-25   B55 L3   Jesus, father
Muñoz               Maria Elisa           11mo         29-Jul-25   B54 L4   Emilio, father
Murillo             Ofelia                4mo          12-Mar-29   B36 L    2 Encarnacion, father
Naba                Maximiano              60          19-Jun-18   B21 L6   .
Nagao               baby                   4d          14-Jul-17   B4 L8    George, father. Japanese
Navarez             Francisco              12           5-Dec-16   B11 L1   E., father
Navarro             Manuela                21           2-Jan-19   B6 L3    Leonardo, father. Died 1/12
Navarette           Manuel                 1           26-Jun-20   B23 L7   Negro baby, diarrhea
Navarrate           Ysabe                  l           12-Dec-25   B43 L3   Felix, father
Navarraz            Madenax                .                  .      .      Cousin of Carlos Chapana Blk16 Lot3
Nevares             E.                     .                  .      .      Husband of Nicholasa Flores Blk12 Lot3
Nevares             Nicolas                43          17-Jan-20   B32 L5   .
Nevares             Petra                  1            1-Sep-17   B12 L4   E., father
Nevarez             Grispin               2y5m         25-Apr-24   B63 L2   Donaciano, father
Nolan               John D.                80          25-Jun-36   B3 L6    Mrs. Tom Holman, daughter
Nolan               R. E.                  32          25-Sep-24   B3 L1    Jack, father
Nolan               Mrs. Jack              68                 .    B3 L2    Jack, husband. Blk3, Lot3 reserved
Ornelas             Epitacio               72           6-Jun-19   B15 L6   .
Orollos             baby girl              2            4-Jan-17   B17 L8   Jose, father, smallpox. 
Oropaso             Plutarca               42          29-Jan-20   B33 L2   Francisco Solorsa, husband
Orosco              Francisco              65          30-Dec-18   B29 L7
Ortega              Theodora             1m22d          1-Mar-20   B22 L5   Eulogio, father, pneumonia
Ortega              Teodora                72                 .   B43 L1,2  Remains of this man and 2 others moved
Ortega              Urbano                 50          18-Jan-17   B11 L6
Ortega              Vicente                24                     B43L1,2   B. w. Teodora Ortega / Silverio Dillas
Ortis               Luz                  2m12d          8-Aug-22   B50 L6   Alverto, father
Ortis               Mateo                 2mo          16-Mar-17   B11 L3   Jose, father
Ortiz               Daniel                 28          11-Dec-29   B49 L5
Ortiz               Dolores                2            7-Aug-25   B54 L1   Gumesindo, father
Ortiz               Felicita C. de         30          22-Oct-18   B28 L8   Felipe, husband
Ortiz               Jesus                4m13d         14-Aug-25   B54 L5   Gumesindo, father
Ortiz               Juan M.                59          21-Mar-26   B49 L7   Jose, son
Ortiz               Orfita                 .                  .      .      Daughter of Tidora Sanchez b. betw lots7
Owens               Max                   22mo         29-Jul-17   B11 L5   Died 28Jul. Diarrhea
Owens               M. J.                  23          28-Dec-18   B11 L6   Mrs. M. J. wife
Padilla             Juan                   76          28-Sep-23   B45 L7   Pantatiana Bigengas, wife. D. from dysen
Parra               Juanita               3mo          13-Aug-23   B57 L5   Manuel, father. Colitis
Parsons             Lilian                 11          22-Mar-19   B15 L2   W. J. father. Pneumonia
Payne               Lavell Ramsey          26          18-Jun-40   B9 L5    Skull fracture
Peake               W. L.                  19           1-Jan-18   B15 L1   Mrs. E. Panther, sister
Peck                Dean                   30          20-Feb-19   B11 L7   Josephine, wife. Job accident
Pegler              Russell              11y7m          5-Jun-24   B25 L7   A, G., father
Peña                Pieda                  64          15-Jun-18   B20 L8   .
Peralta             Seledonia              .                  .      .      Mother of Mesa baby in Block117 Lot3
Perez               Carmen                 45          30-Aug-19   B33 L7   .
Perez               Illiro                 1d          16-Jan-22   B26 L4   H. father
Perez               Isabel                 38           5-Feb-28   B118L7   Octaviano Llamas, cousin
Perez               Ramon                 10mo         18-Jul-27   B112L7   Amador, father. 
Perrenot            F. D.                  54           2-Jan-18   B22 L3   Mrs. W. J. Bethancourt, daughter
Philipps            A. J.                  47           5-Feb-17   B11 L4   Track foreman. Aortic aneurysm
Placencio           Julio                 14mo          5-Nov-18   B18 L6   Zacarias, father
Placencio           Lida                   6            4-Jan-19   B3 L4    Zacarias, father
Placencio           Maria                  3d          22-Sep-18   B15 L1   Pablino, father
Placencio           Tomasa                 3           26-Nov-18   B7 L4    Pablino, father
Ponce               baby                  4hr          21-Jun-26   B48 L8   Pofirio, father
Ponce               Jose                   .           23-Mar-27   B48 L1   Pofirio, father. Stillborn
Ponce               Ramon G               .5mo         22-Jul-25   B55 L5   Cruz, father
Ponze               Elena                  85           4-Oct-02  2 B6 L7   Feliz Medina, son
Portillo            Isidora                50          11-Jun-26   B62 L5   Paulino Marujo, step brother
Powers              Dan55                  .                  .    B1 L7    .
Powers              Margaret Lyons         73           9-May-49   B1 L5    Cardiac failure
Powers              Richard                82          19-Feb-39   B1 L6    Cardio vasc. disease
Preciado            Aurelia                .                  .      .      Sister to Mariana Chavez Blk52 Lot1
Preciado            Dellia                 1            6-Nov-18   B7 L1    Jose, father
Prieto              Ramon                  66           4-Oct-27   B127L4   Ramon, son
Proo                baby boy               .           12-Jul-21   B25 L6   Luis G., father. Stillborn
Proo                Luz                    30          23-Dec-18   B19 L8   Luis, husband
Pruett              E. L.                2.5da          2-Feb-20   B2 L4    Albert W., father
Pruett              Lula Russell           50          28-Jan-28   B37 L8   Wife of Jesse A. Pruett
Puentes             Jesus                  2           11-Feb-26   B60 L4   Jose, father
Puentes             Magdalena             1mo          19-Mar-26   B49 L3   Jose, father
P---?---            Porfirio               .                  .    B128L8
Quesada             Delores C.             .                  .      .      Wife of Telesforo Candelaria Blk53 Lot4
Quesada             Maria                 6mo          12-Jul-18   B5 L1    Christobal, father
Quidos              Rafael               4y8mo         22-Nov-22   B51 L2   Proto, father
Quintana            Guadalupe              2           10-Sep-23   B58 L2   Marsilino, father
Quintana            Tomas                  9            6-Apr-23   B58 L6   Marselilno, father. Pneumonia
Quinteros           Guillermo              1           23-Aug-24   B53 L5   Espirion, father
Qualls              baby                  2da          31-Jul-20   B25 L1   .
Ralla               Pablo                  65           3-Jan-18   B28 L5   .
Ramires             Remigia                40           8-Apr-19   B30 L2   .
Ramirez             baby boy              4mo          11-Feb-17   B11 L2   Susano, father
Ramirez             Dolores               4m4d         14-Aug-24   B56 L3   Ygnacio, father
Ramirez             Frances              DOA 1         16-May-49   B42 L1   Abundio Ambriz, grandfather
Ramirez             Luz Murillo            35          29-Nov-25   B41 L2   Francisco, husband
Ramirez             Maria Jesus            27          13-Nov-27   B118L8   Murdered, gun shot
Ramirez             Teresa                2m5d         21-Nov-20   B38 L5   Pedro, father
Ramirez             Venita                 35          29-Apr-19   B30 L5   Julian Masias, husband
Redivasquez         Guadalupe              74           9-Mar-21   B37 L7   Marcelon Cantano, son
Reed                William Melton         13          21-Aug-27   B27 L2   Ran over by an auto
Reed                Leslie Osborn          .           27-May-49   B27 L6   Cerebral hemorrhage
Reed                Mamie Elenore          33           2-Jan-23   B26 L8   Leslie O. husband. Died 12/31 from TB
Reinosa             Ramon                  26           4-Oct-23   B45 L8   Died from shock
Remedas             Carmen                2y2m          1-Sep-18   B5 L2    Remedas, father
Reyes               baby girl             10mo          7-Jun-18   B2 L2    Manuel, father
Reyes               Creciancio             45          27-Dec-19   B19 L1   County burial
Reyes               Maria                  25          31-Dec-18   B19 L2   Died 12/31
Reyes               Mariana Gonzales       55           4-Mar-25   B44 L1   Martin, husband
Rillos              Maria                  73           5-Jun-20   B13 L2   .
Rincon              Catalina              6mo           1-Sep-18   B22 L8   Marcelino Centino, father
Rios                Agustin                24          17-Apr-18   B30 L6   Julian, father. Pneumonia
Rios                two babies             .           13-Nov-21   B47 L3   Jesus, father. Stillborn
Rios                Gecenciana B.          85          24-Aug-25   B54 L6   Atilano, son
Rivera              Luis                   70          22-Dec-19   B29 L3   Lino, son. Retired farmer
Rivera              Socorra              6m24d         25-Mar-22   B40 L3   Higeno, father. Diarrhea
Robbins             Dona Gay               .           14-Apr-56   B5 L5    .
Robbins             Kathleen Elizabeth     .           20-Jul-53   B5 L1A   Prematurity, b. betw Lots1
Roberts             Rodolfo               8mo           4-Aug-25   B54 L3   Dolores Sanchez, uncle
Robertson           Clautilda Sanchez      24           2Jan19     B2 L3    J. L. Husband
Roblero             Margarita              22          17-Aug-22   B37 L6   Librada, mother, Hanover
Rocha               Alberto                28           7-Oct-18   B18 L3   From Fierro, NM
Rodgers             J. A.                  70          13-Jun-24   B12 L8   Mrs. R. E. Dempsey, daughter
Rodgers             Mary E.                76          24-Aug-25   B12 L6   Jack Dempsey, next of kin
Rodriques           Daniel Y.              23          16-May-21   B46 L7   R. V. Delgado, father. D. of frac. skull
Rodriques           Francisco              1           25-Apr-18   B14 L3   Ventura, father
Rodriques           Josefa                6mo          14-Feb-19   B27 L6   Aleario, father
Rodriques           Marcos                 46          17-Apr-18   B20 L7   .
Rodriques           Monez                  1            6-Oct-30   B49 L1   Manuel, father
Rodriques           Pablo                 6mo          29-Jun-17   B4 L3    Vicente, father
Rodriques           Refugio                40           8-Jun-18   B20 L7   Hanover, NM
Rodriquez           Basilio                3d          16-Jun-20   B40 L7   Juan, father
Rodriquez           Caroline             3m22d         26-Feb-20   B23 L4   Tomas, father, house #220
Rodriquez           Dimas                  30          13-Nov-20   B35 L5   Narcisco, father. plumber
Rodriquez           Francisco             9mo          28-Jun-19   B31 L3   Lino, father, father #217
Rodriquez           Geronimo               34          30-Dec-18   B29 L1   .
Rodriquez           Jesus                4m17d          3-Aug-21   B25 L3   Rayes, father
Rodriquez           Jose M.                19          14-Sep-27   B117L5   Francisco, brother. Also listed Blk119
Rodriquez           Jose N.               3mo          21-Jul-19   B33 L1   Pablo, father
Rodriquez           Juan                   26          21-Jun-18   B8 L7    Pascual, father. Killed by lightning at
Rodriquez           Manuel                 65          17-Apr-17   B26 L6   .
Rodriquez           Manuel                16mo         10-Oct-18   B5 L7    Jose, father. Died 10/10
Rodriquez           Manuel                18d          28-Sep-25   B44 L2   Manuel, father
Rodriquez           Manuela                11          22-Apr-19   B34 L4   Pedro, father
Rodriquez           Natalia               3m3d          7-Oct-22   B25 L4   Reyes, father. Died of colitis
Rodriquez           Roman                 6mo           1-Apr-18   B27 L5   Antonio, father
Rodriquez           Salvador              2mo           8-Apr-19   B30 L7   Martin, father. Pneumonia
Rodriquez           Vincelado              3           21-Jan-19   B3 L2    Donicio, father
Rodriquez           Vitoriano              11          30-Nov-23   B52 L7   Vitoriano, father
Rodriquez           Ysae                  13d          21-Jan-21   B39 L5   Tomas, father
Rojas               Magdelena             1mo          17-Nov-17   B10 L2   Monasamo, father, house #323
Ronquillo           Alfredo                .                  .      .      Father of Maria Candelaria Blk59 Lot2
Rosales             Francisco             5mo          12-Jan-18   B12 L1   Jose, father
Ruelos              Manuel                17d          17-Jun-29   B1 L7    Miguel, father
Ruelos              Pedro                 6wk           9-Jan-17   B1 L4    Miguel, father
Ruiz                Juan                   60           8-Mar-17   B16 L8   Age approximate
Ruiz                Juaquin                .           23-May-23   B6 L6    Part of his body?
Saenz               Modesto                57          15-Jan-27   B41 L3   Alejandro, son
Salais              Apolonio              5hrs          2-Oct-22   B51 L5   Tiodoro, father. Twins
Salais              baby girl             15d          26-Oct-19   B45 L4   Jose Proto, father
Salais              Jesus                 1y4m         17-Feb-21   B45 L3   Jose P. father. Pneumonia
Salais              Marcos                 66          13-Aug-26   B48 L2   Jil, son
Salais              Masedonio              45          13-Jan-19   B28 L1   Rellis Lopez, mother
Salais              Ramon                 5hrs          2-Oct-22   B51 L5   Tiodoro, father.Twins
Salazar             baby girl             10m          23-Aug-17   B8 L5    Julian, father
Salazar             Esidora                16          13-Jul-17   B4 L1    Concepsion, father
Salazar             Visente                60          19-Nov-23   B53 L8   Yrinella de, wife
Saldava             Maria                 14d          27-Aug-17   B8 L1    Jesus, father. House #544
Saldisar            Santiago               45          20-Jan-17   B1 L3    .
Salinas             baby girl                           5-Aug-19   B27 L1   Tomas, father. Born dead
Sanchez             Antonia              4m17d         27-Oct-21   B47 L4   Etuicio, father
Sanchez             Antonio               11d          17-Mar-20   B13 L7   Entiquio, father
Sanchez             Daniel                4mo                 .    B117L4   Jesus, brother. Also listed as b. Blk119
Sanchez             Dolores                .                  .      .      Uncle of Rodolfo Roberts Block54 Lot3
Sanchez             Tidora                 42          14-Apr-19    B28     Orfita Ortiz, daughter. Buried betw Lots
Sandoval            Arturo                4mo          10-Jul-18   B27 L3   Abralio, father, house 743
Sandoval            baby                   .           26-Jun-20   B13 L3   Bartolo, father. Born dead
Sandoval            Petronila              67          26-Jul-20   B40 L4   Cerebral hemorrhage
Sandoval            Faustino               26          29-May-17   B9 L3    .
Sandoval            Jesus                 10mo         19-Jul-27   B112L1   Aurelio, father. Also listed as buried B
Sandoval            Jose                  6mo          25-Oct-26   B49 L8   Tomas, father
Sandoval            Maria Martinez         20          29-Mar-20   B26 L7   Antonio, husband. Died 3/29
Sandoval            Rosa                   24          15-Jun-17   B17 L6   .
Santiago            Ernesto                            30-Jan-19   B27 L7   Chino Copper Co. house 711
Santillo            Erimenia                           11-Mar-18   B10 L4   Chino Copper Co
Sarete              baby girl              .           24-Jan-17   B17 L8   Rafele, mother, smallpox b. w 3 children
Sargent             George                 69          20-Jul-25   B4 L8    Fred, son
Saucedo             Alejo                  60           5-Jan-22   B45 L1   .
Savala              Juliana               15d           7-Jul-20   B13 L1   Manuel, father. Premature
Savala              Sofia                  5d          25-Jun-20   B13 L4   Manuel, father
Saverio             Petrita                2            1-Nov-19   B34 L3   Pedro, father
Servere             Eduardo                40           3-Jan-19   B28 L4   County burial
Sierra              Willie                 27          29-Mar-21   B46 L5   Ynez. M., wife
Sillas              Havrna                 58           8-Jan-24   B52 L6   Porfirio, husband
Sillas              Jesus                  78          19-Nov-23   B52 L4   Ponposa de, wife
Sillas              Porfirio               74          24-Nov-23   B52 L8   Avrana, wife. Died at San Jose from burn
Silva               Catarina               45          27-Dec-18   B19 L4   County burial
Skinner             George Benjamin        21           5-Feb-19   B26 L5   Sidney S., father. Pneumonia
Soto                Fermin                6mo          29-Mar-17   B9 L7    Fermin, father
Soto                Florencio              .                  .      .      Husband of Colonia Luna Block20 Lot1
Sotelo              Rosa                   14          26-Apr-18   B21 L7   Maria, mother
Solorsa             Francisco              .                  .      .      Husband of Plutarca Oropaso in Blk33 Lot
Solorzo             Guadalupe              28           3-Feb-21   B39 L6   Felipe Muños, husband
Stabb               Jack                   76          26-Dec-36   B38 L7   Apoplexy and senility
Stevenson           baby                  5mo          17-Apr-27   B36 L6   Baby burned at H dump
Stewart             Mrs. D.A.              65          10-Dec-26   B22 L5   J. W., husband. Another source burial as
Stoutt              C. L.                  56          28-Jan-17   B11 L1   Smallpox
Strickland          Mrs. Mallie            66          29-Jun-23   B23 L3   P. F. son. Nephritis
Summer              Betty Lane             1            3-Sep-26   B27 L1   M. A., father
Tafoa               Raynold               14mo         13-Jul-17   B9 L1    Cecelio, father
Tafolla             Altragracia            3           27-Apr-24     .      B63 L4 Hilario, father, Hanover, NM
Tafolla             Donacianox             .                  .      .      Son of Guadalupe Delgado Blk27 Lot4
Tafolla             Francisco             8mo           1-Aug-18   B16 L5   Tranquelino, father
Tafolla             Mariax                 .                  .      .      Wife of Hilario Untiveroz Blk62 Lot7
Tafolla             Sisilio                38          20-Sep-18   B18 L2   Alvino, brother
Tafoya              Anita                  3           17-Jan-18   B8 L3    Albino, father, house #771
Tafoya              Gloria                2y5m         24-Jun-25   B55 L1   Vecente, father
Tapia               Juana                  32          27-Feb-19   B30 L4   Timotello Bañuelos, hus. From Hanover
Tapia               Santiago               5d           2-Apr-17   B14 L7   Sirilio, father
Tapia               Siriliox               .                  .      .      Father of Niedas Esparja Blk11 Lot7
Tapia               Sirildo                57          25-Sep-23   B45 L5   .
Tatom               Oscar Harris         7y6m4d        14-Jan-24   B2 L7    W. A. Tatom, father
Tavares             Esperansa              16           4-Feb-19   B3 L5    Felicita, mother
Telles              baby boy               .           17-Jul-17   B16 L4   Prudencio, father. Born dead
Telles              Enrique             2y2m22d        22-Aug-21   B46 L2   Alejandro, father
Telles              baby                  4hrs          7-May-26   B60 L7   Alejandro, father
Telles              baby girl             2mo           5-May-17   B17 L2   Ambrosio, father
Telles              Benito                 .           12-Jan-18   B17 L4   Alejandro, father. Born dead
Telles              girl                  7mo           2-Feb-17   B17 L5   Alejandro, father, smallpox
Telles              Sisilia               5mo          20-Jan-21   B39 L8   Purdencio, father.Lived in Hanover,recds
Thomas              Alec                   .                  .      .      Son-law of Ada Wilkenson Blk34 Lot1
Thomas              Thomas Lewis           8           16-Apr-26   B34 L7   Alex, father. Died 4/16/26
Thompson            Martin                9mo          10-Jun-20   B26 L1   J. M. father
Tores               Guadalupe              .                  .      .      Dau of Victoriana Lasarin Blk28 Lot3
Torres              baby girl              .            4-Apr-17   B14 L6   Domingo, father, born dead
Torres              Guadalupe              .                  .      .      Mother of Benavides boy Blk111 Lot7
Trejio              Ebidar                 23          30-Apr-18   B14 L4   Jose Gonzales, husband
Trent               Mrs. Kate              64          14-Jun-19   B3 L9    J. O. Trent, son
Trias               Ysabel Rascon         18mo         25-Apr-24   B63 L3   Santos Villegas kin?
Troncosa            Delores               1mo          17-Apr-18   B20 L4   .
Trujillo            Jesus Jose            6mo           4-Aug-20   B24 L1   Lazaro, father. Colitis
Trujillo            Miguel                 .                  .      .      Father of Camila Arellano in Blk4 Lot2
Turrey              Maria                 4mo           8-Apr-24   B61 L6   Domingo, father
Turrey              Domingo               5da          25-Jul-25   B50 L7   Domingo, father
Turrey              Ramon                  .                  .      .      Husband of Maria Acosta Blk20 Lot3
Tuttle              baby                   .           21-Oct-32   B24 L1   Stillborn
Udero               Lusillo               1y3m         20-Jul-23   B58 L3   Bonifacio, father
Udero               Ginoviva              2y8m         24-Sep-23   B45 L2   Bonifacio, father. Enteritis
Udero               Juanita G.             20           5-Oct-23   B57 L8   Bonifacio, husb. Died of T.B
Untiveroz           Grabiel                .                  .      .      Husband of Maria Guireca Blk59 Lot7
Untiveroz           Hilario                42          22-Jun-24   B62 L7   Maria Tafolla, wife
Untiveroz           Santiago               9           11-Jan-21   B39 L2   Ylario, father
Valerio             Jose T.                23           9-Jul-19   B33 L6   Dumpman, crushed head
Valdes              Cristina              12d           7-Jul-27   B112L4   Ruperto, father. Also B120L4
Valdivia            Antonia                7            6-Nov-18   B7 L2    Aniseto, father. D. 11/6 pneumonia
Valdivia            baby                   .           20-Jul-20   B35 L7   Anelo, father. Born dead
Valdivia            Guadalupe girl        7mo               1918   B5 L4    Anacleto, father
Varces              baby                                8-Oct-18   B7 L5    Vecente, father. Born dead
Varela              Florentina             .                  .      .      Dauof Juano Madrid Blck53 Lot7
Vasquez             Cleto                  77          23-Jan-24   B53 L3   Pedro, son
Vasquez             Pedro                  19          31-May-19   B33 L5   Altagracia Huerta, mother.killed Oro Gra
Vasquez             Salvador               .                  .      .      Son of Altagracia Huerta Blk112 Lot
Vega                Jose                   80           9-Jul-18   B29 L5   Terso, son
Vega                Oscar                 9mo           1-Jun-27   B43 L6   Franco, father
Velasques           Justita               6mo           6-Aug-17   B2 L8    Isaac, (or Jose?) father
Veavidez            Alcadia                45           5-Nov-20   B38 L4   Santacruz, husband
Vencomo             Angelita               33           3-Apr-23   B58 L7   Matias, husband
Vencomo             Juan                   .            2-Apr-23   B51 L4   Matias, father. Born dead
Vencomo             Matias                 19           3-Apr-23   B58 L8   Matias, father
Ventura             Santiago               45           9-Apr-18   B22 L2   Simon, nephew
Vera                Alvalta               7mo          26-Jun-17   B14 L1   Soladar, mother
Villa               baby girl             1mo           6-Apr-17   B14 L8   Ventura, father
Villa               Manuel                 3            2-Jan-19   B7 L8    Ventura, father. House #818
Villegas            boy                    .                  .    B63 L4   .
Villegas            Santos                 .                  .      .      Father of Ysavel Rascon Trias Blk63 Lot3
Waggoner            Idi                    47          26-Jan-26   B5 L8    .
Wahmund             baby girl              .           26-Jun-20   B25 L4   W. M., father
Walters             Lydia                 3mo          31-Jul-17   B10 L8   Andres, father
Walters             Mauricia              4m2d         18-Aug-24   B56 L2   Andres, father
Watson              Henry Green           2mo          20-Jun-22   B24 L4   John B., father. Pneumonia
Westmoreland        James                  29          30-Jul-23   B15 L6   T., father. Died 7/28, TB
Whelchel            James                 3mo          18-Sep-29   B15 L8   James Lester, father
Whelchel            John Calvin            58          18-Dec-21   B15 L5   Homer, son. Blacksmith helper
Whelchel            Rebeca J.             5da          11-May-24   B4 L5    H. W., father. Died 5/11/24
Wilcox              baby                   .           19-Dec-23   B2 L2    From Hurley. Born dead
Wilkenson           Ada G.                 64          13-Mar-35   B34 L1   Alec Thomas, son in law
Wilkenson           W. W.                  69           4-Jun-24   B34 L2   W., son. Died June 4
Williams            James                 1da          12-May-35   B21 L3   Charles H., father
Williams            John Clifford         21mo         19-Aug-26   B21 L2   Charles H., father
Williams            W. J.                  .                  .      .      Stepfather of B. Kirkpatrick Blk15 L7
Wilson              baby                   .           17-Dec-16   B61 SE   Tom, father. B. in road way SE of Blk61
Wilson              baby                  1da          12-Aug-18   B61 L5   Tom, father
Wilson              Harry Lane            18mo          2-May-18   B35 L3   O. P., father
Wilson              O. P.                  .                  .      .      Son-law of L. B. Estes in Blk35 Lot4
Wimsatt             baby boy               .            7-May-17   B14 L6   George, father. Stillborn
Wimsatt             Edgar                  5            9-Oct-23   B14 L2   G. W. father. Died 7 Oct
Wimsatt             G. W.                  70          15-Feb-17   B14 L5   George, son
Wimsatt             Houghton             25y6m         16-Mar-22   B14 L7   George, bro. D. March 2, of TetanusBlk14
Wirtz               Harold L.              .                  .      .      Son-law of Mrs. Kellum Blk11 Lot2
Wolf                Charles S.             75                 .    B38 L6   Pneumonia
Wolf                Mary Elizabeth         63               1935   B38 L5   Chronic myocarditis
Yanes               Cristino              48d           3-Jun-20   B32 L7   Lusiano, father
Yasich              John L.                .           28-Jan-26   B23 L7   J., father. Stillborn
Ybara               Lucas                  68          27-Mar-21   B6 L5    Anastacio, husband
Yguado              baby girl             18d          11-Mar-21   B5 L8    Valente, father
Yguado              Cesila                 5            8-Dec-23   B40 L2   Valente, father. Diphtheria
Yniguez             Antonio               1mo          11-Feb-24   B63 L6   Sasaro, father
Youngblood          Ella Gene             4da           5-Dec-18   B17 L1   .
Ysaguire            Francisco              80          19-Jun-19   B34 L8   Michael, son
Ysaguire            Gonzalo                5d          18-Mar-19   B22 L6   Francisco, father.
Zarate              Manuel                5m9d         20-Oct-20   B38 L7   Rafael, father
Unknown             baby                   .            9-Sep-20   B47 L8   Domingo --?--, father
Unknown             .                      .              Aug-17   B4 L7    .
Unknown             .                      .                  .      .      Body found at Kneeling Nun, July 1918
.                   .                      .                  .      .      If you happen to find me please leave me
.                   .                      .                  .      .      where I am. I have no relatives.
.                   .                      .                  .      .      Tired of Living