Preston Beck Land Grant, New Mexico

December 6, 1823, Juan Estevan Pino petitioned the governor of the province of New Mexico for a grant of lands now a portion of San Miguel county, bounded as follows: "On the north by the landmarks of the farm or land of Don Antonio Ortiz and the tableland of the Aguage de la Yequa; on the south by the Pecos River; on the east by the tableland of Pajarito, and on the west by the point of the tableland of the Chupaines." The grant was made December 23 of the same year, the land officially designated as the "Hacienda of San Juan Baptista del Ojito del Rio de las Gallinis," and Pino was put in possession, occupying it until his death. His heirs afterward sold the grant to Preston Beck, and upon the recommendation of the surveyor-general Congress confirmed it to Preston Beck, Jr., June 21, 1860.  


Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume I, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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