Sandoval (or Nolan) Land Grant, New Mexico

This grant was made in 1845 by the Mexican government to Antonio Sandoval, who afterward conveyed same to Gervacio Nolan. The latter died in 1858, and his heirs sold the entire grant to Joel P. Whitney, who afterward conveyed a half interest to Franklin H. Story. The grant was reported to contain about three thousand acres, and the title held by Nolan's legal representatives was found to be perfect. In a case brought to the supreme court of New Mexico, on a homesteader's claim, it was determined that the action of surveyor-general's decision as to validity or invalidity of grants was beyond power of supreme court to change, and the legal effect of surveyor-general's action in declaring title valid was "to segregate from the public domain all the lands covered by the grant as reported on by him, and to except and reserve them from the operation of the homestead and other general laws of the United States providing for the disposal of the public domain."



Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume I, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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