Roy Cemetery
Harding County 
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NMG, Vol. XII, No. 1,  March 1973, page 18

Roy Cemetery
Harding County 
NMG, Vol. XXXIII , No. 2,  June 1984, page 53

Roy Cemetery
Harding County 
NMG, Vol. XXXIII , No. 3,  Sep 1984, page 85

Project is based on the cemetery surveys published in the New Mexico Genealogist, The Journal of the
New Mexico Genealogical Society. P.O. Box 8283; Albuquerque, NM 87198-8283. The magazine's volume,
date, and and page number is displayed under the cemetery's name. Our appreciation to the New Mexico Genealogical
 Society and the survey compliers.

Credit source: Compiler Allen Floersheim, as copied by NMGS members prior to 1973.
Note: A name does not indicate a death but rather lot ownership. "No data" was entered indicating no death
occurred as of June 1973. (Re-typed and edited by C. W. Barnum)

Abernathy, G. A.             20-Mar-42
Abernathy, Estella Mason     no data
Abeyta, Apolonia             3 Apr 1939 age 49y
Aguilar, Esteban             31 July 1942 age 75
Aguilar, Leandro             infant
Aldeies, Delfina             no data
Allen, O. L.                 no data
Ames, J. M.                  no data
Ames, Ruth                   age 6y
Anderson, C. E.              no data
Anderson, Nella              no data
Archuleta, Emily             17 Nov 1937 age 50 y 
Archuleta, Juanita B.        no data
Arguello, Adelia M.          no data
Arguello, J. B.              age 37
Arguello, M. Luis            19-Oct-36
Arguello, Simonita A.        25 March 1939 age 66y
Atencio, Lania Jesus         no data
Ault, Ward                   no data
Baca, Apolonia Avery         no data
Baca, Jose A.                22-Oct-45
Baca, Manuel                 7 Sep 1949 baby
Baca, Mike A.                9 Sep 1943 1m son of Petra
Baca, Petra                  no data
Bader Freddy Lee             24-Sep-40
Badley, Minor O.             Feb-40
Baker, Benjamin Frank        1-Oct-45
Baker, Fred                  no data
Baker, Inez                  Feb-40
Baker, M. N.                 no data
Ballard, J. S.               no data
Bambrel, L.                  no data
Baulmare, ____               transferred
Baum, E. A.                  30 June 1938 19y 6m 4d
Baum, W. H.                  15-Jan-42
Baum, William                no data
Beard, J. M.                 no data
Beller, Eddie                six graves
Beltran, Cirilia M.          no data
Beltran, Manuel              no data
Bentley, E. M. S.            no data
Blea, Barbrita               7 Sep 1938 age 82y
Blea, Dorotea                13 March 1936 age 15y 
Blea, Father Adam            no data
Block, __                    no data
Blunk, Ivan                  no data
Blunk, Rebeca                no data
Bowman, William              no data
Branch, Alberto P.           no data
Branch, Anita P. and infant  no data
Branch, Eduarado P.          no data
Branch, Pablo B.             no data
Brice, W. F.                 29-Dec-38
Brick, Mrs. Schneider        no data
Brock, Mrs. Roy              no data
Brown, Dr. E. P.             no data
Brown, Earnest               no data
Brown, Ferry Turner          4 Aug 1938 age 59y 5m
Brown, John E.               no data
Brown, Mrs. L. A.            no data
Browning, Martha             24 Aug 1938 age 77y
Browning, Taylor S. Sr.      no data
Bruce, Mr.                   no data
Burleson, A. I.              5-Mar-38
Burleson, infant             no data
Byrne, Homer                 no data
Cable, Ida Baker             no data
Calvert, Julio               no data
Cannon Ocie                  no data
Cannon, Lee A.               age 75y
Cannon, Lucile               age 1y
Cannon, Mrs. L. A.           10-Dec-42
Casaus, Abrailio             10 April 1935 age 17y
Casaus, Juan                 11 April 1937 age 51y
Chavez, Francisco            no data
Chavez, G. Jose F.           8 Jan 1944 2y 5m son of Candido
Chavez, Gertrude S.          22 Jan 1939, age 71y
Chavez, Tonita G.            no data
Clemenceau, N.W.M.P.         no data
Clemenceau, Rose             no data
Colbert, Venia               19-Apr-37
Connelly, Peter              15 March 1938 age 82y
Coo, Mrs.                    no data
Cook, Edwin                  no data
Cook, Robert S.              no data
Cordova, Rosita              17 Nov 1936 age 63y
Coslett, I. R.               no data
Coslett, Mary M.             8 March 1938  age 43y
Couch, Ottie                 no data
Davenport, William           no data
Davis, H. W.                 no data
Davis, H. W.                 no data
Davis, Mrs. S. T.            no data
Davis, R.                    no data
De Wesse, L. H.              no data
Deschamps, Jacinta           13 March 1939 age 90y
Dick, Joseph J.              no data
Dick, L. G.                  no data
Dunn, W. L.                  no data
Early, Boone                 1931
Ebell, Eubalda               no data
Ebell, Lucinda               no data
Esqueibel, Frederico         five graves
Esqueibel, Maria             13 Oct 1941 age 32y dau of Fidel
Esqueibel, Mrs. Cimora       two infants
Esqueibel, Seldon            27-Apr-39
Esqueibel, Tomacita          30 March 1938 age 77y
Farmer, Mrs. H. W.           no data
Fennessy, Matt               May 1935 age 67y
Fernandez, Juan Anastacio    12 Oct 1933; 12 Dec 1939
Fernandez, Martha B.         31 Dec 1939 37y 8m 19d
Finch, Bud                   no data
Finely, D. M.                no data
Fiscus, S.W.                 transferred
Floesheim, E. J.             no data
Fomne, Abe Slusher           19-Jan-44
Foster, F. H.                7-Jan-43
Gallegos, Abarista M.        no data
Gallegos, Astacio S.         no data
Gallegos, Frank              1935 wife and baby
Gallegos, Polo               1931
Gallegos, Roberto            22 May 1936 age 1y
Gambreal, Julia Ann          18-Jun-45
Gambrel, B. P.               no data
Garcia, Dan                  21 Oct 1943 age 6m
Garcia, Jose Daniel          14 Dec 1943 age 61y
Garcia, Juanita              1931
Garcia, Juanita              no data
Garcia, Simfarosa            17 Aug 1943 6y 6m
Gibson, John                 no data
Gomez, Flavio                age 2d
Gonzales, Baby               14 Oct 1948 2d
Gonzales, Dave               no data
Gonzales, Diego              14 Oct 1948 2d
Gonzales, Eloy L.            no data
Gonzales, Frank and wife     no data
Gonzales, Joaquim            no data
Gonzales, Margarita          ten graves
Gonzales, Pedro J.           no data
Gonzales, Roscindo D.        Roscindo D.
Graves, Maria Nicolasa       31 Jan 1944 38d
Griego, A. J.                seven graves
Griego, Carlina Cascus       3 Feb 1938 age 59y
Gross, Wayne                 no data
Halterman, V. P.             no data
Harding, __                  no data
Hayes, Floyd                 9-Mar-42
Heath, Edna S.               no data
Hedgecock, Guy               no data
Hephner, M. S.               Apr 1932 age 79y
Hephner, Mary and baby       25-Jan-35
Hephner, Mrs. R. J.          25-Jan-35
Hephner, P. J.               no data
Hephner, Roy                 no data
Hern, A. J. Fullbright       no data
Herrera, Alferino de         10 March 1873
Herrera, Joe E.              no data
Herrera, Mary Della          28 Oct 1943 1 m 10 d
Hickel, Harvey E.            no data
Hill, William                3-Oct-45
Hill, William                3-Oct-45
Hines, L.V.C.                ns
Hobson, Roland Lee           11 Aug 1937 age 62y Sp Am War 
Holder, W. Tommy             ns
Holmes, Homer                ns
Holton, Mr.                  ns
Hooper, J.L.                 ns
Hooper, J.W.                 ns
Hooper, John                 ns
Hornbaker, John              3-Aug-15
Hoskins, A.S.                ns
Hoskins, Lula J.             ns
Hutson, Walter J.            ns
Ivey, Edwin F.               ns
Ivey, Floyd                  ns
Jackson. George              ns
Johnson, Addie               Mrs. C. W.
Johnson, Maude E.            20-Mar-25
Johnson, William G.          24-Apr-29
Johnson, William J.          ns
Johnston, Louise             ns
Jolly, Nugent                ns
Jordon and Jolley            ns
Judy, E.J.                   22-Mar-44
Justice, __                  ns
Kenoyer,—                    ns
Kercher, Mary A.             ns
Kern, Jacob                  ns
Kern, Laura                  ns
Kershner, Oliver             1-Jul-38
Kiersey, Conway Lee          9-Feb-47
Kilbrew, Paul                ns
Kilbum, F.                   ns
Kincannon, J.N.              26 Jan 1937 age 60 y
Kincannon, W.J.              1934 age 78y
King, Mary                   Baby
Kitchell, Mrs. G.            ns
Ladoux, Adelaida             age 47
Ladoux, Arthur               ns
Ladoux, David                ns
Ladoux, Pat                  ns
Lavato, Enrique              3 Dec 1927 age 53 y
Lavato, Marie E.             11-May-42
Leach, Esther                ns
Leartherman, Lawrence        ns
Leartherman, Orval T.        ns
Leatherman, Earnest          1918
Leatherman, Ethel            ns
Leatherman, Herbert          ns
Leatherman, John             ns
Leatherman, S.W.B.           6 Oct 1938 age 72
Lebert, J.H.                 Transferred
LeRoux, Louis                6 Mar 1936 wife and baby
Lewis, Clyde                 10 June 1909 age 19
Linson, Donnie Martin        ns
Logan, Jno                   ns
Lowers, Edna J.              ns
Lucero, Alfredo              child
Lucero, Antonio R.           18 Oct 1930 age 73
Lucero, Baby                 ns
Lucero, Carolita             ns
Lucero, Dioniclo             ns
Lucero, Jose Gilbert         28 Dec 1937 infant
Lucero, Lavera               30 July 1937 age 72
Lucero, Mary                 6 graves
Lucero, Natividad            3 July 1944 5 da
Lucero, Netlvada             ns
Lucero, Victor               ns
Lujan, Mrs. Jose I.          11-Dec-42
Lumbauch, Dan                22-Feb-31
Lusk, W.C.                   transferred
Maestas, Eusebio Ignicio     ns
Maestas, Monica              ns
Maestas, Mrs. Jose Maria     ns
Malb, A.D.                   ns
Malb, J.W.                   ns
Malb, Mrs. J. W.             ns
Manspace, Joe, Jr.           ns
Mantoya, Candelario          ns
Martinez, Cecilia C.         4 graves
Martinez, Eutelia            1932
Martinez, Francisca A.       4 Apr 1943 age 59
Martinez, Francisco          4 Jan 1943 age 69
Martinez, J.C.               25-Nov-45
Martinez, Josephine          7 Apr 1936 age 28
Martinez, Juanita            25 Dec 1936 age 53
Martinez, Lee R.             5 graves
Martinez, Mrs George         1937
Martinez, Sintorosa G.       ns
McCrystal Brothers           18-Jul-35
McDonald, Clyde              ns
McDonald, T.                 ns
McMinley, Earl               14-Sep-26
McNeil, J,C.                 ns
Medina, Alfredo              ns
Medina, Altredo              1-Oct-43
Medina, Maria Sefrona        1 Oct 1937 2m 11da
Medina, Mrs. Alfredo         14-Apr-45
Medina,  Anna Maria          10 Sep 1942 6weeks
Medina,  Anna Maria          23 Feb 1936 9 Weeks
Medina,  Juanita             6-Nov-29
Meffert, Mrs. Fred           ns
Melone, Baby                 7-Apr-29
Melone, James I.             11 Jan 1937 age 58
Melone, Sally                21 Aug 1947 age 58
Mescarenas, A. J.            ns
Mescarenas, Emma S.          ns
Mitchel,  Ray                ns
Mitchell, B.H.               ns
Mitchell, H.C.               ns
Mitchell, Joe                ns
Mitchell, Lucile             ns
Mitchell, Nancy              ns
Mitchell, R.W.               ns
Mohoney, Mrs. J.H.           ns
Montoya, Juanita S.          9 graves
Montoya, Juanita             28-Oct-43
Moore, Infant                29-Mar-37
Moore, Ira Lee               ns
Mrs. John                    22 Mar 1938 age 79
Mueret,                      2 graves
NcDonald, Audi Lee           21-Mar-42
NcNeal, Mrs. J.B.            4 Jan 1937 age 76
Niel, Elmer                  ns
ns                           1-Oct-43
ns                           8 mo 28 da
ns                           ns
Nutter, John                 ns
Nutter, Mrs.                 13-Feb-37
Ogden, Irvin                 23-May-35
Olybas, Clato                12-May-07
Orem, S.A.                   20 Nov 1937 age 49
Ortega, Faustln              age 7 mo
Ortega, Marsalome            1922
Pacheco, Infant              27 Feb1948 child of Fred
Pacheco, J.B.B.              5 graves
Page, J.H.                   ns
Palmer, Rhieer               ns
Pate, S.                     ns
Payton, A.J.                 5 Feb 1938 age 64
Payton, George W.            ns
Pendleton, Eula              18-Aug-43
Pendleton, Raymond B.        ns
Perrea, Alberts              ns
Perrea, Joe                  25 Dec 1937 7 mo
Perrea, Josephita            2-Oct-37
Perrea, Maria                28 July 1938 17 da
Pinto, __                    ns
Plumlee,                     ns
Quintana, Felix              3 Oct 1943 infant
Quintana, Maria Helen        20 da
Quintana, Mary               10-Mar-47
Rainbow, Ethel               ns
Rayton, A.C.                 ns
Rayton, Joe                  ns
Reader, B.R.                 6-Apr-36
Regonl, Tommy                ns
Rhyme, C.A.                  2 graves
Rice, T.A.                   15-Jan-46
Rivera, Enselma              ns
Roberts, Sam                 22-Nov-33
Roberts,__                   ns
Robertson, Liston            ns
Rodrigues, Jacob L.          ns
Rodriques, Juan              ns
Rodriques, Ricardo           ns
Romero, Jose Leon            ns
Romero, Jose Luz             ns
Romero, Juan D.              1932
Romero, Maria N.             Mar-40
Romero, Mrs. Ceclilo         9-Aug-43
Romero, Paz                  ns
Rosenberg, D.A.              4-Aug-45
Roy, Anna                    age 13
Roy, Clara F.                13 Jan 1947 age 80
Roy, Frank A.                17 Dec 1938 age 74
Roy, Phil                    ns
Roy, William                 ns
Roybal, Antonio              17-Apr-48
Russell, W. L.               ns
Salazar, Abenico             ns
Salazar, Baby                father/Dave
Salazar, Eena                ns
Samora, Natavado             ns
Sanchez, Cristobal           1-Apr-48
sanchez, Francisco           6-Mar-36
Sandoval, Antonio James Pat  ns
Sandoval, Clotide            5 Apr 1943 age 3 mo
Sandoval, Dominica           Infant
Sandoval, Felix C.           ns
Sandoval, Francisco          2 graves
Sandoval, Frank J.           ns
Sandoval, Genoveva           age 3 mo 8 da
Sandoval, Jose R.            13 graves
Sandoval, Juan               1937
Sandoval, Juan C.            26-Sep-49
Sandoval, Lucinda            4 Sep 1943 5 mo
Sandoval, Mary               16 Apr 1945 1 mo 2 da
Sandoval, Mary Louise        Feb-40
Sandoval, Matilda            ns
Sandoval, Otinita            15 Feb 1944 dau/Nabor
Sandoval, Peligrlna Ode      ns
Sandoval, Ramonata           1925
Sandoval, Richard John       Feb 1940 5 mo
Sandoval, Susana             ns
Sandoval, Virginia           ns
Sansbury, Jim                ns
Santa Anna, Dubujan          24 Jan 1938 age 64
Santellanes, Lonice          8 Nov I939
Scheler, L.P.                5 Apr 1939 Infant
Schnelder, John              ns
Schnelder, Walter            5-Sep-44
Scott, C. A,                 Maquero, N.M,
Seidel, Emma Romero          9 Nov 1942 age 52
Sheltren, Frank              1908 twins
Shrum, Annabelle             ns
Shrum, Arthur                ns
Shrum, Dorothy               ns
Shrum, George                George Harvey 5-25
Shrum, Tonita                ns
Sisters of St. Dominic       ns
Slusher, H. J.               5-Mar-46
Smith, L.A.                  ns
Smith, Mabel                 ns
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.    ns
Sott. T. O.                  ns
Spurgeon,__                  ns
Stafford, Dulcina Belle      7-Mar-35
Stewart, B. R.               ns
Swan, W. A.                  Infant
Tafolia, Baby                9-Oct-36
Tafolia, Domingo             4 graves
Tafolia, Teofala             ns
Tafoya, Infant               27 Aug 1948 child/Lee
Tafoya, Marcelina            10 Oct 1956 age 39
Tafoya, Ratelita             ns
Tafoya, Santos               16 Jul 1936 age 85
Terry, R. Y.                 ns
Teylor, E. J.                ns
Titterington, ___            ns
Tixler, Marlano              29 Sep 1941 age 34
Todd, Robert Franklin        18-Nov-39
Torbert, Wallce I.           ns
Tower, Mrs. George           ns
Towers, Edna J.              ns
Towers, S. B.                ns
Trout, Hugh                  ns
Trujillo, Baby               ns
Trujillo, Benny              5-Jun-48
Trujillo, Jose F.            25-Nov-45
Trujillo, Ramaldo            ns
Turner, Tom                  Drowned
Ulbarri, Francisco           ns
Vaiaride, Filberto           ns
Valdez, Crecincio            29 Mar 1938 age 90
Valdez, David                ns
Valdez, Margaret             30 Dec 1936 age 22
Vargas, T. M.                3 graves
Voelkel, __                  ns
Warner, Halec                ns
Weir, Cole                   Mother and Father 9 Oct 1936
Weisdorter, Clara            18 July 1944 age 60
Weisdorter, G. E.            3 May 1937 age 50
Weisdorter, J. E.            ns
Welliand, Chris              ns
West, John                   4 graves
West, Mrs. Lee               6-Apr-43
Westfall, Daniel S.          ns
Westfall, W. S.              ns
Wetherill, Charles           ns
White, Hazel                 ns
White, Mabel                 ns
White, Mrs. F. O.            ns
White, Teresita              ns
Woods, C. C.                 ns
Woods, E. E.                 ns
Woodward, Joe B.             ns
Woodward, Mount              ns
Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 16 Dec 1938 age 80
Woodward, Virgie             ns
Worley, Cor                  12-May-34
Worley, S. B.                ns
Wright, Charles F.           16-Jun-45
Wright, J. N.                ns
Wright, Leona                ns
Wright, Mary E.              ns
Yarbrough, James L.          ns
Yates, Jane                  ns
Yates, John H.               ns
Yates, Mrs. Jo M.            3-Sep-36
Yates, William               ns
Additions: By Cheryl Harris 8/28/08
Roy, Cemetery Harding County
RAY, George Hix Sr.          1882 Dec 24 1963 Nov 7 Born Kentucky Sec 3-39 information from Mary Cuthbert
RAY, Mary Ellen Yates        1901 Oct 8 1954 Feb 1 Born Texas Sec 3-39 information from Mary Cuthbert
RAY, George Hix Jr.          1921 Apr 25 1969 Nov 7 Sec 3-39 information from Mary Cuthbert