Cotton City LDS Church Cemetery
Cotton City, Hidalgo County, New Mexico
By Marcena Thompson 23 Aug 2007
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Last Name        First Name             Date                Date
Bowers           William Eddie Sr.      17-Feb-1920     01-Sep-1989
Crum             Thomas Roy                                          m. Elaine R. 
Hernandez        Antonio Q.             26-Apr-1932     21-May-2005
Jarvis           David Leroy            29-Mar-1915     16-Mar-1990
Keime            Donald Clarence                        01-Apr-1985  And Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep 
Merrell          Jolene                 03-Nov-1963     25-Apr-1974
Mills            Jason Duane            13-Oct-1981     16-Oct-1981  Infant son of Dalt and Regina Mills  
Mortensen        Cynthia Ann            12-May-1976     12-May-1976  Our Infant Daughter
Mortensen        Kristina               20-Apr-1982     20-Apr-1982  Our Darling Baby
Palmer           Dane Richins                           25-Mar-1991  In memory of Our Baby
Payne            Douglas D.             01-Mar-1961     09-Jan-1971
Payne            Katherine              02-Jun-1959     02-Aug-1962  Our Rosebud
Peterson         Edna Bernice Shaw      06-Jun-1915     06-Sep-1998
Peterson         V A                    17-Mar-1905     25-May-1905
Richardson       Calvin Legrand         07-Feb-1987                  Son of Charles and Ilene
Richardson       E Charles              03-Dec-1945                  Loving Husband and Father
Richardson       Erwin C                27-Oct-1925     12-Feb-1962  Beloved Wife and Son of Erwin C. Richardson
Richardson       James Bert             09-May-1905     09-May-1905
Richardson       Yene Gardner           20-Jul-1950     21-Jan-1993
Richardson       Katy Beth              08-May-1905    
Richardson       Mary Lou               11-Apr-1905     9-May-1905
Richie           Dortha                                 06-Dec-1915   Forever with the Lord      
Richins          Duane Dean             29-Nov-1961     30-Nov-1961
Richins          Darrow E                      1924   
Richins          Ruth S                        1925            1993  For Time and Eternity       
Taylor           Harry L                28-Jun-1924     22-Jul-1993  SGT USARMY WWII 
Taylor           Harry Leroy            28-Jun-1924     22-Jul-1994  Reno, NV - Cotton City, NM 
Tedford          John A                 08-Apr-1927     18-Dec-2000  SP3 USARMY Korea             
Wright           Corbett L              17-Mar-1905     30-May-1905
Wright           Ena Mae "Nini"         15-Oct-1955     09-Sep-1974   As a White Rose...
Wright           Ireta Rae              29-Jun-1965     24-Apr-2005  Beloved Daughter and Mother  
Wright           Sidney Orson           27-Mar-1918     15-Dec-1988  USNAVY WWII