1860 Census for the Village of Lincoln
and nearby Fort Stanton
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Family No.\ Name\ Age\ Gender\ Occupation\ Assets\ Birth Place

Township Of Lincoln

Moses Schnabacher 43m Farmer 1500 10000 Germany
Ignacia 30f (letters unclear) New Mexico
Cecilia 19m Laborer New Mexico
Rosaria 16f New Mexico
Rumaldo 12m New Mexico
Alcuria 09f (letters unclear) New Mexico
Miguel 07m New Mexico
Aban 05m New Mexico
Lpreridion 01m (spelling unclear) New Mexico

Jose ’Mig’. Archuleta 60m Herder New Mexico
Soledad 50f New Mexico

Jesus Casada 40m Hunter New Mexico

Francisco Martin 32m Teamster New Mexico
Maria 28f Servant New Mexico
Ricardo Gallego 35m Teamster New Mexico
Pedro Mestas 36m Teamster New Mexico
Fernando Seguro 37m Teamster New Mexico
Carmal Florida 29m Teamster New Mexico
Moria Petra 23f Teamster New Mexico
Jose’ Anaya 21m Teamster New Mexico
Blas Angel 20m Teamster New Mexico
Juan Pena 30m Teamster New Mexico
Jose’ Ma. Pena 49m Teamster New Mexico
Miguel 20m Teamster New Mexico
Ant’ Dom V. Martin 20m Teamster New Mexico

Mareano Sandoval 30m Laborer New Mexico
Guadalupe 34f New Mexico

Juan Vigil 31m Laborer New Mexico
Francisca 25f New Mexico

Juan Jose Garcia 50m Laborer 125 New Mexico
Maria 40f New Mexico
Josefa 16f Servant New Mexico
Lucia 10f New Mexico
Jose 11m New Mexico
Felipe 09m New Mexico
Luis 06m New Mexico
Pedro 04m New Mexico
Juan Jose’ 03m New Mexico
Miguel 5/12m New Mexico

Jaques Falk 42m Farmer 500 500 Ohio
Luseria 30f (name unclear) New Mexico
Juana 08f New Mexico
Santiago 04m New Mexico

Joseph White 32m Farmer 200 350 Ireland
Bernarda 28f New Mexico
Maria 9/12f New Mexico

Reyes Flores 46m Farmer 600 300 New Mexico
Jose’ Angel 10m New Mexico

Jose’ Manuel Salas 42m Farmer 600 800 New Mexico
Juan de Dios Salas 18m f. laborer New Mexico
Ant’. Aben Salas 15m New Mexico
Maria Salas 25f Ind (Indian) Servant New Mexico
Vivian Salas 08m Ind (Indian) Servant New Mexico

Ant’. Jose’ Luna 58m f. laborer New Mexico

Domingo Archevegue 64m Laborer (spelling?) New Mexico
Manuela 50f New Mexico
Jose’ *nearn 11m(middle name unclear) New Mexico

Jose’ de la Cruz Aragon 36m Laborer New Mexico
Hiberia29f (letters unclear) New Mexico

H. M. Beckwith 44m Farmer 10000/8000 Virginia
Rebecca 26f New Mexico
Robert W. 10m New Mexico
John M. 05m New Mexico
Carmela 03f New Mexico
Josephine 01f New Mexico
John Corby 50m Miller Germany
Ant’. Morales 30m Laborer New Mexico
Juan Chavez 30m Laborer New Mexico
Albino Pedillo 25m Laborer New Mexico
Pedro Abaldonado 25m LaborerNew Mexico
Francisco Ortega 20m Laborer New Mexico
Samuel Sines 18m Clerk (Lines?) New Mexico
Roman Sines 15m (Lines?) New Mexico
Francisco Sedillo 20m Laborer New Mexico
Ant’. Andrado 21m Laborer Chihuahua
Lazaro Alzidas 10m Chihuahua
Tomas Gonzales 58m Herder New Mexico
Francisca 30f New Mexico
Jose’ M’. Rascon 76m New Mexico
Josefa 54f New Mexico

Laurenana Jimenez 32m Farm Laborer 100 New Mexico
Jose’ Sines I (L?) 30m Farm Laborer 100 New Mexico
Jose’ Sines II(L?) 20m Farm Laborer New Mexico
Rosa Corillo 50f New Mexico
Guillermo 05m New Mexico
Teburicio Rosales 20m Farmer New Mexico
Alvina Apadaca 27f New Mexico
Santa Cruz 01m New Mexico
Maria Manzana 20f New Mexico

Tomas Sandoval 30m Farm Laborer New Mexico
Santana Sandoval 40m New Mexico
Santiago 18m New Mexico
Antonia 09f New Mexico
Jose’ 04m New Mexico
Maria 18m New Mexico

George W. King 29m Farmer 2000 2000 Virginia
Margaret 28f Pennsylvania
George W. 08m Pennsylvania
Martha 04f New Mexico
Charles B. King 01m New Mexico
Sally 06f Missouri
Felix Baca 16m Herder New Mexico
Charles Bowen 29m Laborer Pennsylvania
Wm. H. Miller 38m Canada

Pablo Aldereta 41m Farmer 500 900 New Mexico
Miguela 41f New Mexico
Marcia 17f New Mexico
Jose’ 15m New Mexico
Petra 11f New Mexico
Ysidro 15m Sonora
Jose’ Angel 15m Sonora
Victoria Gutierrez 07f New Mexico
Rafeal Baca 48m Laborer New Mexico
Benito Griego 25m Laborer New Mexico
Jose’ Molen 18m Laborer New Mexico
Jose’ Lucero 50m Laborer New Mexico

Henriguez Trujillo 40m Farmer 1000 3000 New Mexico
Josefa 25f New Mexico
Lauriano Lopez 30m Laborer New Mexico
Gregorio Montano 30m Laborer New Mexico
Juan Segundo 28m Laborer New Mexico
Jose’ Garcia 26m Laborer New Mexico
Galvacio M’. Jesus 35f Servant (unclear name) New Mexico

Jose’ Miranda 30m Laborer 250 New Mexico
Maria 30f New Mexico
Maria Inez 10f New Mexico
Miguela 07f New Mexico
Prudencia 04f New Mexico
Pablo 03m New Mexico
Juan Baca 07m New Mexico

Juan Almazan 60m Musician 200 New Mexico
Deloras Chavez 15f New Mexico
Pedro 03m New Mexico
Luz 6/12f New Mexico

Nepomocena Silvestre 50f Seamstress Chihuahua
Barbara 25f Chihuahua

Jose'  Manuel Pena 34m Laborer 200 New Mexico
Paula 25f New Mexico
Ant. Jose 26M Laborer New Mexico
Jose’ Ant’. Pena 10m New Mexico
Perfeto 07m New Mexico
Maria 05f New Mexico
Marcelina 03f New Mexico

Pascual Jojola 28m Laborer New Mexico
Josefa 25f New Mexico
Isiderio 06m New Mexico
Concepcion 04m New Mexico
Miguel Tafoya 21m Laborer New Mexico

Santiago Silva 28m 200 New Mexico
Marcelina 22f New Mexico
Valentina 06f New Mexico

Felipe Miranda 25m Laborer New Mexico
Doloras 30f New Mexico
Jose’ 06m New Mexico

Juan Jaramillo 25m Laborer New Mexico
Deloras 21f New Mexico
Socorra 05f New Mexico
Cepriano 04m (unclear name) New Mexico

Juan Jose’ Romero 30m Laborer New Mexico
Maria 30f New Mexico
Tomasa 10f New Mexico
Catalino 06m New Mexico
Doroteo 02m New Mexico

Francisco Fajardo 35m Farmer 1000 2500 New Mexico
Juliana 26f New Mexico
Juana 10f (letters unclear) New Mexico
Maria 07f New Mexico
Flavia 04m New Mexico
Benita 02f New Mexico
Sabina 01f New Mexico

Jose’ Silva 37m Laborer 150 New Mexico
Marta 30f New Mexico
Maria 04f New Mexico
Antonio 02m New Mexico

Teodosia Aragon 40m Laborer 100 125 New Mexico
Nicolosa 30f (unclear name) New Mexico
Perfilia 10f New Mexico
Nicolas 07m New Mexico
Guadalupe 08m New Mexico
Felecita Aragon 06f New Mexico
Teodora 04f New Mexico
Romulo 02m (Romerlo?) New Mexico

Manuel Padilla 50m Peddlar 100 300 New Mexico

Sabino Gonzales 60m Farmer New Mexico
Encarnacion 50f New Mexico
Manuel 12m New Mexico
Maria Garcia 25f Cook New Mexico
Alvarissa 04f New Mexico
Manuel Medina 28m Servant New Mexico

Tomas Gonzales 60m Laborer New Mexico
Francisca 56f New Mexico
Maria 30f New Mexico
Encarnacion 06f New Mexico
Felicita 01f New Mexico
Jose’ Crispin 60m Laborer New Mexico

Richard Hocker 30m Carpenter Pennsylvania
H. Husson 35m Carpenter (Gaston?) Pennsylvania

Dav. Barry 40m Blacksmith 100 250 Indiana

Casimero Moya 25m Laborer 50 100 New Mexico
Maria 20f New Mexico
Romula 08f (unclear name) New Mexico
Teofila 05f New Mexico
Mariana 1/12f New Mexico

Roman Griego 30m Laborer 150 New Mexico
Jose’ 10m New Mexico
Maria 06f New Mexico
Pedro 25m Laborer New Mexico

Jesus Lucero 50m Laborer 100 150 New Mexico
Ysabel 45f New Mexico
Doloras 15f New Mexico
Solodad 10f New Mexico
Juan Jose’ 09m New Mexico
Antonio 06m New Mexico

S. Heirs 25m Farmer 600 2500 Texas
Mary 25f Texas
Luther 08m Texas
Frank 06m Texas
Rachel 04f Texas
Charles 01m New Mexico
Jose’ Medina 40m Laborer New Mexico
Juan Cassibis 30m (Zenobio?) New Mexico
John Daby 45m Laborer 400 1000 Missouri
Lucy 30f Missouri
Nancy Ann 16f Missouri
Henreitta 14f Missouri
John 11m Missouri
Henry 08m Missouri
Charles 05m Missouri

Ralf Crabb 45m Farmer 400 600 Kentucky
Barbara 30f New Mexico
Juan Sedillo 30m New Mexico
William Finch 30m Missouri
Frank Dabus 35m Laborer 200 Missouri
Transita 25f New Mexico

Kalvin Keys 29m Farmer 450 2500 Texas
Jane 22f Canada
Rudolf 6/12m New Mexico
Tom Flowers 26m Laborer Iowa

George Recton 23m Farmer 600 2000 Texas
Emily 19f Texas
Julia 6/12f New Mexico

Washington Peck 60m Farmer 650 4000 Canada
Eliza 45f Canada
Edward 23m f. laborer Canada

George Bengharth 37m Farmer 600 3000 Canada
Mary Ann 24f Canada
Rosalea 08f Canada
Henreitta 06f Canada
Mary 04f Canada
George 4/12m New Mexico
Mariano Campos 30m Laborer New Mexico
Doloras 23f New Mexico

Manuela Miller 18f New Mexico

G. de Vega 24m Farmer 300 800 Spain

George Wood 27m Farmer 600 3000 Illinois
Francisco Lucy 22m(Saez?) Laborer New Mexico

George Wright 50m Farmer Iowa
Elizabeth 40f Iowa
Pedro Dais 26m Servant New Mexico
G. Wright 17f Iowa
Reason 14m Iowa
George 08m Iowa
Robert 06m Iowa
Pedro Saes 26m Servant New Mexico

J. Paine 45m Farmer 450 2000 Missouri
Luciana 37f Missouri
Joseph 24m Laborer Missouri
Daniel 15m Missouri
Jack 12m Missouri
Margaret 08f Missouri
John Bright 22m Laborer Pennsylvania

J. B. Howell 34m Farmer 600 1000 Illinois
Charles Kelly 23m Laborer Illinois

Rafael Costillo 32m Farmer 400 600 New Mexico

George Sears 25m 500 500 Canada
Stephen Hagan 30m Laborer Missouri
George McFierson 20m Texas

Fort Stanton

Alexander Duval 41m Merchant 2500 20200 Virginia
John W. Habon 37m Clerk (Ltatin?) 250 Maryland
Eulogio Romero 19m Herder (first name?) New Mexico
Luviana Duval 18f Black Servant Kentucky
W. B. Stapp 26m Clerk  200 Illinois
Patrick Murry 30m Herder Ireland

Alfredo T. V. Forbers Lieutenant W.S.A. 500 Delaware
Andrew Kiene 25m Soldier Ireland
John William 28m Soldier England
George Shane 27m Soldier Germany
Francis M. Moulton 36m Soldier Vermont
James Dunn 24m Soldier Ireland
Henry Lawton 29m Soldier England
John Beck 30m Soldier Germany
Damian Bender 23m Soldier Germany
James Brown 23m Soldier Ireland
John Buttler 23m Soldier Ohio
Louis Barton 19m Soldier Vermont
Dav. Brittan 22m Soldier Ireland
Edward Cavey 25m Soldier Maryland
George Clark 26m Soldier Vermont
Leonard Clement 23m Soldier Germany
Pat Corragan 24m Soldier Ireland
Julian Cook 23m Soldier New York
John Cage 24m Soldier Ireland
John Duffer 21m Soldier Ireland
Iac. Fulmer 28m Soldier Germany
Henry Fahrabach 23m Soldier Ireland
John Ford 23m Soldier New York
Tomas Gellon 24m Soldier Ireland
Louis Ganster 24m Soldier Germany
Peter Gallagher 25m Soldier Ireland
Joseph Hagg 25m Soldier 25m Soldier Germany
James Hagen 25m Soldier Ireland
Henry Lofsberg 27m Soldier Germany
John Potter 30m Soldier Switerland
James Harpy 31m Soldier Ireland
Rendel Hahn 27m Soldier Germany
James Stoll 28m Soldier Germany
Phil Tropper 29m Soldier Germany
Wm. C. Jackson 26m Soldier Cuba
Miguel Husey 36m Soldier Ireland
Samuel Moyers 37m Soldier Germany
Augustus Schultz 33m Soldier Germany
Henry G. E. Sholte 24m Soldier Germany
Andreis J. Mulhern 19m Soldier New York
Phil Smith 23m Soldier Ireland
Charles Hibbs 25m Soldier Pennsylvania
Charles McBeth 21m Soldier Scotland
Daniel Ryan 23m Soldier Canada
Edward Reipel 30m Soldier Ireland
Robert Langley 25m Soldier New York
William Ward 23m Soldier New York
Charles Hedi(unclear) 26m Soldier Germany
Christian Creiser 30m Soldier Germany
Joseph Martell 30m Soldier Germany
James H. Rup(unclear) 23m Soldier Ohio
James Nolan 26m Soldier Ireland
John J. Petterson 38m Soldier Pennsylvania
Timothy O'Leary 28m Soldier Ireland
Patrick Young 27m Soldier Ireland
Lorenz McDonough 27m Soldier Main
Andrew Nolan 24m Soldier Ireland
Fred H. Sherman 24m Soldier Germany
Walter Whitly 25m Soldier Ireland
John Murphy 27m Soldier England
Wm. Hennesy 26m Soldier Ireland
Moritz Krisolhan 24m Soldier Pennsylvania
Dennys Tyan 24m Soldier Ireland
Henry Loirenso 24m Soldier Denmark
Miguel Carr 27m Soldier Ireland
Henry Harrick 33m Soldier New York
Benjamin James 22m Soldier Ireland
James Landers 21m Soldier Ireland
Luke Ryder 25m Soldier Ireland
Charles Samfors 31m Soldier New York
Lucius B. Telly 22m Soldier Main
Gabriel Martin 26m Soldier France
Charles Horn 30 m Soldier Germany

Jacob Shanks 27m Soldier Germany
Elizabeth 16f Laundress Texas

George Brown 28 Soldier New York
Miguel Carrol 21m Soldier New York
Rafael P. Davis 25m Soldier New York
Peter Donnely 24m Soldier Ireland
Patrick French 21m Soldier Ireland
James Ingram 25m Soldier Ireland
Morice Lane 22m Soldier Ireland
Arthur McManus 28 Soldier Ireland
John Roe 23m Soldier Ireland
John Reed 17m Soldier Louisiana
James Reed 22m Soldier Louisiana
Frederic Smith 22m Soldier Germany
Wm. H. Smith 21m Soldier New York
John H. Westowell 26m Soldier New York
Charles Wichman 23m Soldier Germany
James Clealand 28m Soldier Ireland

John Phillips 35m Soldier Ireland
Ana 27f Ireland
Mariana 05f Ireland
John 6/12m New Mexico

Philip Bishops 31m Soldier New Jersey
Mary 21f Laundress Pennsylvania
Sarah 01f New Mexico

James Delany 26m Soldier Ireland
Padinia 25f Laundress Ireland
Margareth 02f New Mexico

G. T. Ghiselin 29m Doctor USA Maryland

C. L. Stevenson 37m Captain USA Virginia
Martha S. 36f New York
Isabella 13f Michigan
Clara 11f Cherokee Nation
Patsy Richardson 45f Servant Virginia

Thomas Claibourne 37m Captain USA Tennessee
Ana 31f Tennessee
Mary 05 Texas
Harriet 03f Texas
Rachel 14f Servant Tennessee
Betty 15f Servant Maryland
Ellen 12f Servant Tennessee

Fort Stanton New Mexico was a military station in the heart of Lincoln County which provided protection for the area around Lincoln, thus, allowing it to prosper. The original settlement of Lincoln was twice abandoned by the pioneers to escape raids by the native population. Above are the names of the first people who occupied the fort. The Fort Stanton Census was taken in October 1860 by Louis Felsenshal.

The census enumerator wrote his s, a, e, t, l and o almost identically. He also made his capital D, L, J, P and T in a similar manner. Some letters were impossible to decipher. C. W. Barnum.