Federal Census Index of 1900
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Prepared by Charles Barnum, volunteer. Edited by Ida Richardson. The following is a census index, with names in the order in which they appeared on the original census, showing head-of-household individuals only. Many of the names on the microfilm were difficult to read. Your assistance in improving the accuracy of this list is appreciated.
A question mark indicates unable to read name or letters. Many of these names were overwritten by the enumerator with tally data.

Lincoln Twp:

Name / Gender/ Age/ Census Page

Ragon, John Male 42 Page 1a

Ragon J?? Male 40 Page 1a

Bridges Noble Male 21 1a

Bridges W?? Male 31 1a

Padilla ?? Male 37 1a

Peralta ?? Male 31 1a

Salazar ?? Male 37 1a

Mathews ?? Male 36 1a

Silva ?? Female 13 1a Stepson

Murillo ?? Male 27 1a

Serrano ?? Female 42 1a Boarder

Dobron? ?? Male 7 Boarder 1a

Stewart ?? Female 17 Servant 1a

Perea ?? Male 32 1a

Bragg Thomas A Male 25 1b

Mccarty Henry A Jr Male 15 1b

Estrada Sabino Male 22 1b

Hall Albert H Male 25 1b

Chavez Refugio Male 54 1b

Garcia Viviana Female 80 1b

Delfin? Anastacio Male 36 1b

Leif? William Male 40 1b

Miranda Patricio? Male 40

Emillio Rees? Male 55 1b From Italy

Hulbert Elijah W Male 49 1b

Analla Isidro L Male 25 1b

Lesnet Elizabeth Female 42 1b

West John Male 30 1b

Gonzalez Manuel Male 51 1b

Unclear Maggie Female 16 Stepdaughter 1b

Unclear John Male 32 1b

Robinson Wilbur Male 63 2a

Burleson James Male 21 2a

Lertz Or Lutz Henry Male 35 2a

Perea Juan Male 22 2a

Joffa Joseph Male 29 2a

Salazar Serapio? Male 53 2a

Sisneros Rebecca Female Daughter 25 2a

Salazar Luisa Female Servant 14 2a

Gallegos Lucas Male 50 2a

Castillo Maria Female 27 2a

Garcia Larislo? Male 31 2a

Garcia Emilia Female 27 2a His Wife

Tabet? Tanvus? Male 30 2a

Gallegos Anita Female 34 2a

Montano Jose Male 64 2a

Torres Viviano Male 64 Servant 2a

Vigil Beatriz Female 16 Daughter 2a

Ortiz Manuel Male 34 2a

Gameros? Miguel Male 41 2a

Lopez Vivana Female 42 2a

Perea Lavinia Female 73? 2a

Romero Jose Male 22 2a

Freidrich Isaac Male 54 2b

Ellis William Male 40 2b

Ellis Bernice Female 24 2b

Lopez Maricela (Or Marcellina?) Female 50 2b

Norman William Male 36 2b

Curry Rebecca Female 26 2b

Salazar Pedro Male 26 2b

Pacheco Romalo? Male 44 2b

Otero Julio Male 45 2b

Sanches Jose A Male 69 2b

Otero Antonio Male 50 2b

Ellis Isaac Male 70 2b

Brady William Male 35 3a

Lopez Jose Male 25 3a

Garza Juan De Male 52 3a

Gerand Or Giraud Joseph Male 30 3a

Rogers Agustus Male 60 3a

Walters John A Male 66 3a

Montano Soloman? Male 35 3a

Johnson Tules Female 40 3a

Martinez Luera Or Lucia Female Niece 7 3a

Sena George Male 36 3a

Gallegos Acasio? Brother Male 30 3a

Peppier George Male 60 3a

Gomez Francisco Male 42 3a

Salas Giraldo Male 48 3a

Salas Cadislo Or Ladislao? Male Female 22 3a

Lopez Telefero Male 72 3a

Romero Albino Male 24 3b

Mirabal Querina Female 12 3b

Castillo Filomeno Male Adopted 2 3b

Lopez Alfredo Male Grandson 2 3b

Romero Anastacio? Male 31 3b

Burleson Peter Male 58 3b

Chittendon Or Chittendorf? Orson R Male 67 3b

Romero Jose A Male 52 3b

Herrera Teresa Female 42 3b

Chavez Querrina? Female 27 3b

Chavez Jose Male 22 3b

Chavez Anastacia? Female 14 3b

Samora Pedro Male 35 3b

Luna Valentin? Male 55 3b

Gibson Fred Male Servant 11 3b

Lujan Martin Male 51 3b

Romero Refujio Male 26 3b

Lucero Juan Male 45 3b

Gonzales Sinforia? Female 28 3b

Romero Maria Female 52 4a

Maldonado Manuel Male 28 4a

Miranda Jose Male 61 4a

Gamboa Crescencio Male 44 4a

Barela Jesus Male 48 4a

Lucero Martinalfo? Male 26 4a

Barajas Herculano Male 16 4a

Apodaca Juan Male 40 4a

Archibeque Cecilio Male 33 4a

Torres Joseph Male 35 4a

Gonzalez Jesus M Male 60 4a

Griego Candelario Male 42 A

Telles Luis Male 30 4a

Griego Filomino? Male 41 4b

Sanchez Olojio Male 27 4b

Sanchez Antonia Female Mother 80 4b

Domingo Jesus Male 65 4b

Mirabal Jesus Male 55 4b

Baca Bonifacio Male 43 4b

Marquis Gabriel Male 50 4b

Farmer Samuel? Male 28 4b

Romero Apollonio? Male 23 4b

Farmer Theodore? Male 30 4b

Gamboa Tendas Male 36 4b

Whiley Or White George Male 12 4b

Montoya Jose Male 75 5a

Montoya Rodolfo Male 35 5a

Gonzales Susana Female 15 5a

Martinez Victorio Male 38 5a

Maldonado Ignacio Male 40 5a

Herrera Pascual Male 21 5a

Tafoya? Manuel Male 15 5a

Montoya Fanila?(Famla?) Female 37 5a

Garcia Manuel Male 42 5a

Pacheco Anselmo Male 50 5a

Gonzales Francisco Male 40 5a

Montero Amado Male 39 5a

Archeluta Celso? Male 42 5a

Mirabal Romualdo? Male 25 5b

Gallegos Predicano? Male 29 5b

Miranda Felipe Or Felix Male 70 5b

Mirabal Maria Female 41 5b

Mirabal Ramon Male 50 5b

Torres Gabina Female 47 5b

Pariaje? Casiana? Female 35 5b

Padilla Paubla? Female 72 5b

Maldonado Pedro Male 15 Adopted  5b

Lueras Jesus Male 64 5b

Malitonacho Or Maldonado Roqueo Male 45 5b

Juarez Silvestre Male 40 5b

Torres Doroteo Male 30 5b

Salazar Euginio? Male 41 5b

Gomez Felipe Male 31 5b

Mandiaz Fermin Male 60 5b

Carillo Doroteo Male 40 5b

Montano Romaldo? Male 32 6a

Medina Juan Male 56 6a

Beltran Dorotia Female 15 6a

Chavez Porfirio Male 28 6a

Lujan Ramon? Male 42 6a

Lujan Feliciano? Male 29 6a

Samora Francisco? Male 37 6a

Samora Juan Male 30 6a

Torres Juan P Male 53 6a

Marquis Ramona Female 15 6a

Aquilar Manuel? 32 6a

Gurule Juan Male 56 6b

Chavez Ambrosio 34 6b

Torres Y Sedillo Jose Male 34 6b

Baca Luis Male 70 6b

Flores Silvestre Male 48 6b

Parada Jesus Male 90 6b

Baca Silvestre Male 20 6b

Najar Juan Male 32 6b

Baca Jose Leon Male 30 6b

Salazar Jose Male 38 6b

Trujillo Juana 47 7a

Chavez Antonio Male 34 7a

Torres Y Barela Jose Male 30 7a

Sevier Or Serna? Willie Male 40 7a

Talavera Mateo Male 44 7a

Garcia Gabriel Male 44 7a

Najar Refugio Male 63 7a

Jiminez Francisco? Male 37 7a

Chavez Y Gallogos Jose Male No Age Listed Married 26 Yrs

Carabajal Daniel ? Male 19 7a

Salazar Francisco? Male 32 7a

Sedillo Juan Pedro Male 57 7a

Chavez Altagrau?? Female 37 7a

Padilla Rafael Male 37 7a

Chavez Pablo Male 14 7a

Gutierrez Luciano? Male 6 7a Grandson

Padilla Jose Male 23 7b

Serna Marcellina Female 61 7b

Samora Marcufla? Female 23 7b

Montoya Petra Female 22 7b

Serna Jose Male 24 7b

Peppin Juan Male 28 7b

Diaz Apolmario Male 60 7b

Chavez Roman 14 7b

Diaz Petra? Female 12 7b

Trujillo Refugio Male 40 7b

Sanchez Manuela Female 14 Adopted 7b

Trujillo Ramon? Male 50 7b

Fresques Rafael Male 36 7b

Trujillo Jose Male 23 7b

Vallejos Domingo Male 49 7b

Sanchez Narciso Male 24 7b

Romero Jose Male 38 7b

Monyoya Tiburces? Male 22 8a

Ray Charles Male 45 8a

Benavides Juan Male 24 8a

Peres Or Perea Demetu? Male 37 8a

Chavez Florencio Male 48 8a

Telles Augustin Male 57 8a

Analla Limoteo? Male 45 8a

Hall Joseph Male 54 8a

Torres Sosteno Male 26 8a

Olguin Dimoroteo? Male 25 8a

Najar Eduardo? 36 8a

Moraga Fredrico? Male 24 8b

Uderos? Francisca Female Boarder 10 8b

Moraga Or Morafa Abram Male 22 8b

Samora Manuel? Male 40 8b

Ripley George Male 48 8b

Pena Maria Female 60 8b

Serna Marcelino Male 52 8b

Sedillo Calistro Male 47 8b

Walters Liberty Male 55 8b

Chavez Cleto Male 56 8b

Miranda Maria Female 65 8b

Mes Felipe?Male 52 8b

Mes Enrique Male 22 8b

Vigil Francisco Male 57 8b

Vigil Francisco? Male 20 9a

Fresques Francesca Female 31 9a

Martinez Manuel? Male Guest 56 9a

Rubio Epilacio? Male 30 9a

Vigil Elisandro Male 22 9a

Torres Crescencio? Male 56 9a

Molina Jose Male 57 9a

Miranda Pablo Male No-Age-Stated Married 16 Years

Montoya Lucio Male 42 9a

Moya Antonia Female 43 9a

Benavides Augustin Male 22 9a

Herrera Ignacio 26 9a

Bonnell Harry? 27 9a

Bates Edmund Male Stepson 4 9a

Ferguson Charles 35 9a

Stewart Robert Male 65 9a

Don Or Dow Conception Female 47 9b

Bartlett Charles Male 70 9b

Pacheco Brigida Female 50 9b

Analla Narciso? Male 35 9b

Mireles Florencio Male 23 9b

Gallegos David Male 27 9b

Nelson Or Wilson Gorgomo? Male 27 9b

Sais Josefa Female Stepdau 10 9b

Baca Saturnino Male 69 9b

Rudela Andres Male 67 9b

Luna Miguel Male 26 9b

Uderno? Guillermo Male 39 9b

Lial ? Eugenia Female Stepdaughter 11 9b

Uderno Juana Female 10 9b

Montano Luis Male 22 9b

Vigil Esiquel? Male 26 9b

Sigalos Santiago Male 25 9b

Morales Jose Male 70 9b

Romero Tranquelino? Male 23 10a

Emiterro Guterrez Male 35 10a

Aldas Mariano Male 48 10a

Maldonado Eugenio Male 46 10a

Marufa Eligio Male 30 10a

Herrera Lorenza Female 66 10a

Torres Juan Male 32 10a

Torres Esequia Female 48 10a

Medina Esteban? Male 22 10a

Michaelis Reuben Male 44 10a

Laso? Ramos Male 34 10a

Fort Stanton & Hospital:

Cobb Julius O Male 37 11a

Peckham Laura B Female 43 11a

Ramus Carl Male 27 11a

La Grange John B Male 38 11a

Noblett? James M Male 44 11a

Murray Doyle Male 33 11a

Holstead Harry P Male 27 11a

Holstead Earnest P Male 27 11a

Gould? Simens Male 35 11a

Davis Hugh E Male 28 11a

Jorgenson Abel? Male 26 11a From Sweden

Anderson Lauritz? Male 44 11a

Mayor Menko Male 43 11a

Doh William Male 26 Male 11a

Venters? Lester E Make 24 11a

Law Charles 22 11a

Taylor Robert J Male 23 11a

Daily Isaac H Male 30 11a

Tindall Walter G Male 27 11a

Somers Burt Male 35 11a

Graham Joseph Male 35 11a

Gordon Fred Male 49 11a

Tindall James Male 53 11a

Guemaere? August Male 32 11a

Herb William Male 38 11a

Peters William 25 11a

Grigson? John M Male 33 11a

Dole Charles Male 30 11a

Tobin Joseph Male 60 11a

Holm Karl Male 27 11a

Tracy Patrick Male 27 11a

Donnley James Male 43 11a

King John W Male 27 11a

Meirs Or Meins? Thomas Male 45 11a

Peterson Andrew Male 26 11a

Ryan Joseph Male 53 11a

Jensen Della Or Dillon F Male 33 11a

Isaacson Charles Male 46 11b

Grogan John Male 38 11b

Johnson Alfred Male 36 11b

Hendricks? Del F Male 24 11b

O'connor James F Male 28 11b

Ponce Alonzo Male 45 11b

Quigley Bernard Male 38 11b

Ryan John Male 35 11b

Pope Martin Male 49 11b

Hatch Herbert Male 40 11b

Green Frank Male 24 11b

Bishop Charles Male 36 11b

Edwards Samuel Male 21 11b

Wells Frank Male 24 11b

Christian Henry 46 11b

Rollins William Male 34 11b

Cailer Edward Male 43 11b

Johnson Robert Male 35 11b

Varin? Frank P Male 43 11b

Hutchins Alfred Male 23 11b

Luna Nino? P Male 49 11b

Johnson Peter Male 60 11b

Lewis George M Male 35 11b

Faso Frank Male 38 11b

Fisher Lewis Male 18 11b

Guertzer Conrad Male 28 11b

Lofgren? Eric Male 20 11b (Swedish)

Coutlen? Albert Male 39 11b

Lauman William Male 25 11b

Perrin Earl B Male 23 11b

Harkey Ruben Male 22 11b

England Ammon? Male 34 11b

Edwards Henry J Male 38 11b

Grantham James M Male 33 11b

Hubbard Benjamin Male 26 11b

Nichols Rufus Male 22 11b

Crowfert Willis Male 27 11b

Weldy Russell B Male 21 11b

Shelly William Male 20 11b

Pounds William H Male 20 11b

Rodgers James Male 49 11b

William Andrew Male 28 11b

Stapleton Cyrus Male 21 Male 11b

Richards Joseph Male 26 11b

Canfield William Male 22 11b

Pinson James Male 34 11b

Byron Joseph Male 21 11b

Marshall John 41 11b

Bennett Walt Male 24 12a

Hamer Walter Male 41 12a

Norton Lewis Male 48 12a

Underwood Maria Female 24 12a

Yarnell Richard Male 49 12a

Hickey Jeremiah Male 47 12a

Roach John E Male 31 12a

Barron Or Banor John C Male 35 12a

Bray Or Gray Tolbert Male 28 12a

Macpherson John C 30 12a

Anderson William Male 44 12a

Payne Mollie Female 20 12a

Moore Carrol Male 61 12a

Norburg Willam Male 43 12a

Hall John W Male 24 12a

Mccampbell William 41 12a

Blanchard Clara Female 31 12a

Blanchard Phillip H Male 28 12a


Reynolds Mary Female 69 13a

Martin Ruth Female 18 13a

Jones Robert Male 27 13a

Neal John Male 43 13a

Blackwell Creed? Male 46 13a

Jones Charles Male 65 13a

Wingfield Charles Male 49 13a

Stewart Benjamin Male 57 13a

Prude? James 40 Male 40 13a

Payne Thomas J Male 24 13a

Munoz Adriano Male 50 13a

Apodaca Antonio Male 27 13a

Munoz Refugia Female 1 13a Adopted Daughter

Prude Ruth Female 1 13a

Chavez Higanio? Male 25 13a

Latham John Male 51 13b

Latham John Male 27 13b

Bastion Nicholas Male 55 13b

Trujillo Estanislo? Male 30 13b

Herrara Teodoro? Male 27 13b

Crouch Hartzel Male 44 13b

Herrera Fernando Male 62 13b

Gill Jennie Female 19 13b

Valenzuela Benencio Male 7 Grandson

Vasquez Perfeto 40 13b

Garcia Francisco Male 32 13b

Salisbury James Male 27 14a

Hale Lorimer? Male 65 14a

Stiffler Andrew Male 27 14a

Smith William Male 43 14a

Snow Moran? Male 21 14a

Butler Joseph Male 73 14a

Montoya Felipe Male 48 14a

Herrera Andres Male 48 14a

Vigil Luisa 17 Female 14a

Brown Henry Male 66 14a

Arthera?Or Arthurs? Francis Male 29 14a

Girebara Gregorio Male 65 14a

Montoya Maurice Male 50 14a

Garcia Jose Male 65 14b

Chavez Roberto Male 35 14b

Nejeres Andres Male 37 14b

Coike Or Locke Hartzell? Male 55 14b

Herrera Rafael Male No-Age-Listed Citizenship Granted 1890

Nimmo Samuel Male 39 14b

Garcia Adelaida Female 19 14b

Carasco Guadalupe Female 42 14b

Allen Flarel? Male 33 14b

Sanches Samuel Male 59 14b

Montes Alejo Male 46 14b

Oarae Or Darae? Hilario Male 46 15a

Provencio Rafael Male 69 15a Father In Law Of Hilario

Sanchez Eugenio Male 40 15a

Garcia Santiago Male 38 15a

Rodiquez Pedro Male 25 15a

Garcia Gregorio Male No-Age-Listed Had 8 Children

Jaramillo Gregorio? 12 15a

Armijo Juana Female 12 15a

Garcia Elias Male 20 15a

Gallegos Agapito Male 48 15a

Trujillo David Male 35 15a

Sanchez Jose Manuel Male 40 15a

Sanchez Raphael Male 51 15a

Pineda Victor? Male Unclear 15a

Pineda Juan Male 12 15b

Benevides Jose Male 44 15b

Revia? Refugia Female 54 15b

Coe? George W 45 15b

Smith Henry S Male 34 15b

Bates Sefron? Male 52 Black Servant 15b

Maes Cornelio 26 15b

Pedroso Estanislano? 21 15b

Smith Frederick Male 67 15b

Viescas? Casimiro Male 35 15b

Coe Frank B Male 47 15b

Tremaine? Venetia Female 22 15b

Maribal Estancilado Male 5 15b Adopted Son

Bonnell Bert J Male 24 15b

Viescas Pedro No-Age-Listed Had Four Children

Maribal Abel Male 32 15b

Silva Manuel Male 44 16a

Silva Felipe Male 66 16a

Marufa Utinio? Male 26 16a

Baragon Roman Male 53 16a

Gonzalez Alfredo? 28 16a

Polaco Elfego Male 31 16a

Abeyta Librana Female 45 16a

Gonzales Prospero? Male 28 16a

Sanchez Telefora Female 36 16a

Maribal Francisco Male 48 16a

Barmon Or Cannon William? Male 57 16a

Coe Jasper N Male 52 16a

San Patricio : Most Of These Names Were Overwritten By The Enumerator With Tally Data.

Sanchez Esiquio? Male 45 17a

Newcomb John Male 71 17a

Sanchez Jose Male 25 17a

Sanchez Miguel Male 23 17a

Perez Faustino Male 50 17a

Chavez Ambrosio Male 32 17a

Gonsalez Epen? Male 23 17a

Gonsalez Leopoldo Male 24 17a

Romero De Dios? J Male 41 17a

Romero De Castillo Crestina His Wife With Different Name

Torres Eusebio Male 36 17a

Silva Nicolas Male 36 17a

Trujillo Bonifacio? Male 36 17a

Trujillo Lorenzita Female 30 His Wife

Sanchez Francisco Male 40 17b

Trujillo Francisco Male 45 17b

Rivali Vicente? Male 29 17b

Sedillo Serafina Female 25 His Wife With Different Surname

Chavez M? Male 64 17b

Chavez Doloritas Female 55 His Wife

Sedillo Juan Male 66 17b

Rivali Juan Male 58 17b

Monyoya Tranquelino? Male 50 17b

Uderos? Marcelino? Male 35 17b

Uderos? Agapita 33 His Wife

Sedillo Sisto? Male 28 18a

Olgin S Lorencita? Female 44 18a

Maez Juan Male 55 18a

Maez Roman Male 28 18a

Mendoza Dionino? Male 32 18a

Mendoza M Rosenda Female 26 His Wife

Sedillo Martin Male 35 18a

Sais Pablo Male 40 18a

Sais Candelario Male 35 18a

Aragon Francisco Male 36 18a

Lucero Anselmo? Male 50 18a

Lucero Refugita 45 His Wife

Rivera Fabian? Male 53 18b

Montolla Aron Male 26 18b

Montana Maria Female 60 18b

Archibeque Isidro? Male 60 18b

Chavez Adacaio? Male 24 18b

Gutierrez Francisco Male 42 18b

Brady Primitaro? Male 20 18b

Gema Higinio? Male 56 18b

Gema Dolorez 52 His Wife

Romero Merensiana Female 16 18b

Sais Tomas Male 15 18b

Romero Antonio Male 10 18b

Gallegos Natin? Female 30 18b

Baca Marcos? Male 44 18b

Ansures Eutimio Male 42 18b

Chaves Patrocinio Male 35 18b

Garcia Federico? Male 27 18b

Brady James? Male 26 18b

Brady Robert Male 32 18b

Torres Refugio Male 26 18b

Lucero Ramon? Male 57 18b

Amijo Doloritia Female Sister 70 18b

Vigil Francisco Male 45 18b

Torres Alisandro Male 17 18b

Torres Presiliano Male 30 19a

Sanchez Domingo Male 46 19a

Randolph Frank? Male 30 19a

Storm Joseph Male 65 19a

Perez Victoriano Male 12 19a

Perez Susanita Female 6 19a

Gonsalez Sa? Male 31 19a

Gonsalez T Jesusita 23 His Wife

Trujillo Patricio? Male 40 19a

Sanchez Dolores Female 70 19a

Trujillo Benito? Male 45 19a

Benavides Candelario Male 15 19a

Sedillo Dionino? Male 16 19a

Fritz Charles? Male 32 19a

Curry Rebecca Female 26 19a

Brady Jim? Male 29 19a

Otero Juan Male 8 19a

Sisneros? Tiofilo? 34 19b

Santistevan Lorenzo Male 90 19b

Mirabal Jesus Male 26 19b

Olgin Ignacio Male 23 19b

Salaz Tiofilo? Male 23 19b

Gallegos Alejandro? 40 19b

Gonsales Ignacio? Male 33 19b

Provencio Jose Male 50 19b

Herrera Cruz Male 40 19b

Gutierrez J? Female 32 19b

Carabajal? Pom? Male 59 19b

Romero Luciano? Male 56 19b

Samalino? Pedro Male 60 19b

Gonsalez M J0se Male 32 20 A

Lucero Victoriano Male 32 20 A

Gurrera Or Gerevara Cruz? Male 31 20a

Williams S John Male 56 20a

Herbert H George 28 20a

Polick James Male 55 20a

Rivas Benito? Male 42 20a

Picacho Twp: Most Of These Names Were Overwritten By The Enumerator With Tally Data.

Chaves Jose Male 91 20b

Sisneros Petra? Female 49 20b

Gamboa Josefita Female 11 20b

Mirabal Relles? Male 27 20b

Mirabal Jesusita 18 His Wife

Chaves F? Male 27 20b

Chavez Erlinda 31 His Wife

Perales Victor Male 38 20b

Chaves Ambrosio Male 51 20b

Chaves Na? Male 60 20b

Bartlett Boye Male Stepson 6 20b

Salcidos Faustino Male 24 20b

Bartlett John? Male 26 20b

Gonzalez Juan? Male 39 20b

Cleny Antonia Female 59 20b

Chaves Placido Male 38 20b

Laguna Agustin Male 48 20b

Chaves Andres Male 23 21a

Chaves Pablo Male 16 21a

Sanchez Jesusita Female 67 21a

Gutierrez Florentino Male 39 21a

Tully W James 67 21a

Clem Charles Male 17 21a

Nunes Candido Or Camilo Male 61 21a

Nunes San?? Male 24 21a

Nunes Guillermo Male 22 21a

Silva Agustin Male 29 21a

Sigala Rafael Male 33 21a

Bersitles? Rachel? Female 28 21a His Wife With Different Surname

Baca Trenidad Female 9 21a

Lopez Juan Male 37 21a

Trujillo Ja? Male ? 21a

Romero Manuel? Male Age Unclear 21a

Romero Tr? Male Unclear 21a

Kimball John Male 32 21b

Samora B? Male 31 21b

Perea Jesus Male 50 21b

Cline August Male 63 21b

Hopkins? B P Male 39 21b

Roberts J M Male 66 21b

Romero Manuel Male 44 21b

Fresques Pablo 45 21b

Sandoval Esquiel Male 7 21b

Mendoza Carmelita Female 14 21b

Fresques Vicente 70 21b

Gonsales Celso? 35 21b

Romero Lazario? Male 48 21b

Gallegos Eloisa? Female 21 21b

Kimball Glen Or Henry? Male 58 21b

Brockway Wallis? Male 38 22a

Stanton Shannon Male 35 22a

Fox O J Male 26 22a

Burgner Samuel Male 17 22a

Brady Charles Male 28 22a

Nully William Male 23 22a

Montoya Pablo? Male 36 22a

Barela Alejandro Male 33 22a

Guyes Mollie? Female 25 22a

Lumbley William Male 42 22a

Chaves Juan Male 32 22a

Vigil Feliz Female 9 22a

Romero Pablo 33 2a

Lucero Manuel Male 52 22a

Hamilton John? Male 46 22b

Wattlett I B Male 27 22b

Maese Jose Male 46 22b

Salaz Cresencio? Male 29 22b

Carrillo Albino Male 49 22b

Avila Tonbio? Male 38 22b

Williams Eloisa Female 27 His Wife With A Different Surname

Rodrigues Cruz Female 62 22b

Savedra Meliton Male 11 22b

Chaves Martin Male 47 22b

Bellescas David Male 17 22b

Sedillo Jose Male 60 22b

Aguilar Faustino Male 24 22b

Candon Estanselao? Male 47 22b

Peralta Ramon Male 13 22b

Vigil Ramon Male 48 22b

Flores Fuljensio? Male 9 22b

Flores Genoviva 14 Female His Wife

Marques Vicente? Male 42 23a

Gonsales Ton? Male 45 23 A

Vigil Josefa Female 72 23a

Aguilar Francisco? Male 25 23a

Vigil Trinidad? Male 53 23a

Rodiques Ramon Male 38 23a

Montolla Juan Male 49 23a

Montolla Dolores Female 28 23a

Analla Pedro Male 9 23a

Montolla Felipe Male 23 23a

Carrillo Todas? Male 67 23a

Carrillo Filomino Male 26 23a

Valenzuela Manuel? Male 27 23a

Gonsales Vi? Male 23 23a

Lopez Pablo Male 80 23a

Acuna Unclear

Acuna Eufemia Daughter Female 17 23b

Villarreal Victoriana Female 77 23b

Mireles Damion? Male 33 23b

Gutierrez Julian 43 23b

Gonsales Leandro Male 10 23b

Analla Pedro Male 65 23b

Romero Domingo? Male 44 23b

Domingues Felipe Or Felix? Male 25 23b

Martines Jose Male 55 23b

Sanchez Tony? Male 28 23b

Lucero A Pedro Male 64 23b

Rodrigues Pablo Or Pedro? Male 26 23b

Salcido Susanita Female 8 23b

Montell Juan De Dios Male 48 23b

Analla Juan Male 44 23b

Chaves Isidro Male 28 23b

Benavides N Unclear 23b

Benavides Isabel 25 His Wife 23b

Benavides Unclear 23b

Torres Paz Unclear 23b

Analla Francisco Male 18 24a

Bustios Gregorio Male 16 24a

Bustamante Silvestre? Male 52 24a

Llamas Victor Male 38 24a

Torres Candelario Male 45 24b

Otero Pablo Male 30 24a

Torres Pedro Male 39 24a

Montolla Juan Rafael Male 19 24a

Torres Ramon Male 15 24a

Agua Azul Twp: Most Of These Names Were Overwritten By The Enumerator With Tally Data.

Lazan Gallagos? Male 49 24b

Archuleta Jesus Male 49 24b

Torres Agustin Male 60 24b

Fresques Roman? 39 Male 24b

Fresques Tiofila 28 His Wife

Maez Cursul? Female 60 24b

Archuleta Jose 24 Male 24 24b

Fresques Pedro Male 35 24b

Torres Manuel? Male 36 24b

Rival Santiago Male 39 24b

Tenorio Manuelita Female 1 Granddaughter

Trujillo Luciano Male 56 24b

Villareal Albino? Male 34 25a

Ramires Tomas? Male 60 25a

Maestas Manuel? Male 52 25a

Kelly Jack 30 25a

Lucero Polonio? Male 32 25a

Lucero Doroteo Male 34 25a

Ramires Antonio Male 37 25a

Trujillo Juan Male 64 25a

Pacheco Jesus Male 55 25b

Garcia In? Male 45 Male 25b

Archuleta Marcelino? Male 50 25b

Savedra Andalicio Male 33 25b

Savedra Emilio? Male 26 25b

Archuleta Seferino Male 15 25b

Barela Casimano? Male 40 25b

Molina Damion Male 38 25b

Lucero Juanita Female 3025b

Lucero Jose Male 67 25b

Cordova Jesus? Male 66 25b

Torres Pablo Male 35 25b

Parada Or Pineda Juan Male 45 25b

Cordova Arturo? Male 27 26a

Lujan Tomas? Male 51 26a

Besem Jesus Male 63 26a

Torres Juan Male 42 26a

Molina Juan Male 32 26a

Gonsalez Feliz? Male 42 26a

Richardson Andrew M. Male 56 26a

Maes Jesus Male 66 26a

Molina Victor Male 99 26a

Gutierrez Leon Male 35 26a

Sedillo Martinez Male 23 26a

Gutierrez Evangelita? Female 1 26b

Franco Apolonio? Male 25 26b

Sanchez Felipe Male 33 26b

Lucero Cornelio Male 77 26b

Lucero Maria Noberta 65 His Wife

Lucero Habrana 22 Daughter

Mcteigue Ines Female 26 26b  

Turpell Or Tenpell? Emilo Male 36 26b

Velasques Jesus Male 72 26b

Sanchez Tomas Male 65 26b

Reyes Francisco Male 41 26b

Perea Sabino 16 Male 26b

Relles Victor Male 9 26b

Fresques Manuel Or Miguel Male 33 26b

Sanchez Unclear Male 34 26b

Sanchez Eloisa 31 His Wife

Montoya S??Ino? Male 42 27a

Montoya Delfinia Female 38 His Wife

Benevides A? Male 36 27a

Mestas Hil? Male 42 27a

Garcia Juan Male 32 27a

Cordova Francisco Male 34 27a

Tenorio Juan Male 33 27a

Maes Jesusita Female 37 27a

Munoz Cr??Co Male 29 27b

Romero Pablo Male 9 27b

Lueras Ramon? Male 38 27b

Munoz Refugio Male 63 27b

Ramires Urbano? Male 36 27b

Chavez Fabian Male 43 27b

Mora Senon Or Simon Male 16 17b

Lovato Juan Or Jose Male 48 27b

Lovato Juanita Female 34 27b His Wife

Vasques Casi? Male 57 27b

Gonsales Arturo? Male 12 27b

Pacheco Leopoldo? Male 74 27b

Ellis Leslie Male 33 27b

Molina Sil? Male 42 27b

Reventon Twp: Most Names Were Overwritten With Tally Data By The Enumerator.

Hicks Jacob Male 38 28a

Roberts Hosea Male 38 28a

Current Or Cusoent James Male 48 28a

Fambrough San? Male 25 28a

Write Polk Male 37 28a

Dotson Jas Male 35 28a

Duran Ulojia Female 15 28a

Chavez Felix Male 26 28a

Lucey Lewis Male 19 28a

Mahan William Male 44 28a

Chavez C?? Unclear Male 59 28a

Lopez Pantalion Male 28a

Lucero Dolores Male 38 28a

Lopez Andres? Male 27 28a

Cedillo Mateo? Male 38 28a

Garcia Ramon Male 60 28b

Bilasques Manuel Male 52 28b

Perea Jose Male 19 28b

Regalado Jose Male 15 28b

Trujillo Pedro Male 46 28b

Miranda Porfirio Male 27 28b

Chavez Maximilano Male 60 28b

Archuleta Lucio? Male 61 28b

Archuleta Ysabel Female 43 His Wife

Giron Bentura Male 50 28b

Mees Magil Male 60 28b

Chavez Rafel Male 31 28bn

Chavez Juan Male 26 28b

Dotson Juan Male 10 28b

Chavez Juan Male 60 28b

Otero Procopio Male 30 28b

Luna Augustin Male 28 28b

Gutierrez Felix Male 39 29a

Regalas Juan Male 36 29a

Otero Lorenzo Male 35 29a

Serna Juan Male 27 29a

Otero Antonio Male 50 29a

Cedilla Polonio Male No-Age-Listed Married 28 Years

Lueras Manuel Male 29 29a

Sanchez Simon Male 28 29a

Marujo? Bictor Male 45 29a

Pacheco Procopio Male 29 29a

Dotson Martin Male 32 29b

Cunto Or Gusto Dominic Male 46 29b

Sanchez Ostelano Male 51 29b

Gabaldon Lutisia Female 25 29b

Sanchez Balentin Male 19 29b

Gabaldon Rosita Female 8 Granddaughter

Sanchez Felipe Male 27 29b

Lueras Jose Male 36 29b

Las Tablas Twp: Most Of These Names Overwtitten By The Enumerator With Tally Data.

Scott Henry Male 28 30a

Garcia Juan Male 21 30a

Sanchez Antonio Male 12 30a

Bond Robert Male 31 30a

Brown Lottie Female 43 30a

Brown Henry Male 23 30a

Pridemore Thomas? J Male 38 30a

Hall Miriam Female 21 30a

Beard Samuel Male 46 30a

Cedilla Martin R Male 24 30a

Ballard William Male 27 30a

Carper Robert P Male 1 30a

Mc Farland David 35 30a

Wishart? Or Weinhart? Austin? Male 45 30a

Shipp Elijah H Male 30 30a

Clark Joseph Male 28 30a

Patton James H Male 36 30a

Livingston Thomas Male 38 30a

Mc Farland Henry Male 23 30a

Goff William H Male 26 30a

Dockray? Hiram F Male 41 30a

Millet Hansen? H 25 30a

Lafferty James A Male 25 30b

Wright Earnest? Male 36 30b

Orr Robert Male 61 30b

Campbell James Male 43 30b

Hall Henry Male 19 30b

Phinny Or Shinny? Alphonsus? Male 27 30b

Thomas William Male 49 30b

Mccutcheon Will  Or Milt Male 38 30b

Cordova P?? Male 39 30b

Quintana Manuel Male 35 30b

Chavez Christoval Male 67 30b

Baldanado Cat? Male 44 30b

Baldanado Leonora Female 45 His Wife

Copeland Edmond D Male 25 30b

Yates James S Male 38 30b

Johnson Thomas Male 38 30b

Yates William Male 34 30b

Cothern Joseph Male 37 30b

Musgrove Bennett Male 30b

Steclk Or Steels Joshua Male 41 30b

Mc Farland George Male 30 31a

Chaves Nicolas Male 45 31a

Garcia Eugenio Male 28 31a

Porra Felix Male 29 31a

Peralto Juratto? Female 55 31a

Cedillo Gregorio Male 16 31a

Meis Nicolas Male 34 31a

Hood Wesley Male 40 31a

Copeland John N Male 56 31a

Gilbert Franklin Male 45 31a

Garvin? Ancho Or Archio J Male 34 31a

Julian James Male 44 31a

Hardesman J Male 43 31a

Parnell Thomas Male 64 31a

Mc Farland John Male 70 31a

Hughes William Male 20 31b

Shintzer Anderson Male 27 31b

Brown Susan? Female 57 31b

Copeland Ettie A D Female Ward 12 31b

Silvera Manuel Male 55 31b

Jifon? Manuel Male 30 31b

Morales Jesus Male 55 31b

Martinas Pablo Male 21 31b

Gonzales Basq? Male 57 31b

Lucero Epimecino Male 42 31b

Escobar Feronaro? Male 39 31b

Lopez Vivian Male 37 31b

Vigil Manuel Male 53 31b

Trujillo Rumaldo Female 40 31b

Chavez Macardo? Male 48 31b

Archuleta Francisco? Male 67 31b

Sanchez Sambrano Male 30 31b

Quintana Juan Male 27 32a

Sanchez Enrique? Male 24 32a

Montoya Benatio? Male 37 32a

Montoya Antonio Male 30 32a

Montoya Felipe Male 50 32a

Domora Eugenio Male 54 32a

Pena Or Paria Dolorus Female 20 32a

Precinct # 8 White Oaks: Some Of The Names Were Overwritten With Tally Data.

Walsh Thos Male 45 33a

Mccurrah John Male 27 33a

Taliaferro Junio Male 45 33a

Mayer Chas Male 39 33a

Mcgehee Lee E Male 37 33a

Crary Henry C Male 61 33a

Parker Jennie O Female 59 33a

Dunway Ella Female 56 33a

Wilson Clare L Female 17 33a

Loing Thomas Male 28 33a

Stewart Levin Or Lewis W Male 50 33a

Clair John Male 50 33a

Wilner Salmon Male 33 33a

Hightower Allen Male 39 33a

Kennedy William N 33 33a

Caley Or Nealy John A Male 31 33a

Lisner Frank Male 33a

Leal Jose La Luz Male 29 33b

Aquino Lupe Female 33b

Ziegler Albert Male 37 33b

Ziegler Jacob Male 43 33b

Lane Alexander Male 65 33b

Neope Ann S Female 56 33b

Wineland Or Worreland Janet Female 31 33b

Lacey Peter Male E 30 33a

Langston Ernest Male 30 33b

Taylor Robert Male 31 33b

Smith Charles Male 28 33b

Keith Coke J C Male 26 33b

Rivera Jose M Male 43 33b

Green Arthur Or Anthony Male 41 33b

Ulrick Geo L Male 38 33b

Mayer Paul Male 43 33b

Rudesille Lee H Male 57 33b

Bellomy Mathews H Male 64 33b

Collier Joseph B Male 68 33b

Wiley Wm F Male 30 33b

Mir?Alty James Male 41 33b

Miller Jacob Male 54 34a

Lee John P Male 64 34a

Prear George S Male 58 34a

Langston? Or Laughton Jackson Male 53 34a

Stewart Carrie Female 73 34a

Cooper Or Clayton James A Male 59 34a

Greeg Thomas B Male 60 34a

Paden Melvin Male 49 34a

Williams Ella Female 20 34a

Canning? John C Male 35 34a

Newell John Y Male 63 34a

Leighnier John Male 63 34a

Mayer Fred Male 54 34a

Merill Chas M Male 35 34a

Ciniman Eugene Male 35 34a

Queen Sophia Female 33 34a

Biggs Joseph Male 60 34b

Littell Ater?Onl? Male 34b

Wallace Samuel Male 60 34b

Schinzing Augustus Male 43 34b

Ceyser Or Weyser Charles Male 43 34b

Brothers? America Female 46 34b

Justin Robert W Male 65 34b

Bogan Or Birgan John G Male 28 34b

Leake Hames Male 27 34b

Leal Julian Male 28 34b

La Lane Pherphilo Male 62 34b

Lopez Inacento Male 36 34b

James Alfred Male 29 34b

White Chas W 38 34b

Taylor Napolin Male 51 34b

White Joseph Male 26 34b

Lund Robert Male 59 34b

Watson William Male 52 35a

Ozairre Urbain Male 65 35a

Norman Theodore W Male 58 35a

Preswick Eugen H Male 58 35a

Vanderwort Jessie H Male 40 35a

Carpenter James Male 37 35a

Dye Benjamin C Male 61 35b

Cryle Or Hyle William Male 44 35a

Madden James Male 65 35a

Lee Edward Male 37 35a

Lee George Male 29 35a

Wilson Bessie P Female 19 35a

Koch Max Male C 50 35a

Prichardt George W Male 49 35a

Reed James Male 52 35a

Parker E?Astus Male 56 35a

Orthofer Edward Male 53 35a

Wingfield Agustus C Male 39 35b

Pinnon Or Simon David Male 44 35b

Aguayo Ester Female 16 35b

Chaves Phinas? Male No Age Listed, Married 26 Years

Capuano Joseph Male 45 35b

Wilson John Male 39 35b

Pressgrove? Wingfield Male 41 35a

Marojo Frances Female 21 35a

Gonzales Sabino Male 29 35b

Archuleta Perfecto Male 23 35b

Vigil Ambrosio Male 26 35b

Kaiser William S Male 58 36a

Cline Eli P Male 50 36a

Gallacher Jane Female 39 36a

Mackie Margeret Female 71 36a

Ridgeway Arnold Male 45 36a

William Lucinda Female 66 36a

White Susan Female 54 36a

St John Marshal Male 28 36a

Cavinaugh Richard Male 59 36a

Gurule Eusebio Male 33 36a

Bull Charles Male 65 36a

Dabalos Or Sabalos Luciano Male 32 36a

Salazar Frank Male 33 36a

Leal Dolores Male 21 36a

Garcia Victor Male 28 36a

Gubara Or Gubaia Felix Male 39 36a

Gubaia Manuel Male 28 36a

Chavez Jose De Baca? Male 63 36a

Sisneros Pokla Or Tikla? Male 60 36b

Bueno Marcus Male 29 36b

Relles  Or Telles Dino Male 43 36b

Lane William Male 36 36b

Mains John P Male 43 36b

Kleppinger John Male 63 36b

Brien Or Brown John A Male 43 36b

Collier Or Hollis John A Male 34 36b

Guinn Wallace Male 29 36b

Whartin Sidney Male 29 36b

Reyes John L Male 28 36b

Nue Ah Male 55 36b

Harrison Norma Female 44 36b

Basco Aydes Male 30 36b

Nyfill  Or Mayhill Allison Male 33 36b

Haynie Phunza J Female 47 36b

Alexander Frank Male 40 36b

Guinn Or Gumm Benjamin Male 40 36b

Gumm Joseph A Male 40 37a

Cuillart? Or Luillan? Clifford E Male 23 37a

Barienda Porfela? Female 27 37a

Ransom Robert Male 36 37a

Lindsay Elmer No Data

Gibson John Male 30 37a

Cardwell Harry W Male 28 37a

Mc Phearson Murdica? Male 74 37a

Whitin? West? Male 55 37a

Cebrick Eward G Male 50 37a

Ednieg? Clara E Female 30 37a

Vail Chas J Male 37 37a

Thompson Peter W Male 40 37a

Tompkins Henry Male 49 37a

De Rosian William Male 47 37a

Jackson David L Male 30 37a

Kastler Estella Female 50 37a

Brill Lorenzo Male 48 37a

Snow Elizabeth A Female 51 37a

Curtis Alvin Male 29 37a

Keith George W Male 58 37b

Ramsdale Jeremiah 36 37b

Resicle Or Reside Mary Female 51 37b

Jines Edward E Male 37 37b

Chavez Edward Male 29 37b

Adams Thaddeus Male 42 37b

Mirris? Frank Male 33 37b

Lopez Juana Female 33 37b

Owen John W Male 42 37b

Sandoval Maria Female 46 37b

Serrano Jose Male 47 37b

Sandoval Benjamin 22 37b

Padilla Jose M Male 38a 38a

Dyer Or Dyan Mendall Male 43 38a

Hamilton Charles Male 41 38a

Brooking Maggie Female 41 38a

Mirris James Male 52 38a

Murdock? J W Male 56 38a

Peaker Oliver Male 29 38a

Fitzpatrick Eddie Male 8 38a

Keith John M Male 44 38a

Benitez? Juan Male 29 38a

Swain Joseph Male 30 38a

Wells Samuel Male 38 38a

Chew Or Chere Edga W Male 29 38a

Crowley? John C Male 62 38a

Faust Or Forrest Robert Male 58 38a

Young Steven Male 22 38a

Griffith Robert L Male 19 38a

Snow Grerre  Or Gavin O Male 23 38a

Gray Ervin Male 22 38a

Harris Ed W Male 27 38b

Palters John R Male 54 38b

Kimball Ben N Male 26 38b

Kimball William A Male 24 38b

Roberts John Male 34 38b

Lemens Chas P Male 30 38b

Shieley Luther Male 31 38b

Campbell Charlie Male 25 38b

Windland James Male 50 38b

Mc Donald William Aged 41 First Statehood Governor Of New Mexico

Frances J Mcdonald Wife 48

Mccourt Margaret 18 Stepdaughter Of Mcdonald

Mcdonald Frances Daughter Of Mcdonald

Drake Elise 25 Female Servant Of Mcdonald

Berry Edward 46 Servant Of Mcdonald

Ellis Noah W Male 53 38b

Goodin Mark L B Male 21 38b

Moore Walter G Male 19 38a

Dotson Sidney L Male 29 38b

Moore? Rance C Male 25 38b

Hyde George A Male 31 38b

Roberts Albert 27? 38b

Crosby Fred G Male 29 38b

Hyde Mary E Female 58 38b

Hyde Walker C Male 25 38b

Wharton Mary Female 23 38b

Barber Susan 47 23 38b

Macus Carlos Male 29 38b

Cirona Sabiliano? 20 38b

Taos? Pariposo? 55 38b

Chavez Luciano Male 38 39a

Chavez Jose Male 32 39a

Chavez Simon Male 30 39a

Sax Frank P Male 31 39a

Goff Benjamin Male 46 39a

Simms Or Simons James M 39 39a

Weinberger Max Male 53 39a

Flint Henry Male 18 39a

Binham Joseph Male 46 39a

Wharton John Male 46 39a

Del Valle Augustin Male 689 39a

Perez Elliot M Male 24 39a

Aguayo Jose M De Male 63 39a

Hill James Male 90 39a

Glenn David Male 39 39a

Davis C C Male 58 39a

Fuell Elizabeth Female 50 39a

Fuell Ollie B Female Adopted 19 39b

Lacey Jack Male 26 39b

Bragg George Male 23 39b

Bragg Alfred Male 70 39b

Cleghorn May Female 16 39b

Cleghorn Fred P Male 13 39b

Brooking Lula Female 26 39b

Lacey Joshua Male 60 39b

Rushing Pauline Female 24 39b

Blanchard William Male 62 39b

Leslie Robert Male 47 39b

Yates Lurah Female 22 39b

Leslie Robert Male 14 39b

Yates Myrtle Female 4 39b

Grumbles Stonewall Male 37 39b

Rogers Lizzie Female 21 39b

Lund Fletcher Male 35 39b

Riggles? Jas G 39 39b

Armstrong Robert D Male 49 39b

Capriano Ignatius Male 18 40a

Stovall John L Male 33 40a

Stevens Charles A Male 36 40a

Reasner Phil Male 40a

Paukey? Or Pankey Arthur Male 22 40a

Ramsdale John Male 53 40a

Collier Stephen Male 43 40a

Branum Lindsay Male 38 40a

Marsh Frank R Male 56 40a

Price Absolom Male 43 40a

Grumbles Marian Or Mammie Female 41

Crumb Frank Male 44 40b

Mcman Or Mcmanis Robert Male 22 40b

Mcmann Or Mcmanis  Alice Frmale 17 40b

Gardner May Female 27 40b

P(T?)Arbell? George D Male 73 40b

Brooking Edward S Male 34 40b

Hightower Deveraux Male 58 40b

Gulara Or Gubrisa Claude Male 63 40b

Gulara Or Gubrisa Maximiam Male 41 40b

Melon Miguel Male 39 40b

Weed Lina Female 32 40b

Jackson James D Male 39 40b

Gannin Or Harrison Thomas N Male 34 40b

Powell John A Male 38 40b

Schieder Ella Female 32 40b

Harris William 69 40b

Oswald Leo Male 28 40b

Currey Odin? Male 43 40b

Parker Sidney M Male 40 41a

Precinct#7 Jicarillo Area:

Van Schuyck Wayne Male 30 42a

Davidson Millan Male 34 42a

Van Schuyck George Male 53 42a

Davidson Clark Male 31 42a

Cumor? Or Connor Thomas Male 36 42a

Spence George Male 47 42a

Phillips Edgar J Male 51 42a

Johnson Manin? Male 56 42a

Goddard Charles 26 42a

James Whitney P Male 24 42a

Goddard Dorothy Female 2 42a

Ross Joseph A Male 42a

Stoneroud George W Male 42a

Tompkins George Male58 42a

Chapenga Or Chapouga Truman P Male 55 42a

Gallagher Joseph J Male 55 42a

Spencer Joseph Male 35 42a

Landy Orrin G 50 42a

Montoya Jose 29 42a

French William Male 60 42a

Hague Samuel Male 51? 42a

Spencer Or Spilkes? Ferdinand Male 81 42b

Martinez Reynaldo Male 30 42b

Medina Jose Male 50 42b

Gongales Ignacio Male 55 42b

Martinez Gregorio Male 45 42b

Norton Unclear Male 54 42b

Daniels Charles 57 42b

Curtis James Male 42 42b

Murphy Richard 56 42b

Knight Elias Male 50 42b

Cairland George 43 42b

Sedillo Bernaldo Male 25 42b

Ulibara Modesto Male30 42b

Lueras Andres Male 33 42b

Sandus Henry Male 58 42b

Mcbrayer Willis Male 47 42b

Hedges Columbus C Male 50 42b

Buren Or Brian Frank G Male 38 42b

Ozanne Or Ozairre Emil Male 38 43a

Larkins Edward T Male 27 43a

Peterson Henry C Male 38 43a

Johnson Ida Female 12 43a

Urisher George J Male 45 43a

Brotherton John Male 50 43a

Trimble Thomas  Or Phinius G Male 52 43a

Duncan John Male 70 43a

Volker George Male 68 43a

Mechinaus William Male 68 43a

Gray Twp:

Meers W L Male 31 44a

Skeehaw E H Female 66 44a

Craft J W Male 62 44a

Robertson M Male 41 44a

Oneil W G Male 34 44a

Shank C Male 25 44a

May Silas Male 27 44a

Lewis Taylor Male 42 44a

Watson Charles Male 43 44a

Ritter John Male 70 44a

Jewitt D J Ma Male 66 44a

Ramsey Will Male 25 44a

Gray S Male 48 44a

Wells A W 25 44a

Smith D Male 20 44a

Mckinley G Male 27 44a

Mathews A C Male 27 44a

Mckeynolds M L Male 58 44a

Still J R 36 Male 44a

Waldon Or Weldon R Male 36 44a

Baxter T Male 31 44b

Springfield D Male 48 44b

Eckles J C Male 58 44b

Jewell Fred Male 70 44b

Sanger Ira Male 34 44b

Shirley Frank Male 37 44b

Jackson L Male 46 44b

Ormond B? Male 20 44b

Moore L Female 40 44b

Campbell Allen Male 28 44b

Rogers A K Male 56 44b

Haynes I S Male 25 44b

Rogers Will Male 29 44b

Price J T Male 22

Price N M Female 224b

Rogers Alex Male 37 44b

Lumbley L Male 36 44b

Cochran Fred? Male 29 44b

Brock J R Male 40 44b

Salmon J Male 45 45a

Myers W J Male 34 45a

Woodman Charles Male 42 45a

Greer J H Male 43 45a

Richardson T B Male 38 45a

Richardson R F Male 22 45a

Hurt Robb Male 28 45a

Springfield W Male 49 45a

Smith J H Male 19 45a

Chittenden Jas Male 39 45a

Booth W Male 40 45b

Yates Geo Male 23 45a

Baatton M Male Female 19 45a

Pearce S A 24 Male 24 45a

Typer J L Male 43 45a

Fauceit Walt Male 35 45a

Whitesides J A 38 45a

Alby E S Male 37 45a

Rentfro B U Male37 45a

Baca Jose Male 36 45a

Gara Francisco Male 17 45b

Chavez Antonio Male 37 45b

Baca Henio Male 25 45b

Lopez Montes Male 35 45b

Pons Halley Female 31 45b

Reily A G Male 44 45b

Reily W M Male 32 45b

Sullivan ? Male 31 45b

Daly T V Male 28 45b

Williams A E Male 25 45b

Wallace H Male 41 45b

Mcgrary Tom Male 33 45b

Thomas W H Male 37 45b

Luther H T Nmale 25 45b

Coming  (Coening?) John Male 28 45b

Harris J R Male 21 45b

Hunter J L Male 34 45b

Sweringen W W Male 30 45b

Prindle M Male 35 45b

Rohde E Male 45 45b

Boyden T D Male 23 45b

Pease C A Male 41 45b

Fox Chas Male 37 45b

Pells Jno R Male 24 45b

Clark E M Male 25 45b

Wems Richard Male 25 45b

Willis Harry Male 23 45b

Caswell T Y Male 44 45b

Smith W A Male 48 45b

Fawcett H F Female 38 45b

Hofschulte H F 38 45b

Asprenherst J E Male 27 45b

Hudson W W Male 22 45b

Biggs J H Male 59 45b

Emerson Robert Male 28 46a

Stanfield Joe Male 30 46a

Holmes H E Male 47 46a

Brown J M Male 24 46a

Dulaney Jeff Male 39 46b

Roberts Rich Male 24 46a

Sibley W M Male 33 46a

Yates Jessie Female 17 46a

Sibley? Wm Male 5 46a

Sherman Geo Male 24 46a

May James Male 39 46a

Smith John Male 29 46a

Howard John Male 30 46a

Kelloway Sam Male 46a

Richards F W Male 46a

Thompson W Male 36 46a

Wilson Oliver? Male 58 46a

Wilcox T E Male 27 46a

Chuck M F Male 35 46a

Toy Foo Man Male 53 46a

Wing Yook Ma Male 34 46a

Chin H A Male 40 46a

Chew Chung Wong Male 50 46a

Moy Tom Male 36 46a

Hong Sin Male 32 46a

Castleberry A S Male 50 46a

Davis D H 27 Male 46a

Miller John Male 32 46a

Doyle John Male 40 46a

Besing H R Male 54 46a

Manning H Male 23 46b

Hulse Adam Male 41 56b

Gilman Or Gilmer P R Male 31 46b

Grisak Pete Male 33 46b

Mosler Robt Male 27 46b

Moflon Geo Male 16 46b

Lermusiaux L Male 47 46b

Stephenson James Male 55 46b

Carleto Chas Male 39 46b

Meslo Antonio Male 24 46b

Eleck Joe Male 36 46b

Pischel Henry? Male 20 46b

Ripley Geo Male 38 46b

Wortkiewiz C Male 27 46b

Augusta Thom Male 31 46b

Feroro Joe Male 30 46b

Crasso John Male 37 46b

Kemp Nuth Male 40 46b

Cheatham W Male 47 46a

Cheatham Elmer Male 16 47a

Williamson Lc Male 25 47a

Carter H Male 25 47a

Carter L Male 22 47a

Hopkins Jno Male 28 47a

Pollock Jno Male 36 47a

Hamilton Will Male 26 47a

Johnson A A Male 24 47a

Gray Thomas Male 22 46a

Murray M W Male 38 38 47b

Presley Harry Male 31 47a

Collett D A Male 48 47a

Bergin Geo Male 21 47a

Senetchfield W Male 26 47a

Collett Sam Male 23 47a

Woodruff Mary Or Martha Female 44 47a

Lunsford Ke?? Male 32 47a

White Geo Male 30 47a

Johnson Will Male 23 47a

Gallegos T Male 35 47b

Smith W M Male 42 47b

Burnett Mary Female 9 47b

Ralph M R Female 42 47b

Hudgins Auther Male 17 47b

Ralph Ethel Female 9 47b

Moore T H Male 38 47b

Smith G S Male 23 47b

Moore Edith Female 3 47b

Mackie W Male 29 47b

Peterson J R Male 21 47b

Gillete L Male 39 47b

Cane Lewis Male 40 47b

Johnson J J Male 50 47b

Shubaugh G Male 53 47b

South Orin? Male 37 47b

Kuba Frank Male 41 47b

Burnett J H Male 54 47b

Rubricht Frank Male 39 47b

Gibbons W M Male 33 47b

Williams H W Male 33 47b

Erickson O Male 29 47b

Dule Joe Male 45 47b

Snyder Chas Male 45 47b

Stewart E L Male 24 47b

Treadway B Male 36 48a

Hall Frank Male 42 48a

Gillock Chas 28 Male 48a

Hickman Chas 30 Male 48a

Rasmussen Andy Male 36 48a

Johns J E Male 22 48a

Clemis Alex Male 26 48a

Griffin Tom Male 45 48a

Duran L Male 38 48a

Montoya B Male 28 48a

Phillips E M Male 66 48a

Dana Lee Male 24 48a

Raymond Stephe Male 33 48a

Saterigno Martin Male 35 48a

Carrington Mattie Female 26 48a

Gordon Belle Female 25 48a

Vaisolatti Joseph Male 45 48a

Latoris Paul Male 39 48a

Arriago R Male 48 48a

Ramos P Male 27 48a

Martell J Male 27 48a

Ortega M Male 26 48a

Ortega M Male 17 48a

Ware Joe Male 51 48b

Goldsmith C 45 48b

Law James Male 23 48b

Dougherty Tom Male 31 48b

Franklin J H Male 27 48b

Sumner R S Male 25 48b

Richards Davis? Male 48b

Ward Wm Male 25 48b

Evans John Male 30 48b

Neis F Male 55 48b

Bruikles Gus Male 29 48b From Germany

Mcshane Auther Male 24 48b From Scotland

Mclaughy Or Mclangly Mike Male 26 48b

Richards Walter Male 24 48b

James Billie Male 39 48b

Brady Thomas Male 35 48b

Cummins A L Male 27 48b

Oxford John Male 24 48b

Hawkins Frank Male 25 48b

Brown Wm Male 62 48b

Brown Geo 21 Male 49a

Pankey S M Male 29 49a

Wisheuand J Male 31 49a

Belico Peter Male 24 49a

Williams Ed Male 27 49a

Beattie Geo Male 21 49a

Padillo Severo? Male 29 49a

Antiago Manuel Male 40 49a

Williams John Male 35 49a

Stone Thomas Male 33 49a

Herrera R? Male 40 49a

Allison Frank 30 49a

Bingham Fleus? Male 24 49a

May Abe Male 46 49a

Peant Or Peast G P Male 39 49a

Judishack Katie Female 20 49a

Parker Robt Male 45 49a

Mccoy C L Male 28 49a

Edwards Rich Male 20 49a

Neely Chas Male 41 49b

Mundell L J Male 75 49b

Durklee F A Male 27 49b

Witmore ? Male 27 49b

Pearson Geo Male 28 49b

Haynes W B Male 30 49b

Shoemaker W V Male 21 49b

Ramus C Male 34 49b

Kront Or Krout J F Male 46 49b

Tillison W Male 31 49b

Tyler Geo Male 61 49b

Abraham Rob Male 43 49b

Sherman J Male 43 49b

Miller Abram Male 39 49b

Worthy Sam Male 70 49b

Trujillo Damalio Male 17 49b

Totti Or Fotti Frank Male 40 49b

Rowland B Male 29 49b

Clute W M Male 29 49b

Jacobs T Male 50 50a

Hicks J G Male 31 50a

Swan J M Male 56 50a

Pino Pablo Male 63 50a

Torrez Juan Male 23 50a

Peralta Pedro Male 28 50a

Lucero Jose Male 24 50a

Mckinley Isidro Male 20 50a

Archuletto Antonio Male 31 50a

Collins J F Male 37 50a

Perry Will Male 19 50a

Moore Nathan Male 40 50a

Witcher W M Male 24 50a

Mccorkle J L Male 38 50a

Copeland Jo?? Male 39 50a

Lueras David Male 27 50a

Ake Geo Male 25 50b

Shaw John Male 29 50b

Walton M C Male 49 50b

Jones J P Male 45 50b

Hust Rich Male 34 50b


Smith Fred Male 50 50b

Nogal Twp: Some Of These Names Overwriten With Tally Data.

Hyde Oscar Male 37 51a

Westman Or Wertman M Male 45 51a

Santo J A Male 39 51a

Henly T J Male 59 541a Henley

Henly James Male 34 51a

Henly W J Male 57 51a

Hust Clark Male 30 51a

Matthews James Male 29 51a

Henly W T Male 29 51a

Boone T G Male 36 51a

Hockradle James Male 61 51a

Homan Ed Male 41 51a

Warnock Chas Male 45 51a

Sligh Geo 34 51a

Hale Will Male 24 51a

White Jno Male 25 51a

Hust Geo Male 36 51b

Hale Andrew Male 22 51b

Wilcox Sidney Male 62 51b

Wilson T B Male 41 51b

Henly Chas Male 31 51b Henley

Akins Amos 59 51b

Adams John Male 30 51b

Akins John Male 30 51b

Mckeen Emos? Male 29 51b

Hust Geo Male 61 51b

Byfield Lum Male 27 51b

Phfingston Fred Male 35 51b

Bourne Rob Male 30 51b

Bourne Cleo Male 39 51b

Zumwalt B Male 24 51b

Skinner Lu? Male 30 52a

White William Male 31 52a

Lamay L Male 28 52a

Ferguson W Male 25 52a

Lea William Male 60 25 52a

Johnson Pete Mal 36 52a

Moore Thaomale 45 52a

Mack John Male 39 52a

Vega Jose Male 54 52a

Worcester W A Male 57 52a

Moore W L Male 65 52a

Anderson M E Male 50 52a

Brown C H Male 32 52a

Brown B F Male 56 52a

Corn A Male 40 52a

Corn Joseph Male 10 52b

Roberts D W Male 58 52b

Queen J S Male 52 52b

Precinct #12 Bonito: Many Names Overwritten With Tally Data.

Parker Arch Male 35 53a

Marshall J Male 29 53a

Cree James Male 40 53a

Hudspeth A H Male 25 53a

Blackwell H J Male 30 53a

Peobles Lief? Male 37 53a

Walker Henry Male 36 53a

Holden J Male 36 53a

Gilmore A Male 54 53a

Burditt Pearl Female 26 53a

Hightower Geo Male 39 53a

Moore Thos Male 27 53a

Lyons Andy Male 29 53a

Wiley W H Male 18 53a

Wiley John M Male 13 53b

Graften T J Male 38 53b

Berry S C Male 61 53b

Galord Morgan Male 64 53b

Graves Milt Male 29 53b

Parson Floyd Male 29 53b

Norman James Male 35 53b

Ririe John Male 56 53b

James P G Male 40 53b

Robinson Ben Male 47 53b

Roberts C C 44 53b

Rogers Jessie Male 50 53b

Young J Male 64 53b

Stayton John Male 62 53b

Jones John Male 24 53b

Phfingston S Male 52 54a

Sitz Guadalupe Male 50 54a

Peter Ed Male 30 54a

Beckman Joe Male 44 54a

Bragg Tom Male 25 54a

Huber J G Male 60 54a

Consbrich H Male 58 54a

Miller H R Male 57 54a

May Martin Male 56 54a

Bourne L W Male 68 54a

Skinner Jno H Male 47 54a

Zumwalt Thos Male 47 54a

Knolton C B Male 59 54a

Crockett J M Male 49 54b

Zumwalt Noah Male 49 54b

Edmeston Henry Male 30 54b

Long Ed Male 48 54b

Rowland O? Male 28 54b

George P M Male 28 54b

Boureland L Male 28 54b

Mills M C Male 31 54b

Stewart John Male 23 54b

Stewart Geo Male 63 54b

Rowland M Male 26 54b

Rowland Tom Male 40 54b

Rogers Tom 21 54b

Phillips Jno Male 52 55a

Storms A C Male 52 55a

Frazier Thos Male 28 55a

Able Deru Male 23 55a

Mcada W N Mald 25 55a

Eads David Male 46 55a

Mays J P Male 33 55a

Parker J S Male 55 55a

Evans W L Male 30 55a

Malone J B Male 25 55a

Massengale W Male 55 55a

Hightower Jno Male 31 55a

Hightower J H Male 31 55a

Johnson G W Male 37 55a

Brown Wm Male 41 55a

Ruby L C Male 46 55a

Morris J S Male 35 55a

Corn W W Male 50 55a

Laud Or Land Walter Male 22 55a

Brown T M Male 50 55b

May Elmira Female 93 55b

Brown Melvina Female 62 55b

Riggs J S Male 71 55b

Peters P G Male 46 55b

Dickinson Arthur Male 21 55b

Lanier Sidney Male 29 55b

Upchurch Geo J Male 28 55b

Jackson Harvey Male 29 55b

Humphrey O P Male 60 55b

Hunter Jno Male 36 55b

Adkisson H 70 55b

Crammar D Male 44 55b

Johnson John Male 39 55b