1955 Carrizozo NM School Annual
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The year 1955 in Carrizozo was special. It was a time of full employment. The following photos reveal happy faces.
This was a time when men treated women with respect and honor. Men were expected to be men and women were definitely women.
It was a time that I looked up to those High School students as roll models. It was a time of Butterfingers and root beer floats.
Gasoline cost 25¢. A pack of Camel cigarettes cost 25¢. Chewy Carmel-walnut candies sold for 10¢ at Paden's.
Anyone could buy Cough syrup and pain medication at Paden's Drug Store for 25¢ without a prescription.
 I often had colds, thus I often bought Terpin hydrate with codeine that Mr. Paden mixed in his crucible. He poured it into a little bottle.
It was a wondrous time of white picket fences. The night before Halloween was Gate Night. Everyone's gate was stolen and put in another person's yard.
Sunday night was Kick The Can time. It had no rules, but is sure was fun.
School sweaters were made of knitted wool. They were of the highest quality. Lettermen wore their awards and trophies attached to the sweater.
A girl who wore a letterman's sweater was a warning to other boys to stay away or else.
Kids today are busy with computers, calculators, and cell phones. They know not what they are missing.