Lincoln Independent, Writers Contest, 1890

Best Letters written by boys and girls aged 6 to 12 contest.


6 years: Tucker Smith -Lookout
7 years: Edgar Watson-Nogal
8 years: John Gallacher-White Oaks
9 years: Robbie R. Lane-White Oaks
10 years: Henry Jernigan-Lookout
11 years: James Lerch Kibbee-Lincoln


6 years: Pearl Gallatin-Nogal
7 years: Mary Virgibia Levens-Nogal
8 years: Edna Johnston-Eddy
9 years: Ella Lea-Roswell
10 years: Nellie E. Howe-Eddy
11 years: Cora Perill-Seven Rivers
12 years: Ula Gilmore-Fort Stanton

Lincoln County

Source: Lincoln Independent Newspaper, 1890, Lincoln County, New Mexico, compiled by Charles Barnum.

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