Ancho, Lincoln County, New Mexico
1940 Census Index and School Employees
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Name Title Birth place Birth date
John Skaggs Head Finland 1874
Lewis Skaggs Head Oklahoma 1913
Lois Skaggs Wife Oklahoma 1919
Ernest Skaggs Son New Mexico 1935
Myrtle Skaggs Daughter New Mexico 1938
Benino Mirabal Son New Mexico 1916
Ramon Mirabal Son New Mexico 1932
P A Melton Head New Mexico 1906
Ethel Melton Wife New Mexico 1913
Maria Melton Daughter New Mexico 1929
Maude Melton Daughter New Mexico 1931
Frodie Melton Daughter New Mexico 1933
John Melton Son New Mexico 1935
Santiago Ortega Head New Mexico 1870
Victoriana Ortega Wife New Mexico 1896
Bill W Balow Head Minnesota 1881
Mary Balow Wife Minnesota 1879
Arineo Avila Head Mexico 1899
Maria Avila Wife Mexico 1875
James Allen Marshal Head New Mexico 1914
Ethel Marshal Wife Oklahoma 1917
Ruby Marshal Daughter New Mexico 1937
John Marshal Son New Mexico 1940
Chass Vandervort Head Missouri 1860
Jim Pollack Head Texas 1903
Edith Pollack Wife Oklahoma 1903
Marjorie Pollack Daughter Kansas 1931
John Clayton Head Texas 1910
Witcher Clayton Wife Oklahoma 1914
Earl Clayton Nephew Oklahoma 1922
Henry Morris** Head Texas 1895
Eula Morris Wife Texas 1902
Albert Morris Son Texas 1932
Laos Fraston Head Mexico 1878
Cartina Fraston Wife Mexico 1888
Juana Fraston Daughter Mexico 1906
Charles L Lacarse Head Oklahoma 1913
Lillie Lacarse Wife Oklahoma 1921
Marias Naveraz Head Mexico 1905
Angelita Naveraz Daughter New Mexico 1925
Fermin Naveraz Son New Mexico 1927
Lupe Naveraz Son New Mexico 1930
Rafael Naveraz Son New Mexico 1932
James Naveraz Son New Mexico 1935
Antonio Naveraz Son New Mexico 1938
Pedro Lopez Head New Mexico 1911
Beatrice Lopez Wife Colorado 1914
Elena Lopez Daughter New Mexico 1926
Fred Lopez Son-in-law New Mexico 1916
Apolinar Salomar Head Mexico 1898
Francisca Salomar Wife New Mexico 1908
Beatrice Salomar Daughter New Mexico 1924
Jose Salomar Son New Mexico 1928
Felipe Salomar Daughter New Mexico 1930
Viviana Salomar Daughter New Mexico 1934
Natividad Salomar Daughter New Mexico 1936
John P Jump Head Texas 1902
Lorene Jump Wife Texas 1906
Maria Jump Daughter New Mexico 1926
Bessie Jump Daughter New Mexico 1931
Betty Jump Daughter New Mexico 1933
Joyce Jump Daughter New Mexico 1936
Loraine Jump Daughter New Mexico 1938
John W Redden Head Texas 1882
Unice Redden Wife Oklahoma 1899
Riva Redden Daughter Oklahoma 1929
Savino San Ramon Head Mexico 1902
Walter Smith Head Texas 1908
Leeta Smith Wife Texas 1917
Martha Smith Daughter New Mexico 1940
Manuel Otero Head New Mexico 1888
Manuelita Otero Wife New Mexico 1886
Pat Otero Son New Mexico 1920
Mable Otero Daughter New Mexico 1930
Elias Otero Head New Mexico 1908
Name Title Birth place Birth date
Lemita Otero Wife New Mexico 1906
Santiago Otero Son New Mexico 1928
Mable Otero Daughter New Mexico 1929
Virginia Otero Daughter New Mexico 1934
Joe Otero Son New Mexico 1936
William H Leavett Head Wisconsin 1869
Luala Leavett Wife Missouri 1899
Felix Carrillo Head Mexico 1911
Camila Carrillo Wife New Mexico 1921
Martin Lucero Head New Mexico 1901
Lucia Lucero Wife New Mexico 1908
Carpio Lucero Son New Mexico 1924
Miquela Lucero Daughter New Mexico 1927
Viola Lucero Daughter New Mexico 1930
Crotilda Lucero Daughter New Mexico 1933
Ramona Lucero Daughter New Mexico 1935
Ruby Lucero Daughter New Mexico 1937
Frank Lucero Son New Mexico 1940
George P Goodson Head Missouri 1877
Ida C Goodson Wife New Mexico 1890
Linas P Hall Head Mississippi 1876
Lorena Hall Wife Texas 1886
Laura Hall Daughter New Mexico 1920
Wallace Hall Son New Mexico 1924
Donald Hall Son New Mexico 1926
Martha Hall Daughter New Mexico 1931
Bryant Hightower Head New Mexico 1897
Ethel Hightower Wife Ohio 1900
Vergil Hightower Son Texas 1912
Marian Hightower Daughter New Mexico 1921
Jim Cooper Head New Mexico 1886
Lucy Cooper Wife New Mexico 1886
W F Munsterman Head Missouri 1900
Marie Munsterman Wife Missouri 1912
Nelvis Munsterman Son Missouri 1930
Cleo Munsterman Son Missouri 1931
Phyllis Munsterman Daughter Missouri 1933
La Bern Munsterman Daughter New Mexico 1935
Viola Munsterman Daughter New Mexico 1937
William Munsterman Son New Mexico 1940
Allen Knile Head Texas 1901
Myrtle Knile Wife Texas 1898
Tommie Knile Son Texas 1928
Precialiano Garcia Head Mexico 1900
Maria Garcia Wife Mexico 1899
Harry Bimbreley Head Texas 1911
Alice D Bimbreley Wife Texas 1917
Henry Sandoval Head New Mexico 1910
Corina Sandoval Wife New Mexico 1922
Luis Sandoval Son New Mexico 1940
Barney W Wilson Head Texas 1894
Elva Wilson Wife New Mexico 1897
Walton B Wilson Son New Mexico 1921
John T Wilson Son Arizona 1923
Charles P Wilson Son New Mexico 1926
William D Wilson Head Texas 1904
Allie Wilson Wife Oklahoma 1904
Helen Wilson Daughter Texas 1923
Dorris Wilson Daughter Texas 1926
Edith Wilson Daughter Texas 1927
Billie Wilson Daughter Texas 1929
Ouida Wilson Daughter Texas 1932
Imogene Wilson Daughter New Mexico 1938
John Wilson Son New Mexico 1940
Augustina Zamora Boarder New Mexico 1889
Juan Zamora Head New Mexico 1871
Delfin Zamora Son New Mexico 1918
Arturo Zamora Son New Mexico 1924
Flora Zamora Niece New Mexico 1926
Aneda Zamora Niece New Mexico 1928
Rune Zamora Nephew New Mexico 1932
Miguel Montano Head New Mexico 1908
Tomasita Montano Wife New Mexico 1914
Ramon Montano Son New Mexico 1929
Luis Montano Son New Mexico 1937
Salomon Aragon Head New Mexico 1890
Julia Aragon Wife New Mexico 1900
Fred Aragon Son New Mexico 1918
Manuel Aragon Son New Mexico 1920
Edna Aragon Daughter New Mexico 1922
Ercinia Aragon Daughter New Mexico 1923
Hime Aragon Son New Mexico 1925
Preciliano Aragon Son New Mexico 1926
Dome Aragon Son New Mexico 1928
Mable Aragon Daughter New Mexico 1929
Rafael Aragon Son New Mexico 1931
Bernice Aragon Daughter New Mexico 1933
Lucy S Silver Sister Texas 1900
Sara Allen Silver Niece Texas 1928
Howard Simpson Head New Mexico 1912
Edna Simpson Wife Texas 1917
Howard D Simpson Son New Mexico 1937
Sam Roper Head Mississippi 1892
Ella Roper Wife Texas 1899
Ola Roper Daughter Texas 1915
Sam Roper Son Texas 1926
Lois Roper Daughter New Mexico 1934
John C Straley Head Texas 1908
June Straley Wife Kentucky 1914
Joan Straley Daughter New Mexico 1937
Esther Straley Daughter New Mexico 1938
John C Straley Son New Mexico 1940
C S Straley Head Texas 1893
George L Straley Brother Texas 1902
Kate M Straley Sister-in-law Arkansas 1914
George Straley Nephew New Mexico 1935
Harris Straley Nephew New Mexico 1937
Harry H Straley Head Texas 1886
Catherine Straley Wife Texas 1898
Fred Stonebrighe Head Oklahoma 1895
Parley Stonebrighe Wife Texas 1895
William Stonebrighe Son New Mexico 1934
Bennie Stonebrighe Son New Mexico 1938


Name: Henry Morris SCHOOL BUS DRIVER**
Titles and Terms:
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1940
Event Place: Ancho, Election Precinct 16 Ancho, Lincoln, New Mexico, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Birthplace: Texas
Birth Year (Estimated): 1895
Last Place of Residence: Same Place
District: 14-23
Family Number: 42
Sheet Number and Letter: 3A
Line Number: 25
Affiliate Publication Number: T627
Affiliate Film Number: 2447
Digital Folder Number: 005461743
Image Number: 00257
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Henry Morris M 45 Texas
Wife Eula Morris F 38 Texas
Son Albert Morris M 8 Texas