1917 Parsons School

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Parsons School Children 1917

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Do you have a list of names of students or teachers in early Lincoln County, NM?
If so, please send it to me so it can be saved on this web  site.

Below names were written as found on page 22 of the book,
 The Saga of the Sierra Blanca, by Herbert L. Traylor and Louise Coe Runnels; 1986 Roswell NM.

Etta Jennings
Bertha Bragg
Everett Bragg
Hugh Grafton
Willis Jennings
Eugene Dawson
unknown name unknown name
Dorthy Reddy
unknown name unknown name
unknown name unknown name
Elmer Vincent
Mary Jennings
Charley Jennings
Pearl Jennings
Beatrice Vincent
Charles Robinson
Britton Vincent
unknown name unknown name
unknown name unknown name
Mrs. Effie Gross, teacher

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