Carrizozo School Annuals Transcriptions
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1956 Annual - The Grizzly

Our goal is to transcribe the school staff names, teachers names and student's names from 1950 to 1965.
Please contact the administrator if you have the following annuals you can donate or loan to this project: 1950 to 1956 and 1958.
If you wish to help with this project also contact the administrator. No special software required.
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Please do not sell your Year Book online.
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Look in Grandmother's attic for Carrizozo school annuals!

R. Firman Superintedent
W. Watson HS principal
R. A. Crider Grade School Principal
S. H. Devitt Jr. High Principal
V. Carson teacher
J. McCollaum teacher
R. Shaw teacher
C. Shultz teacher
K. Willis teacher
G. White teacher
L. White teacher
N. Trueblood teacher
J. Voigt teacher
Josie Abetya teacher
Catherine Chisholm teacher
Cordilia Harris teacher
Minnie Neill teacher
Ruthie Nix teacher
Thelma Parish teacher
Jo Ann Rasmussen teacher
Janice Ridley teacher
Selma Teague teacher
Tom Barnett senior
Tony Beltran senior
Margo Duncan senior
Bily Fitzpatrick senior
Lucy Gallegos senior
Gene Garrison senior
Skipper Harkey senior
Roy Helms senior
Nancy King senior
Billy Lopez senior
La Verne McSmith senior
Deloras Martinez senior
Billy Ray Means senior
Joan Tilch Means senior
Louie Montano senior
Jeff Morris senior
Gilbert Ortiz senior
Richard Ortiz senior
Josie Otero senior
Ernest Sanchez senior
John Sandoval senior
Cope Straley senior
Esther Straley senior
Carl Thornton senior
Richard Vega senior
Rita Vega senior
Willie Vega senior
Guy Warden senior
Frances Warner senior
Quirina Beltran junior
Stella Chavez junior
Vivian Craig junior
Robert Fitzpatrick junior
Paula Flores junior
Billy Hicks junior
Lake Hite junior
Donald Hobbs junior
Ilene Hodgin junior
Pat Jones junior
Maxie King junior
Glenda Sue King junior
Scott Lewis junior
Flavia Lopez junior
Macario Lueras junior
Vestal Means junior
Lucy Pacheco junior
Natie Palamorez junior
Greg Pino junior
Frances Vega junior
Carmen Vidaurri junior
Merl White junior
Jane Zumwalt junior
Lee Adele Baker sophomore
Faye Barnum sophomore
Maye Barnum sophomore
Ray Chavez sophomore
Rueban Chavez sophomore
Robert Firman sophomore
Pauline Gallegoes sophomore
David Helms sophomore
Theodorita Jiron sophomore
Franklin King sophomore
Juanita Lueras sophomore
Vic Lopez sophomore
Beautrice Najar sophomore
Jesse Nowell sophomore
Lonnie Nowell sophomore
Frances Ortiz sophomore
Larry Ortiz sophomore
Roger Pope sophomore
Thurl Ray sophomore
Theorore Samora sophomore
Lorene Sanchez sophomore
Robert Simpson sophomore
Glena Stoneman sophomore
Pat White sophomore
Beverly Witham sophomore
Martin Vega sophomore
Pat Young sophomore
McDaniel Roger Sophomore
Means Robert Sophomore
Najar Carmen Sophomore
Pino Carmen Sophomore
Rickerson Donnie Sophomore
Saucedo Candie Sophomore
Seek Linda Sophomore
Shrum Sue Sophomore
Vigil Carol Sophomore
Withers Margaret Sophomore
Glenda Jones freshman
Mary Alice King freshman
Sharon Jones freshman
Viola Lopez freshman
Guy Maveety freshman
James Maveety freshman
Orlando Perea freshman
Joe Petty freshman
Ralph Petty freshman
Harry Rickerson freshman
Luis Sandoval freshman
Eddie Silva freshman
Sonny Shrum freshman
Maxie Saucedo freshman
Pat Vigil freshman
Tony White freshman
Larry White freshman
Lolyd Zumwalt freshman
Rachael Najar freshman
Joe Aguilar freshman
Pat Aguilar freshman
Beautrice Baca freshman
Evelyn Chavez freshman
Angie Chavez freshman
Juan Chavez freshman
Manuel Chavez freshman
Nat Chavez freshman
Tony Delgado freshman
Buddy Duncan freshman
Louis Greer freshman
Cherry Fitzpatrick freshman
Olivia Gallegos freshman
Aurelia Guiterrez freshman
Jonette Harkey freshman
Marilyn Harkey freshman
Jack Hefker freshman
Eddie Hemphill freshman
Gene Haite freshman
Leland Jolly freshman
Ceclia Chavez eighth
Billie Crumbley eighth
Paul Firman eighth
Benny Herrera eighth
Luiciano Gallegos eighth
Wayland Hill eighth
Grady Littelon eighth
James Littleton eighth
Andy Lopez eighth
Sofia Luna eighth
Opal McBayer eighth
Mary Nickels eighth
Manuel Ortiz eighth
Belle O'Rear eighth
William Milton eighth
Fernando Montoya eighth
Pat Newheiser eighth
Bobby Rickerson eighth
George Sanchez eighth
Frances Schlarb eighth
Dexter Seay eighth
Susan Spencer eighth
Sammy Stoneman eighth
Wayne Tubbs eighth
Fred Vega eighth
Helen Vega eighth
Delbert Yandell eighth
Linda Witham eighth
Johnny Vigil seventh
Garvis Tubbs seventh
Willie Trujillo seventh
Juan Torres seventh
Dan Ortiz seventh
Bernardo Mancha seventh
Helen Moya seventh
Virginia Montoya seventh
Frank Montoya seventh
Eddie Montoya seventh
Ronnie McDaniel seventh
Mary Lee Luna seventh
Orlando Lucero seventh
John Lovato seventh
Deloras Lopez seventh
Benny Chavez seventh
Enedina Chavez seventh
Paul Chavez seventh
Arsenia Delgado seventh
Wayland Dobbs seventh
Patsey Gallegos seventh
Ernest Gray seventh
George Guebera seventh
Jerry Harris seventh
Lonnie Hodgin seventh
Christene Jones seventh
Sandra K. King seventh
Bobby Leonard seventh
John Leslie seventh
Patsey Long seventh
J. Aguilar sixth
J. Armstrong sixth
Charles Barnum sixth
V. Barela sixth
E. Chavez sixth
F. Gallegos sixth
D. Garrison sixth
E. Herrera sixth
J. Hodgin sixth
J. Johnson sixth
M. Jones sixth
M. Littleton sixth
E. Lopez sixth
F. Lovato sixth
C. Lueras sixth
N. Means sixth
D. Misner sixth
E. Nowell sixth
D. Ortiz sixth
M. Pino sixth
F. Gallegos sixth
E. Herrera sixth
Joe Hodgen sixth
M. Lilliton sixth
L. Loveless sixth
P. Seargent sixth
N. Serna sixth
L. Stoneman sixth
E. Trujillo sixth
G. Vega sixth
R. A. White sixth
P. Aguilar fifth
L. Barrington fifth
R. Barreras fifth
D. Caley fifth
R. Chavez fifth
R. Chavez fifth
W. Duggar fifth
T. Delgado fifth
G. Elliot fifth
J. Dick fifth
G. Gallegos fifth
B. Greer fifth
R. Gossett fifth
D. Harkey fifth
John Hein fifth
Dennis Hill fifth
G. Lilliton fifth
R. Lopez fifth
R. Luna fifth
C. May fifth
R. McDaniel fifth
R. Means fifth
M. L. Moya fifth
B. Nickels fifth
T. O'Rear fifth
L. Ortiz fifth
N. Sandoval fifth
B. Seargent fifth
M. Serna fifth
J. Sully fifth
R. Torrez fifth
S. Watson fifth
W. Wooten fifth
B. Rye fifth
I. Barela fourth
M. Barrington fourth
G. Chavez fourth
J. Chavez fourth
K. Krenshaw fourth
B. Crumbly fourth
G. Duggar fourth
M. Duron fourth
F. Fallas fourth
E. Fitzpatrick fourth
J. Frye fourth
F. Gallegos fourth
J. Greer fourth
B. Groves fourth
E. Hemphill fourth
B. Hill fourth
R. Lopez fourth
W. Lovelace fourth
M. Lueras fourth
J. Means fourth
R. Means fourth
R. Mirabal fourth
J. Montoya fourth
W. McDonald fourth
C. Najar fourth
D. Pamomarez fourth
J. Petty fourth
D. Rickerson fourth
R. Sanchez fourth
C. Sanchez fourth
S. Shrum fourth
J. Tilch fourth
K. Vancise fourth
C. Vigil fourth
L. White fourth
M. Withers fourth
R. Worthington fourth
D. Yandell fourth
M. Apodaca third
S. Aragon third
D. Armstrong third
J. Calloway third
M. Chavez third
P. Chavez third
P. Frank third
G. Gonzalez third
O. Grey third
F. Hayes third
J. Hein third
B. Herrera third
G. Hightower third
H. Hill third
G. Hobbs third
C. Johnson third
L. Jolly third
P. Kelling third
J. Lavato third
C. Lopez third
L. Lueras third
B. McVeigh third
L. May third
T. Misner third
C. Montano third
E. Nava third
P. Ortiz third
E. Padila third
H. Palomarez third
C. Peeples third
K. Ray third
J. Roberts third
A. Sandoval third
H. Sanchez third
M. Sandoval third
D. Shaw third
J. Torrez third
M. Torrez third
M. Torrez third
P. Trujillo third
T. Vanice third
S. Vigil third
T. Watson third
B. Welk third
C. Worthington third
I. Yates third
G. Armstrong second
J. Berela second
D. Barrington second
B. Bodine second
B. Baker second
E. Chavez second
G. Chavez second
M. Chavez second
F. Delgado second
W. Dunlap second
D. Duran second
L. Eastman second
B. Elliott second
H. Freeman second
T. Frye second
M. Gallegos second
L. Gualding second
M. Gibson second
K. Golsberry second
C. Gossett second
R. Grey second
L. Helms second
M. Hernandoz second
J. Jones second
S. Keeline second
G. King second
E. Lavato second
M. Lopez second
R. Lopez second
G. Lueras second
R. McBride second
L. McDonald second
J. Means second
G. Miller second
F. Mirabal second
J. Moore second
R. Moya second
L. Najar second
E. Otero second
M. Peralta second
N. Pino second
H. Ray second
J. Ray second
L. Sandoval second
R. Shaw second
M. Smoot second
R. Welk second
B. Wseton second
J. White second
W. Wither second
F. Wooten second
D. Yandel second
B. Zumwalt second
G. Archuleta first
S. Archeluta first
H. Bancroft first
R. Barham first
B. Bodine first
B. Bowling first
G. Delgado first
M. Duggar first
C. English first
L. Gallegos first
A. Gonzalez first
R. Goncalez first
J. Gray first
C. Hein first
M. Hemphill first
V. Gray first
R. Hill first
R. Hill first
G. Hobbs first
L. Johnson first
L. Lopez first
L. Lopez first
S. Lueras first
A. Luna first
M. M'Carthy first
D. McCollaum first
R. Means first
R. Montoya first
A. Nava first
R. Najar first
L. Palamarez first
J. Padilla first
K. Petty first
N. Pelliccia first
H. Pelliccia first
M. Petty first
B. Otero first
R. Sanchez first
S. Starky first
M. Schlarb first
T. Sidwell first
T. Straley first
A. Torrez first
P. Welk first
R. Worthing first
M. Zamora first
S. Zumwalt first

Staff and Faculty
Last name First name Title
Bodie Mr. Darrel Coach
Labbs Mr. Benard G. Coach
Sadler Mr. Coach
Eaker Mrs. Elementary teacher
Eaker Mrs. Elementary teacher
Paris Mrs. Elementary teacher
Parish Mrs. Elementary teacher
Pherigo Mrs. Elementary teacher
Sherrill Mrs. Elementary teacher
Sherrill Mrs. Elementary teacher
Teague Mrs. Elementary teacher
Teague Mrs. Elementary teacher
Williams Mrs. Elementary teacher
Casey Mr. HS Principal
Chavez Fred School Board
Clegg Mr. School Board
Hightower Mr. J. A. School Board
Kondo Mr. Richard School Board
Spencer Mrs. A. N. School Board
Stearns Johnson School Board
Lock Mrs. Helen Secretary
Rickerson Mrs. Pinkie Ruth Secretary
Clegg Mr. Superintendent
Bode Mr. Darrel L. Teacher
Colwell Mrs. Veda Lou Teacher
Cooper Mr. Ray E. Teacher
Dooley Miss Lola Mae Teacher
Labbs Mrs. Edna Teacher
Lawson Mr. Basil E. Teacher
Lawson Mrs. Emma Teacher
Luff Mrs. Alice Davila Teacher
McCollaum Mr. John L. Teacher
Pacheco Mr. Manuel T. Teacher
Sadler Mr. Troy Teacher
Simpson Mrs. Joyce Teacher
Wagner Mr. Frank C. Teacher

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