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1959 Annual - The Grizzly

Our goal is to transcribe the school staff names, teachers names and student's names from 1950 to 1965.
Please contact the administrator if you have the following annuals you can donate or loan to this project: 1950 to 1956 and 1957.
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Preamble Name
The 1959 Grizzly is my favorite annual. It was a time of world change, a time of endless wars, but also a time of emerging respect for human and civil rights. Your Webmaster
My favorite teachers:  
Mr. Wagner was strict but realistic, perceptive and fair. Frank C. Wagner
Albert was cheerful and friendly. He could throw a stone so far that it vanished into the air. Albert Burch
Smart teacher capable and friendly. Richard Thorp
Man on a mission: Make boys into men. John L. McCollaum
Don't get on her list  !! Thelma Parish
Pretty darn pretty. Great smile. Beverly Thorp
My favorite Students:  
I knew when I first met her that we would marry. Janet Greer
"Cookie", she was a sweet treat. Adelina Grubb
What talent ! Angie Grubb
Inside joke here. Harry Rickerson
Short, cute, pursuing life. Judy Stearns
Cute and pleasant. Clara Nell Burns
High flyer. Buddy Duncan
Super guy all around. Jack Heffner
Way-to-cute for a boy. Ralph Petty
Everything, just perfect, every way. Angie Chavez
A man's Man. El Vaquero. Mucho Macho. Handsome. Maxie Saucedo
Rugged, daring, inquisitive. Robert Hemphill
Fantastic name ! Opal McBrayer
Friendly and pleasant. Brenda Kilpatrick
Loves '49 Fords. Wayland Hill
A gentle young man. Wayne Tubbs
Great guy. Eddie Montano
Big guy. Big heart. Jerry L. Harris
Wise-guy. Johnny Vigil
A leader, a jock, a cool and classy. Jerry Beltran
Love her. A beautiful person. Heart and soul. Rita Ortiz
Cheerful and friendly. Kitty Pacheco
Big man on campus. Robert Crenshaw
Cool guy. Gentle. Frank Gallegos
Beautiful and friendly. Barbara Robinson
Easy going. Never spoke in anger. Lynn Stoneman
Very happy person. Outstanding personality. Lovely. Magdalena Vega
Quiet but ever-friendly. Marcos Villescos
That Cat was the coolest !! Cool Cat! My Man! Tony Apadoca
Exceptionally beautiful. Smart, friendly. Eye candy. Katherine Ladd
Active girl. Always smiling. Judy Frye
Gave all he had for others. Orlando Lucero
Charlie, Thanks so much for saving me from the oil pit-I'll always remember that-My Hero! Hope you'll always be there to help me (Don't worry, I'll stay away from them [the oil pits] in the future.) Looking forward to High School with you-should be fun. Janet
Note: I was about ten years old when above event took place. Several boys and Janet were playing around an oil pit near the RR tracks. The bigger boys tried to push Janet into the pit. I took her by the hand and led her away. Even at that age, I felt a bond with that little girl. Now we have grandchildren. Your Webmaster


What they wrote on my annual. Initials
Charles, you are a crazy looking guy but you are a good friend and a nice guy. RR
Charles, to a very good friend but a little nutty. Better luck in the future. SD
To a pal and I wish you the best of luck. JH
Charlie, I'll always remember Wednesday night. "T-Bird"
Charlie, You're a real cute boy, to bad you're not a couple of years older!!! And as far as I know real sweet too!! Best of luck in anything you ever do or want!! CG
Dear Charles, You're a little dickens but you're a pretty nice guy. Best of luck in the future. Love ya'. R
Best of luck! It's been fun going to school with you! "61" A
Dear Charles, It's been nice knowing you, even tho you've made me mad a couple of times. Keep that wonderful personality and you'll get places. Best Wishes K
Charles, I hope you have all the luck in the world. You are a nice girl - ha ha - nice guy. See you (in) later years ! When I'm in High School. BK
Dear Charles, I hope you find all the things that you are looking for and have the best of luck always--Keep that temper and show more of that million dollar smile--I've enjoyed having you in class. Coach Burch 5/27/1959
Dear Charlie, Well........1 year gone by, 3 to go. I sure hope we have as much fun as this year. It has been a "lot" of fun. Good luck always to a real nice, (Ha) and good lookin' guy. Always J.**
P.S. Didn't mean it. [with an arrow pointing back to the inserted word "Ha".]
Tiny girl with a big heart. Edna Lopez
**Unsure how to take that. "Well" followed by eight dots? Why not ten dots? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Freud

Zozo Student 1955

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