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1963 Annual - The Grizzly

Our goal is to transcribe the school staff names, teachers names and student's names from 1950 to 1965.
Please contact the administrator if you have the following annuals you can donate or loan to this project: 1950 to 1956 and 1958.
If you wish to help with this project also contact the administrator. No special software required.
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Please do not sell your Year Book online.
I will pay cash, not a store credit PLUS shipping. I will never charge the Public to view it.
Look in Grandmother's boxes in the attic for Carrizozo school annuals!
Hey! They are not in alphabetical order. Why? I listed them as they were found in the annual, page by page.

First name Last name Class
Johnson S. Stearns presendent Board of Education
John Allen High Tower(Hightower?) vice-president
Mrs. A. Spensor secretary
Fred S. Chavez member
Richard Kondo member
Mrs. Lock HS secretary
Mrs. Rickerson Supt. secretary
Mr. J. T. Clegg superintendant
Mr. Guy Casey HS principal
Mrs. Current cook
Mrs. Withers cook
Mr. Helms bus driver
Mr. Forsythe bus driver
Mr. Wrye bus driver
Mr. Stoneman bus driver
Mr. R. Stoneman bus driver
Mr. Chavez custodian
Mr. Ortiz custodian
Mr. Hoff custodian
Mr. Casey teacher / HS principal
Mr. MacCollaum teacher / JH  principal
Mrs. Lawson teacher
Mr. Lawson teacher
Mr. Wagner teacher
Mrs. Cowell teacher
Miss Dooley teacher
Mrs. Labbs teacher
Mr. Bode teacher
Mr. Sadler teacher
Mr. Gardner teacher
Mrs. Gardner teacher
Mr. Labbs teacher
Mr. Brazil teacher
Mrs. Simpson teacher
Peter Aguilar senior
Arthur Boroz senior
Mary Belio senior
Ramon Chavez senior
Tommy Delgado senior
Gerald Ely senior
Georgia Franklin senior
Bill French senior
Bill (Wm. Randal) Greer senior
Garvib Griffin senior
John Hein senior
Mike Jones senior
Roberta Luna senior
Loretta Loveless senior
Mary Lee Montoya senior
Ben Murfin senior
Danny Narvaez senior
Martha Arguilar senior
Tom O'Rear senior
Lillian Ortiz senior
Nenna Sandoval senior
Robert Ortiz senior
Martha Serna senior
Tommy Snell senior
Rosa Torres senior
Mary Delgado senior
Carlos Zamora senior
Billy Wrye senior
Last name First name as found in the annual
Aragon B, junior
Baca J. junior
Baca M. junior
Baroz D. junior
Benbow D. junior
Burke W. junior
Burns D. junior
Crenshaw K. junior
Daniel S. junior
Fallis J. Fay junior
Gallegoes F. junior
Greer Janet junior
Groves B. junior
Harkey D. junior
Hemphill E. D. junior
Hill M. junior
Lueras M junior
Jones J.J. junior
Lovelace W. junior
Lueras E. junior
McDaniel R. junior
Means R. junior
Murfin B. junior
Reust R. junior
Rickerson D. junior
Salcido E. junior
Saucedo C. junior
Shrum S. junior
Verdugo L. junior
Voss M. junior
Scot W. V. junior
Vigil C. junior
Aragon S. sophomore
Archuleta E. sophomore
Armstrong D. sophomore
Arvin Lora F. sophomore
Casey C. sophomore
Chavez G. sophomore
French M. sophomore
Herrera B. sophomore
Hightower G. sophomore
Hill M. sophomore
Hubberd M. E. sophomore
Jiron L. sophomore
Jones Janet L. sophomore
Kirkpatrick R. sophomore
LaMay G. sophomore
Lopez R. sophomore
Lovato J. sophomore
Lynch Mary sophomore
Nava E. sophomore
MacVeigh B. sophomore
Martinez C. sophomore
Meir C. sophomore
Montano C. sophomore
Montoyo J. sophomore
Padillo E. sophomore
Palomarez H. sophomore
Posey G. sophomore
Roberts J. sophomore
Sanchez H. sophomore
Sandoval M. sophomore
Torrez M. sophomore
Vega C. sophomore
Vigil S. sophomore
Zamora S. sophomore
Zamora E. sophomore
Zamora N. sophomore
Armstrong Gary freshman
Baca Ramon freshman
Baker Brakley freshman
Baker Mary freshman
Barela Josephine freshman
Baroz Lydia Ann freshman
Beltron Joe freshman
Casey John freshman
Chavez Eugene Ray freshman
Chavez Mable freshman
Delgado Freddy freshman
Dominquez Petra freshman
Dunlao Wayne freshman
Franklin Gale freshman
French Marsha freshman
Gallegoes Helen freshman
Griffen Pete freshman
Hein Jimmy freshman
Helms Larry freshman
Hoff Frank Martin freshman
King Glenn freshman
Ladd Carolyn freshman
LaMay Jonny freshman
LaFaye Fred freshman
Lopez Carol freshman
Lopez R. freshman
Lovato E. freshman
Lueras R. freshman
Lueras E. freshman
Luna R. A. freshman
Mackey R. freshman
Mackey J. freshman
Marquez R. freshman
Moore J. freshman
Moya R. freshman
Najar L. R. freshman
Ortiz M. A. freshman
Peeples G. freshman
Pino N. freshman
Reed A. E. freshman
Rowin J. freshman
Sanchez V. freshman
Sandoval L. freshman
Swan M. L. freshman
Vega P. freshman
Voss D. freshman
Withers W. freshman
Aragon Robert junior high
Bancroft Hugh junior high
Barham Becky junior high
Currie Walker junior high
English Toby junior high
Hefner Lee junior high
Hein Carl junior high
Hemphill Charlene junior high
Hernandez Mannie junior high
Hill Robert junior high
Hill Arlene junior high
Kirkpatrick Randy junior high
LaFave David junior high
May Leon junior high
McCollaum Dean junior high
Means Jimmy junior high
Means Ronnie junior high
Montoya Richard junior high
Ortiz Conrad junior high
Ortiz Mary Alice junior high
Petty Mike junior high
Palomarez Lydia junior high
Roger Elizabeth junior high
Rowin Linda junior high
Schlarb Mary junior high
Sidwell Tommy junior high
Straley Tommy junior high
Wells Johnny junior high
Zamora Max junior high
Baker Robert junior high
Barham Gordon junior high
Denbow Delta junior high
Currie Jeff junior high
Delgado George junior high
Duggar Mike junior high
Dunlap Lois junior high
Hightower Bill junior high
Hoff Peggy junior high
Jaurequi Chris junior high
King Linda junior high
Lopez Leroy junior high
Lavato Beatrice junior high
Lucero Mary Ann junior high
Lunceford Vickie junior high
Lynch Eric junior high
May Donda Jo junior high
Nava Angie junior high
Reed Raymond junior high
Sanchez Rita junior high
Sanchez Rosy junior high
Sedillo Linda junior high
Serna Patsey junior high
Shafer Scott junior high
Simpson Linda junior high
Smoot Sharon junior high
Zamora Arthur junior high
Janet Greer Junior class favorite
Donnie Rickerson Junior class favorite
Mike Ortiz Sophomore class favorite
Mary Lynch Sophomore class favorite
Marsha French Freshman class favorite
Pet Griffen Freshman class favorite
Mary Lou Swan Freshman class favorite
Lillian Senior class favorite
Ernie Senior class favorite
Mrs. Aikers first grade teacher
Margaret Chavez first grade
Edward Herrera first grade
Sadie Palamorez first grade
Andre Hoff first grade
Jean Hoff first grade
Jean Miller first grade
David Kondo first grade
Darlene Luna first grade
Francine Means first grade
Donald Sedillo first grade
Iva Marie Paxton first grade
Collin Hill first grade
Marie Barela first grade
George Serna first grade
Debra Canup first grade
Wayne Downing first grade
Paul Hefner first grade
Andriana Domingus first grade
Darrell Lovelace first grade
Dorothy Zamora first grade
Michael Quillen first grade
Leanne Straley first grade
Patrick Sandoval first grade
Carol Harkey first grade
Mrs. Teague second grade teacher
M. Shrives second grade
R. Schlarb second grade
E. O'Brien second grade
E. Torres second grade
V. Quillen second grade
C. French second grade
D. Wells second grade
F. Nava second grade
A. Ortiz second grade
K. Hoff second grade
N. Currie second grade
K. Means second grade
S. Daniel second grade
A. Wilson second grade
S. Ortiz second grade
L. Porter second grade
V. Collier second grade
M. Ortiz second grade
R. Chavez second grade
D. Gardner second grade
J. Clayton second grade
R. Wells second grade
Mrs. Williams third grade teacher
M. Coldwell third grade
A. Lucero third grade
R. Leslie third grade
J. Hein third grade
C. Sidwell third grade
S. Lock third grade
L. Burris third grade
L. Harkey third grade
F. Serna third grade
A. LaFave third grade
J. Barnes third grade
P. Nunez third grade
M. Zamora third grade
D. Meier third grade
P. Miller third grade
L. Chavez third grade
B. Baker third grade
M. Benbow third grade
G. Wells third grade
M. Barela third grade
K. McBride third grade
A. Ham third grade
P. Pino third grade
R. Clayton third grade
H. Hefner third grade
M. Barela third grade
B. Baca third grade
D. Swift third grade
F. Chavez third grade
B. Means third grade
R. Nunez third grade
M. Canup third grade
Mrs. Pherigo fourth grade teacher
R. J. Lindsey fourth grade
S. Harkey fourth grade
D. Harkey fourth grade
S. Kondo fourth grade
G. Searcy fourth grade
J. Miller fourth grade
R. Lopez fourth grade
D. Ham fourth grade
J. Benbow fourth grade
J. Salazar fourth grade
J. Nunez fourth grade
F. Cooper fourth grade
J. O'Brien fourth grade
K. Hoff fourth grade
G. Casey fourth grade
B. Ortiz fourth grade
J. Wells fourth grade
Mrs. Parish fifth grade teacher
John McCollaum fifth grade
Weylin Johnson fifth grade
Debra Stortz fifth grade
Charlotte Hill fifth grade
Joyce Hoff fifth grade
Brenda Porter fifth grade
Vigil Chavez fifth grade
Sylvester Baca fifth grade
David Verdugo fifth grade
Doloras Nava fifth grade
Sharon Hill fifth grade
Paula Pherigo fifth grade
Raymond LaFave fifth grade
Charles Mackey fifth grade
Nancy Lawson fifth grade
David Lock fifth grade
Patti English fifth grade
Claude Currie fifth grade
Susan Zamora fifth grade
Karen Means fifth grade
David Palomarez fifth grade
Kathryn Bancoft fifth grade
Connie Jo Hurst fifth grade
Jimmy Ham fifth grade
Josephone Chavez fifth grade
David Peeples fifth grade
Carmen Nunez fifth grade
Everett Greer fifth grade
Mrs. Sherrill sixth grade teacher
Jackie Lunceford sixth grade
Keith Currie sixth grade
Yolanda Ortiz sixth grade
Lola Porter sixth grade
Jean Sidwell sixth grade
Katherine Leslie sixth grade
Christopher Bancroft sixth grade
Charles Schlarb sixth grade
David Lopez sixth grade
Ricky Luna sixth grade
Danny Hefner sixth grade
Billy Arvin sixth grade
Quill Bradly sixth grade
George Sanchez sixth grade
Albert Serna sixth grade
Frank Hein sixth grade
Robert Luna sixth grade
Johnnie Luna sixth grade

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