Carrizozo School Annuals Transcriptions
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1964 Annual - The Grizzly

Our goal is to transcribe the school staff names, teachers names and student's names from 1950 to 1965.
Please contact the administrator if you have the following annuals you can donate or loan to this project: 1950 to 1956 and 1958.
If you wish to help with this project also contact the administrator. No special software required.
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Please do not sell your Year Book online.
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Look in Grandmother's boxes in the attic for Carrizozo school annuals!

First name Last name Class
T. J. Clegg Superintendent
V. L. Marr Principal
Miss Dooley teacher
Mr. Nordeen teacher
Mr. Camin teacher
Frank C. Wagner teacher
Miss Marr librarian
Mr. Basil E. Bode teacher
Mrs. Lawson teacher
Mr. (Mac) McCollaum teacher
Mrs. Henry Vega teacher
Mr. Bernie Laabs teacher
Mr. Sadler teacher
Mrs. Lock school secretary
Ray Wells school board
Fred Chavez school board
Vernon Marr school board
John Hightower school board
T. J. Clegg school board
Roy Shaffer school board
Mrs. A. N. Spencer school board
Mrs. Simpson teacher
Mr. Utley employee
Mrs. Eaker first grade teacher
J. Barnes first grade
S. Bond first grade
R. Brown first grade
K. Bode first grade
B. Chavez first grade
T. Currie first grade
J. Darby first grade
S. Harkey first grade
B, Hurst first grade
C. Johnson first grade
T. Lueas first grade
D. Lanceford first grade
L. Mackey first grade
C. Montoya first grade
T. Means first grade
E. Medina first grade
E. Mosher first grade
C. Nordeen first grade
R. Porter first grade
L. Rainwater first grade
C. Sedillo first grade
E. Swanson first grade
G. Straley first grade
G. West first grade
L. Zumwalt first grade
M. Dean first grade
Mrs. Sherrill second grade teacher
S. Coldwell second grade
L. Barela second grade
C. Hill second grade
A. Hoff second grade
A. Domingas second grade
C. Harkey second grade
B. Jones second grade
C. Leach second grade
D. Luna second grade
F. Means second grade
S. Palomarez second grade
P. Sandoval second grade
S. Petree second grade
L. Straley second grade
D. Zammora second grade
C. Williams second grade
R. Rainwater second grade
J. Zumwalt second grade
Mrs. Bodie third grade teacher
M. Bbarela third grade
A. Chavez third grade
R. Chavez third grade
N. Currie third grade
S. Daniel third grade
C. French third grade
K. Hoff third grade
R. Jones third grade
P. Knoblock third grade
K. Means third grade
J, Nava third grade
P. Nunez third grade
E. Obrien third grade
A. Ortiz third grade
S. Ortiz third grade
R. Petree third grade
L. Porter third grade
R. Schlarb third grade
M. Shrives third grade
J. Sawnson third grade
E. Torres third grade
D. Wells third grade
R. Wells third grade
A. Wilson third grade
R. Rainwater third grade
Mrs. Pherigo fourth grade teacher
Y. Baca fourth grade
J. W. Barnes fourth grade
L. Burris fourth grade
M. Canup fourth grade
F. Chavez fourth grade
L. Chavez fourth grade
M. Coldwell fourth grade
L. Harkey fourth grade
J. Hein fourth grade
B. Knight fourth grade
A. LaFave fourth grade
H. Leach fourth grade
R. Leslie fourth grade
S. Lock fourth grade
A. Lucero fourth grade
K. McBride fourth grade
T. Means fourth grade
D. Meier fourth grade
M. Nordeen fourth grade
R. Nunez fourth grade
P. Pino fourth grade
F. Serna fourth grade
C. Sidwell fourth grade
S. Svenson fourth grade
Z. Swanson fourth grade
D. Swift fourth grade
P. Wardrip fourth grade
G. Wells fourth grade
M. Zamora fourth grade
Mrs. Parish fifth grade teacher
V. Armstrong fifth grade
B. Baker fifth grade
J. Barham fifth grade
L. Bodine fifth grade
K. Cooper fifth grade
H. Delgado fifth grade
D. Harkey fifth grade
S. Harkey fifth grade
K. Hoff fifth grade
S. Leach fifth grade
R. Lindsay fifth grade
R. Lopez fifth grade
J. Nunez fifth grade
R. O'Brien fifth grade
W. Ortiz fifth grade
J. Salazar fifth grade
J. Wells fifth grade
J. Wrye fifth grade
R. Zumwalt fifth grade
Y. Hernandez fifth grade
Mrs. Bernie Labbs sixth grade teacher
S. Baca sixth grade
K. Bancrott sixth grade
K. Bancroft sixth grade
G. Chavez sixth grade
L. Chavez sixth grade
V. Chavez sixth grade
S. Currie sixth grade
S. Dean sixth grade
P. English sixth grade
M. Fernandez sixth grade
E. Greer sixth grade
H. Hernandez sixth grade
S. Hill sixth grade
J. Hoff sixth grade
C. Hurst sixth grade
W. Johnson sixth grade
B. Knoblock sixth grade
R. LaFave sixth grade
N. Lawson sixth grade
M. Leach sixth grade
C. Leslie sixth grade
D. Lock sixth grade
C. Mackey sixth grade
J. MacCollauni sixth grade
K. Means sixth grade
D. Nava sixth grade
D. Palomarez sixth grade
D. Peeples sixth grade
V. Perea sixth grade
P. Pherigo sixth grade
S. Zamora sixth grade
D. Zumwalt sixth grade
B. Arvin seventh grade
C. Bancroft seventh grade
Q. Bradley seventh grade
L. Chavez seventh grade
K. Currie seventh grade
F. Hein seventh grade
A. Hernandez seventh grade
D. Knight seventh grade
K. Leslie seventh grade
D. Lopez seventh grade
R. Luna seventh grade
J. Lunceford seventh grade
J. Medina seventh grade
R. Nava seventh grade
C. Nordeen seventh grade
D. Perea seventh grade
L. Porter seventh grade
S. Powers seventh grade
C. Schlarb seventh grade
A. Serna seventh grade
J. Sidwell seventh grade
Y. Ortiz seventh grade
R. Baker eighth grade
G. Barham eighth grade
J. Currie eighth grade
G. Delgado eighth grade
M. Duggar eighth grade
L. Dunlap eighth grade
B. Hightower eighth grade
P. Hoff eighth grade
C. Jauregui eighth grade
L. King eighth grade
L. Lopez eighth grade
B. Lovato eighth grade
M. Lucero eighth grade
V. Lunceford eighth grade
E. Lynch eighth grade
D. May eighth grade
A. Nava eighth grade
S. Payne eighth grade
C. Perea eighth grade
R. Reed eighth grade
R. Sanchez eighth grade
R. Sanchez (#2) eighth grade
P. Serna eighth grade
S. Shafer eighth grade
L. Simpson eighth grade
S. Smoot eighth grade
P. Walker eighth grade
A. Zamora eighth grade
K. Sellers eighth grade
R. Aragon freshmen
G. Archuleta freshmen
S. Archuleta freshmen
R. Baca freshmen
Becky Barham freshmen
G. Chavez freshmen
S. Chavez freshmen
M. Crow freshmen
C. Hein freshmen
C. Hemphill freshmen
M. Hernandez freshmen
A. Hill freshmen
R. Hill freshmen
E. Jiron freshmen
R. Kirkpatrick freshmen
D. LaFave freshmen
J. Lock freshmen
M. Lopez freshmen
G. Lucero freshmen
E. Luna freshmen
R. Martinez freshmen
T. Martinez freshmen
L. May freshmen
D. McCollaum freshmen
J. Means freshmen
R. Means freshmen
M. Monrreal freshmen
G. Montez freshmen
R. Montoya freshmen
R. Najar freshmen
L. Narvez freshmen
A. Ortiz freshmen
C. Ortiz freshmen
M. Ortiz freshmen
T. Ortiz freshmen
E. Otero freshmen
J. Padilla freshmen
L. Palamarez freshmen
M. Petty freshmen
E. Rogers freshmen
L. Towin freshmen
M. Schlarb freshmen
T. Sidwell freshmen
T. Straley freshmen
D. Vega freshmen
J. Wells freshmen
M. Zamora freshmen
S. Zumwalt freshmen
G. Armstrong sophmore
R. Baca sophmore
B. Baker sophmore
M. Baker sophmore
L. Baroz sophmore
E. Chavez sophmore
M. Chavez sophmore
F. Delgado sophmore
P. Dominguez sophmore
W. Dunlap sophmore
M. French sophmore
H. Gallegos sophmore
J. Hein sophmore
L. Helms sophmore
F. Hoff sophmore
G. King sophmore
C. Ladd sophmore
F. LaFave sophmore
J. LaMay sophmore
G. Lopez sophmore
E. Lavato sophmore
E. Lueras sophmore
R. Lueras sophmore
A. Luna sophmore
J. Mackey sophmore
R. Mackey sophmore
R. Marquez sophmore
J. Moore sophmore
R. Montoya sophmore
R. Marquez sophmore
M. Marabal sophmore
J. Moore sophmore
R. Moya sophmore
L. Najar sophmore
V. Nordeen sophmore
M. Ortiz sophmore
G. Payne sophmore
G. Peeples sophmore
N. Pino sophmore
A. Reed sophmore
J. Rowin sophmore
L. Sandoval sophmore
E. Sellers sophmore
M. Smoot sophmore
S. Spencer sophmore
L. Stearns sophmore
M. Swan sophmore
D. Voss sophmore
W. Withers sophmore
Buckley Zumwalt sophmore
E. Archuleta junior
D. Armstrong junior
L. Arvin junior
G. Chavez junior
J. Chavez junior
M. Chavez junior
R. Chavez junior
Meg French junior
F. Hayes junior
Bobby Herrera junior
G. Hightower junior
H. Hill junior
Mary Ellen Hubbard junior
Janet Jones junior
R. Kirkpatrick junior
G. LaMay junior
J. Lovato junior
Mary Lynch junior
W. MacVeigh junior
Connie Martinez junior
M. Meier junior
G. Montoya junior
Esther Nava junior
Mike Ortiz junior
P. Ortiz junior
E. Padilla junior
Bonnie Payne junior
G. Posey junior
J. Roberts junior
H. Sanchez junior
M. Sandoval junior
M. Torrez junior
Sammy Vigil junior
Tommy Walker junior
Juanita. R. Baca senior
Michael M. Baca senior
Theordore A. Bates senior
Charles D. Benbow senior
Dennis E. Burns senior
David Baroz senior
Kenneth L. Crenshaw senior
Suzan Daniel senior
Faustino C. Gallegeos senior
Janet Ann Greer* senior
Buddy E. Groves senior
David J. Harkey senior
Era Dell Hemphill senior
Marvin V. Hill senior
Jerry R. Jones senior
Wanda J. Lovelace senior
Estella Lueras senior
Martha A. Lueras senior
Roger J. McDaniel senior
William R. Murfin senior
Carmen E. Najar senior
Thomas Narvarez senior
Donald C. Rickerson senior
William V. Scott senior
Ida Sue Shrum senior
Lorenza Verdugo senior
Carol Ann Vigil senior
Michael Voss senior
Margret E. Withers senior

Salutatorian 1;
Class secretary 3;

FHA 1, 2, 3, 4;
Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4;
Commerce Club 2, 3, 4;
Editor of Annual 4;
Classes Editor of Annual 3;
Annual Staff Member 3, 4;
Cheerleader 3, 4;
Play 3;
Class Favorite 1963.
Published Poet

Honor Society 4;
Homecoming Princess 1, 2, 4;
National Delegate to FHA Convention 3;
Girl's State3;
Office Worker 3, 4;
Rainbow Girls

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