Carrizozo School Annuals Transcriptions
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1965 Annual - The Grizzly

Our goal is to transcribe the school staff names, teachers names and student's names from 1950 to 1965.
Please contact the administrator if you have the following annuals you can donate or loan to this project: 1950 to 1956 and 1958.
If you wish to help with this project also contact the administrator. No special software required.
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Last name First Name Class
Aguilar Orlando Freshman
Aguilar Orlando Freshman
Aragon Raymond Fifth
Aragon Bobby Sophomore
Archuleta Ernest Senior
Archuleta Steven Sophomore
Archuleta Luisa Sophomore
Armstrong Gary Junior
Armstrong Daniel Senior
Armstrong Ginger Sixth
Arvin Billy Eighth
Arvin Lora Senior
Baca Ray Junior
Baca Regina Sophomore
Baker Robert Freshman
Baker Mary Junior
Baker Billy Sixth
Bancroft Chris Eighth
Bancroft Kathy Seventh
Barela Michael Fourth
Barella Marie Third
Barham Gordon Freshman
Barham Becky Sophomore
Barnes Jay Fifth
Barnes Janet First
Baroz Lydia Junior
Baroz David Senior
Billy Otero Fifth
Bond Barbara Second
Bradley Quill Eighth
Briscoe mike First
Brooks Deanne First
Canup Mary Fifth
Canup Debbie Second
Chavez Lorena Eighth
Chavez Fernando Fifth
Chavez Lorena Fifth
Chavez Albina Fourth
Chavez Eugene Junior
Chavez Margaret Second
Chavez Mary Ann Senior
Chavez Gloria Seventh
Chavez Steven Sophomore
Chavez Mabel Sophomore
Colwell Mike Fifth
Colwell Tawn First
Daniel Connie First
Daniel Sharon Fourth
Dean Melanie Second
Dean Sally Seventh
Dee Linda Preschool
Dee Joy Preschool
Delgado Grace First
Delgado George Freshman
Delgado Helen Sixth
Dominguez Petra Junior
Douglass Sue Second
Dross Nancy Lee Third
Dunlap Lois Freshman
Edwards Ricky First
Ellison Matthew Fifth
Ellison Cindy Junior
Ellison Glenda Lee Senior
Ellison Glenda Seventh
Ellison Mare Sixth
Erzinger Denetia Third
Flynt Barbara Fifth
Flynt Beth Freshman
Flynt Patty Junior
French Marsha Junior
French Meg Senior
Gallegos Chris First
Gallegos Albert Freshman
Gallegos Helen Junior
Garcia Mary Freshman
Gray Mike First
Gray Cheryl Third
Greer Everett Seventh
Harkey Lu Ellen Fifth
Harkey Steven Second
Harkey Susan Sixth
Harkey Carol Third
Harold Leach Fifth
Hayes Frank Senior
Hearst Connie Seventh
Hein Frank Eighth
Hein June Fifth
Hein Dorothy First
Hein Jimmy Junior
Hein Carl Sophomore
Helms Larry Junior
Hemhpill Charlene Sophomore
Hernandez Albert Eighth
Hernandez Mary Seventh
Hernandez Yolando Sixth
Hernandez Manny Sophomore
Herrera Marie Fourth
Herrera Robert Senior
Herrera Eddie Third
Hightower Bill Freshman
Hightower Gary Senior
Hill Helen Senior
Hill Sharon Seventh
Hill Arlene Sophomore
Hill Robert Sophomore
Hoff Grace First
Hoff Koen Fourth
Hoff Peggy Freshman
Hoff Frank Junior
Hoff Joyce Seventh
Hoff Kinny Sixth
Hoff Andre Third
Hubbard Mary Ellen Senior
Hunter Bruce Seventh
Hunter Nancy Third
Hurst Billy Second
Jauregui Chis Freshman
Johnson Cherly Second
Johnson Weylin Seventh
Jones Janet Beth Senior
King Linda (Birdie) Freshman
King Glen Junior
Kirkpatrick Rosella Senior
Kirkpatrick Rosella Senior
Kirkpatrick Randy Sophomore
Knight Danny Eighth
Knight Barbara Fifth
Knoblock Peggy Fourth
Knoblock Barbara Seventh
La Faye Ramon Seventh
Ladd Carlyn Junior
LaFave Albert Fifth
LaFave Frede Junior
LaFave David Sophomore
Lawson Nancy Seventh
Leach Mike Seventh
Leslie Kathy Eighth
Leslie Russell Fifth
Leslie Charlotte Seventh
Lock Shawn Fifth
Lock David Seventh
Lock Jim Sophomore
Lopez David Eighth
Lopez Leroy Freshman
Lopez Ralph Junior
Lopez Carol Junior
Lopez Rosemary Sixth
Lopez Marcrina Sophomore
Lovato Beatrice Freshman
Lovato Eddie Junior
Lovato Santiago Senior
Lucero Mary Ann Freshman
Lucero Gilbert Sophomore
Lueras Raymond Junior
Lueras Tommy Second
Lueras Geneva Seventh
Luna Ricky Eighth
Luna Elida First
Luna Albert Junior
Luna Eddy Sophomore
Luna Darlene Third
Lynch Eric Freshman
Lynch Mary Senior
Mackay Jeffery Junior
Mackay Lupita Second
Mackay Lupita Second
Mackey Tiny Seventh
Macveigh Bill Senior
Marquez Rosemary Junior
Martinez Connie Senior
Martinez Rita Sophomore
Martinez Tiofilo Sophomore
May Donda Jo Freshman
Mc Bride Dolores First
McBride Kathy Fifth
McCollaum John Seventh
McCullaum Dean Sophomore
Means Burdette Fifth
Means Kenny Fourth
Means Timmy Second
Means Karen Seventh
Means Jimmy Sophomore
Means Ronald Sophomore
Means Francine Third
Medina Johnny Eighth
Medina Elaine First
Mirabal Ronny First
Mirabal Mary Ellen Junior
Mirabal Mike Sophomore
Misener Gary Third
Misner Chari Fifth
Montano Cosme Senior
Montes Gilbert Sophomore
Montoya Charles First
Montoya Johnny Senior
Montoya Richard Sophomore
Morris Jeff First
Morriss Pamela Second
Morros Kelly First
Moya Ray Junior
Najar Lee Roy Junior
Najar Richard Sixth
Najar Refugio Sophomore
Najat Albert Seventh
Narvaez Linda Sophomore
Nava Robert Eighth
Nava Angie Freshman
Nava Esther Senior
Nava Freddie Third
not shown Mary Ann Preschool
not shown Veronica Preschool
not shown Donda Jo Preschool
not shown Mitch Preschool
not shown Artie Preschool
O'Brian Edward Fourth
Ortiz Yolanda Eighth
Ortiz Michael Senior
Ortiz Phillip Senior
Ortiz Billy Sixth
Ortiz Tommy Sophomore
Ortiz Conrad Sophomore
Ortiz Mary Ann Sophomore
Ortiz Tony Sophomore
Ortiz Steve Third
Ortiz Arthur Third
Otero Tony Eighth
Otero Fortino Fifth
Otero Irene Freshman
Padilla Beatrice Eighth
Padilla Joe Fifth
Padilla Esquipula Senior
Padilla Jane Sophomore
Palomarez Nat First
Palomarez David Seventh
Palomarez Lydia Sophomore
Palomarez Sadie Third
Payne Sandra Freshman
Payne Curtis Junior
Petree Ronnie Fourth
Petree Sherry Third
Petty Mike Sophomore
Pherigo Paula Seventh
Pino Paul Fifth
Pino Prez First
Pino Nora Junior
Pino Vickie Sixth
Porter Lola Eighth
Porter Lean First
Porter Linda Fourth
Porter Harold Second
Porter Ronnie Second
Porter Brenda Seventh
Portio Rosalie Fifth
Portio Katheleen Fourth
Posey Gerald Senior
Powers Stanley Eighth
Pugh Susan First
Reed Raymond Freshman
Reed Arlie Ellen Junior
Roberts Johnny Senior
Robertson Alan Second
Rogers Elizabeth Sophomore
Ross Jackie First
Rowin James Junior
Rowin Linda Sophomore
Saddler David First
Sanchez Rosa Freshman
Sanchez Rita Freshman
Sanchez Herman Senior
Sandoval Lois Junior
Sandoval Pat Third
Sandoval Mabel Torres
Schlarb Robert Fourth
Schlarb Charles Frank
Schlarb Mary Sophomore
Schrives Mark Fourth
Schuyler Anderson Seventh
Sedillo Celia First
Sedillo Donald Second
Serna Albert Eighth
Serna Freddy Fifth
Serna Patsy Freshman
Serna George Second
Shafer Scott Freshman
Sidwell Jean Eighth
Sidwell Carol Fifth
Sidwell Tommy Sophomore
Simpson Linda Freshman
Smith Karen Freshman
Smoot Sharon Freshman
Smoot Minette Junior
Snow Austin Fifth
Snow Teddy Sophomore
Snow Arthur Third
Stearns Linda Junior
Straley G. L. Second
Straley Tommy Sophomore
Straley Leanne Third
Stuart Timmy Sixth
Swan Mary Lou Junior
Swift David Fifth
Torres Manuel Senior
Vega Joe Freshman
Vega David Sophomore
Verdugo Becky Freshman
Verdugo David Seventh
Vijil Sammy Senior
Voss Dusty Junior
Waits Chris Preschool
Walker Polly Freshman
Walker Tommy Senior
Warner leroy Seventh
Wells Gerald Fifth
Wells Diana First
Wells Donna Fourth
West Linda Eighth
Wilson Alton Fourth
Wrye Jody Sixth
Zamora Margaret Fifth
Zamora Priscilla Freshman
Zamora Arthur Freshman
Zamora Sally Seventh
Zamora Max Sophomore
Zamora Dorthy Third
Zumwalt Bucky Junior
Zumwalt Lisa Second
Zumwalt Dunnt Seventh
Zumwalt Rusty Sixth
Zumwalt Sherman Sophomore
Zumwalt Jackie Third

Staff and Faculty
Last name First name Title
Baker Mr. Bill School Board Member
Boyce Mr. Chorus
Boyce Mr. Arnold Cadet band
Brown Mr. Richard Assistant coach
Camin Mrs. Manuel Spanish Teacher
Chavez Mr. Fred School Board Member 1964
Chavez Miss Lucy Faculty
Clegg J. T. Superintendent
Curent Mrs. Dorothy School personnel
Eaker Mrs. C. Faculty
Eaker Mrs. C. First grade teacher
Ellison Glen Principal
Ellison Mrs. Peggy Office
Ellison Mr. Ski club
Ellison Mrs. Peggy Rodeo Club sponsor
Ellison Mr. Glen Rodeo Club sponsor
Epson Florence Library director
Forsythe Mr. Ralph School personnel
Grizzly Zozo Mascot
Helms Mr. Arthur School personnel
Hightower Mr. J. A. School Board President
Laabs Mr. Bernie Coach and History
Labbs Edna Sixth grade teacher
Lawson Mr. Basil Math teacher
Lawson Mrs. Emma Faculty
Lock Mrs. Helen Office
Lueras Mr. Tony School personnel
Malcolm Mrs. Vada Faculty
McCollaum Mr. John Grade School Principal
Ortiz Mr. Dan School personnel
Pherigo Pauline Fourth grade Teacher
Saddler Mr. Troy Assistant coach
Shafer Robert School Board Member
Sherrill Mrs. Alma Second grade teacher
Simpson Mrs. Joyce Faculty
Spencer Mrs. A. N. Ski club
Spencer Mrs. A. N. School Board Secretary
Stoneman Mr. Sam School personnel
Stotts Mr. Thomas Faculty
Straley Mrs. June School personnel
Thornton Mrs. J Faculty
Utley Mr. Paul School personnel
Wagner Mr. Frank Science teacher
Watson Emma Preschool
Wells Mr. Ray School Board Vice-president
Wright Miss Third grade teacher