Old Fort Stanton Cemetery
Civilian Cemetery
Located Near Government's Fort Stanton Cemetery,
Fort Stanton New Mexico.
Compiled by Jerry Hicks
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Bassford, Oscar W.   8/9/1929 Lt. USN Georgia
Berry, Frank C. 1/18/1877 6/7/1925  
Dowlin, Paul      
Duffy, Peter   10/31/1915

Goodin, Francis M. 10/25/1835 10/7/1888

Hudgens, James H. 4/10/1861 5/6/1879

Mc Elhone, Phil   11/12/1916

O'Bannon, Henry C. 10/5/1879 7/21/1916

Smith?, A.   12/4/1910

Smith, W. H.   10/6/1917  
Spickelmire, Waldemar P. 12/13/1922 10/3/1930  
Spragg, Fred M. 10/22/1904 March 1970 Possibly born and married in Iowa.
Spragg, Lola Hulbert 4/24/1907  1/12/1958 Iowa
Wells, Gordon 3/2/1897 2/11/1944 NM Navy WWI
Lawton's Infant son.     Body exhumed, moved to Santa Fe. Capt H.W. and Mary Crain Lawton


Some headstones have fallen. This new survey includes information not found in previous surveys.