Joneta, Lincoln County, New Mexico
1940 Census Index
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Joneta was named for a local resident, Joneta Bradley. Joneta was apparently located in the southern part of Lon.
It had no school, but it did have a school bus driver who probably took the students to a nearby school. Joneta no longer exists.

Name: Fletcher E Cape SCHOOL BUS DRIVER
Titles and Terms:
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1940
Event Place: Election Precinct 18 Joneta, Lincoln, New Mexico, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Birthplace: Georgia
Birth Year (Estimated): 1883
Last Place of Residence: Same Place
District: 14-25
Family Number: 12
Sheet Number and Letter: 1B
Line Number: 47
Affiliate Publication Number: T627
Affiliate Film Number: 2447
Digital Folder Number: 005461743
Image Number: 00266
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Fletcher E Cape M 57 Georgia
Son Winston D Cape M 17 Texas
Daughter Jessie Nell Cape F 12 Texas


Name Gender Birth date Birth place Title
Elionio Trujillo M 1915 New Mexico Employee
Frances M Graham F 1874 Texas Head
Lewis A Medlin M 1867 North Carolina Head
Flora Medlin F 1873 Missouri Wife
Hal P Medlin M 1907 New Mexico Son
Eula L Medlin F 1917 New Mexico Daughter-in-law
Leandro Ortega M 1909 New Mexico Employee
Preston Davis M 1906 Texas Head
May Davis F 1907 Texas Wife
Mary Lee Davis F 1931 Texas Daughter
Prestine Davis F 1932 Texas Daughter
Carl R Hiner M 1908 Texas Head
Joe Hiner F 1907 Texas Wife
Louis L Mcinnes M 1912 New Mexico Head
Vera M Mcinnes F 1913 Idaho Wife
Louis Ray Mcinnes M 1933 New Mexico Son
Joy Ann Mcinnes F 1934 New Mexico Daughter
Edwin Montoya M 1915 New Mexico Employee
J J Moody M 1888 Missouri Employee
Leslie M Kuykendall M 1912 Texas Boarder
Estelle Kuykendall F 1918 New Mexico Wife
Louis Mendoza M 1885 Texas Employee
Morley Hollis M 1898 Texas Head
Fletcher E Cape M 1883 Georgia Head / School Bus Driver
Winston D Cape M 1923 Texas Son
Jessie Nell Cape F 1928 Texas Daughter
Apolonia Lopez M 1890 Texas Employee
Doshia Raney F 1905 Texas Head
Pishia Mae Raney F 1923 New Mexico Daughter
Edith A Raney F 1926 New Mexico Daughter
Z W Raney M 1929 New Mexico Son
Ina Raney F 1932 New Mexico Daughter
Joe Raney F 1935 New Mexico Daughter
Oscar N Page M 1899 Missouri Head
Helen E Page F 1905 Illinois Wife
Helen Elevas Page F 1921 New Mexico Daughter
Charles Pruitt M 1918 New Mexico Employee
Joe Dautson M 1895 New Mexico Head
Clyde Hays M 1911 Arkansas Head
Helen Hays F 1915 Texas Wife
Maxine Hays F 1936 New Mexico Daughter
Joy J Kennon M 1896 Texas Head
Mable E Kennon F 1900 Texas Wife
Wilfred H Kennon M 1920 Texas Son
G Loulella Kennon F 1924 Texas Daughter
Mabel Eugenia Kennon F 1926 Texas Daughter
Jim D Kennon M 1929 Texas Son
L Dow Kennon M 1931 Texas Son
Joy Joseph Kennon M 1934 New Mexico Son
Michel Nalda M 1898 France Head
Mary S Nalda F 1901 New Mexico Wife
Michel Nalda M 1929 New Mexico Son
John Nalda M 1930 New Mexico Son
Louise Nalda M 1934 New Mexico Son
Pierre Nalda M 1905 France Brother
Craighton H Richards M 1897 Texas Head
Myra E Richards F 1907 New Mexico Wife
Minie E Richards F 1928 New Mexico Daughter
Dan A Richards M 1930 New Mexico Son
Edword B Goodrum M 1892 Georgia Head
Beuna Goodrum F 1897 Texas Wife
Joseph C Mosteller M 1894 Texas Head
Marcdes Martinez M 1909 New Mexico Employee
Alex Stafford M 1911 Texas Head
Katherine Stafford F 1921 Texas Wife
Denna Lee Stafford F 1939 New Mexico Daughter
L J Stafford M 1910 Texas Head
Charllete Stafford F 1915 New Mexico Wife
Vesta C Stafford M 1907 Oklahoma Head
Clovis T Stafford M 1904 Oklahoma Head
Hazel A Stafford F 1905 Iowa Wife
Gene Stafford M 1931 Illinois Son
Joe Ann Stafford F 1932 Texas Daughter
Tom Henderson M 1898 Texas Head
Ellia F Henderson F 1904 Kansas Wife
Clair L Henderson M 1909 New Mexico Brother
Jess L Fenderborgs M 1888 Texas Head
Virgia B Fenderborgs F 1897 Texas Wife
Alfus L Fenderborgs M 1916 Oklahoma Son
Arbia O Fenderborgs M 1918 Oklahoma Son
Wornie C Fenderborgs M 1919 Texas Son
Floyd C Fenderborgs M 1921 New Mexico Son
Wilfred H Fenderborgs M 1923 Texas Son
Josie A Fenderborgs F 1924 Texas Daughter
Billie J Fenderborgs M 1926 New Mexico Son
Imogene V Fenderborgs F 1928 New Mexico Daughter
Eva F Fenderbury F 1929 New Mexico Daughter
Tommie R Fenderbury M 1931 New Mexico Son
John L Fenderbury M 1936 New Mexico Son
Seferino Moncayo M 1903 New Mexico Head
Ester Moncayo F 1910 New Mexico Wife
Bennie C Moncayo M 1931 New Mexico Son
Sally Moncayo F 1934 New Mexico Daughter
Clara Moncayo F 1936 New Mexico Daughter
Cecilia Moncayo F 1938 New Mexico Daughter
Meotilia Moncayo F 1940 New Mexico Daughter
C Marrion Conn M 1898 Texas Head
Pearl M Conn F 1901 Texas Wife
C Marvin Conn M 1921 New Mexico Son
Morris V Conn M 1923 New Mexico Son
Carol A Conn M 1924 New Mexico Son
Roy C Conn M 1926 Texas Son
Joyce E Conn M 1928 New Mexico Son
Loys M Conn F 1928 New Mexico Daughter
Lara M Conn F 1930 New Mexico Daughter
Lola L Conn F 1932 New Mexico Daughter
Ruby V Conn F 1934 New Mexico Daughter
Roy Conn M 1937 New Mexico Son
Julius L Kresta M 1904 Texas Head
Roxiann Kresta F 1907 Texas Wife
Robert D Kresta M 1928 Texas Son
Jerry Leon Kresta M 1938 New Mexico Son
Guy Frank Crandall M 1911 Idaho Head
Virginia Strike F 1928 Texas Daughter